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                                                              “DIVINE POWER”
God is one, without a second. God is: all powerful, all pervading, all engulfing, all effulgence, all intelligence, all kindness, all forgiving, all compassion, all embracing love , infinite, perfect, Omni-potent, omniscient, Divine Father, Divine Mother, Divine Creator, Divine Sustainer of the infinite cosmos.
 God is immanent in His many Divine Attributes of:
 Glory, Grace, Effulgence, Power, Compassion, Kindness, Joy, Bliss, and love. God is all powerful; i.e., all power belongs to God. There is no other power. The Divine power is: infinite, all-pervading, all-engulfing, and self-effulgent,
 and is projected and manifested through the cosmic consciousness in various reflections. Therefore, all other powers we perceive or are aware of are the reflections and projection of the Divine Power.
The cosmos derives all kinds of powers from the only source of Divine Power. But in our egoistic deception we believe that there are different kinds of powers coming from different sources.
 All the attributes of the sun, such as light, heat, energy, life sustaining properties, etc., are projected, reflect and manifested through sun-rays to sustain the cosmos.
Similarilyin his benovalent Grace,God spontenouslyprovides abundantly all needs of His children the creatures of the cosmos even without their knowledge or asking.
 The infinite celestial attributes of God mentioned above are silently, invisibly, secretly and immaculately reflecting and working consistently in the cosmos through His power and Grace, to create, develop, sustain and entertain His innumerable children of the cosmos.
 We, the creatures, with even our limited power and intelligence try to provide our babies with all their needs and comforts under the instinct of our parental affections.
 Therefore, it is unthinkable that such a Loving, Kind, Gracious, Great Diving Father should have left His dear children to fend for themselves at the mercy of adverse materialistic forces. In fact, it is the Divine Power and Grace that creates, develops, sustains, degenerates, and again regenerates all creatures of the universe.
It is again God’s Power and Grace that provides in abundance all the needs of His children for ever and without asking.
 But we are unable to perceive and realize the Benevolent Divine Law of Providence in our egoistic illusion. Thereby we create obstructions in the natural inflow of Divine-Power and Grace into our mind which becomes stagnated and depraved with wrong thoughts. In doing so, we invite all sorts of troubles, problems and miseries, and make a ‘hell’ of our lives.
The heavy clouds of selfishness, doubts, fears, conflicts, turmoil, confrontation, etc., engulfing the universe, is the result and positive proof of our depraved thoughts and wrong perceptions emanating from our egoistic consciousness.
 Due to egoistic consciousness and superfluous faith in Divintiy. We deprive ourselves of the ever-flowing abundance of His Kindness, Compassion, Grace and Love.
The light of the sun is reflected into our room through glass planes and curtains. If the glass panes are coloured and the curtains are heavy, the flow of light into the room is curtailed.
 Similarly, when our mind is clouded with wrong thoughts and perceptions of egoistic consciousness, the reflection of the ever-present Divine Power and Grace on our mind is diluted and restricted.
 In other words, the inflow of Divine Gifts of Love and Grace is in proportion to our faith in Divine Power.
 The following illustration may help to elucidate the subtle difference between: the ‘Primal Divine Power’ and – the illusionary conception of cosmic powers working in the materialistic world.
 The sperm grows into foetus is being nourished and protected within the womb without outside interference or help.
 This process of growth of the foetus goes on invisibly, secretly, with meticulous precisions and ingenious perfection, in which the ‘mother’ has no conscious part to play. It is solely the Divine Power working silently, secretly and perfectly.
 In fact, this wonderful process of ‘gestation’ is one of the awe-inspiring miracles of Divine Power and Wisdom, but we take it as ‘casual’ and fail to recognize it as Divine Power. On the other hand, the ‘mother’ thinks that she herself has conceived, nourished, sustained and developed and ‘foetus’ into a ‘baby’. This is the egoistic blasphemy on the part of the mother. When the foetus is grown, it is ushered into the world as a ‘baby’
 here again the Divine Power and Grace works spontaneously to supply suitable milk:
 in the breast of the mother and instill the instinct of ‘motherly love’ for the baby in the heart of the mother. With this ‘motherly love’ she cares for, nurses, protects and makes sacrifices, in the up-bringing of the baby.
