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Several Satsang Samagams are being organized by 'Brahm Bunga Trust' in village Dodra and other places in India as also abroad. Impressed by the selfless love and service in such spiritual gatherings, more enthusiasm can be seen for holding more and more samagams. Awed by the eternal divine feelings, the new‑comers generally have such questions:

* How did this congregation start?

* What is special about this congregation?

* Who is the head or organizer of this congregation?

It is difficult to answer such questions to the satisfaction of everyone. Therefore, an attempt is being made to answer the above queries through this booklet. Since 1960, Bauji with the help and cooperation of his retired colleagues in the erstwhile Burmese Army, started such congregations in various villages in Punjab. Gradually, more and more people of these villages started joining these gatherings. Now, such Samagams are being held every fortnight at different places at the behest of the sangat in India and abroad.

The daily schedule in the Samagms is as follows:

4 to 5 a.m. Recitation of'WAHEGURU'Gurmantar (Meditation)
5 to 6 a.m. NITNEM (Recitation of Five Bani's)
6 to 12 Noon Gurbani Kirtan / Gurbani Vichar
Guru ka Langar (Lunch)

4 to 5 p.m. Recitation of 'WAHEGURU' Gurmantar (Meditation)
5 to 5.30 p.m. Gurbani Vichar (Elucidation of Gurbani)
6 to 10 p.m. 'REHRAAS' Sahib, Followed by Gurbani Kirtan

In India Gurdwara Sahib, Brahm Bunga, Village Dodra, District Mansa, Punjab is the main centre for such samagams. Samagams are also being held with great devotion & enthusiasm in various parts of the world. A new bunga sahib has been set up at doraha(Punjab) recently.

For some years, samagams were held in the houses of a few retired personnel of the earstwhile Burmese Army residing in Dodra village. impressed by these Samagams, retired Subedar Kishan Singh, donated a plot of land for the Sangat in 1971 and Bauji held Satsang for 2 years in this plot in a temporary structure. Gradually several rooms were constructed in the Gurdwara complex.

To manage this fast‑growing institution, Bauji handed over the administration of samagams to "Brahm Bunga Trust (Regd.)" in 1983. Presently, this Trust is managing and organizing these samagams.

As more and more aspiring souls started thronging this place from villages and cities all over India, the Gurdwara complex also expanded. Keeping in view of the needs of the Sangat, an additional plot of 3 acres was also acquired and a huge Gurdwara congregation hall measuring 200'X 150' was constructed. Similarly, arrangements were also made for
‑ I

adequate living accommodation for the Sangat.

GURU KA LANGAR is always available.

"Seeing is believing, Eulogizing is not enough."

Therefore, we seek the benign presence of all aspiring souls to come and experience the celestial love of Gurbani during the samagarns in the company of illuminated souls.

Bauji left his body in June 1999 and Mataji passed away in 2004. thus BRAHM BUNGA TRUST(REGD) is now looking after the samagams.and the grace flows as usual from guru granth sahib and the blessed sangat.

Secretary, Brahm Bunga Trust 4.
An illuminated soul introduced me to Gurbani during the early years of my life and as I delved into and followed Gurbani, I started realising that we had not been able to understand the inner meaning and secrets of Gurbani. That is why, we are unable to realize the value of this 'celestial message'.
As Gurbani belongs to celestial realm, it is laden with amazing spiritual enlightenment. This could be known, understood and realized only through 'intuitive experiences' which is beyond the grip of mental faculties.
That is why our daily living is distant or contradictory to the inner spiritual concept advocated in Gurbani. We do not follow the spiritual doctrines and practice the teachings of the Guru, thereby immersing our egoistic mind in materialistic consciousness.
About 500 years ago, the prevalent social conditions are described in Gurbani as under:
M kwql rwjVkwwvm1 Dmw pMKkrauflrAw
MMAn 1MMw#dWmMM%dVAw[[
khu nwnk Ildn WD VIq hoel [I

Jug grdljb haft aultyjugu IkAw hoiewqwrw E
auTy IgWnjgiq hdcwqy pwp IBRdt sM*wrw I
vmwvm n Bwvnl K1h lah JIn bWs AMIgAwrw
Evidently, for the past 500 years, our daily life reflects that despite the unending
Thoughtfullness, and
Singing of Gurbani our mental and religious stature has deteriorated, instead of elating. We have used Gurbani for Recitation
Music skills (Ragas)
Discussion knowledge
Article writing
Book publishing
And we have remained devoid of
Celestial meanings
Inner emotions
Emotional flights
Spiritual heights
Intiutitive Knowledge
Spiritual secrets
Disguised clues enshrined in Gurbani.
OMYgmAYrwmwsBuamUYAnBouBwwndrsY[E lohw kMcn Ihm hole kYsyjau pwrsih n prsY
WwbVdWvwnW&ffMY1I pVVwW1kAwhoe1[[

Gurbani shows us the way to:
Spiritual feelings
Disguised secrets
Core Knowledge
Celestial Music
Celesltial Song
Celelstial Bliss
Wonderous, Game
Amazing Flashes
Divine Love
Divine Play
Wordless World
Divine Will
To which we remain
And are not able to enjoy the divine gifts of our spiritual heritage of
sublime love

Eternal Nectar
Divine Silence
Devotional Love
Divine Play
Spiritual Intoxication
Spiritual Awakening
Divine Grace
Celestial Blessings.
While studying and contemplating on Gurbani through Simran, I felt overwhelmed to present its inner intuitive aspects to the masses. This inspiration led to the start of Satsang 60 years ago, first, while in ;service' and then after retirement in Punjab.
Initially these samagams were held in different villages every month and later on after a gap of 2‑3 weeks. Gradually, these samagams expanded to Haryana, Delhi, UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, MP, Maharashtra, Canada, USA, England, East Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & Australia. These samagams are being held since 30 years in great enthusiasm. In these samagams, only hymns from Gurbani are sung and the intuitive meanings are elucidated. Except Gurbani, no other topic is touched upon. These fortnightly samagams in villages and cities create an aura of living divine bliss and spiritual awakening.

Gurdwara Brahm Bunga Sahib, Village Dodra, Distt. Mansa (Punjab) India, has become the nodal point for Sadh Sangat. Satsang Samagams of 8 days duration are held in March and September each year while in the month of December, a special 11 ‑day long samagam is held. Spiritual aspirants from all over the world come to attend them.
At Gurdwara Brahm Bunga Sahib, 'Nam Simran', 'Nitnem', 'Gurbani kirtan', 'Gurbani Vichar' (Elucidation of Gurbani) is held everyday along with Guru Ka Langar.
During these samagams, Baptism ceremony (Amrit Pan) is performed several times for the aspirants. Thousands have been baptised so far.
These living divine samagams radiate divine wisdom, love‑lore, devotional love and selfless service which infects many aspiring souls who feel the ecstasy of divine love and glory. This exquisitive joy of divine touch is a new intuitional experience, which gives a new internal direction and their life is transformed.
Gurdwara Brahm Bunga Sahib is not owned by any individual, Saint, Sadhu or Mahant. Its affairs are managed by Brahm Bunga Trust (Regd.).
I felt distressed at the ignorance and apathy of general masses towards inner secrets and emotions of Gurbani and sighed to see them being devoid of divine experiences, nectar, hidden meanings and divine knowledge.
Deep down the earth, the fire simmers and when it boils, the earth shakes which is called earthquake. When this lava explodes, it is called eruption of valcano and it spreads all around.
Similarly, a Divine flame of Gurbani given to me by an illuminated soul, kept simmering slowly and slowly deep within me and one day it erupted with a flamboyant velocity. These living 'Satsang Samgarns' are inspired by the same powerful flow of persuasion by the inner soul and have become vibrant and alive. As a result, the 'Brahm Bunga Sahib' came into being where dynamic waves of inner spiritual feelings, divine grace and devotional love are spreading.
This inner divine presence intensified in the form of dynamic spiritual waves which could not sustain into myself. Therefore, this fiery divine presence has now erupted and manifested in the form of Gurbani Vichar writings.
In fact, these Gurbani Vichar writings are the,

erupting roaring enlightening current
of the divine flame of the Almighty.
In other words, these writings are expression of the Almighty through this fragile body‑frame and humble wisdom and also a reflection and presence of divine grace.
Yes, these writings are expressions of
Intuitive Reflections
Amazing flashes of Reflections Deep spiritual feelings Powerful flow of feelings Vibrant speed
Surging Waves
Rainbow of Surge
The Rhythmic Motion
Outburst of Love
Feelings of Love
Sublime nectar
Since I did not have formal education in Gurmukhi or studied any dictionary or translations or have undergone 'Giani' courses, at times it was difficult for me to answer mail in Gurmukhi. But, with divine grace, I was able to interpret the deep, hidden and inner meanings of Gurbani. This way Sat Guru gave me the honor by assigning the sublime
task to my own limited knowledge and aging body.
haumUftkwYM"wrw*hVW"] (Pnm‑449)

Awpy MQxAvAp WwrIAwpy Wu NKwhw] (pMrw ‑6W)

The shortcomings or errors in the 'Gurbani Vichar' writings, if any, are only due to my own limited knowledge and ignorance, for which I beg to be pardoned.

