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Religious Preaching Part 5
(Spiritual Aspect)

The Infinite Lord in His joy brought this creation into being to ‘witness the intricate phenomenal world’. Creating the 8.4 million forms of life – forms with numerous other ‘elements’, He Himself in an unseen, subtle form, invisibly operating within them. Because of the cloak of doubt – fallacy of egotism, these things that we call life-forms, appear to be existing as individual entities. For the birth, flourishment, nurturing, extension and death of these life-forms, God has created ‘nature’ through His Divine command. This nature is not being run by some separate external ‘entity’. Every thing or life form is living its life according to the ‘in-laid Divine Hukam or Command’.

O Nanak, it is written that you shall obey the Hukam of His Command, and walk in the Way of His Will. 1 L7

This ‘Hukam or Command’ is not written in books. It is inherent and inlaid within every soul at the time of its birth. The laws written in books can be erased or can be changed. But this Divine Law, because it is inherent and inlaid in each soul, it is operating as an unerring, permanent, eternal and unceasing way. The ‘Divine Law’ is operating secretly in an interwoven-intermingled way in the varied life-forms as they go through their different transmigrations.

As long as man upon unraveling the Divine ‘Law’ abides by it, until then man is spontaneously taken by the Divine ‘life-current’, and automatically drawn towards its ‘Commander’ the Infinite Lord’.

But when man, in the doubt-fallacy of ‘egotism’, takes cue from his intelligence and cunningness, he interrupts the flow of Divine ‘Life-Current’ and consequently he renegades from the Divine ‘Law’ and leads his life according to the worldly Karamic Law ‘I reap what I sow’.

Man, because he is the ‘splint’ or ‘light’ of the illumination of the Infinite Lords manifestation, together with his birth, the perfect and unerring management pertaining to his nurturing, his growth has been done through God’s ‘Hukam or Law’.
Man’s physical, mental and spiritual growth has not been left to some outside power. The rules of some external power can be wanting (inadequate) and wrong and also subject to change. But the Divine ‘Law’ is perfect, unerring, permanent, operating unceasingly from the very beginning of creation and it will continue to do so forever.

The worldly mother is forever very protective of her child. She prays for his/her well being and loves him/her.

Worldly mother’s incessant love and true affection in her heart for her offspring is a reflection, a symbol of limitless Divine Love and True Affection that the Supreme Soul (God) has for His offspring, man.

This Divine Love has been described in Gurbani as follows:-

1 In each and every heart, the Story of our Sovereign Lord is told;
in each and every home, they yearn for Him. 1235 L8

2 He cherishes all His beings and creatures,
as the mother cares for her children. 105 L5

3 He remembers His servants with each and every breath.
O Nanak, they are the beloveds of the Transcendent Lord God. 276 L17

4 He cherishes His living beings in so many ways.
That which He has created meditates on Him. 292 L15

5 He cherishes all beings, O my soul, as the mother and father cherish their child. 541 L16

6 God is the Lord and Master of millions of universes; He is the Giver of all beings.
He ever cherishes and cares for all beings, but the fool does not appreciate any of His virtues. 612 L5

7 He ever preserves and cherishes His servant; with Love, He hugs him close. 617 L14

8 The Lord is my King; He is my mother and father.
In Your Mercy, You cherish me; I do whatever You make me do. 627 L1

9 He nurtures even the most worthless, O Siblings of Destiny, and gives home to the homeless.
He gives us nourishment with each and every breath, O Siblings of Destiny; His Name is everlasting. 640 L8

10 He saved you from the fire of the womb,
and did not destroy you, when you were an egg in your mother's ovary. 1084 L15

1 The Dear Lord is my mother, the Dear Lord is my father;
the Dear Lord cherishes and nurtures me.
The Dear Lord takes care of me; I am the child of the Lord.
Slowly and steadily, He feeds me; He never fails.
He does not remind me of my faults; He hugs me close in His embrace. 1101 L17
2 He plays with me, He fondles and caresses me. Forever and ever,
He blesses me with bliss.
He cherishes me, like the father and the mother love their child. 1214 L1

When perfect and permanent arrangements for man’s physical and mental well being and growth have already been done at the moment of creation by the Infinite Being through His ‘Law or command’, then for our ‘mental development’ too perfect, unerring, permanent method or ‘religion’ has been written into our inherent nature. This is done so that man does not have to depend on some external intellectual knowledge because external mental knowledge arises from the doubt-fallacy of egotism. Such external mental knowledge can be of varied hues or colours, is changeable, imperfect and can be wrong.

The most lofty-pure, unique and important aspect of life is the ‘Spiritual Life’. Just as the Infinite Lord has not placed the management of man’s physical and mental life in the hands of some external power, then how can the management of growth of the most important area, the ‘spiritual aspect’ be left in the hands of some external, limited doubt filled intellectual knowledge or ‘religion’? In other words, for the development of man’s ‘spiritual life’ too, ‘within the innate self’, intuitional ‘essence of knowledge’ has been bestowed to man in a secret format and in our ignorance we are looking for it somewhere outside with our intellectual wisdom.

3 Everything is within the home of the self; there is nothing beyond.
One who searches outside is deluded by doubt. 102 L3

4 I have churned the ocean of the body, and I have seen the incomparable thing come into view.
The Guru is God, and God is the Guru, O Nanak; there is no difference between the two, O Siblings of Destiny. 442 L18

This soul manifested ‘essence of knowledge’ or the manifestation of ‘Spiritual Religion’ can only be realised, unraveled, discovered, recognised and experienced by focusing deep within the self on the Shabadh through continuous Simran.

The Infinite Lord knew that man can get trapped in the doubt-fallacy of egotism, in the scintillating miracles of maya or worldliness thus subjecting himself to the effects of action-reaction, he moves into wheel of transmigration,
gets absorbed in attachment and worldliness and forget his Divine ‘Mother-Father’. Therefore to take man out from the doubt-fallacies of attachment and maya (worldliness), the Infinite lord from the beginning itself sent gurus, avtars and prophets into the world. These gurus and avtars, set up different religions according to the needs of the time, and gave the people direction towards spiritual life. Together with this they left behind for posterity their word (message) in their own language so that man can always get motivation and guidance for divine life from these (religious texts).