 As the baby grows, the Divine Power provides it with teeth to eat and also other human faculties. Here again the Divine Power and Grace works silently and secretly for growth, development, sustenance, and protection of the baby into full manhood or womanhood in which very little conscious part is played by the parents. But the egoistic parents think that the chills has grown up with their own efforts and wisdom, thus denying the real Divine Power and Grace silently working in this process.
 At both pre-natal and post-natal stages, God’s Grace and power worked through the body of the ‘mother’ for the growth, sustenance and development of the child.
 In the case of foetus, mother’s body is unconsciously used as an ‘incubator’. In the cae of the ‘baby’, God’s Grace and love descends and permeates the heart of the ‘mother’ so that she can nurse the bay with tender care and affections.
This ‘motherly love’ is actually a ‘reflection’ of God’s Grace and love, and the ‘mother’ becomes a ‘channel’ for the outflow of the Divine grace and Love for the baby.
In fact, the Divine Father who provides nourishment and protection to the foetus within the womb, and mil in the breast of the ‘mother’ without the conscious knowledge of the baby and mother, had created vast Nature and made Eternal Law of Providence to provide all the needs of His children in abundance for their growth, sustenance and entertainment for ever.
 In fact the Loving Grace of the all-powerful Divine Father is ‘all-sufficient’, for the needs of His children to enable them to live in and enjoy the comforts of peace and bliss in the Heaven of Divine Kingdom.
But it seems so absurd and strange to think that human being – the ‘king’ of ll creatures, and made in ‘His own image’, should be so unhappy, worried, miserable, and suffering in the veritable hell of his own delusion.
 It is obvious that there are two distinct, contrary and opposite worlds existing in the universe:
 1. the world of Peace, Bliss, Love and Abundance, i.e., the Kingdom of God’s Grace
 2. The illusive unreal, self-created world of worry, turmoil, sufferings and miseries, i.e., egoistic world of Maya.
 The former has roots in the reality of Divine Presence and Grace, while the latter is based on false illusionary egoistic consciousness.
 But these two worlds are not different physical planes of spheres. They are culmination of thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and faith in our consciousness – Egoistic or Divine.
 If we have fallen from the ‘Kingdom of God’ to ‘materialistic hell’, the cause lies in our own consciousness. It is, therefore, obvious that for the transition of our ego – consciousness to Divine Consciousness, the process of our thoughts and beliefs has to be transformed and reversed from
 – negative and depraved egoistic thoughts of materialistic world, to
 – positive and sublime thoughts of Divine Love and Grace.
 It is so easy to discuss, give discourses, preach, philosophize, sermonize intellectually about this ‘reverse process’ of thoughts, beliefs and conceptions but it is a very difficult task to emulate and practice this ‘percept’ honesty into our daily life.
This is because the false idea of ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’ projected from the illusive ego has permeated very deep in our consciousness by consistent practice during so many past lives and has become a part of our ‘self’ and we cannot think or act otherwise.
 Therefore, our understandings, beliefs and perceptions of ‘things spiritual’ remain shallow and superfluous on the surface of our consciousness and do not touch or affect the core of our egoistic self, hence, all this self deception and hypocracy is prevailing in the universe.
 In this ‘self-deception’ of egoistic consciousness, we believe that we possess all powers to:
 -- Provide ourselves with all our needs,
-- fulfill our selfish desires and aspiration,
-- make our life comfortable and happy,
 -- solve all our problems,
-- mitigate or remove our sufferings,
 -- make plans for the future;
 -- guide the destiny of our life.
 But in spite of all our individual and collective materialistic and intellectual achievements, our problems, unhappiness and miseries have not decreased or been eliminated. In fact our problems, sorrows and miseries have been increasing and multiplying manifold with the advancement of our so call civilization, thus turning this world into a veritable hell.
 it is ironic that in spite of:
--higher education,
 --scientific achievement,
-- massive religious literature,
 -- unending social and religious propaganda,
 the humanity is still groping in the darkness of egoistic illusion of Maya; and peace, happiness, contentment, joy and love are still a far cry, beyond the reach of humanity.
 The crux of the subject is that in our egoistic illusion, we entirely rely on our own illusionary power and intelligence, which is just a faint reflection or limited projection of the Divine Power. This illusionary power of mankind is the source of all evils, sufferings and miseries of humanity, such as:
 selfishness, covertness, pride, corruption, conflict, confrontation, quarrels, war, etc.
 According to the saying ‘Power corrupts’ and more power corrupts more – when we acquire:
 -- money power, -- sword power, -- gun power, -- nuclear power, -- physical power, -- political power, -- pen power, -- intellectual power, -- emotional power, -- psychic power, -- occult power, -- hypnotic power, -- magic power, -- tantaric power, etc.,
 we become more corrupt, thereby we increase and multiply the problems, unhappiness, sufferings and miseries of the universe of these acquired powers for our selfish ends to the determent of others
. All these powers are developed by consistent efforts and hard work over long periods, but are useful for only a short span of life.
 They are liable to be modified, diminished or lost in course of time by exigencies of life, i.e., change of circumstances, disease, age, mishaps or death. Therefore, these acquired powers are temporary, fleeting and illusive.
 With the development of these cosmic powers, our ‘Ego’ is boosted and inflated. It is only through our egoistic consciousness that we become aware of our separate individual entities. As separate entities, our individual thoughts, beliefs and interest come into conflict, which ensue all sorts of selfishness, bitterness, hatred, jealousy and confrontation. In such egoistic clashes, we are apt to abuse our petty powers to the detriment of other.
 In our egoistic illusion, we believe that these fleeing cosmic powers are supreme and exclusive. We often abuse them for our egoistic desires and whims, and to carry out evil designs.
 Hence these cosmic powers become ‘negative’ and harmful. Some of these occult and magical powers are ‘antisocial’, violent, destructive and horrifying, creating more problems and miseries in the universe.
 Our individual and collective ‘Egoistic Powers’ are the root cause of all problems, turmoil, sufferings and miseries of the world.
 When these egoistic powers clash and overlap, the problems get intricate and messed up.
 In trying to solve our problems, with our petty egoistic powers, we unconsciously and inadvertently create many more problems. Thus we are caught in a vicious circle. To extricate ourselves from this vicious circle,
To extricate ourselves from this vicious circle we again unconsciously rely on our own petty egoistic powers, which created this mess originally.
 This makes us more unhappy, frustrated and miserable in this ‘self-created’ mess.
 The corrupt and depraved state of our social, political and religious affairs, obtaining in our homes, institutions, nations and the world, is the positive proof of the polluted thought environment and abuse of our egoistic powers.
 If and when we realize that our petty egoistic powers are inadequate to solve our problems or mitigate our sufferings. We shall turn to the higher Spiritual Power with humility and faith.
 This does not mean that we should not make efforts to acquire and develop our latent physical, mental and emotional faculties. These faculties are Gifts of God to the humanity and should be developed and utilized to make our short sojourn in this world more happy and comfortable, and to guide others towards better and happy lives.
In fact, all these human faculties are ‘Love-Gifts’ of the Lord to his children and we are privileged to develop them for the good of humanity.
 With humble thankfulness and devotion we should aspire for, and seek the Grace of the Lord, for higher spiritual gifts of Divine Kingdom.
 Like the sun-shine, this Grace of god is flowing eternally and is the only creating and sustaining principle of the Cosmos.
Our faith in Divinity is the subtle ‘fuse-wire’, which can connect our ‘egoistic self’ with the sublime ‘Divine Self’. Then the ‘egoistic self’ loses its false identity and merges with, and becomes the ‘Divine Self’, through which God’s Grace flows incessantly.
 However, when our ‘faith in Divinity’ is weakened or lost, we become ‘negative’ and are thereby deprived of the Divine Power and Grace.
 Like ‘Love’, faith cannot be learnt, taught or acquired intellectually.
Faith is subtle feeling of trust, belief, and a condition of the heart and higher consciousness.
 Faith is kindled, ignited, developed and intensified in our higher consciousness, i.e., Intuition – by sublime inspiration from Men of faith, i.e., Enlightened Souls – though:
 their personal contact and company,
 their sublime spiritual writings,
 their exemplary behaviour and inspiring life,
 and the personal spiritual experiences of the aspirant.
 Faith is the only means of communion between the aspiring Soul and the Divine Self.
 Such spiritual communion can take place only in the higher consciousness of the soul, i.e., ‘Intuition’.
 By such spiritual communion, all the attributes and powers of the Divine Self, i.e., God, spontaneously flow into the aspiring Soul.
 When a woman conceives, she develops subtle affection for her unborn child, which she carries in her womb. Unconsciously and constantly she conveys her subtle affections and good wishes to the foetus. The foetus receives these faint motherly affections during pregnancy, and tender ‘motherly love’ is unconsciously implanted in the heart and soul of the unborn child.