‑ Khoji

Every year three main Satsang Samagarns are held at Gurdwara
Sahib,, Brahm Bunga, Dodra; as follows:

DECEMBER 11 DAYS (20‑30 December, Fixed Dates)
In addition, 2 days Samagams are held after every fortnight in
different villages/cities of Punjab and other parts of India.
Also, Satsang Samagams are held at Delhi, Faridabad, Mohali, Chandigarh, Bathinda, Ludhiana, Moga, Jallandhar etc. by local Sangats twice a week in different Gurudwaras.OFFLATE BIWEEKLY SAMAGAMS ARE ALSO HELD AT GURDWARA BRAHM BUNGA SAHIB DORAHA (LUDHIANA)
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"Only Enlightened Souls can make us aware of our 'Inner Fires'
conscious of 'Divine Oasis' within Inspire us, Lead us, Usher us into

Therefore, the only hope for the Humanity is to turn back and heed and follow the sublime teachings of Prophets and Sages and take refuge in the 'DIVINE OASIS WITHIN'.
‑ Khoji

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The essence of all religions may be summed up into the following practical 'LIFE MOTTO':


The magnetic DIVINE‑PULL towards the individual soul is the DIVINE GRACE and spontaneous RESPONSE of the soul to the DIVINE‑PULL is the ONLY TRUE ETERNAL


All religion doctrines, theories, dogmas, rites, rituals are projections and expressions of this PRIMAL BASIC RELIGION ‑innate in every soul.
List of Spiritual Writings in English by BAUJI 'Khoji’






In GURMUKHI, 132 Articles on different aspects of 'Gurbani' have also been published.

Many of these Gurmukhi Articles have been translated into Hindi.

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Everything is lesser than TRUTH, (but) higher than truth is CHARACTER

Thoughts first arise in the mind and then those thoughts express themselves as actions or deeds. If the thoughts and deed are repeated over and over again or meditated upon, they then become our nature or habit. When thought translates itself into habit, the habit automatically expresses itself into deeds. This habit or nature gradually becomes so powerful that despite our body, mind and intelligence becoming aware of it, we are unable to free itself from the bad habit. In this way man becomes a slave to the self inflicted habit or character - just as a drunkard or addict.

This is no all. If these habits are repeated over a long period of time, then they sink into our unconscious minds. Thus the effects of such thoughts that have sunk or collected into our unconscious mind is so deep on our bodies, minds and intelligence that we get enslaved by them. In this way, by the continuous meditation or dwelling upon thoughts or actions, the colouring of these thought -

first - penetrates (into us)

then - resides (in us)

and gradually - permeates (into us)

and finally man becomes the very embodiment of it.

As an example look at an opium addict. At first he takes opium on rare occasions, then it becomes his habit and finally after a lapse of time he becomes an addict. Despite knowing the disadvantages, he is unable to escape from its slavery. It has been seen that consuming opium all his life,

the effect of it has so profoundly diffused and permeated into his nerve cells and fibres that that addict has becomes the ‘intrinsic form’ of opium and in every facet of his life that is -




the reflection of opium is seen.

The ‘steam’ (or latent feelings) emerging spontaneously from the source of the unconscious mind of such a person is called ‘character’.

The discussion thus far has shown that ‘character’ is the sum total of the extended practice of our thoughts, actions and habits.

Our being good or bad depends on the influence of our previous births, the present environment and our company. Under the influence of these are formed our thoughts, actions, habits, nature and ‘character’ or personality

Branches, leaves, fruits taste, colour, fragrance of trees grown from a variety of seeds depends on the colouring and type of the internal personality of each and every original seed.

In other words our ‘character’ is the result of -

1. The influence of our previous birth.
2. The influence of the company in this birth.
3. The power of acquiring (or the degree of sensitivity or conductivity to) outside influences.

The result of the practice of thoughts or actions emerging

from these bring fragrance or odour which is called ‘character’ or personality.

Personality is the essence of cumulative effect of our thoughts and re-actions of past and present lives.

The effect of cumulative or residual tendencies of our past births are out of our control, but, it is within our means to give right direction to the purpose of this life because Waheguru has Ji has given freedom of action to man.

If we put various coloured things in clean water it will acquire the various colours and become a compound mixture which changes in colour, taste and composition with the addition of each colour. In this way the personality of the ‘solution’ simultaneously continues to change.

The thoughts and actions of this life together with the cumulative effect of our past births are constantly changing the colouring of our ‘life solution’.

The responsibility of this change lies with our mind, the thoughts in the mind and deeds. In this way we are ourselves making our habits, character, personality and fate, and are constantly undergoing change.

It is important to remember that the present colouring or hue of our mind or personality is the cumulative essence of -

· The influence of residual tendencies of past births

· The thoughts in this life

· The present actions or deeds.

In other words our present character or personality is the result of repeated practice of the actions of many previous lives over a long period. Therefore it follows that changing our character or personality too will need continuous effort and determination over a prolonged period.

Through our sense organs we continue to acquire the influence of outside company.

We act under their influences.

The regular practice of these actions leads to habit formation.

This habit gradually enters the subconscious mind and becomes ‘nature’ or character.

In this process ‘sangat’ or company is of the greatest importance.

4.1 As is the company one associates with, so is the fruit one eats 1369 Bh.Kabir

If we keep the company of those with low tendencies, then definitely our thoughts and actions will be low and if we keep the company of the lofty and spiritual ones, then surely we will perform good deeds and we will continue to become good natured.

1. INDIVIDUAL COMPANY - It is normally recognised that the type of company we keep determines the type of character or life we lead. Among friends, the one who has a strong mind definitely influences the others. The mental vibrations of one do influence the mind of the other. Because those with ‘materialistic colouring or hue’ form the majority in this world, it is necessary for the truth seeker to deal with as few people as possible while living in this world.

4.2 Kabir, do not associate with the apostate or disbeliever, from a distance flee
away from him.
If you touch a black sooted vessel , then some blot must attach to you.
1371 Bh Kabir

2. COMPANY OF THE WRITTEN WORD - There is a saying that to know someone’s character it is not necessary to ask anyone; just look at the books lying near his pillow. From the books will be known his inclination or the colouring of his mind.

If one reads a given book twice then it confirms the fact that the character of the reader is of the same calibre as the thoughts or emotions of the book, although outwardly he may appear to be anything else.

In the same way the morality and character of communities, countries and the world can be evaluated. The type of literature that is read frequently in communities

and countries, or the literature they have a tendency to read, and the kind of literature that is found in abundance, determines the morality and character of such communities and countries.

In other words, literature is the test for evaluating the character and values of life of communities, countries and the world.

In this age communities, countries and the world have strong inclination for literature coloured with dirty and base desires as a result of which the world’s mental and moral state is sliding towards decadence. The inclination or demand for lofty, divine literature that gives direction to life is decreasing.

According to the law of demand, the type of literature that is written depends upon the type of tendency or demand there is. For this reason the writers are forced to write literature according to the inclination of the public. For this reason the mental colour (or make-up) of the present day writers too, is becoming materialistic, polluted and sensuous.

If any gurmukh (guru orientated person) does write lofty-truthful spiritual articles, no publisher is willing to undertake their printing as the demand on the open market for such writing is minimal and their capital gets tied up.

In this way, through reading, listening, discussing and being influenced by books and religious writings, our mind exposes itself to the positive or negative company of the written word and its effect on us is deep, intense, sharp and powerful.

For this reason, instead of reading books or papers with base inclinations, it is necessary to read lofty (or uplifting) religious books or Gurbani.

5.1 Read of the Lord’s Glories and reflect upon the Lord’s Glories. Listen continually to the Sermon of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, Har, Har
95M4 L1

3. Company that creates Excitement - such as cinema, dance, sensual dancing and the relishes of the tongue and ears etc.

5.2 You may taste the other flavors, but your thirst shall not depart, even for an instant. 180 M5 L11

6.1 As many as are the pleasures of the body, so many are the pains which afflict it. 1287 M1 L13

On this matter Guru Ji has advised us thus-

6.2 O Baba, the pleasures of other foods are false. Eating them, the body is ruined, and wickedness and corruption enter into the mind….
Baba, the pleasures of other clothes are false. Wearing them, the body is
ruined, and wickedness and corruption enter into the mind. 16 M1 L12

Together with this, it is essential to restrain the mind from witnessing scenes portraying base inclinations and cinema etc.

6.3 O my eyes, the Lord has infused His Light into you; do not look upon any other than the Lord. 922 M3 L3

4. COMPANY OF PAST MEMORIES - previous ideas and options that have descended into the folds of the mind consciousness.

When we have identified the company low or base tendencies, then only can we block our mind from such low inclinations and motivate it towards sublime and lofty company. This is the most important and sublime thing to do, which, without the leadership and help of evolved beings, is most difficult because, the mind with its ‘pull towards materialism’ is being automatically pull downwards.

When ever past negative memories emerge (in the mind), the easiest method is to immediately forget or replace them and connect them to loftier and better engagements. If this effort is not made immediately with determination, then that (old) tendency will once again revert to its previous flow of ideas.

In other words when the mind experiences negative memories, they should be immediately replaced with memories of positive thoughts and the mind be given loftier and better direction.

It is difficult to suppress or erase entrenched thoughts but it is easier to direct and guide them towards a more lofty and sublime direction. (It is easier to substitute our thoughts than to suppress them.)
Continuous repetition is an integral part of the methods which lead to the formation of thoughts in our mind. Our present habits or character is the result of our continuous repetition or practice and to change, it will also need continuous practice carried out with determination.