Upon the demise of these gurus, awtars, over a period of time, little by little under the influence of ‘doubt-fallacy’ of maya or worldliness, people got reabsorbed into maya (worldliness) and began to forget their Creator. In this way man divorced himself from comfort giving protection of the warm bosom of his Divine mother – father.

1 He loves gifts, but he forgets the Giver. 676 L10

2 This Maya has made me forget Your feet, O Lord of the World, Master of the Universe.
Not even a bit of love wells up in Your humble servant; what can Your poor servant do? 857 L3

Even today the mental state of the masses is exactly the same. Under the influence of the doubt-fallacy of egotism man is naturally selfish and self centred. For the sake of fulfilling worldly self interest easily and at once man is gripped in the search of some unseen power so that he can at once get rid of his difficulties and agony or fulfill his self interests. According to the law of demand and supply in order to satisfy the needs of man’s self interests numerous so called holy people (sadh, fakir, awlee-ay) begin to surface. We have begun to regard this kind worldly ‘transaction’ as ‘religion’ or ‘highest form of religious pursuit’. This religious disease is also present in the Sikh world. On the other hand Gurbani is giving us pure, lofty guidance towards spiritual life, (guidance) into the Intuitional Divine Realm’s innate Divine ‘essence of knowledge’, that is the exact opposite of this kind of transaction.

As if this is not enough, we utilise the lofty-pure Divine Gurbani for our perso9nal materialistic self interest thereby showing irreverence towards this Divine Gift from God.

According to the unchanging law ‘the kind of company one keeps will decide the kind of fruit one eats’, our mind is influenced by the good and bad company that we keep. When ‘solid’ and ‘inanimate’ things can become ‘hot or cold’ , through external influence , how can our subtle mind escape from such an influence.

In other words an easy and convincing way to influence or ‘preach’ someone is through the sangat (or company) or by direct link – face to face. That is why in Gurbani, there is so much stress on maintaining the ‘company of the holy’.

1 Join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and meditate in remembrance on the Lord; even a sinner like yourself will become pure. 631 m9 L11

2 Join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; vibrate and meditate on the Jewel of the Naam. 17 m5 L7

3 (O Waheguru) make me meet those beloveds upon meeting whom Your Naam (Name) abides in my consciousness. (Ardas)

4 They are my companions, and they are my dear friends,
who inspire me to remember the Lord's Name. 739 m5 L17

5 If only some Saint, some humble Saint of the Lord, my Holy Beloved, would come, to show me the way. 1202 m4 L11

Take the education system. There are many levels (of teaching). The qualifications of their teachers too are different. The students in different classes are taught according to their mental ability. In the same way the preaching of religion too depends upon the seekers intellectual ability to absorb, their religious inclination and the effectiveness of the of the preacher’s methods.jj

But the important thing to keep in mind here is that, the system of religious preaching of different religions is limited to the intellectual level.

In the worldly realm of ‘trigun’, the preaching of religion can be undertaken by intellectual gyanis or scholars but in the fourth level of the Divine Realm their intellectual knowledge has no reach. That is why when verses pertaining to the Divine Realm in Gurbani appear, we try to haphazardly explain them with our intellectual knowledge.

The explanation of the essence-knowledge of the Divine World, can only be done by those possessing discerning consciousness, adepts of spiritual knowledge, the blessed ones and the rare gurumukhs with insight.

6 How rare are those who contemplate the Word of the Guru's Bani; they become Gurmukh.
This is the Bani of the Supreme Being; through it, one dwells within the home of his inner being. 936 M1 12

It is natural for so many religions to have differences in their varied beliefs, in the practice of their rites and rituals, their ceremonies, in their codes of conduct (etc.). But arising from all these are arguments-debates, fights, quarrels, jealousy, and duality. The differences in the beliefs and practices of the various religions have caused some more off-shoots to take root.

All this is totally opposite to the view expressed in Gurbani ‘I am at one with the whole world’.

We are uninformed, ignorant, unconcerned or even feign ignorance about the common, innate spiritual ‘crux’, ‘information’ or ‘essence of the Divine Knowledge mentioned in the writings of gurus and avtars.

The rare souls come equipped with the cultivation of divine inclinations from their previous births. They are not satisfied by the religious rites and rituals of the external world of ‘trigun’. In the deep chasms of their hearts, subtle desire and urge for the innate, sublime intuitional religion, unknowingly keeps gnawing in them.

Inherently and naturally, the soul with this sublime spiritual ‘desire’ or secret ‘simmering’ without his knowing, experiences a pull towards his source, the Infinite Waheguru. Although this sublime spiritual ‘pull’ weakens under the black clouds of maya (or worldliness), still in one form or another, this secret sublime hunger, unknowingly keeps the soul stimulated, motivated towards the divine religious illumination ‘Shabadh’ ‘Naam’ of the Spiritual Realm.. This spurs such a soul to keep on researching.

The blessings and grace of the Satguru is on the seekers as a result of their true and pure spiritual inclination. The Satguru links such seekers with some beloved gurmukh living a divine life, an adept of spiritual knowledge, an evolved soul. In the company of this holy evolved being these seekers are blessed with the gift of innate intuitional knowledge. In this way the lives of the seekers change and they get linked to the soul (within their being). Such beloved gurmukhs (who have just acquired the gift of intuitional knowledge) in turn reach out to more true seekers and by the Grace of the Guru they provide guidance and help.

1 The Supreme Lord showers His Mercy, and we find the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.
The more time we spend there, the more we come to love the Lord. 71 M5 L3

2 When the seed of the karma of past actions sprouted, I met the Lord; He is both the Enjoyer and the Renunciate.
My darkness was dispelled when I met the Lord. O Nanak, after being asleep for countless incarnations, I have awakened. 204 M5
1 (O Waheguru) make me meet those beloveds upon meeting whom Your Naam (Name) abides in my consciousness. (Ardas)

What is read – taught, heard – uttered, acquired l - passed on, understood – make others understand - these are achievements of external intellectual knowledge. As such the methodology of doing parchaar or preaching too is the action of body and the intellect. The innate ‘essence of knowledge’ of the gurus and avtars and the secret illumination of the ‘Shabadh’, ‘Naam’ cannot be experienced by the philosophy of the intellectual realm. This is because the ‘Divine Play is beyond the grasp of the intellect.