 After birth, the baby continues to receive physical and emotional motherly love through tender care and nursing by the mother.
 In this unconscious subtle process, the baby develops faith and love for the ‘mummy’. To the baby the mummy is her provider, protector, nurse, God and all-in-all. Her innocent faith in her ‘mummy’ is projected and exhibited in all her scolds and beats the baby, she clings to her legs with tears of love and faith for the mummy.
 Such innocent faith of the baby for ‘mummy’ is very powerful as it drives the mother to provide her child with all her needs without asking.
The perfect innocent faith of the bay for her mummy puts us the grow-up intellectuals and wiseacres to shame, as we have very shallow faith in our Real, All Powerful Divine Mother.
 As the baby grows up, she becomes intelligent, wise and independent, and her natural faith in the parents is proportionally diminished. In the degree, the ‘faith’ is weakened, parent’s care is lessened, and in the end, the child is left to fend for itself.
 From the above illustration, it transpires that so long as we have unflinching faith in our all-powerful Divine ‘Mother’, we are unconsciously provided with all our needs, even without our knowing and asking. But when the egoistic consciousness dawns on our intelligence, our innate faith in Divinity are weakened, and the inflow of abundance into our life from the Divine Kingdom is diminished, and we become ‘prodigal sons’ left to fend for ourselves in this vast materialistic words.
 The looking glass reflects the images of single phase of the surroundings. We have to change the angle of the looking glass to get images of other phases.
Our mind is also one-sided subtle ‘looking glass’ which takes only the images of this materialistic world and forms ideas, thoughts, opinion which in course of time become beliefs, convictions and faith.
 By constantly: seeing, observing, thinking, dwelling, contemplating on the illusive phase of his materialistic world of ‘Maya’ during so many lives, we have become unaware, ignorant or forgetful of higher, sublimer Real World of God’s Kingdom.
 It is, therefore, obvious that if we want to realize the real Divine Kingdom, we will have change, redirect and divert our mind and thoughts from the present materialistic phase. But his process of diversion and transformation of our mind thoughts and consciousness is possible only in the magnetic field of ‘aura’ of Enlightened and Blessed Souls, who live in the Divine Kingdom and enjoy the Grace and Love of the Lord.
 The human beings, with all the weakness and propensities of being influenced by the powerful gravity of ‘Mata’, in the darkness of egoistic illusion, are unable to aspire for, or try to undertake the task of changing or reversing the process of their, consciousness by themselves.
 In other words, ‘Man of Faith’, i.e., an Enlightened and Blessed Soul is required to inspire and re-ignite our latent Faith in the Divine Power, and Grace. Thus the Reverse Process of re-orientation of transformation of our consciousness can be initiated, sustained and developed by constant inspiration in the company of ‘Men of Faith’, i.e., Illuminated Souls. The newly inspired and ignited soul is then ushered and re-admitted into the Divine Kingdom, and becomes ‘Beloved Son’ of God, enjoying all the happiness, powers, bliss, joy and love of Divine Kingdom. His ‘egoistic self’ is re-oriented, transformed and transmuted into the ‘Divine Self’, and he is not longer troubled with materialistic casual desires and ambitions.
 He is invested with all the attributes and powers of the Divine Kingdom by virtue of his ‘spiritual inheritance’ as ‘Son of God’. If necessary, he uses these spiritual powers in response to the dictates of his ‘inner self’, for the good of the universe.
He becomes a tiny pinion in the vast drama of the cosmos to carry on his assignment with selflessness and dedication. He works for ‘Thee’ and ‘Thine’, in conjunction, and in tune with the Divine Will. It becomes hi ‘Loving service’ offered to the Lord with humility and devotion.
 In this sublime spiritual consciousness, God’s Grace and love becomes ‘self-sufficient’ to:
 -- provide all the needs of the soul in abundance,
 -- nurse the souls with motherly tender care,
 -- protect and sustain the soul in the illusive world of Maya,
 -- solve all kinds of problems,
 -- eliminate all the sufferings and miseries,
 -- bless the soul with the Divine Gifts of peace, happiness, joy and bliss,
 -- bask in the cosy sunshine of Divine Effulgence,
-- free the soul from the clutches of ‘Karmic Law’,
 -- enjoy the sweet grace and love in the lap of Divine Mother.
 Such Enlightened and Blessed Souls become desire less and contented, are lost in the ecstasy of humility and thankfulness for all the Divine Blessings and Gifts showered on them by the Grace and Love of the Lord.
 Having been admitted into the Diving Realm, the soul becomes a member of the Genuine Spiritual Brotherhood and Sisterhood, and is endowed with all the attributes and powers and Divinity. Thus it holds the whole cosmos in its palms!