Through the repetition or practice of thoughts and actions that result from these thoughts give power to the thoughts.

It’s only through the concentration and repetition of thoughts and the actions that result from these thoughts, that thoughts acquire power. (Or to put it another way) concentration and repetition develops power in our thoughts and actions.

Therefore it is very important to discuss in depth about practice. An evolved soul has put forward his views on this topic in English as follows which can help and motivate our understanding -

This point can be easily understood with another example. Water thrown on the ground creates a path with its flow. When water is thrown a second time, it will flow along the same path. Similarly repeated actions (of throwing the water) will result in the water the minor drain wider and deeper. Exactly in the same way every thought or action creates a path or groove in our mind for its flow thus creating as habit. After some time. After some time with the effect of the actions from these thoughts, our character acquires its form and colour - and gradually and unknowingly, the reflection of the colour of our character expresses itself through our thinking and actions. Thus we acquire the form of our thoughts and actions which is said to be our personality.

The whole of the above discussion is the ‘play’ of the thoughts of our mind, in the sphere of the three -qualities or the materialistic world.

Now we will make an effort to discuss this topic in the light of Gurbani.

According to Gurbani ‘character’ is stated thus-

9.1 Everything is lesser than truth but higher than truth is character. 62
9.2 Meditating in remembrance on the Naam, I have become free of desire.
1137 M5 L12
9.3 God’s Name for me is doing all good deeds. 1145 M5 l 18

The value of anything lies in its existence, but this value is enhanced when the thing expresses or manifests itself. As an example electricity is present in a battery in latent form but when activated it serves us by giving light thus increasing its importance with its utility

Similarly truth is a divine virtue and is superior to various other divine virtues. When this truth manifests itself in an activity, there is fulfilment of truth and its importance increases.

That is why in Gurbani ‘truthful character’ is said to be higher than truth just as-

character of flower is fragrance,
character of wood is fire
character of water is coldness
character of sun is heat
character of moon is cool light
character of love ii attraction
character of affection is cuddling
character of devotion is sacrificing oneself

At the beginning of this article an attempt was made to state that the preliminary causes of our ‘character’ are our -


actions arising from thoughts

company and

the result of the repeated practice of deeds or actions.

The effect of the actions of our previous lives and the total influence of the company of our present environment forms the axis of our lives around which revolve our thoughts, actions, habits and character. The test (or ability to discern) developed through our past lives, indeed becomes the basis for discerning the good company from the bad and according to this colouring or hue, thoughts emerge and actions committed.

We have no control over the effects of the actions of our past lives, but it is within our control to take stock of the sangat or company in the existing situation and facing that challenge, give direction to our lives.

The basis of this discernment and challenge, in the sphere of influence of the three (worldly) attributes, is the effect of the company and the environment, which (however) is subordinate to our egotism.

In the religions of the various countries, according to the environment and actions of past lives, prevail many different types of customs and conceptions. Something that is regarded as good in one country or religion, is considered bad or low in another country or religion.

In the same way, with time too, discernment and respect or value of thoughts that are good or bad and high or low keep changing. For this reason differences, conflicts and quarrels keep occurring among different countries, religions and people.

In other words the discernment of thoughts and the challenge of the company depends on the transient environment of the three (worldly) attributes which have no basis and no permanence. This is simply the result of our self imagined, ignorant, changing, self created thoughts. For this reason our decision, choice or conception can be

powerless and
All around us in the world of three qualities, the materialistic environment is very dominant. This inevitably exerts retrogressive influence on our mind, intelligence, thoughts and actions. Whatever we do, we do it all with our mind’s intelligence under the influence of egotism.

11.1 In ego thy become truthful or false.
In ego he reflects upon virtue or vice. 466 M1L9

Power is a divine virtue - as our thoughts acquire spiritual colouring or hue, our divine thoughts become subtle and powerful.

The true gurus did not leave the control of our invaluable lives in the sphere of influence of the three qualities, to depend upon the ego ridden environment and materialism’s effect. On the other hand under Gurbani’s illumination it is given lofty-pure, unerring, eternal guidance and support of guru’s faith.

11.2 This is right conduct, and this is the correct lifestyle, to obey the Command of the Lord’s Will; this is your devotional worship. One who practices this Mantra, O Nanak, swims across the terrifying world-ocean. 377 M5 L19

11.3 The many religious rituals, good deeds of karma and Dharmic worship — above all of these is the Naam, the Name of the Lord. 405 M5 L8

11.4 The Praises of the Lord are my good conduct, occupation and social class. Listening to the Kirtan of the Lord’s Praises, I am in absolute ecstasy.
715 M5L9
Gurbani has come directly (from Waheguru) therefore it is the manifestation of Guru’s consciousness. Guru’s consciousness is unerring, eternal, lofty, genuine, holy and comfort giving. In this way the Satguru’s have placed our lives’ destination on the eternal and true foundation of the divine bani.

11.5 Meet the company of evolved souls and chant only the Naam 12 M5 L5

Our thoughts receive the correct life direction in the company of the holy, through which we have to do the meditation of the Naam.

As our mind does Naam simran in the sadhsangat (or the company of the holy), so our thoughts, actions, habits, character under the influence of the soul and acquire divine colour. In this way we can indeed free ourselves from the materialistic environment of the three worldly qualities and change the effects of our past births and our character will be coloured with divine virtues and become character that is truth.
Because our thoughts are dependent on the company we keep, Satgurus have emphatically ordered us to join the company of the spiritually elevated souls (the sadh/sangat. This company (or sangat) of -

Religious books
Guru orientated loved ones
blessed gursikhs

those who meditate on Gurbani
those who have cultivated the ‘word’or shabad
the ones who are connected
the ones who are imbued in the colour

the holy group
the reborn ones
those who remain detached even in worldliness
those who are emancipated while living

those with divine knowledge
saint soldiers
the pure ones

is necessary.

12.1 So, when standing up and sitting down, vibrate upon the Lord, and cherish the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. O Nanak, evil-mindedness is eradicated, when the Supreme Lord God comes to dwell in the mind. 297 M5 L2

12.2 Those who are imbued with the Lord are accepted and respected. their company, the supreme wealth is obtained. 353 M1 L2

12.3 With each and every breath, I meditate in remembrance on my God; I live continually in the Society of the Saints. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is my only support and wealth; O Nanak, from this, I obtain bliss. 533 M5 L10

12.4 One who meditates on the Lord obtains all pleasures and comforts; let’s go, each and every day, to sit in the Society of the Saints. 550 M3L6

12.5 The Lord’s Saint loves the Lord in his mind, like the lotus flower gazing at the moon. 975 M4 L14

12.6 If only some Saint, some humble Saint of the Lord, my Holy Beloved, would come, to show me the way.1201 M4 L12
13.1 I cannot see any other way out. I seek the Sanctuary of the Lord’s slaves.
1203 M5 L14

To give our life the right spiritual direction the second command is ‘Repeat only the Naam’. The chanting of this name is -


meditating with every breath

Repeating while sitting /standing
Remembering while moving, sitting or standing

Repeating all the time
Meditating every second, every moment.

In (the quotation) ‘Repeat only the Naam’ the word ‘only’ is important. It means that “Repeating the Naam’ should be the one and only exclusive business of our lives. Besides this all other worldly business routines are of no use. Many doubts and misconceptions have been cast about this point.

In our heart there is one central point or conception around which the wheel of our lives revolves by itself. The colouring or hue of that point or character inevitably gushes out in every move of ours such as - looking, thinking, speaking etc to express itself. In other words the reflection of our character predominates or takes priority in every aspect of our lives. The rest of our thoughts or actions are also coloured by the same reflection and take on a secondary ranking.

In this way , if through simran, with the aid of the sadhsangat, the company of the holy, our lives undergoes a change with the colouring of the Naam, then Naam becomes the centre of our lives, and the colouring of Naam will reflect itself in our thoughts, thinking, habits and character. In this condition the colouring or hue of the Naam becomes the support and priority of our lives and all other thoughts revolve around Naam.

Thus the meditation of the Naam itself becomes the support, priority and the only activity of our lives.

14.1 Your meditation and remembrance is life-giving, God. 743 M5 L13

This does not mean that we are going to neglect our worldly duties. While passing through the world we have carry out our duties according to the written command. But the important thing is that we have to give priority to the meditation of the Naam and the other duties are to be carried while being imbued in the colouring of the Naam.

But in reality we have given priority to our worldly life which is exactly opposite of the Divine Command and we carry out our duties after imbuing them with the colour of materialism. This is done to such an extent that we even assess and mould our religious pursuit or gurbani with the same materialistic colouring. In this way we have given priority to the materialistic aspect and made religious pursuit superficial by mounting materialistic colouring or hue on to it. The result of all this is clearly visible in our religious lives.