For example, personal experience of an electric shock is quite different from the bookish intellectual knowledge about electricity. In the same way, explanation of the revelation of His Cosmic Workshop or manifestation of Divine Realm’s ‘life current, ‘Shabadh’ ‘Naam’ and its innate personal experience of the manifestation of the ‘bliss’, hue, relish is an entirely different experience.

Gurbani is filled with the explanation, the counsel and the know-how of the manifestation of this innate ‘essence – knowledge’ through intuition. In spite of this, we ourselves are bereft from the bliss, hue, comfort, relish of this Spiritual Realm’s priceless divine gift, It’s beatitude and have kept the rest of the world deprived of it as well.

2 The pearls are scattered on the road; the blind man comes along.
Without the Light of the Lord of the Universe, the world just passes them by.
1370 Bh.Kab L10

The cause of this oversight, ignorance, serious error and doubt-fallacy are as follows:-

1. We have come to regard (the performing of) external rites and rituals to be the ‘complete religion’. We are intoxicated and satisfied with its practice.

2. We have made intellectual knowledge and religion a means for the fulfillment of worldly personal self interest.

3. We have come to regard the doubt-fallacy of the religious plane of ‘worldly ‘trigun’s egotism to be final destination of religion.

4. About the spiritual realm, of the divine play of the fourth stage we have:-

no awareness
no knowledge
no faith
no need
no hunger
no effort.

5. We have sentenced ourselves to life-long imprisonment in the solitary Dark Dungeon of our own ego-without any chance of entry of rays of divine Light.

6. In the self created solitary Dark Dungeon we have put on the spectacles of our imperfect, wrong and hollow religious faith. We are not prepared to take them off.

In this way we have made our life into one that is:-

1 Entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the whole world is perishing 133 M5 L17

Through the blessed gurmukh beloveds, evolved souls, the blessings of the spiritual illumination or ‘essence – knowledge’ of gurus-avtars, the system of one light lighting another, is continuously and unerringly taking place.

2 The Naam remains; the Holy Saints remain; the Guru, the Lord of the Universe, remains.
Says Nanak, how rare are those who chant the Guru's Mantra in this world.
1429 M9 L9

But this is the unique, secret and rare ‘play’ of the spiritual realm which descends upon some rare ‘one in a million’ gurmukh beloveds. Through the divine vibrations of their spiritual life, the spiritual manifestation of innate soul linked religion, sometimes blossoms forth.

3 Rare are those beings in this world,
who contemplate the Word of the Guru's Shabad, and remain detached.
M1 1039 L7
To make (the details of ) these two realms (Spiritual Realms and the Worldly Realm if ‘Trigun’) even clearer, the distinctive differences (between them) are given below:-

The (characteristics of ) Innate Religion of the Spiritual Realm
The (characteristics of ) of external religion of the Worldly Realm of ‘trigun’
1. It’s the play of intuition.
1. It’s the subject of the intellect
2. It ‘s language less.
2. It has a language.
3. It is ‘wordless’.
3 It has words.
4. It’s the innate divine touch.
4. It is acquired via external sources.
5. It’s spiritual awareness.
5. It can be learned or taught.
6. It’s Divine Illumination.
6. It’s intellectual knowledge.
7. It’s grandeur is obvious.
7. It’s doubt fallacy
8. It’s the One and Only One Naam.
8. It has many forms.
9. It’s a wondrous play.
9. It’s the play of the intellect.
10. It’s unity.
10. It’s duality.
11. It’s humility.
11. Egotism reigns supreme in it.
12. It’s love.
12. There is hatred.
13. Everything is within the house.
13. The search is on the outside.
14. It’s a ‘game of love’.
14. It’s ways produce no results.
15. It’s delving deep within.
15. It’s the display of physical rites & rituals.

One evolved soul threw light on this topic in the following way:-

The world is burning. Tongues of fire are leaping forth. Those whom God has blessed with comfort, they are burning in the internal flames of jealousy, duality, (busy) counting – accounting, suspicion, doubts etc. The base faithlessness and lack of belief has entrapped their soul. The roots, loosened from the soil are exposed. They are dried up, ready as fire-wood. The silk, rustling against the body, sounds more like dried leaves. And those in misery for lack of food and shelter, they are being tormented by hunger, thirst, nakedness, ennui (lethargy), disease, difficulties, etc. The ravage of poverty has broken their backs, minds are shattered, the world is hot, the body is hot, the life-arena is hot. Tuned to external life-style, their mind orientated vision is hot, lust is hot fire, anger is hot fire, greed is hot fire, attachment is hot fire, desire are hot fire, hunger is hot fire, wealth is pure sheets of flames, poverty is hot, mind is hot, consciousness is hot, mind driven, worn-out, the withered ones

their love is hot, Oh (God)! Fire, fire everywhere, inside fire, outside fire, fire in the day. The world itself is fire. Sitting in such fires is Praihlaadh – his mind attuned to God. Mind is cool, thoughts are cool, tongue is cool, heart is cool, the heart free from desires is fresh. The roots, sunk into God-spontaneously sunk, unaware they are sunk. The mind focused at one point The ambrosial nectar flowing from the hair roots. Even the fire is paying obeisance. Gods devotee is sitting down. Only Waheguru’s love is cool. God’s Name is cool. ‘Konak naam khoda-eeaa.’ Aligning with God’s Name, the child of man experiences coolness, experiences true peace and comfort, the soul is cooled.The mind, instead of darting here and there, turns cool. God’s blessings save. ‘The hot vapour of air touches not one who takes shelter in God’.

Mankind is searching for this coolness. The creation is searching for this coolness. That’s the way man’s life is being fashioned. When mother meets her lost child, she hugs the child. That and at that moment only, the flash of coolness strikes. When man’s desire, sharp and focused, fruits in the grips of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego, upon that fruiting this flash of coolness strikes. When a hungry man finds a piece of bread, then he experiences certain peace in his eyes. That peace (experienced by the hungry man) is the reflection of the peace (of coolness). When a thirst driven man (suddenly) finds water, then he experiences this very feeling (of coolness) like a bolt of lightening. The haves and the have-nots keep searching for this Divine Coolness. They are in the midst of life giving, unceasing, eternal desire for this coolness of Naam. This desire is the matrix of the creation. It cannot be destroyed. How can coolness fall as rain? Lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, as long as they reside in the centre of the mind, consciousness, intellect, innate focus, focus of the inner being, they are man’s enemies.