(printed 5000 copies oct.1982 at sarla printing press chandigarh).

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The perception of Gurbani / Gurbani consciousness

It is an error to regard Gurbani as a mere topic of the intellectual circle and to limit its scope just up to its literary meaning. In reality gurbani is a substance of the Divine circle, Nanak circle, saints circle, spiritual circle and is in fact from the Primal Being. It is lofty pure , continuous, hidden, nectar, ecstatic, quite essential and has descended from its Divine sphere. To comprehend and understand it, it is necessary to rise from the intellectual circle to the spiritual intuition. This is illustrated by gurbani thus :

1.1 In all the ages, it is through the Divine word, that the Lord is recognized and the name becomes sweet and dear unto the mind (602)

1.2 By the Guru instruction, ambrosial Gurbani is realised and one’s sorrow is ended and ego eliminated.(1153)

1.3 By the Guru’s instruction they realise the Guru’s word and remain attuned to the true Lord. (1155)

1.4 He, who understands Gurbani, is absorbed in the true Lord. 412

1.5 O God’s saints! understand you the true Guru’s word.1025

The understanding and identification of bani is urged but this can only happen through the spiritual intuition and not through interpretation by the intellect. Intellectual knowledge is incomplete and limited. This is the reason that this Divine bani is known, recognized, understood and discussed through intuition by rare elevated souls (Gurmukhs) as in illustrated by bani :

1.5 Blest are the words wherewith the Name (of God) is uttered.
Rare is the person who knows such an utterance by the Guru’s grace. (103)

1.6 True is the Lord and true is His Gurbani.
Rare is the one, who by Guru’s grace understands this thing. (1044)
1.7 The Nectarean Gurbani is sweet .
Through the Guru, any one tastes and sees it. (113)


To make the general sangat of intellectual circle, understand the abstract, invisible and intuitional subject of Gurbani, it is very necessary to give concrete examples. Even in Gurbani’s full and real knowledge can be obtained only through intuition, yet a humble effort is being made to understand it through visible examples. The sun-rays and sun-shine are brought into being by the sun-rise. The sun -rays have those virtues and essence which the sun has, such as heat, light, life-flows, energy and various others. In the same way when the immortal Lord’s “word” expressed itself in creation, all the Lord’s virtues and essence such as intuitional knowledge, melody, music, tune, power, life-flow, taste, sweetness, coldness, pity, tolerance etc come into existence in His creation. In fact the knowledge of this Divine manifestation is “intuitional” Knowledge.

From this arises Divine - current and sound which is said to be Bani from the supreme source. When Guru Nanak experienced this divine flow, He would say, “Mardana, play the rebab, Bani is coming”. Just as the Divine light is indelible and eternal, so also is Gurbani. This divine light neither changes nor is destructible. Therefore bani is also truth.

It has come from divinity, therefore it is divine Bani.

It is without the dirt of materialism, is pure light, therefore this Bani is “pure Bani”.

This divine light has been there from time inmemorial, therefore the Bani is also eternal.

It is beyond the three qualities, is pure, invisible and the essence of the Divine circle. Therefore it is concealed Bani.

It is capable of destroying the darkness of the three qualities and doubt. Therefore this Bani is a Guru form. Just as heat, brightness, energy and life - current, cannot be separated from the sun-shine, so also bani, word, Naam, nectar, will, divine-taste, power, melody, music, tune, love etc cannot be separated from Divine light


and are absorbed with one another like warp and woof. .
This whole Divine “love-play” is the gift of the grace of the immortal Lord. To make this clearer, it is necessary to get the support of Gurbani .

3.0 For Him, unbeaten strain of the Name re-sounds. (231)

3.1 Within Him resounds the tune of the celestial strain. (375)

3.2 By Guru’s instructions they hear the true Gurbani. (364)

3.3 For God emanates ambrosial Gurbani, which the Exalted Guru narrates and preaches to the world (125)

3.4 By the hymns of the Guru, Name resounds in the mind. (362)

3.5 The supreme Guru’s word is the Lord’s Name and this Name, I enshrine in my mind. (1239)

3.6 Ambrosia is your word O Master !
It has permeated thew mind of your slaves. (72)

3.7 He, who enshrines in His heart the immortalising Gurbani, begins to meditate on the Nectarean Name (118)

3.8 Ambrosia is the Lord and ambrosia is God’s Gurbani. By serving the true Guru, Gurbani get permeated in the mind. (1190

3.9 Necter-sweet is the Guru’s instruction and the Gurbani. Night and day, utter I the God’s Name. (1057)

3.10 By this sweet will the necterean Gurbani has become prevalent and by His will one quaffs the necterean Gurbani (118)

3.11 The hymn of God’s love, is the printed arrow, which has smitten my heart, O Lord. (449)

3.12 There, in the truth gate, resounds the celestial strainof the utterance of the Guru’s word and one easily merges in the Lord. (1069)