To save us from this fallacy and wrong conception, a strong warning is given to us in Gurbani -

14.2 They may perform all sorts of religious rituals and good actions, but without the Name, the egotistical ones are cursed and doomed. 162 M3 L4

14.3 All other rituals and customs are useless, without remembering the Lord in meditation. 682 M5 L16

14.4 This is the useless way of life of the self-willed manmukh. Forgetting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, he performs all sorts of empty rituals. 1277 M3 L12

14.5 Without the Shabad, no one achieves a lifestyle of good conduct. 1285M3L9

14.6 Without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, how can I maintain good conduct?
1330 M1 L15
The essence of this is that without the meditation of Naam our thoughts, actions and character can be incomplete, empty, wrong, destructive and troublesome. Because of this our religious beliefs and practices are fruitless and our lives are in vain in the materialistic doubt ridden fallacy of worldliness.
14.7 Entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the whole world is perishing. 133M5 L17

14.8 One whose mind does not embrace love for the Naam shall go to hell, even though he may perform millions of ceremonial rituals. 240M5 L5

In the olden times people valued the lofty-righteous life direction,
with which their morality and character was lofty and pure. To preserve this lofty - pure morality they had with them self discipline. Because of this they had to make unlimited sacrifices to maintain the honour of their personal, family and community morals and character.

Nowadays the effect of materialism on our lives is so profound or deep that our egotism has become very subtle and strong. This has lead lour lives to be predominated by ‘me-mineness’ or selfishness or personal self interest in our social or business dealings. In this way our ‘our ego-ridden personality’ has become the centre of our lives and day and night we revolve around the axix of ‘me-mineness’.

The nurturing of this ‘ego ridden personality’ has become our life direction and
for its fulfilment -

physical and mental discipline
lofty-pure standard of life

are set aside from our eyes or forgotten and nurturing the ego ridden personality has become our mainstay in life.

False materialism also has become

our God

our religion

our morality

our character

our life

and that is why this ego ridden me-mineness predominates and in this world




jealousy - duality




are on the rise.

In other words, in this dark age, instead of mental discipline or character, nurturing in legal-illegal ways the ego ridden personality of ‘me-mineness’ has become our morality or character.

In Gurbani we have been warned about this downfall thus -

16.1 If I had known that I was to die, and not return again, I would not have ruined myself by clinging to the world of falsehood. 488 Bh.Fr. L13

Despite the lack of righteous-pure character in this dark age, those Guru orientated ones who seek the protection of Gurbani and the satsangat ( the company of the holy) have been referred to as

16.2 The gurmukhs (or guru orientated) in the congregation of the holy reap the joyous fruits of living in detachment while discharging their worldly responsibilities. V.Bh.G 15/21

But such guru orientated holy people with righteous - pure spiritual colouring of Gurbani are rare indeed.

16.3 How rare in the world is that wise person, who is a person of true character.
413M1 L1



HAUMAI part 2

Just as T.B. is a serious and chronic disease of the body and from this T.B., many other diseases take root, in the same way, ‘egotism’ too is the

disease of the mind.

1.1 Ego is a chronic disease, but it contains its own cure as well. 466 M1 L14

It is from the doubt ridden fallacy of egotism that we

loose the link with the Infinite Lord Wahiguru.
come out off His warm and joy giving bosom.
are devoid of the illumination of the Naam.
turn away from the ‘hukam’ (Divine Will) and move into disharmony.
live our life in the pitch darkness of ignorance.
find abode in the 3 attributes (of worldliness).
live in the midst of ‘me-mineness’.
become slaves of the tenacious army of the 5 (lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride) operate in the hue of these ‘5’ and experience pain and pleasure.

bring upon ourselves numerous mental diseases, jeolusy, duality, hatred, enmity, conflict, anger-grievance and fights.

experiences numerous physical illnesses.
fall prey to yamas (couriers of death) through the play of action & reaction.
Suffer in the cycle of births and deaths.

In Gurbani, the cure for the chronic disease’ of ‘egotism’ is stated as follows -

2.1 In the Company of the Holy, egotism is eliminated. In the Company of the Holy, spiritual wisdom is revealed. 271 M5 L4

2.2 Deep within the mind is the disease of ego; the self-willed manmukhs, the evil beings, are deluded by doubt. O Nanak, this disease is eradicated, only when one meets the True Guru, our Holy Friend. 301 M4 L9

2.3 Through the Shabad, conquer your ego, and in the True Mansion of the Lord’s Presence, you shall find peace. 429 M3 L4

2.4 He becomes free of hope and fear, and burns away his ego with the Word of the Shabad. 468 M1 L1

2.5 The immaculate Naam, the Name of the Lord, washes off the filth of ego. True devotional worship brings lasting peace. 664 M3 L4

2.6 O Nanak, the Gurmukh remains merged with the Lord; he burns away his ego through the Word of the Shabad. 653 M3 L14

2.7 Chanting His Glories, your filth shall be washed off. The all-consuming poison of ego will be gone. 284 M5 L2

2.8 The Lord has placed the magic spell of the Shabad into his mouth, and destroyed the poison of ego. 1260 M3 L15

2.9 In the Guru’s service is reflection upon the Shabad. Subduing ego, practice pure actions. 223 M1 L13

2.10 He serves his True Guru forever, and egotism is eradicated from within. 1044

According to the above lines from Gurbani, through
the congregation of the holy
the panacea of Naam
Wahiguru’s eulogy (praise)
the Guru’s Grace

not only is the cure of the disease of egotism is being effected, but also man’s






deeds of the past birth

diseases of the body, mind, sub-conscious get uprooted.

The foremost causes of egotism’s disease are as follows -

1. Forgetting the Infinite Lord Wahiguru.
2. Doubt ridden fallacy of worldliness.
3. Low worldly company.
4. To spin the wheel of worldliness in the opposite direction. (not in harmony with Wahiguru’s Will)
5. The unceasing meditation on the ‘me-mineness’.

This is how a diagnosis of the demonic diseases can be conducted.

From the mind’s numerous, varied and low worldly -




and through the manifestation and effect of the overall






a diagnosis analysis or understanding of the chronic disease of ‘egotism’ can take place.

This essence of ‘egotism’ has penetrated-settled-diffused into the warp and woof of our inner consciousness and it is intertwined and omnipresent in every facet of our lives.

The truth is we have become an embodiment or statue of ‘egotism’.

If ‘darkness’ by itself cannot get rid of darkness, then we too with our wisdom, schemes-maxims cannot remove egotism easily. It is not ‘like taking off a shirt’. This is so because, the off-spring of egotism is also present in our wisdom, schemes-maxims and efforts.

4.1 As long as someone thinks that he is the one who acts,
he shall have no peace.
As long as this mortal thinks that he is the one who does things,
he shall wander in reincarnation through the womb. 278 M5 L12

The foremost reason for all our mental diseases is in ‘being unmindful of the Lord Wahiguru’ or turning away from Him.

4.2 Forgetting the Transcendent Lord, all sorts of illnesses are contracted.
Those who turn their backs on the Lord shall be separated from Him and consigned to reincarnation, over and over again. 135 M5

5.1 My mind is deluded, entangled in Maya. Whatever I do, while engaged in greed, only serves to bind me down. 702 M9 L18

5.2 Acting in egotism, peace is not obtained.
The intellect of the mind is false; only the Lord is True.
All who love duality are ruined.
People act as they are pre-ordained. 222 M1 L10

5.3 O my mind, how can you forget the Lord’s Name?
When the body perishes, you shall have to deal with the Messenger of Death. 1186 M9 L16

The disease of egotism not only afflicts the ordinary people, but the religious and contemporary spiritual institutions are also deeply entrenched in it.

The difference is that while ordinary people are victims of gross ‘egotism’ and worldliness, the egotism of religious institutions is ‘subtle’.

It is easy to break loose the solid iron chains but it is very difficult to escape from the subtle, scintillating traps of maxims, schemes and philosophies of mind’s intelligence.

5.4 I am a great poet, of noble heritage; I am a Pandit, a religious scholar, a Yogi and a Sannyaasi;
I am a spiritual teacher, a warrior and a giver — such thinking never ends. 974

5.5 They read scriptures, and contemplate the Vedas; they practice the inner cleansing techniques of Yoga, and control of the breath. But they cannot escape from the company of the five passions; they are increasingly bound to egotism.
642 M5 L16

Over numerous births we have been ceaselessly meditating (or focusing) on the ‘me-mindness’. For this reason, the ghost of egotism has gone into our heads and through its ‘obdurate army’ it has got us trapped and according to its own will has caused us to

wonder aimlessly

be involved in quarrels


be hit
be walloped
be punished and
to face the yama (the couriers of death)
in the doubt ridden fallacy of worldliness.

In this way the doubt ridden fallacy of egotism has made our life into

6.1 Entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the whole world is perishing. 1313 M5 L17

6.2 You have misled the world so deeply in doubt. How can people understand You, when they are entranced by Maya? 92 L1 Bh.Kabir

6.3 In egotism, one is assailed by fear; he passes his life totally troubled by fear. Egotism is such a terrible disease; he dies, to be reincarnated — he continues coming and going. 592 m3 l9

6.4 Without understanding, everything is suffering, earning only more suffering. In his ego, he comes and goes, wandering in confusion, deluded by doubt. 752

6.5 All gifts, light and beauty are Yours. Excessive cleverness and egotism are mine. The mortal performs all sorts of rituals in greed and attachment; engrossed in egotsim, he shall never escape the cycle of reincarnation. 1251 M3 L2
6.6 I know nothing; I understand nothing. The world is a smouldering fire. 1378

When the ego of our ‘egotism’ becomes so swell headed, we become blind and deaf and we do deeds that are low-down and wrong. As a result of this our egotism gets a shock in the form of some chronic pain or torment and we unknowingly gasp ‘Oh God!’. We become meek and make supplications and requests before ‘God’. In this way we experience some kind of emotion and the ‘pain’ becomes the ‘medicine’ for our ego ridden mind.