The soul becomes cool, the tiny, smaller than hair, ray-like fire, subtle roots of the consciousness – how can they take take root in the Formless Creator, the Infinite. These then are the beautiful ornamentations of the ‘mankind’, utensils, weapons, chakars. If not then you have only sheets of fire. All of man’s internal hue (make-up), the fire of misery has been set alight by these five (kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankar). A major proportion of the misery in the world is the tumult set alight by them. In serving them, that peace that is in the hands of simran orientated sadhus like Bhilol Shah, is not there. Doesn’t the coolness descend, the coolness which Praihlaadh kept in his heart when he has to sit in the fire and embrace a heated pillar? In coolness faith comes. What faith is there in fire? What love? The world, engulfed in fire

run towards the religion of the masses to put our the fire it set itself. Even here they get burnt, as they have set the religions on fire too. The fire that was burning inside (man), wherever he went, the fire burnt even more. The burning didn’t stop. coolness didn’t descend. Where is that coolness? There is so much poison flowing in the doubt fallacies, in suspicions, in religious troubles, wars, factionalism, in the emotions of egotism, in mid gratifying activity, in rules and regulations created by the mind, in mind’s (thirst for) entertainment, that like the drug addicts, people get all consumed in the rules and regulations and dos’ and don’ts of religion. It is so difficult to understand why the world is burning in such a fire. The hearts,, towns, countries are on fire. Every where each is for himself. Noise, desire, falsehood is killing away. These are the fires that we have lighted up with our own hands. In these fire, one in a million man of God is cool. Sitting in the fire he is cool. The fire does not affect him. The fire’s red flames sacrifice themselves by becoming a crown of such a soul.

The cool consciousness, the consciousness gathered in the innate self within, is one ‘thing’ which cannot be grasped. In this ‘thing’ the story ends. But the ‘thing’ cannot be grasped. Lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego are weapons to win over the centre of our being. But the proliferation of their desires have created such a huge fire.

If only in this burning world coolness can descend upon the heated ground of action and reaction!!! Heated love becomes attachment. Heated worship turns to lust. Heated consciousness turns to ego. Heated pointed ness or enthusiasm in life turns into anger. Out of all this religious quarrels, duality, has grown the quest that is heated, that is without life, that is but rust. In this way the religious bigots, making more haste that he man of the masses, becomes even more poisonous. Heated meditation turns to anger, heated householder rises to oppose and confront, heated intellect turns to Satan, heated health turns to disease, heated consciousness turns to misery and torment.

Meditate, meditate, meditate in remembrance of Him, and find peace.
Worry and anguish shall be dispelled from your body. 262 M5 L10

In this (heated) state religious activity like mediation, penance, worship, service, O yes! love etc. too becomes diseases –some physical, some mental. People’s actions-reactions, religious pursuits are all ailments, are sicknesses, are cries. The consciousness is not stable. The heart is not at ease. Religious zeal killed people. In the world this panting (fear) of religious persecution has already killed so many. O God!! where is the coolness?

Lekh 15-11

For centuries you’ll keep thinking that you are very religious, making spiritual progress, no one is like you. You are religious minded, a very charitable soul, doing lot of meditation. You may have inwardly begun to consider yourself one who can ferry the arduous world ocean. Take heed. When you look back centuries later, you will come to understand that while (you thought you were) moving, you were actually ‘stationary’ at the point you started at. O brother, spiritual progress doesn’t take place in this way. When someone’s glance falls upon you, each one of your steps will become a milestone. Spiritual progress, divine blooming is the play of someone else’s blessed glance. Bhai Gurdas in the same tone says:-

Millions of meditational postures and concentrations cannot equal the form of the gurmukh.
Millions got tired with learning and elaborations and with flights of consciousness to reach the divine Word.
Millions of people using their intellect and powers talk of discerning wisdom but they fall and stagger, and, at the door of the Lord they get jolts and blows.
Millions of yogis, pleasure seekers and recluses cannot bear the passions and fragrance of the three qualities of nature (sattv, rajas and tamas).
Millions of wonderstruck people have got tired of the unmanifest nature of the unmanifest Lord.
Millions are awe-struck, with the ineffable story of that wondrous Lord.
They all are equal to the delight of one moment of the life of a Sikh of the Guru. Bhai. Gurd.Vaar 28/22
That which is deemed as ‘filth’ in Guru Granth Sahib-(I’m filthy, You O Waheguru are sparkling clean’, is a fire that we have lighted ourselves. This fire causes the mind to scatter. A cool mind is always focused. A cool soul is united with God. God is present (in that mind). A hot mind is evil. A cool mind is virtuous. Filth is mind’s wisp of hay which (easily) catches fire and burns the soul. We become dirty doing our own deeds. Sometimes we even kill the deeds of others as well. It is ‘touch’, isn’t it?. It does rub off (passed on from one to another) – the good and bad. Mankind is one. That is why the effect of the deeds of created beings affect an individual and the deeds of one individual affect the whole mankind. In this way the deeds of the whole mankind are my deeds as well. The ‘me’ in me pollutes me with dirt. There is a green life bearing plant that is present in the creation. Yes, everything that is, is good. If the mind is hot, scattered, dirty then it is heavy. The five youths (in such a mind) are present to serve. These five then are our enemies too. The creation is the embodiment of God. That same creation is ready to pounce. All the religions - the whole mankind in fact is (the result of) His Will and as such is beautiful. He is the colour, the Supreme colour where life experiences peace. There is one point
which only some rare blessed soul is able to recognise. He who discovers this knowledge, he is able to distinguish between the ups and downs, the heat and the cold, the dirt, the brightness, the purity, the simplicity, the softness, the fearfulness etc. He is able to weigh himself against himself. The ups and downs are there but the ‘spiritual awakening’ has just taken root. Stuper was there but now awareness has arrived. Death was certain but a turn around has taken place. Unmindfulness and dead (unfruitful) enjoyments lost their colour. Life began to vibrate, tremble. Pangs of love erupted. Ache and anxiety appeared. Pain welled up. ‘Haa-eh haa-eh’ (expression of pain caused by separation) started. He ‘became alive’. Poison started to seep away. But this is the play of some very lofty state of life. Only the rare one comes to know this ‘point’.