3.13 He who is blessed with praise and bliss and within whom unstuck melody resounds, come not to grief again. (1224)


This Divine light-like circle where there is always satsang, singing of Lord’s praise and continuous kirtan is in Gurbani, said to be the realm of truth, assembly of saints, one’s home, a place free of all worries. Worldly and materialistic people cannot reach this place. Through the literary meaning of Bani and through the company of enlighted soul’s (Gurmukh’s) We hear of the play of the Divine circle and then we make assessment with our intellect which without doubt can be incomplete and wrong. Guru Nanak Sahib was God-like and word-like but pitying us the worldly creatures, He happily took on the physical form of a man. The result was that seeing him with our own eyes, hearing His word and Bani from His very mouth created interest and in the light of spiritual leadership, we could mould our lives making an effort to reach the divine circle by taking the protection of the sat sangat. Now Guruji is not with us physically but He has blessed us with His “light”, knowledge, initiation like Gurbani for our guidance. Without this we do not have any true-pure and proper leadership with us. Therefore we have to sit in the presence of the Bani-like Guru and guide our lives in the light of Gurbani’s leadership.

The mind is colored with the color of the Naam through reading Gurbani, doing kirtan or listening to it. The touch of Gurbani is obtained only when we pay attention to the meaning’s of Gurbani, otherwise we do not touch the spiritual supernatural power of Gurbani and its effects on our minds is very little or non at all. This is the reason that despite having innumerable Gurdwaras in this age, unlimited path or akhand path, kirtan, whole night kirtan, we are becoming inattentive and going futher from Gursikhi. The point is pure attention. Without attention, the reading of Gurbani is parrot like repitition. Therefore our mind does not touch Gurbani. This is the reason that inspite of doing numerous ‘paths’ and listening to them throughtout our lives, our mental and spiritual well-being does not change, does not rise higher and we remain deprived of spiritual life and Gursikhi.
The touch of the touchstone effect of “He who heartily realises this Gurbani, within His mind abides the Lord’s Name” 797 will begin to make our minds experience the


spiritual and supernatural power ( of Gurbani). Our mental and spiritual life will change. At some auspicious time the light of Naam can occur in us. At first our attention will be on the word by word meaning of gurbani, then it will gradually turn towards idiomatic and intrinsic meanings and eventually get absourbed in Gurbani. This Bani from the very source has divine taste, Divine colour, Divine love, Divine joy and full ecstatic stage. Therefore, any gurmukh who has touched this divine bani and realised it, easily acquires all this divine virtues such as in his life - colour, taste, love, joy, enthusiasm, service etc.

Such people in whose mind abides the Lord’s Name, have their ego spilling over the Divine flavour, taste and love.

In this way while reading the bani with attention, mingling with sadhsangat and repeating the Naam, the removal of our mind’s dirt will begin gradually. The clouds of dirt of the mindwill begin to break up with the practise of reading Bani and uttering the Word. At time in our souls will occur sparks of Divine electricityand the light of Nanak shines. Then gradually this Divine shines will occur at frequent intervals and when all the dirt (ie materialistic clouds) has disspeared, then through Guru’s grace on some auspicious day the soul light will be kindled. In Gurbani this is said to be intuitional light. In this condition we will experience the play of “He who heartily realises this Gurbani” and then according to “within his mind abides the Lord’s Name” will occur in us the light of Naam.
With the occurance of “
through Guru’s Shabads the Lord thundered” our life will be successful.

Bondage - Escape /Freedom fom bondage

“God” being self-illuminated creator is not under any restrictions and is in fact independent in His delight. Being a part of such an independent God, it is the heriditary right of man to have independence. Unconciously man’s intrinsic desire is always yearing for this hereditary urge for freedom. But man indulges in action that keep’s him in bondage because of his ignorance, the influence of materialism and enslavement by the five thieves: love, anger, greed, passion, ego resulting in the loss of his spiritual freedom. In Gurbani there is a clear mention of such bondage of man :
6.1 In ego, the soul is imprison and the Name comes not to abide in his mind. (560)

6.2 The religious ceremonies are all entanglements and the bad and the good are bound up with them..
The toils for the sake of children and wife, done through egoism and worldly attachment, are but fetters. (551)

6.3 All this kingsmen are like bonds for the soul O brother
The world is gone astray in doubt (602)

6.4 Whatever deeds I do attached with avarice, with them all, I am binding my self down. (702)

6.5 The world run’s after worldly affairs and so is ensnared in the trap. The Lord’s meditation it realizes not. (1010)

6.6 One does various and good many deeds.
Whatever he does, that process fetters for his feet. (1075)

6.7 Good many waves of desire arise in the mind.
How can man he delivered in the Lord’s court. (1088)

6.8 Practicing egoism, the mortal is bound in bounds and involved in the affairs of mammon, he is born in hell and heaven. (761)