6.7 Suffering is the medicine, and pleasure the disease, because where there is pleasure, there is no desire for God. 469 M1 L4

The manifestation of the fact that ‘Egotism is a chronic disease, the cure for which also lies within it’ manifests itself in this way. But when the ‘pain’ goes off and over a period of time, we forget even God and once again fall into the pitch dark well
In this condition if we read Gurbani and even attend satsangs -holy gatherings then its effect ‘like and oily vessel’ slips over the ‘ego ridden oily mind’, thereby leaving behind only a residue effect of the virtuous messages.

In reality, the ‘seed’ of egotism germinates in the ‘pitch darkness’ of our mind. Therefore the only thing possible is to do a spiritual graft on the diseased ‘plant of egotism’ so that instead of base, worldly, bitter, sour and poisonous fruits on the thorny pain giving plant of egotism, sweet nectar filled, beneficial, ‘love overflowing with joy’, pure, divine fruits can take root.
Doing a ‘spiritual graft’ on to the ‘plant of egotism’ is(the message of the guru when he says) ‘Ego is a chronic disease, the cure for which is also within itself’
and this is infact the ‘reverse to the play of love’.

7.1 By Guru’s Grace, one remains dead while yet alive; his intellect is transformed, and he becomes detached from the world. O Nanak, no filth sticks to him, and he does not fall into the womb again. 651 M3 L2

For our ego ridden mind to

be grafted
play the game of opposites
over haul the mind
cure the disease of egotism
die (to the worldly ways) while still living,

there is a dire need for
the company of the holy
gurbani contemplation
the practice of simran
the Grace of the Guru.

Gurbani guides and encourages one on this subject in the following way-

7.2 As long as his mind is disturbed by waves, he is caught in ego and egotistical pride. He does not find the taste of the Shabad, and he does not embrace love for the Name. 1247 M3 L12

8.1 His service is not accepted; worrying and worrying, he wastes away in misery. O Nanak, he alone is called a selfless servant, who cuts off his head, and offers it to the Lord 1247 M3 L12

8.2 O mind, why are you so puffed up with egotism? Whatever is seen in this foul, impure and filthy world, is only ashes. 1 Pause Remember the One who created you, O mortal; He is the Support of your soul, and the breath of life. One who forsakes Him, and attaches himself to another, dies to be reborn; he is such an ignorant fool! 530 M5 L13

8.3 Egotism is opposed to the Name of the Lord; the two do not dwell in the same place. In egotism, selfless service cannot be performed, and so the mind goes unfulfilled. 1 O my mind, think of the Lord, and practice the Word of the Guru’s Shabad. If you submit to the Hukam of the Lord’s Command, you shall meet with the Lord, and then egotism will depart from within. Pause Egotism is within all bodies; through egotism, we come to be born. Egotism is utter darkness; in egotism, no one can understand anything. 2 In egotism, devotional worship cannot be performed, and the Hukam of the Lord’s Command cannot be understood. In egotism, the soul is in bondage, and the Naam does not come to abide in the mind. 3 O Nanak, meeting with the True Guru, egotism is eliminated, and then, the True One comes to dwell in the mind. 560 M3 L10

8.4 This is the nature of ego, that people perform their actions in ego. This is the bondage of ego, that time and time again, they are reborn. Where does ego come from? How can it be removed? This ego exists by the Lord’s Order; people wander according to their past actions. Ego is a chronic disease, but it contains its own cure as well. If the Lord grants His Grace, one acts according to the Teachings of the Guru’s Shabad. Nanak says, listen, people: in this way, troubles depart. 466 M2 L13

8.5 O Nanak, when the Lord grants His Grace, He is obtained. He becomes free of hope and fear, and burns away his ego with the Word of the Shabad. 468M1L1

8.6 The wall of egotism and pride separates us, but I can hear Him nearby. There is a veil between us, like the wings of a butterfly; without being able to see Him, He seems so far away.
The Lord and Master of all has become merciful; He has dispelled all my sufferings. 62

9.1 Says Nanak, when the Guru tore down the wall of egotism, then, I found my Merciful Lord and Master. 624 M5 L9

9.2 O Nanak, one who understands His Command, does not speak in ego 1M1 L11

9.3 O Nanak, only one thing is of any account: everything else is useless babbling and idle talk in ego. 467 M1 L13

In the end it is important to clarify that ‘egotism’ is indeed the ‘hue’ or consciousness’ of the mind. The question of killing or ‘destroying’ egotism does not arise. The consciousness of me-mineness of egotism is the name given to a state of forgetfulness or the non-existence of the Infinite Lord Waheguru, in the same way as the non-existence of light is called darkness.

From these deliberations it is clear that -

n The thought of egotism emerges from the state of ‘forgetfulness’ of the Lord Waheguru.

n The disappearance of egotism can only take place through the remembrance of the Infinite Lord Waheguru or simran.
n The consciousness of me-mineness of egotism needs to be changed.
n This
‘mind changes and transformation takes’
“With the changing of the mind miraculous powers are obtained’
‘The reverse play of love’
· By escaping from the painful enslavement of egotism -
(you come into) the sweet love bondage of the Infinite Lord Waheguru.

Through the above deliberations it has been explained that - to ‘alter the mind map’ or (bring) about a transformation of consciousness there is a need for

1. Lofty, pure vibrant company of holy souls.
2. The cultivation of the ceaseless meditation of Naam Simran.
3. The Grace of the Guru.

According to gurbani, through the graft of the company of holy souls, the attitude of the mind will take a flip into divine consciousness and our mind, body, self, consciousness and sub-consciousness will slowly change and transform us from manmukhs ( mind orientated) to gurmukhs ( guru orientated).

But this ‘transformation of love’ cannot be achieved through some ‘magic chant’.

This terrifying

is a form of ‘chronic disease and to do away with it, the


will only come when the disciple on receiving the ‘infection of love’, finds that egotism is causing an interruption in his bliss or regards this hindrance as ‘death’ itself.

10.1 O my mother, I have not renounced the pride of my mind. I have wasted my life intoxicated with Maya; I have not focused myself in meditation on the Lord…….
When this anxiety arises in the heart, then, one comes to love the Guru’s feet. My life becomes fruitful, O Nanak, only when I am absorbed in the Praises of God. 1008 M9 L11

This ‘divine play of about turn’ is certainly difficult and time consuming but with the company of the holy souls and through the grace of the guru it becomes easy.

10.2 In the Company of the Holy, there is no suffering. The Blessed Vision of their Darshan brings a sublime, happy peace. 272 M5 L1

10.3 By Guru’s Grace, one remains dead while yet alive; his intellect is transformed, and he becomes detached from the world. 651 M3 L2

Without this transformation’s ‘play of love’, we, in the doubt ridden fallacy of egotism

under the enslavement of ‘me-mineness’ will lead a life that

‘leads to the horrifying door of hell’
‘ensnared and enmeshed in false occupations and attachments
the whole world perishes’
and simply waste away our precious life.

When through the blessings of the Guru, the veil of man’s doubt-ridden fallacy of egotism comes off, then the divine state of man is depicted in Gurbani as follows -
11.1 I have found the jewel of my Beloved within my mind. My body is cooled, my mind is cooled and soothed, and I am absorbed into the Shabad, the Word of the True Guru. 1 Pause My hunger has departed, my thirst has totally departed, and all my anxiety is forgotten. The Perfect Guru has placed His Hand upon my forehead; conquering my mind, I have conquered the whole world. 1 Satisfied and satiated, I remain steady within my heart, and now, I do not waver at all. The True Guru has given me the inexhaustible treasure; it never decreases, and never runs out. 2 Listen to this wonder, O Siblings of Destiny: the Guru has given me this understanding. I threw off the veil of illusion, when I met my Lord and Master; then, I forgot my jealousy of others. 3 This is a wonder which cannot be described. They alone know it, who have tasted it. Says Nanak, the Truth has been revealed to me. The Guru has given me the treasure; I have taken it and enshrined it within my heart. 215 M5 L4

This divine miraculous
‘right about turn play’
‘transformation of consciousness’
‘wondrous miracles’
‘when God of the world becomes merciful’
can be clearly represented as follows -

State under egotism
State under ‘Naam”


pitch darkness of worldliness

divine illumination
the meditation of worldliness
Waheguru’s meditation
the doubt ridden fallacy of worldliness
manifestation of Naam

enslavement within worldliness
spiritual freedom
‘command’ of the mind
divine command
solitary confinement in the cell of egotism
divine freedom
focused- One Waheguru
He and only He
forgetfulness of Waheguru
Remembrance of Wahegur
‘gone are all the desires’
in the presence stranger
‘all are connected’
‘all are friends’
polluted consciousness
pure consciousness
the desire for projecting the self
humility ‘demure disposition of the heart’
one’s own will
Waheguru’s will
pain and anxiety
eternal peace ‘permanent bliss
worry - anguish
‘all anxiety has vanished’
search without (or outside)
‘everything is within the house or self
heart burning arises by asserting claim
one without claim remains carefree
numerous thoughts
thought of One
cannot bear even one reproach
calm in the company of the holy
intellectual knowledge
divine essence of knowledge
false emperor
eternal emperorship
mind orientated
guru orientated
sentence of death’s couriers
come sit and be honoured by all
As long as I walked along carrying bundle of worldliness, till then I continued to pay the fine.
When I Nanak threw away the bundle (of worldliness), I met the perfect guru and was rendered fearless then.
bloating from the pride of egotism
O intoxicated mind, relax and drink the nectar of the Naam
false, false, false, false is the worldly pride
abundant, abundant, abundant, abundant, abundant is your Naam.