Beholding the flame (of the lamp), as the moth mingles with the flame and
the deer absorbs its consciousness in the melodious Word,
Likewise in the river of holy congregation, the Sikh becoming fish and adopting the way of the wisdom of the Guru, enjoys the life.
By becoming black bee of the lotus feet (of the Lord), the Sikh spends his night ecstatically. He never forgets the teaching of the Guru and repeats it as the rainbird does in the rainy season.
The love between the Guru and the disciple is such that they do not like the sense of duality.
From Bh Gurd. (Nature of the Love of Sikh withGuru) Var 27/14

The pain of religious people and the pain of ordinary people are things exhibiting the same value. But between these two points is an experience of exclusive coolness which gives life to man’s hope. Yes, there is something. You can feel it. It takes place within. It’s felt within. It awakens. The mind finds the external ‘hustle and bustle horrible’, ‘uncertainty repulsive’, ‘pride and duality dreadful’, miserliness and destitution horrible’, ‘selfishness, attachment, lowliness frightful’, killings, hurting someone, tormenting some one etc. (Having little choice) let us face God and walk towards Him in the midst of such soulless deeds. But kaljug (evil force) is rushing forward like the rising flood waters of a river. Everyone is moving with this current. Only a brave warrior can stand up and walk against this tide. He swims against the tide of the rushing water. Courage lies in doing this. But the masses are being carried by the current to hell.

It is not easy to keep consciousness and the heart connected with God, continuously, keep breathing continuously (in His presence). When the body and heart experiences a slight touch of coolness, then the heart feels it does not want to meet anyone. We should ‘grasp’ this coolness and hold it fast in the heart,
hide it, don’t tell anyone, run off to the jungle (of loneness). This wife, son, friends, brother are all my enemies. They make me sick. They steal my ‘coolness ‘. In this way the deeds once again begin to heat the consciousness. On the other side when the heart becomes sweet all family members appear nice and attractive. This sweetness becomes even more pronounced when the sweetness from within itself strikes a blow.

O Fair one, the journey is long, travellers we are from the very beginning.
From thousands of destinations we have come, the way is ahead not too far.

Gurbani throws light on this matter in the following way:-

1 The household which is filled with abundance - that household suffers anxiety.
One whose household has little, wanders around searching for more.
He alone is happy and at peace, who is liberated from both conditions. 1
2 Householders and kings fall into hell, along with renunciates and angry men,
and all those who study and recite the Vedas in so many ways.
Perfect is the work of that humble servant, who remains unattached while in the body. 2
3 The mortal sleeps, even while he is awake; he is being plundered by doubt.
Without the Guru, liberation is not obtained, friend.
In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the bonds of egotism are released, and one comes to behold the One and only Lord. 3
4 Doing deeds, one is placed in bondage; but if he does not act, he is slandered. Intoxicated with emotional attachment, the mind is afflicted with anxiety. One who looks alike upon pleasure and pain, by Guru's Grace, sees the Lord in each and every heart. 4
5 Within the world, one is afflicted by skepticism;
he does not know the imperceptible Unspoken Speech of the Lord.
He alone understands, whom the Lord inspires to understand.
The Lord cherishes him as His child. 5
6 He may try to abandon Maya, but he is not released.
If he collects things, then his mind is afraid of losing them.
I wave the fly-brush over that holy person, whose honor is protected in the midst of Maya. 6
7 He alone is a warrior hero, who remains dead to the world.
One who runs away will wander in reincarnation.
Whatever happens, accept that as good. Realize the Hukam of His Command, and your evil-mindedness will be burnt away. 7
8 Whatever He links us to, to that we are linked.
He acts, and does, and watches over His Creation.
You are the Giver of peace, the Perfect Lord of Nanak; as You grant Your blessings, I dwell upon Your Name. 8 1019 m5 L 8


OH1 (God) this path is difficult:-

Rare are those people who like a moth rush toward the flame of the glimpse (of the Lord).
They are also rare in the world who merging their consciousness in the Word die like a deer.
Rare are they in this world who like black bee adore lotus feet of the Guru.
Rare are (the Sikhs) in the world who becoming full of love swim like fish.
Such Sikhs of the Guru are also rare who serve other Sikhs of the Guru.
Taking birth and sustaining in His order (fear), the Sikhs of the Guru who die while alive (are also rare).
Thus becoming gurmukhs they taste the fruit of joy.
Bhai Gurd. 28/17 (Rare Sikh)
Bhai Gurdas tells us about the form which Guru’s blessings take for those who travel on this path:-

As the contraction of limbs saves the tortoise, the ambrosial vision of the Guru saves the Sikh from the world ocean.
Like a swan having discriminatory knowledge (of sifting water from milk), this vision of Guru provides wisdom about the edible and the inedible.
Like a Siberian crane which keeps in mind its off-springs, the Guru also always takes care of the disciples, and (through his spiritual powers) foresees the invisible.
As the mother shares not the pleasures of her son,
the Guru also has no demand of the Sikh. The true Guru is kind and (sometime) tests also the Sikhs.
The love between the Guru and the Sikh makes the latter invaluable like a blade of grass made worthy of million (coins)
Bhai Gurd 27/13 (The nature of the love of Guru)


Sunday, November 11, 2007


Religious Preaching – Part 4
(Spiritual Aspect)

In the previous booklet it was mentioned that there were two separate spheres of this world. The prevailing religions too are different from one another and their methods of preaching also differ.

1. The materialistic sphere of trigun (three attributes).
2. The intrinsic ‘spiritual’ sphere.

The methods of preaching of the various religions of ‘materialistic’ sphere of trigun have been discussed in detail.

Now in this article, the intrinsic hidden intuitional ‘spiritual sphere’ of the ‘fourth stage’ which is beyond the ‘trigun’, is being discussed.

Before discussing the preaching of this abstract deep spiritual topic it is necessary to have

intrinsic awareness
intuitional knowledge
complete faith
unshaken belief

of the intrinsic spiritual sphere.

This abstract sphere is the ‘play’ of the innermost consciousness. Therefore its awareness, knowledge is

beyond the grasp of our intellect
beyond the understanding of our intellect
beyond the discussion of our intellect
beyond the language of our intellect
is without words
is above the feelings of the mind

and its


can only be understood with the innermost consciousness, intuition and personal spiritual experience.

Therefore its explanation knowledge, direction, secret and touch

is different
is intuitional
is a magnet
is wondrous
is astonishing
is intoxication
is a melody
is a form of enlightenment
is a touch of love
is a cup of love
is a gift of life
is silent love
is spiritual touch
is the word (shabadh)
is naam.