6.9 The mother, father, son and wives are but bonds.
The religious deeds, which man does in ego, are but fetters. (1147)

6.10 To his mind clings the filth of ego.
Myriods of rituals are the root of involvement. (1149)

6.11 Involved in worldly affairs, this mind does evil deeds.
Beguiled by mammon, it ever bewails. (1176)

Although we think that we are independent and can do what we like, in actual fact we are bound by many types of restrictions. All the creatures and His creation are the work of the creator and are controlled by the Divine will “order” and discipline. Except for man, the whole universe is functioning intune according to Divine will. For this reason the evolution of these creatures is upwards. These lower grade creatures, having limited intellect, cannot use their brain or their cleverness. For this reason they are intuned with the infinite. But man is given a brain. According to the colouring (inclination) of his mind and through maxims and devices he makes wrong use of his brain and thus going out of tune with God- indulges in action which entangles him in restrictions of his self-made chain and make him suffer.

In Gurbani Guru Sahib Ji has warned us of such restrictions thus :

7.0 O my stranger soul, whydo you fall in entanglements (439)

7.1 With great relish you ever peck at the bait, and are ensnared.
O fool, by what virtues shall you escape. (990)

7.2 Everyone knows the way to be caught in impurity, but rarely anyone knows how to escape (331)

7.3 Hope and disire are entanglements, O brother, and rituals and religious ceremonnies are the entrappers. (635)

Dispite the advice of Gurbani and various other enlightened souls, man is entangled in many types of shackles. But due to ignorance and uninformed about these shackles, he thinks that he is free and he is not restricted in anyway. Therefore, he is not making any effort to free himself from these restrictions. Futhermore through ignorance he indulges in wrong actions and unconsciously moulds new chains daily and gets bound in more restrictions.

To make man concious, gurbani has clearly explained


many aspects of these restricions and has told us the methods of avoiding and escaping from them.

Let us now discuss some aspects of these human restricions :

1. If we learn the method of following Divine discipline and will, then we can be safe from the restriction of egoistic actions. It is impossiable for us to follow the discipline of “will” as we are not even aware of theDivine will.

“Nanak, if the mortals were to realise the Lord’s command, they would never entertain egoism.” Our condition is, “ In ego, the soul is inprisoned and the Name comes not to abide in the mind”.(560)
Divine command for us is comfort-giving and is a form of salvation. Low grade creatures are unconsciously following this command. For this reason they are more happier and more free than humans and are not restricted by their actions. “Ego” is the root cause of all our actions and entanglements.

2. Physical restrictions.

Our bodies, health, disease, make-up, enjoyment, taste, flavour etc are all burdens. A lot of time and attention is spent on nurturing, removing scars, nursing and making-up the body. Our mind intelligence and attention are circling around with our body as its epi-center of existence and importance. For this reason our body is the one cause of our burdens.

3. The desire of me and mine also keep us absorbed day and night and even in dreams. Subordinate to the restrictions of this desire we are action-bound and suffer. “Being entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the whole world has perished” (133)

4. Burdens of rituals and superstitions
Despite the existence of high education and religious knowledge, we still believe in old superstitions and suffer as a result of getting entangled in various rites and rituals. The regretful thing is that even our scholars, philosophers and meditators have not been able to escape from these burdens of superstitions.


In Gurbani these superstitions have been describe thus :

9.1 The man reads holy texts and studies the Vedas. He practices inner washing and breath control.
But he escapes not from the company of the five evil passions and is all the more tied to haughty dispositions.

9.2 My dear by all these methods the Lord is not met. I have performed many such rituals.
I have dropped down weary at the Lord’s door and pray for the grant of discerning intellect.

9.3 Man may remain mum, make his hands the leaf-plate and wander naked in the forest.
He may visit river banks, shrines and the whole earth, but duality leaves him not

9.4 With his minds desire he may go and abide at a place of pilgrimage and place his head under the saw,
But his soul’s impurities departs not thus, even though he may make lacs of efforts.

9.5 He may be a man of bounty and give gifts of many sorts, like gold, women, horses and elephants.
He may offer corn clothes and land in abundance, but he arrives not at the Lord’s door.

9.6 He may remain attached to love, to worship, adoration, prostrate salutations and perform the six rites.
He takes pride, nay excessive pride and falls into entanglements. By these means he cannot meet God

9.7 The knowledge of Yogic modes of union with the Lord and of the 84 sitting postures of the men of miracles; he goes weary practising these as well.
He may attain long life, but without obtaining association with God, he is born again and again.

9.8 He may enjoy royal sport, indulge in kingly ostentaions and issue unchangeable orders.
He may have beautious couches perfumed with the sandle aloe-wood scent. Such things lead him to the door or terrible hell. 641 - 642

These superstitions and doubts have been discussed in one previous article under the heading “Bharam” in Gurbani Vichaar. Make an effort to read it again.