When a tree is bud-grafted, the ‘life-current’ in the tree is same, but that ‘life current experiences a new ‘hue’ or essence.

Similarly, the water in the pipe is the same but as it passes through a cooler or heater, the water becomes hot or

In the same way the graft of good or bad company on our mind will bring about a complete transformation in the


of our intellect, reason and the sub-conscious.

For this reason when the graft of divine hue envelops our mind, then our mind harmonises with the ‘flow of the Divine ‘Command’ and we live our life according to …..

13.1 As You make me walk, so do I walk, O my Lord … 919 M3 L1

13.2 As You inspire him to speak, O Lord, so does servant Nanak speak. 292 M5 L5

13.3 Whatever You cause us to do, we do. Nanak 627 M5 L2

13.4 Wherever You seat me, there I sit, O my Lord and Master; wherever You send me, there I go. 993 M3 L12

13.5 …….as You keep me, I remain; as You protect me, I survive. 1395 L14
14.1 Nanak, it is written that you shall obey the Hukam of His Command, and walk in the Way of His Will. 1 M1 L8

14.1 That which was upside-down has been set upright; the deadly enemies and adversaries have become friends. In the darkness, the jewel shines forth, and the impure understanding has become pure. 1 When the Lord of the Universe became merciful, I found peace, wealth and the fruit of the Lord’s Name; I have met the True Guru. 1 Pause No one knew me, the miserable miser, but now, I have become famous all over the world. Before, no one would even sit with me, but now, all worship my feet. 2 I used to wander in search of pennies, but now, all the desires of my mind are satisfied. I could not bear even one criticism, but now, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, I am cooled and soothed. 3 What Glorious Virtues of the Inaccessible, Unfathomable, Profound Lord can one mere tongue describe? Please, make me the slave of the slave of Your slaves; servant Nanak seeks the Lord’s Sanctuary.
402 M5 L5
14.2 He alone is a Sikh, a friend, a relative and a sibling, who walks in the Way of the Guru’s Will. One who walks according to his own will, O Siblings of Destiny, suffers separation from the Lord, and shall be punished. 601 M3L18

14.3 Renounce your petty arguments, and realize the Word of the Guru’s Shabad.
646 M3 L13
14.4 Fareed, answer evil with goodness; do not fill your mind with anger. Your body shall not suffer from any disease, and you shall obtain everything. 1382BhFRL11

Just as the weak light of a candle lamp pales before the powerful light of the sun and disappears, in the same way, in the pitch darkness of worldliness, when the manifestation of the Naam takes place within our inner being through the grace of the guru , then our mind is so ‘overwhelmed’ by the power of the wondrous manifestation that in that wondrous state, spontaneously, the following line escape our lips -

14.6 : Excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent is Your Name. 1137m5L17

These divine flashes have such an supernatural awesome effect on our intellect and reason, that man inevitably bursts our and says-

14.7 Behold, a wondrous miracle has happened! That Lord and Master, whose wisdom is said to be unfathomable, has been enshrined within my heart, by the Guru.
612 M5 L11
14.8 On seeing Satguru face to face I lost awareness of all awareness, lost all discrimination of the discriminating mind and lost all wisdom of the intellect kabit B.G

15.1 Consciousness did not remain in the conscience, attention lost its concentration,
knowledge lost its knowledge and salvation lost its liberation .
Patience lost its serenity, pride lost its egotism;
love lost its love, and honour remained not in honour.
He is the wonder of the wondrous, rapture of the rapturous,
awe of the awesome, unlimited and limitless Kabit.BG 25

Man for the first time realised through divine manifestation, that the arrogance or pride of egotism, which he over numerous births has pandered to, brought into being and nurtured into bloom was absolute falsehood. Based on such doubt ridden fallacy or ignorance, all the thoughts, desires, imagination and me-mine assertions he has been making, all of them were defiled, false and (having their roots in) the love of worldliness. It is for this reason that man has simply wasted away his precious life.

15.2 Entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the whole world is perishing. 133 M5 L17

15.3 The false ones love falsehood, and forget their Creator. 468 M1 L6

Thus, for as long as realisation does not dawn upon man, about his doubt ridden fallacy of egotism or the worldly love, until then, sincere humility, gentleness, meekness, ‘desire to serve’ can never surface within our inner being.

What ever we do for the sake of public opinion, social etiquette or humility, all this is outer show, socially expected etiquette, falsehood an hypocrisy. Gurbani has this to say about humility that is tied up with social etiquette -

15.4 Everyone bows down to himself; no one bows down to another.
When something is placed on the balancing scale and weighed, the side which descends is heavier.
The sinner, like the deer hunter, bows down twice as much.
But what can be achieved by bowing the head, when the heart is impure? 470 M1 L12

15.5 In ego he becomes true or false. In ego he reflects on virtues or vice. 466 M1 L9
On the other side gurbani has this to say about sincere humility and modesty -


16.1 I am not good; no one is bad. Prays Nanak, He alone saves us! 728 M1 L19

16.2 Kabeer, I am the worst of all. Everyone else is good. Whoever understands this is a friend of mine. 1364 B.Kabir L15

16.3 Those who become the dust of (people’s) feet and lie at their feet, in mind words or deeds they shed their doubts and fears.
In the company of the holy (satsang), they overcome (the temptations of) their five senses and venture outside with control over their mind.
These as the holy people and their words are precious. Var BG 23/21

16.4 In the heart of gurmukh people humility resides in their heart because they have given up their pride and egotism.

Because of the teachings of the Guru, their hearts are illuminated and the darkness of ignorance and doubt gets erased.

Becoming meek, the gurmukh falls to his feet and in so doing this person who has shed his pride receives honour in God’s Court.

Waheguru likes one who happily accepts His Will.

Everyone accepts that the Will of Waheguru has to be followed, but Waheguru’s Will Waheguru Himself brings it into being.

In the world one must regard oneself as a guest, let go of all claims and live without making any claims.

He should meet the company of the holy and cultivate the command (of Waheguru as revealed by the guru). Var BG 29/13

O yes!
16.5 O Nanak, one who understands His Command, does not speak in ego.
1 M1 L12

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All the world religions believe in the ONE GOD. Gurbani begins with the ‘1’ which symbolises the unity of the Infinite Creator. Together with this ‘1’ the word Oangkaar symbolises the extension and the expansion of the creator. This divine extension is referred to in Gurbani as follows -

1.1 Searching, searching, searching, and finally, success!
By Guru’s Grace, the essence of all reality is understood.
Wherever I look, there I see Him, at the root of all things.
Nanak, He is the subtle, and He is also the manifest. 281M5L14

1.2 The Creator Lord and Master is pervading the water, the land, and the sky.
In so many ways, the One, the Universal Creator has diffused Himself, O

1.3 Here and there, in each and every heart, and each and every being, You, O Fascinating Lord, You exist. You are the Creator, the Cause of causes, the Support of the earth; You are the One and only, Beauteous Lord. 407M5L2

1.4 The Dear Lord abides in each and every heart; the Saints proclaim this as true. 1426M9L2

1.5 Waheguru, from the formless created the form and placed within it air, water and energy.
Then He left the earth in space and created the illumination of the moon and
the sun.
He then created the 1,400,000 life forms from the 4 sources of creation.
And within each and every life form numerous living beings emerged.

If the Infinite Creator is operating in the heart of every living being according to His own ‘law’ then this ego of ours -

1. What is it?

2. Where does it come from?
3. How does its influence operate?

4. How has it ignited such ‘confusion’?
5. How has it reduced the world into the raging fire of the ‘ocean of grief’?

6. How has it brought the world into its control?

7. How does it deliver us to the ‘couriers of death’?
8. How can we escape from it?

9. How can this ‘hawmai’ be ‘killed’?
10. How can we distance ourselves from its doubt ridden darkness?

There is dire need to hold an in-depth discussion on these matters.

An attempt is being made here to unravel these hidden mysteries in the light of Gurbani.

The awareness of our own existence, the need to satisfy the me-mine of the self, and a show off attitude or egoistic consciousness is called ‘hawmai’ or ego.

Since the beginning, Waheguru has placed this flourishing ego into man. It is because of this ego that an experiences the individuality of me-mine.

2.1 The Primal Lord, the Architect of Destiny, formed your form; He also burdened you with egotism.
He alone is born and dies; He alone comes and goes. 999M5L16

2.2 This ego exists by the Lord’s Order; people wander according to their past actions. 466M2L14

2.3 In egotism, the world was formed, O man; forgetting the Naam, it suffers and dies. 946M1L2

2.4 Injecting the poison of egotism, the world was created; with the Shabad enshrined within, the poison is eliminated. 1009M1L18

2.5 Out of egotism and attachment, the Universe welled up. 1057M3L17

If we honestly go within to research and investigate, we will come to realise that every fact of our life is under the influence and control of the ego.

The Infinite Waheguru in His ‘Joy” and through His ‘command’ created the universe and within every particle placed His ‘Light’ and set up the divine drama. To run this ‘enormous drama-play’ by means of unerring and unceasing ‘rules’ He instituted the ‘LAW’.