Although the intrinsic spiritual play cannot be explained and understood through language, yet to show the limitless ‘aspects’, ‘secrets’, colours’ of this spiritual play, very beautiful and mind attracting methods have been given in Gurbani which gives many ‘hints’, ‘feelers’, ‘directions’ and ‘indications’ as follows:-

1 Intoxicated with the Lord’s sublime essence, the mind is forever in ecstasy. 377
2 One who drinks in the Lord’s sublime essence, is intoxicated and enraptured 377
3 There is a chamber filled with jewels, overflowing with Ambrosial Nectar, in the Guru’s Treasury. 883
4 This thing is wonderful and amazing! It cannot be described. It is an unfathomable object, O Siblings of Destiny! 833
5 Tasting such Ambrosial Nectar, the mind remains satisfied and satiated. 884
6 The light of the jewel of spiritual wisdom shines within his heart, O Nanak, and he loves the Naam, the Name of the Lord. 584
7 The Divine Light illuminates his heart deep within; he seeks the Lord, and obtains Him. 955
8 He is the Embodiment of light, the incomparable essence. . He is stainless, without stain, beyond both sunshine and shade. 344
9 Without clouds, the rain falls, if one contemplates the essence of reality. 657
10 The unstruck melody resounds and resonates, and the Saints contemplate the essence of reality; this discourse is their daily routine. 783
11 My mind is enticed by the unstruck celestial melody; its flavor is amazing! 1226
12 I have churned the ocean of the body, and I have seen the incomparable thing come into view. 442
13 Taste the Ambrosial Nectar of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, within your mind. Its taste is wondrous — it cannot be described. 742
14 That Lord and Master, whose wisdom is said to be unfathomable, has been enshrined within my heart, by the Guru. 612
15 The celestial harp plays the incomparable melody, but in your intoxication, you do not hear it, O Yogi. 886
16 Slowly, slowly, slowly, very slowly, the drops of Ambrosial Nectar trickle down. 442
17 She is attracted to the Lord’s Name, day and night, and her body is drenched in the color of the Love of the Lord, Har, Har. 642
18 The sermon of the Lord is the unstruck, endless song. Becoming a swan, one recognizes the Diamond of the Lord. 483
19 It is the realm of celestial peace and bliss. The Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, sits and sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord. There is no disease or sorrow there, no birth or death. 888
Although the religious state of these two spheres (the materialistic sphere and the divine sphere) are different and appear contradictive, but in reality:-
the separate stages
the different degrees
the diverse ‘edges’
the high and low levels
the projections
the support
is but the flow of one and the only life – current.
When drops of water from time in memorial have been falling from the sky onto the earth as rain, they have been getting together and flowing through drains, small streams, rivers, passing through various territories, mountains and plains to join their master, the ocean. But if some obstacle occurs in this life-long journey and a hitch occurs in the flow of the life-current, then this water will gather in holes, ponds, pools and become imprisoned in the limited space. Gradually this imprisoned water in the ponds will become dirty and the environment around this dirty water becomes harmful.

The condition of human beings is exactly like this. As long as our souls continue to move in the Divine ‘life current’, in the ‘Will’ of the ‘Command’ and in the Divine Flow, they reach their destination and become absorbed in the Lord Master although in this long and difficult ‘life-journey’ they may have to bear many ups and downs and face numerous difficulties.

But if there are obstacles in the flow of their life-journey created by ego-ridden cleverness and cunningness, then these souls get entangled in their own self created ‘whirlpool’ of egotism and get imprisoned – thereby meeting their ‘doomsday’ in the materialistic world of ‘trigun’. (Gurbani describes this thus)

1 I reap the fruits of my own deeds (I) cannot blame any other person. 433

2 Whoever follows his self will, he will face the blows of separation. 601

3 Entangled and enmeshed in false occupations everyone perishes. 133

When our life-current ‘having’ been imprisoned in the pool-like egotism becomes impure and dirty, then not only do we suffer ourselves but we also pollute the environment around us with the odour arising from our ‘egotism’, the bad effect of which spreads in the world through vibrations. In this way, instead of making others happy we become sinners for spreading the poison of the ‘chronic disease of egotism’ in nature divine.

Ego entrapped human beings escaping from the flow of Divine Current and regarding themselves as ‘better and nobler’ and truthful in egotism, look down upon others and are ever ready to impose ‘fatwas’ or decrees on others. This is the obstinacy of the ego-ridden mind, the result of which is clearly before us in the form of our mental, religious and spiritual decline and degeneration.

1 In ego they come, and in ego they go. In ego they are born, and in ego they die.466
In ego they are ignorant, and in ego they are wise.
They do not know the value of salvation and liberation.
In ego they love Maya, and in ego they are kept in darkness by it. Living in ego, mortal beings are created.
When one understands ego, then the Lord’s gate is known.
Without spiritual wisdom, they babble and argue. 466

2 Ego is a chronic disease, but it contains its own cure as well.
If the Lord grants His Grace, one acts according to the Teachings of the Guru’s Shabad. 466

The practice of rites and rituals of outward materialistic religion from many births have led these rites-rituals to penetrate, control and subdue our mind, intellect and sub consciousness to such an extent that we have begin to regard these external rites-rituals as ‘complete religion’ and we are so satisfied and intoxicated with this that we have become incapable, unaware and indifferent towards the

paying attention
and enjoying

the high pure Divine intuitional sphere. The result is that apart from the religion of external ‘rites-rituals’ we have :-

no thought
no craving

no need
no spare time
no joy
no eagerness
no ambition
no faith (or its superficial)
for any other intuitional, lofty spiritual teaching of the spiritual realm.

The astonishing and regretful thing is that despite:-
reading, singing Gurbani, having discourses daily,
reading and teaching, listening and relating, digressing knowledge about the lofty pure spiritual sphere in Gurbani, yet this negligence is taking place.

As a result of all this we are being deprived of Gurbani’s intrinsic intuitional:

spiritual virtues
spiritual swaying
spiritual flights
‘divine love’
‘taste of love’
‘cup of love’
‘touch of love’
‘love of the self’
‘divine melody’
wondrous intoxication
‘spiritual illumination’

and many other gifts of spiritual spheres from which we are divorcing ourselves and our ego-ridden life, becoming dry and dull, is moving towards (the situation depicted in Gurbani as follows)

Being entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the whole world has perished.

