Monday, December 10, 2007


Religious Preaching – Part 6
(Spiritual Aspect)

In the middle of the river, water automatically flows rapidly but when this water hits both sides of the pillars of a bridge, then it is entangled in a whirlpool. Separating from the middle current it begins to whirl at the same place. If some straw or reed becomes entangled in this whirlpool, it too remains thee circling in it. If some one touching this straw or reed gives it the right direction and turns it towards the current of the water, ten it will flow into the stream of that water.

Exactly in the same manner, man comes out of the life-current of Divine Will through the doubt-fallacy of egotism or cleverness and becomes entangled in the whirlpool of materialistic life and in the circle of births and deaths.

Becoming out of tune from the powerful ‘life-current’ or ‘will’ of the Immortal Being, our mind becomes weak and it becomes impossible for man to come out of this materialistic whirlpool.

1 This Maya has made me forget Your feet, O Lord of the World, Master of the Universe.
Not even a bit of love wells up in Your humble servant;
what can Your poor servant do? 857 L3 Bh. Kab

2 The five vicious thieves are assaulting my poor being; save me, O Savior Lord! 205 L19 M5

3 The five vices have corrupted my mind.
Moment by moment, they lead me further away from the Lord. 710 L16 Bh.Rav

To save people entangled in such downfall and to take them out of the whirlpool of attachment-materialism, the easiest and most reliable method revealed in Gurbani is to associate with and be in the company of elevated beloved souls and saints:-

4 Grasping the hem of the robe of the Holy Saint, we cross over the world-ocean. 218 L16 M5

5 In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, I am sure to be saved. 1071 L17 M5
1 Please attach me to the hem of the robe of the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; help me to cross over the terrible river.702 L11 M5

2 The Lord's humble servants are great, very great, the greatest and most exalted; they lead us to meet the True Guru. 881 L16 M4

3 The horrible world-ocean is very treacherous; O Nanak, the Gurmukh is carried across. 916 L14 M5
The Immortal Being has created this world through His Command and has put in it 8 .4 million life-forms. In every life-form, there is His light. This Divine light, in a hidden form, is flowing in an intermingled and interwoven way in each creature.

Therefore every creature is an ‘off-spring’ of the Immortal Being. Just as the worldly ‘Mother’ manages the upbringing and development of her ‘off-springs’ – the children, so also our spiritual ‘Mother’- the Immortal Being having created Her creatures has provided once and for all through Her command the proper, unerring, permanent eternal management for their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The rules or practices of this ‘movement’ or ‘flow’ of Divine Command have not been written in any book, nor have they been given to some special personality because writing or personalities are perishable. Recorded rules can also be changed. But Divine Command is being implemented in every atom of nature and has been written in the innermost consciousness of every creature.

4 O Nanak, it is written that you shall obey the Hukam of His Command, and walk in the Way of His Will. 1 L7 M1

As an example in the innermost consciousness of every seed is written the inherent and inlaid law according to which works the order of birth, upbringing, development and tuning.

Because of the relationship of the creatures as the children or ‘constituents’ of the Immortal Being, how can the Prime Soul leave the management of the lives of his children to some other personality?

The fundamental and essential purpose of the life of man is to enjoy the ‘warm love’ of the bosom of the ‘Divine Mother’.

For (realising) this spiritual aim the Immortal Being has placed in the innermost consciousness of mortals this spark of Divine motherly-love, so that the mortal through the gravity of this Divine love will by Himself automatically and unknowingly get pulled towards the magnetic love of his source, the Immortal Being. It is with this Divine gravity of love that the whole universe:-

is bound
is functioning
is growing
is being looked after
is developing
is essence of life
is ‘flow’ of life
is tuned.

1 In all the four directions and all the four corners (You) have extended (Yourself in the form of) love. Jaap Sahib 80

2 The created universe is the manifestation of Your Name. 4 L9 M1

3 The Naam is the Support of all creatures. 284 L11 M5
The Naam is the Support of all bodies. 284 L13 M5

4 He has no end or limitation.
By His Order, He established the earth, and He maintains it unsupported. 227 L1 M5

In the innermost consciousness of each and every life-form, this Divine thread of love:-

is written,
is interwoven and entwined,
is comprehensive,
is the life current,
is the life flow,
is the driver,
is eternal,

is permanent,
is unerring,
is inerasable,
is continuous,
is unutterable,
is unwritten able,
is invisible,
is life,
is religion.