3.1 By His Command, bodies are created; His Command cannot be
By His Command, souls come into being; by His Command, glory and greatness are obtained.
By His Command, some are high and some are low; by His Written Command, pain and pleasure are obtained.
Some, by His Command, are blessed and forgiven; others, by His Command, wander aimlessly forever.
Everyone is subject to His Command; no one is beyond His Command.
Nanak, one who understands His Command, does not speak in ego.

In a drama, different characters play different parts and on the stage their every move, presentation, word is tied up to the rules according to some plan or scheme of the producer. On the stage one is a king, a queen, a servant, a lord, a beggar - each impersonating the varied roles and playing the part assigned to them. Everyone knows that he or she is not the real king, queen, a servant etc, but on the transient stage, they have come to perform the part assigned to them but in reality they are the ‘servants’ of their ‘producer.’ They know that they are not free and cannot do as they please. But if anyone character ignores or renegades on his ‘producer’ and does what he pleases on the stage, then the whole drama is disrupted and he has to face the ‘sentence’ or consequences.

Exactly in the same way the ‘producer’ of this creation -Waheguru- through His ‘command’ has set up this worldly cosmic drama in which we beings are playing our own individual roles.

As long as we play our role according to the Will of the Infinite Waheguru’s Divine Scheme or ‘law’ until then the Divine Drama
will continue to run without any interruption and the performers receive praise. But when the beings forget their ‘Producer’ the Infinite Waheguru, then in the ignorance of worldly attachments caused or brought about by ‘ego’, they themselves assume that they are the ‘producers’ and the ‘directors’ and continue to act as they please. As a result of this the prodigal being remains divorced from the Divine Blessings and caught up in the action-reaction of the worldly law- ‘I receive what I sow’ - he faces pain and pleasure.

4.1 O my mind, walk in harmony with the True Guru.
Dwell within the home of your own inner being, and drink in the Ambrosial
Nectar; you shall attain the Peace of the Mansion of His Presence. 37M3L2

4.2 One who walks according to his own will, O Siblings of Destiny, suffers separation from the Lord, and shall be punished. 601M3L18

The electric current is generated by the power house. This current provides light to every bulb. There is a very fine filament within the bulb through which the electric current manifests itself into light. Around this is a glass cover which can assume numerous colours and shapes. When the current flows within it, it lights up or comes to life, otherwise it goes off or is ‘dead’. The bulb receives the light from the current and the current comes from the power house. The bulb by itself has no ‘existence (or use). Its existence depends on the current.

If the bulb forgets the source of its ‘life-line’ or renegades and declares its own separate existence - this is falsehood, it is hypocrisy. The ego that assumes a separate existence is false. The real existence or power house is the Infinite Waheguru and the current produced by Him or’ Naam” is the ‘life-line’ of the bulb like being.

Exactly in the same way the Infinite Waheguru has only one form from which the ‘life current’ manifests itself in every being. But in the ignorance of doubt ridden fallacy of worldliness, man has this misconception that he is a separate existence by himself, that he is perfect and is the cause and source of everything that happens. This is why in every ‘facet,’ the ‘me-mine’ ( ego ) continues to manifest itself every time.

In this way man, because of this doubt -ridden fallacy, in his ego, he become a rival to the Infinite Waheguru and thus

guilty of impersonification (pretending to be one when it is not). Within this ego state whatever man does, all is false. Gurbani has elaborated as follows -
5.1 In ego they come, and in ego they go.
5.2 In ego they are born, and in ego they die.
5.3 In ego they give, and in ego they take.
5.4 In ego they earn, and in ego they lose.
5.5 In ego they become truthful or false.
5.6 In egotism they ponder on evil and good
5.7 In ego they go to heaven or hell
5.8 In ego they laugh, and in ego they weep.
5.9 In ego they become dirty, and in ego they are washed clean.
5.10 In ego they lose social status and class.
5.11 In ego they are ignorant, and in ego they are wise.
5.12 They do not know the value of salvation and liberation.
5.13 In ego they love Maya, and in ego they are kept in darkness by it.
5.14 Living in ego, mortal beings are created.
5.15 When one understands ego, then the Lord’s gate is known.
5.16 Without spiritual wisdom, they babble and argue.
5.17 O Nanak, by the Lord’s Command, destiny is recorded. As the Lord sees us, so are we seen. 466M1L9

Without the manifestation of the ‘light’, Gurbani has this to say about the ignorance of worldliness and doubt ridden fallacy or ‘ego’-

5.1 O mind, why are you so puffed up with egotism?
5.2 Whatever is seen in this foul, impure and filthy world, is only ashes. Pause Remember the One who created you, O mortal; He is the Support of your soul, and the breath of life.
5.3 One who forsakes Him, and attaches himself to another, dies to be reborn; he is such an ignorant fool!
5.4 I am blind, mute, crippled and totally lacking in understanding; O God, Preserver of all, please preserve me!
5.5 The Creator, the Cause of causes is all-powerful; O Nanak, how helpless are His beings! 530M5L8

Darkness has no existence of its own. It is the non existence of light or its absence.
In the same way worldliness has no existence of its own. It is the doubt ridden state of its ‘non existence’ or the absence of the Divine Light.

When the shadow of the doubt ridden worldliness falls on our ‘light of the soul’ and surrounds it, then our mind feels that ‘I am’ a separate existence and this ‘love of another’- the separate existence or ‘me-mineness’ is what is called ‘hawmai’ or ‘egotism’. The manifestation of this state happens through the ‘me-mineness’.

Just as darkness and light are totally the opposites of each other, in the same way Divine light and the darkness of worldliness or doubt are the complete opposites of each other and at any one time both cannot be present.

In other words when there is faith and belief in the presence of Wahiguru within our intuitive self, then the doubt fallacies or worldliness or egotism just disappear.

Completelely opposed to this, when the shadow of doubt ridden fallacy of worldliness falls on our mind, then our mind becomes polluted and we divorce ourselves from the light of divine manifestation

6.1 Egotism is opposed to the Name of the Lord; the two do not dwell in the same place. 560M3L10

6.2 The wall of egotism and pride separates us, but I can hear Him nearby.
There is a veil between us, like the wings of a butterfly; without
being able to see Him, He seems so far away. 624M5L9

6.3 When I am in my ego, then You are not with me. Now that You are with me, there is no egotism within me. 657Bh. RavdasL14

The cover of doubt ridden fallacy,
The realisation of ‘me-mineness’
The illusion of separate existence,
The attachment to worldly life,

is in fact called ‘hawmai’ -egotism.

Passing through numerous forms of life, the practice of ‘egotism’ and ‘me-miness’ has become firmly fixed into our consciousness. Within the 8,400,000 forms

of life, we were ignorant of the sentiments of egotism. But in the human life form, Wahiguru has blessed us with intellect and from time to time we have been receiving spiritual guidance from sants, bhagats, avtars, gurus and their writings beseeching ‘O man, you are part of the light’ make an effort to recognise your spiritual heritage.

7.1 O my mind, you are the embodiment of the Divine Light — recognize your own origin. O my mind, the Dear Lord is with you; through the Guru’s Teachings, enjoy His Love. 441M3L2

Over numerous rebirths we have focused so much on the polluted egotism that the egotism has penetrated, permeated and diffused into the deep recesses of our body, mind and the subconscious and by itself, without our knowledge it naturally continues to surface in the me-mine state into every facet of our life.

In this way over numerous births we have imprisoned ourselves in a tiny solitary cell of egotism and in the quagmire of worldly attachments we are simply wasting away our precious life in false occupations and temptations.

We have brought upon ourselves egotism’s sentence of solitary confinement and over numerous rebirths we continue to live a life of pain in the imprisonment of this solitary confinement.

7.2 The world is polluted with the filth of egotism, suffering in pain. This filth sticks to them because of their love of duality. 39M3L6

7.3 When this mind is filled with pride, then it wanders around like a madman and a lunatic. But when it becomes the dust of all, then it recognizes the Lord in each and every heart. ………
When he clings to ‘my own, my own’, then he is in deep trouble. 235M5L12

7.4 . In egotism, the soul is in bondage, and the Naam does not come to abide in the mind. 560M3L15

The gurus, prophets and evolved souls have from time to time given us knowledge about ‘egotism’ through their life-style and writings and have shown us an easy way to free ourselves from this imprisonment. To propagate these supreme and precious messages, numerous religious places have been set up and through multitude of ways discourses are held on these messages.

In spite of all this, to escape or be free from the self inflicted egotism’s pain and imprisonment of false worldliness, we

have not given it any thought,
have no desire for it,

have no need for it
have no time for lit,

have no joy in doing so,
have made no effort for it,

have no will for doing it.

The doubt riddled fallacy of egotism has diffused into our mind, intellect and the subconscious and so completely is it intertwined and assimilated into our lives that we have become an embodiment of egotism.

Within the ‘haze of egotism’ apart from our tiny ‘solitary cell of confinement’ of worldliness, we are unable to see, feel or discover anything else. We have become the bonded slaves and ‘puppets’ of egotism and day and night dance under the direction and ‘beat’ of the five elements of worldliness -lust, anger, greed, attachment and egotism thus wasting away our precious life.