In this way we are becoming ignorant and indifferent towards the ‘points’ which have correct, internal, intuitional essence knowledge of the ‘hidden’ secret ‘word’ recorded in Gurbani
as follows:-

‘ God is one’
‘one statement’
‘one word’
‘essence word’
‘unstruck word’
‘unstruck sound’
‘one Bani’
‘one Guru’
‘beads of pearls’
‘neectar food’
‘Divine water’
‘love cup’
‘unnarratable story’
‘divine melody’
‘spiritual calm’

With our verbal intellect without knowing we explain these words in a manner that is

beating about the bush

The pearls are scattered on the road; the blind man comes along. Without the Light of the Lord of the Universe, the world just passes them by. 1370

We are living in the materialistic sphere of ‘trigun’ (worldliness) and as long as we do not rise above this sphere to the spiritual realm through ‘sadh sangat’ (the company of evolved beings) and the Guru’s Grace,
it is mandatory that we follow the religion’s external rites and rituals as per the rules of the materialistic sphere.

But the important point to note is that all these actions-

are efforts - not results
are means - not fulfillment
are steps - not the peak
are the journey - not the destination
are the knowledge - not the illumination

The difference in the means, expectations and results of the religious preaching in these spheres can be identified as follows;_

The Preaching of External Religion Intrinsic Spiritual Teaching

1 is intellectual topic
is intuitional play
2 is dependent on words
is wordless
3 is language based
is languagless
4 is learnt and taught
is the touch of the innate soul
5 forced upon from the outside
it sprouts from within the soul
6 is a search in darkness
is the glow of spiritual light
7 is doubt – fallacy
is plainly manifest
8 is understood and made to understand
is intuitional awareness
9 has many garbs
has only one farb
10 has many names
is nameless
11 has multiple points to focus upon
has only one focus
12 are intellectual emotions
is spiritual wonder
13 is discriminatory
is oneness
14 has many colours
has only one colour
15 has enmity – opposition
is love
16 egotism predominates
is humility
17 is cleverness
is blessing and simplicity
18 is rooted in hardwork
is Guru’s Grace
19 is searching externally
everything is within the ‘house’
20 is physical action
is internal churning

21 has ups and downs
is calmness
22 is tasteless and hollow action
has great taste
23 has dead (worthless) means
is ‘life-current
24 is materialistic life
is ‘divine life’
25 has suffering and comfort
has eternal comfort
26 has transmigration
is ‘eternal life’
27 has sins and virtue
has goodness forever
28 is truthfulness enveloped in egotism
is pure truth
29 is external bathing
is the innate bathing with God’s water
30 has fanaticism
has broad mindedness
31 is separation
its eternal union of the soul within
32 is the distancing caused by hatred
there is divine pull
33 has many ‘mantras’ or incantations
has only one supreme ‘mantar’ wordless word
34 has many scripture
there is only one scripture
35 has many gurus
has only one guru
36 has many words
has only one word.


He loves gifts, but he forgets the Giver. The wretched creature does not even think of death.676

They prefer the gift, instead of the Giver; such is the way of the self-willed manmukhs. 138

He looks upon the creation like a mountain of gold, and sees the Creator as a blade of grass.613

The unfortunate, self-willed manmukh does not obtain it; this priceless jewel remains hidden behind a curtain of straw. 880



1 Wandering and roaming around, I met the Holy Perfect Guru, who has taught me. 676

2 If only some Saint, some humble Saint of the Lord, my Holy Beloved, would come, to show me the way. 1201

3 Make me meet only those people upon meeting whom your Name come into (my) remembrance. (ardaas)

4 Millions of sins are wiped away by the dust of the feet of the Saints.
By the Grace of the Saints, one is released from birth and death. 1
The Blessed Vision of the Saints is the perfect cleansing bath.
By the Grace of the Saints, one comes to chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord. 188
5 O mind, chant the Name of the Lord, and be enlightened. Meet with the Saints of the Lord, and focus your love; remain balanced and detached within your own household. 1295

As mentioned earlier, in the trigun materialistic sphere, our religions and the methods of preaching them are dependent on our intellectual knowledge within the boundary of egotism.. This stage (being similar to) the education system of schools and colleges


can be compared to it. The condition (stage of life) of the rare, supreme, pure souls with the achievements of previous lives is distinctive and for such souls the knowledge of religion and the preaching of religion is also different.

Just as in a specialisation course the external study ends and the student through his internal research reveals some special aspect of a certain topic for his thesis, so also when these pure souls are not satisfied with the external intellectual knowledge, then in their innermost consciousness occurs some high-pure Divine ‘hunger’, ‘thirst’ and ‘desire’ and they ‘research’ in their innermost consciousness through simran (meditation). In this distinctive research of the innermost consciousness, only spiritually elevated beloved ones and saints can give direction and help. This inward-looking deep research is impossible without special qualification, discernment of spiritual essence. Here the educational degrees of the ‘trigun’ (worldly) intellectual scholars have no access. This is stated in Gurbani as:-

1 Whoever does not realize the essence of the soul — all his religious actions are hollow and false. 1351

2 Know that all religions are hollow, all religious actions are fruitless,
Without the support of the One Name, all actions are the result of doubt ridden thinking. Guru Gobind Singh - Akaal Ustat

3 Acting in egotism, selfishness and conceit, the lovers of rituals carry the unbearable load. When there is no love for the Naam, then these rituals are corrupt. 252

4 I have churned the ocean of the body, and I have seen the incomparable thing come into view. 442

5 Everything is within the home of the self; there is nothing beyond. One who searches outside is deluded by doubt. 102

6 In the Word of the Guru’s Bani is the wealth of the unstruck sound current. The Saints hold the key to it in their hands. 893

7 But if he joins the Society of the Saints, then he comes to embrace love for the Truth. 756

8 This is the essence of karma, righteous conduct and spiritual wisdom, to chant the Lord’s Name in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. 866

Our knowledge is limited up to the development of our intellect. The human power of enquiry is limitless but the amusing thing is that our intellect ha no power of its own. It receives power from the reflection of Divine Intelligence. But all our energy is being used for material research and we are becoming
ignorant and indifferent towards our ‘Nucleus’. For this reason we are being deprived of the lofty-pure, comfort giving original Divine Spiritual Knowledge.