1 He cherishes His living beings in so many ways.
That which He has created meditates on Him. 262 L15 M5

2 I have fallen in love with my Beloved Lord. Pause
Cutting it, it does not break, and releasing it, it does not let go.
Such is the string the Lord has tied me with. 827 L3 M5

3 For the remembrance of the Lord, the whole world was established....
For the remembrance of the Lord, He created the whole creation. 263 L17 M5

This Divine pull of the Divine thread of love of nature is said to be ‘faith’, ‘religion’ or spiritual path because it is this Divine thread of love which is unconsciously pulling the mortal towards his source, the Immortal Being.

In this way the Divine thread of love automatically and unconsciously motivating, leading and helping the creatures move towards the Immortal Being and is the true-pure, unerring and permanent method or ‘religion’ for their salvation.

8.4 million creatures are gradually earning their in-laid ‘Divine Religion’ and are automatically achieving spiritual evolution.
For these creatures it is their:-
to be in tune
to be linked
to be living
to be existing
to be in melody

with the pull of love flowing in their innermost consciousness of life current
and that is their :

spiritual path
religious study
faith belief

These creatures do not need some other:-

learnt & ttaught
understood & explained

religion, nor do they need the ‘religious preaching’ of external intellectual knowledge. This pull of the thread of love is a two way traffic.

On the one hand, the Immortal Being is pulling the creatures to Himself with the ‘thread of love’.

On the other hand affected by this pull the creatures in response get pulled towards the Immortal Being. For a creature the “pull of love” of the Immortal Being is in fact the Divine Religion and this Divine Religion is in laid in the creature from the very source. For this ‘inlaid Divine Religion’ there is no need for any religious preaching.

The Immortal Being has beautified these creatures with different types of coloured appearances and has given them different languages and powers of thinking. These creatures are neither Hindus, Muslims, Christians nor followers of Musa. They pass through their own natural symbols.

The Immortal Being has bestowed limited intelligence upon these creatures using which they manage and automatically and unconsciously earn the divine teachings of the following inlaid command. In this way they are carried towards the creator.

Take the flower as an example:-

From inside the seed of the flower and according to the inlaid command from the very source – a plant grows and on

the body

of that plant and its


age etc.

form or occur as a result of the ‘command’ which enters the seed in a hidden manner for the expression of various natural characteristics.

In this way the 8.4 million creatures carried in the flow of the inlaid Divine Command and grateful towards their creator are unconsciously doing meditation continuously.

Thus their meditation becomes a form of life.

The earth and sky contemplate on the Lord
The moon and sun contemplate on the Treasure of Virtues.
All the animals, birds and spirits remember God.
The forests, mountains and renunciates remember Him.
All the subtle and gross beings meditate on Him
The Invisible and the Visible meditate on my Lord, the Master of the world
All the castes, souls and races meditate on Him.
Having passed through these lives, when man achieves the supreme human life, he receives special gifts from the Immortal Being:-

1. Own Image
2. Profound intelligence
3. Discriminating power
4. Developed ego

The essence of the discussion above is that:-

The preaching of “Divine Religion” of spiritual sphere is


taking place in the innermost consciousness of all creatures.

8.4 million creatures are unconsciously and innocently enjoying the benefit of this divine ‘religious-preaching’ but the human being gets imprisoned in the dark dungeon of egotism in his cleverness of profound intelligence through crooked ways and doubts. In this way the human being coming out of the flow of ‘Divine Command’ becomes out of tune of ‘life-current’ and gets entangled with the whirlpool of the gravity of materialism.

The Immortal Being taking pity on the condition of self-willfulness and apostasy of human beings and wishing to turn them towards his bosom and wanting to give them awareness of the spiritual sphere has from the very beginning sent to this world gurus and prophets who started various religions and for our life guidance created religious scriptures. Besides this, from time to time spiritual life leading beloved ones great beings, holy people, saints pass through this world to give us spiritual motivation leadership and assistance.

This system of this complete external intellectual religious preaching has been created solely for those human beings who are self-willed out-of-tune and wayward . In this way realising the doubt fallacy of egotism we can earn the Divine Teaching of the inlaid will of our creator – The Immortal Being

1 Obey the preordained will of the Lord, O! Nanak. As is writ by Him.
2 Nanak! If man were to understand the Lord’s will, then no one will
act in ego. (1)

God has bestowed freedom of thought on human beings through which associating with bad company we turn away from Him and forget our creator. To bring us back into the memory of God the advice