8.1 Egotism is within all bodies; through egotism, we come to be born.
Egotism is utter darkness; in egotism, no one can understand anything.
In egotism, devotional worship cannot be performed, and the Hukam of the Lord’s Command cannot be understood.
In egotism, the soul is in bondage, and the Naam does not come to abide in the mind. 560M3L12

Although egotism has no substance- being only a doubt ridden fallacy of the mind - but within our life and the whole creation it has brought about

the pride of ‘I’
the individuality of ‘mine’

the trap of attachment







misunderstandings etc.

and brought about the practice of numerous base tendencies and disorder. For this reason the effect of peace or divine virtues is very seldom witnessed.

9.1 Modesty and righteousness both have vanished, and falsehood struts around like a leader, O Lalo. 722M1L16

What a surprising and ludicrous thing it is that in spite of the presence of so much
educational advancement

scientific research

micro philosophies

abundance of religious propagation

superabundance of rites and rituals

& sharp intelligence

we are unable to



be aware of


the doubt fallacy illusion of the ‘polluted ego’ and its deceitfulness.

By accepting the ‘false ego’ to be the ‘truth’ over these numerous births, we have become its ‘bonded slaves’. Even now we are one, and feel that therein lies our honour. We feel that our honour and well being lies in trying to outdo each other in the projection of ‘ego’, although in the subjugation of this ego countless suffering, anguish, anxiety, disease, blows from the yamas (couriers of death) and hell has to be borne.

10.1 In egotism, the world is dead; it dies and dies, again and again. 555M3L17

10.2 Egotism is utter darkness; in egotism, no one can understand anything.

10.3 Ego is a chronic disease, but it contains its own cure as well. 466M2L14

It’s not only we who experience hell through the chronic disease of egotism, but out of our ignorance we are spreading the stench of base or low tendencies of the mind into the whole world by way of our thoughts and actions. In this way, on the whole, we are infecting the whole world with the grievances that emerges from the ego and thereby polluting the beautiful, peaceful and pure creation of God.

The astonishing thing is that in spite of reading and listening to mass of information on egotism, we are not prepared to come out of the doubt ridden fallacy of the illusory (or false) world. This is so because, over numerous rebirths we have been meditating (or focusing upon) the false ego thus becoming an embodiment of ego itself.

The truth is that egotism has become an inseparable part of our life or our very life form itself; to such an extent that we have even coloured the religious teachings started by the gurus and avtars with our egotism and are using the religions for furthering our own worldly ends or to inflate our own ego.


When our religion is tempered with by egotism in this way, then we are infected with religious fanaticism and in the name of religion we give rise to untold hatred, jealousy, duality, fights, quarrels, cruelty and tyranny.

In the blind frenzy of this ‘religious fanaticism or insanity’, gurus, prophets, holy souls and innocent people have been exposed to unspeakable and unbearable tortures and even today this is taking place.

In the blind frenzy of this ‘religious fanaticism’, in the name of religion we are unknowingly demonstrating our






of religions.

The effect of our blind ‘religious frenzy’ on the general public is extremely bad, harmful and has far reaching consequences, which give rise to many forms of doubts about the ‘existence of God’ and (the need for) religion. The truth is that man’s current indifference, apostasy, faithlessness, scepticism towards religion, to a large extent, is caused by the ego ridden ‘religious fanaticism’.

Its living proof is the history of the past era and the communal riots of today.

When we don the religious cloak of egotism and give rise to anger, hatred, jealousy, duality, fights, quarrels, cruelty and torture in the name of religion, that state is called ‘religious fanaticism’.

In the state of blind ‘religious frenzy’ our intellect gets defiled and the ability to discern and discriminate between - good and bad, truth and falsehood, virtue and vice, divine attributes and satanic evil - does not remain.

In total contrast to this, every religion beacons us towards


and similar virtues.

the manifestation of the divine virtues of religion


the manifestation of the ego ridden religious bigotry

there is a world of a difference and the results generated by these two states are totally opposed to each other.

12.1 He calls the counterfeit genuine, and does not know the value of the
genuine. The blind man is known as an appraiser; this Dark Age of Kali
Yuga is so strange!
The sleeper is said to be awake, and those who are awake are like sleepers.
The living are said to be dead, and no one mourns for those who have died.
One who is coming is said to be going, and one who is gone is said to have
That which belongs to others, he calls his own, but he has no liking for that
which is his.
That which is sweet is said to be bitter, and the bitter is said to be sweet.
One who is imbued with the Lord’s Love is slandered — his is what I have seen
in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga. 229M1L4

The absence of light is called darkness.
The absence of intuitive knowledge is called ‘maya’ or worldliness.
From the haze of ego ridden fallacy of worldliness, egotism emerges.
Where egotism prevails, divine faith cannot exist.
Just like ‘light’ and ‘darkness’ are the complete opposites of each other,

in the same way the presence of egotism and divine filled belief and faith are the complete opposites of each other.
The Infinite Wahiguru’s Being is ‘True’ and ETERNAL.

Haumai or egotism has no form or being whatsoever. This is only the doubt ridden fallacy of the mind.

In other words, worldliness that is now rooted in ignorance, under the intoxication of the opium of egotism, has over numerous rebirths our being to ‘sleep’.

13.1 The world is asleep in the three modes and doubt; it passes the night of its life sleeping. 920M3L15

If someone tries to ‘cheat’ and deceive us, we respond by vigorously complaining, protesting and expressing our displeasure. But the surprising thing is that under the influence of the opium of egotism, worldliness that is rooted in ignorance, has created the greatest mental fraud with our being.

The astonishing thing about this greatest ‘personal’ mental fraud is that we

do not know anything about it
are not aware of it

have no knowledge about it
have not protested about it

have not complained about it
have not even expressed our displeasure

and to awaken ourselves from the ‘slumber’ or ‘drowsiness’ of this eternal worldliness or to save ourselves from this ‘greatest fraud’ we

have not thought about it
have no desire for it
have felt no need for it
have not made any effort
have no wish for it!!!

No person is prepared to admit under any circumstances that he or she has ego in him or her. When in fact, day and night, nay every moment, he or she operates and lives in egotism where the ‘me-mine’ state has gained predominance.

When a person says ‘I have no ego in me’, this is proof enough that egotism has so much permeated and diffused unto his being that he or she has become an ‘embodiment’ of ego. This is why he is unable to feel the presence of ego, or is unable to recognise the existence of ego and he remains engrossed in the ‘fort’ of doubt ridden fallacy of worldliness.

Any person who is a victim of chronic T.B. but does not know about his or her disease, does not see the need to seek a cure for that critical disease.

This is exactly the case of persons who is entrapped in egotism. They are not aware of their own hidden critical disease, they feel no sensation - although they are leading a self inflicted hellish life which is caused by the critical disease of egotism. In fact they appear quite satisfied.

14.1 The five vices have corrupted my mind. Moment by moment, they lead me further away from the Lord. 710Bh.RavL14

14.2 This Maya has made me forget Your feet, O Lord of the World, Master of the Universe. Not even a bit of love wells up in Your humble servant; what can Your poor servant do? 857Bh.KL2

14.3 This is Maya, by which the Lord is forgotten; emotional attachment and love of duality well up. 921M3L2

If a prince gets lost and falls into the hands of a fisherman, the fisherman uses him to do his work and ‘deceives’ the prince into his ‘bonded slavery’ for his own ends. In this way the prince is kept divorced from his ‘royal heritage’. In this way the prince suffers massive and serious fraud.

Although Gurbani, over and over again reminds us of our ‘royal heritage’, (through statements like) ‘O mind, you are part of the divine light, go and discover your roots’. But drugged by the intoxication of egotism, we are declining to a level where we can neither discover nor realise anything and according to Gurbani ‘Entangled and enmeshed, the whole world dies in false deeds and attachments’,
we are trapped, we suffer pain and thus waste away our precious life.

In the above discussion the words - ‘maya’ (worldliness), light, darkness, doubts and fallacies,

egotism, pitch darkness etc. have been used. They do not refer to any separate entity having its own existence. They are the varied


of the mind.

It has been mentioned earlier that there is a life current- divine light- pervading in the whole of the creation. There is this only one light and that is pure. When this light manifests itself externally through the mind, then with our mind’s varied hues and waves of


the light emerges.

As an example there is only one form of current in electricity, but the colourful light that emerges depends on the multitude of colours and forms of the bulbs.

Gurbani has elaborated on mind’s numerous waves as follows -

15.1 This mind does not hold still, even for an instant Distracted by all sorts of distractions, it wanders around aimlessly in the ten directions. I have found the Perfect Guru, through great good fortune; He has given me the Mantra of the Lord’s Name, and my mind has become quiet and tranquil. 171M4L1

15.2 O mind, you are so full of pride; loaded with pride, you shall depart.
The fascinating Maya has fascinated you, over and over again, and lured you into reincarnation.
Clinging to pride, you shall depart, O foolish mind, and in the end, you shall regret and repent. 441M3L5

16.1 You are afflicted with the diseases of ego and desire, and you are wasting your life away in vain. 441M3L6

16.2 When the mind is filthy, everything is filthy; by washing the body, the mind is not cleansed.
This world is deluded by doubt; hardly anyone understands this. 558M3L9

16.3 O mother, my mind is out of control.
Night and day, it runs after sin and corruption. How can I restrain it.
He listens to the teachings of the Vedas, the Puraanas and the Simritees, but
he does not enshrine them in his heart, even for an instant.
Engrossed in the wealth and women of others, his life passes away uselessly.

16.4 The mind is churning with so many waves of desire. How can one be emancipated in the Court of the Lord? 1088M3L18