This external knowledge is encircling our ego. Because of the colour of egotism in our thoughts, there is the continual confrontation of duality, and our lives, becoming dull and dry, are deeply engrossed in the mire of low passions such as jealousy, duality, enmity-opposition, passion, anger, ego, etc.

Opposed to this, if we develop the inward looking spiritual knowledge our intellect will acquire spiritual colouring and Divine virtues will enter our mind. We shall live calm and comfortable lives.


Through our senses we acquire external influences, or we receive them by seeing-hearing, reading-thinking. This external knowledge only keeps us limited up to the materialistic world, the circle of ‘trigun’ (worldliness). It is in these ‘tirgunas’ that we are absorbed in the research of the development of unending literary and scientific education and


are becoming totally hollow or indifferent towards the innate (inward-looking) spiritual education. For this reason our lives have become painful and perturbed (disturbed). At this point of time, we urgently need such spiritual company that can bestow on us innate spiritual knowledge. Such teachers who bestow innate spiritual knowledge con only be pious men, saints, evolved souls possessing spiritual lives, but ‘discerners of spiritual-essence knowledge are rare. According to Gurbani, such gurdwaras and dharamsalas are ‘sadhsangat’ or satsangat where in reality ‘spiritual life’ is moulded and spiritual knowledge is bestowed. At this time there is ‘famine’ of saints and holy people whose lives reflect ‘spiritual knowledge’. The intellectual knowledge which we have acquired from outside by reading, listening and understanding is ‘superficial’, ‘incomplete’ and ‘borrowed’. The real knowledge is that which sprouts from the soul and is said to the ‘essence-knolwedge’.

Preachers devoid of innate intuitional spiritual knowledge learn some lines of Gurbani or sakhians (stories) and with their sharp intellect, through reasoning and
and devices are putting the common people in doubt. As a result, simple people and truth seekers, falling into confusion, drift far away from the correct and truthful path of Guru’s teachings. This ‘superficial’, ‘incomplete’, ‘borrowed’ or contaminated intellectual knowledge keeps both those individuals / preachers and listeners in doubt. Gurbani, from the original source is the illuminated language of the spiritual essence-knowledge of the ‘intuitional abode’ and is beyond the understanding and grasp of the intellect. This ‘intuitional spiritual knowledge’ will be able to sprout from the ‘Divine Fountain’ only by being in the ‘sadhsangat’, going into our inner being, through the continuous practice of simran. So long as the intuitional does not occur through the inward looking spiritual research, we will not be able to get the full benefit of the true-pure, real complete ‘essence-knowledge’ of Gurbani.

In the olden times the religious places and dharamsalas of spiritually elevated souls and pious men were ‘gurmat colleges’ in the real sense of the word. Here the lives of the ‘truth seekers were moulded under the guidance of highly evolved souls according to Gurbani.Instead of producing religiously educated people or graduates these places created ‘Bhai Sahibs’, saints, holy men who with the ‘touch’ of their lofty pure spiritual life changed the lives of numerous truth seekers and bestowed upon them the ‘life-essence-knowledge’. As long as the managers and teachers of our religious institutions and colleges, instead of acquiring the degrees in intellectual knowledge,

do not lead the lives of the illumination of spiritual – essence – knowledge and become the beloved ones and pious people, the study and research of Gurbani and Gurmat will remain superficial, incomplete and hollow. In Gurbani this inward-looking research is known as deliberating, discovering, knowing, discerning, unraveling, researching. This is ‘intuitional’ play and certainly not an intellectual feat.

We have become entangled again in the darkness of that spiritual ignorance from which our Guru Sahibaans freed us because of our ignorance of ‘essence-intuitional knowledge’ of Gurbani.

Gurbani has come the original source of spiritual realm and is filled with illuminating Divine ‘essence-knowledge’. Just as we receive ‘light’ from the sunshine in this world, so also the ‘spiritual illumination’ like essence knowledge is ‘spiritual light’ like knowledge for the whole world and through the limitless Grace of the Gurus, the Gursikhs have received it in inheritance and (Guru Ji’s call)

1 O brother eat and spend in a spirit of togetherness.
There will never be any) shortage (in fact it will) keep increasing 185

is a command. This (Naam) is the one and only medicine for all ailments’. It was entrusted to us by the Gurus, for curing the world’s physical, mental and spiritual ailments. We did not use this (cure) ourselves nor did we distribute it to the world. On the contrary using this great divine ‘gift’ for our materialistic self, we are accumulating sins. Due to this serious and grave error, as punishment, our present painful and ridiculous downfall is taking place. This topic is for the special attention and lengthy deliberation of today’s educated members, scholars, religious leaders of the Sikh Community.

Just as ‘love’ cannot be taught, it can only sprout with ‘touch’ (love is caught not taught) so also it is with the intuitional ‘touch’ of the beloved ones or the knowers of essence-knowledge that ‘spiritual coagulant’ can take place thereby resulting is spiritual ‘flashes’. Gurbani illustrates this point as follows:-

2 The Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, is so very pure and sacred.
Meeting with them, love for God is embraced. 392

3 The karma of good deeds, the righteousness of Dharma and the essence of spiritual wisdom are obtained in the Society of the Saints. 521


1 When the seed of the karma of past actions sprouted, I met the Lord; He is both the Enjoyer and the Renunciate.
My darkness was dispelled when I met the Lord. O Nanak, after being asleep for countless incarnations, I have awakened. 204

2a I have come to the Saints to save myself. 1 Pause
b Gazing upon the Blessed Vision of their Darshan, I am sanctified; they have implanted the Mantra of the Lord, Har, Har, within me. 1
c The disease has been eradicated, and my mind has become immaculate. I have taken the healing medicine of the Lord, Har, Har. 2
d I have become steady and stable, and I dwell in the home of peace. I shall never again wander anywhere. 3
e By the Grace of the Saints, the people and all their generations are saved; O Nanak, they are not engrossed in Maya. 4 1299
3 In the Company of the Holy, there is no suffering.
The Blessed Vision of their Darshan brings a sublime, happy peace. 272

4 This is the essence of karma, righteous conduct and spiritual wisdom, to chant the Lord’s Name in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. 866

Note: Since this (Lekh) Religious Preaching Part 4 has become quite long, the balance of the discourse on the religious part will be covered in the next Lekh Religious Preaching Part 5.