5. Political restrictions
Although we are politically independentof other countries, yet we are badly entrapped in the restrictions of red tape, corruption, illegal adultration, family worship, the forces of materialism and power, taunts and party rivaly . A lot of our time and energy are used up in these useless engagements. Where two or more persons get together they waste their time in these useless talks.


6. Social Restrictions

We are all bound firmly by the restrictions of social rituals and despite suffering, we, instead of lessening or leaving them are increasing them. We have made our births, deaths, engagements, marriages and various other social festivals so complex, complicated, showy and expensive that apart from the physical effort, the burden of unnecessary expenditure has brought us suffering . Despite our education, new civilization and scienctific thinking we, instead of making an effort to break these unnecessary and troublesome traditions and rituals, we are competing in increasing, raising and making them empty shows.

An example is given of such unnecessary and troublesome traditions and rituals. In the earlier days, at a girl’s engagement one rupee was given to complete the ceremony. The custom of these engagement has been so complicated that people have “Roka”, then “Thoka” and finally the “Shagan”. It is surprising that many other customs are being added onto the engagement ceremony to make it showy causing unnecessary expenditure. In doing these rituals, each individual tries to out do the other thus bring out competition to make the display more showy. The greed of those on the boys side increases. In this way our society is suffering and becoming weak. The result is that it is becoming very difficult and expensive for a poor man to have his daughter married. If the motive for show and the hunger for dowry cotinues, to increase like this then that time will fast come when suffering people will kill their daughters at birth just as they did in older times to save them from the tyranny of the moughals. But the regretful thing is that our philosophers, meditators, scholars, religious leaders instead of obstructing or reducing these empty shows and troublesome restrictions are themselves rolling in this directions. How tragic it is that even in todays civilization many innocent girls inevitably commit suicide because of the unnecessary customs and restrictions. They are sacrificed at


the pyre of dowry.

7. We are also badly entrapped in our own numerous self created habits. We have addicted ourselves to many physical and mental addictions from which, inspite of so much suffering, we are unable to free ourselves.We have become their permanent slaves.

8. Restrictions of philosophy

This is a very subtle chain, which the philosophers and scholars themselves, are not aware of. It is extremely difficult to be free from the chains of philosophy. They are galvanised (with philosophy). For this reason the philosophers and scholars are deprived of lofty spiritual flashes, gleams, taste-colour, and the excitements of of subtle love. People are easily convinced by the mental exhiliration they derive from sharp intelligencebut apart from pandering to their egoism, they remain totally deprived from subtle spiritual emotions, flashes and flights into the divine realm.
This is because these philosophers with their sharp intellect evaluate, weigh and form conclusions from everything with their sharp reasoning . We who belong to the intellectual circle waste our our time and energy in our research on what ,why and how. Divine ‘flashes’, gleams, taste-hue, self fulfilling love, stage of wonderment,being above three dimensions are topics of divine consciousness belonging to the fourth dimension. Our intellectual awareness can wonder only in this world; it cannot grasp the ‘wondrous play’ of the ‘forth dimension”. We try to understand , comprehend and discuss it by analysing with our small intellect. The subtle waves of music ragas can only be understood and enjoyed by a musician For the generally ignorant masses they are but ‘Tu(n)-Taa(n)’ noises.

11.1 Every one speaks of gnosis (intellect) and meditation.
But bound with the bonds, the whole world wonders about” (728)

Bhai sahib Dr Vir Singh has used sarcasm for these intellectual philosophers :

‘O philosopher (while) you sit in the prison of intellectual sphere
We have made friends in the country of excitements’.

9. Bondages of sanskar

The strongest of bondages, are the effects/results of actions of our previous lives. Everyone is entrapped in these restrictions, because every living being brings along with it bondages from previous lives in which it is deeply ‘action - bound-(forced to face consequences). In the store of of our subconsciousness are found heaps of straw of enormous jealousy, duality, complaints,anger, greed and passion. From some of these heaps, foul odour and stench continue to seep out. Under their influence , knowingly or unknowingly being ‘action bound’ we commit actions which bind us in even more chains and bondages. In this way man is trapped in vicious cycle of his own actions. This pitiable condition of ‘Being entangled and enmeshed in the love lof false actions the whole world has perished’ is taking place. But the surprising thing is that we are not even aware of our decline; how then can we expect any action to be taken to come out of it.

12.1 With minds obstancy they go about their business and daily suffer the consequences. 66

12.2 To attend to worldly affairs without realing the reality (of God’s presence) is to lose the wealth of human life. 33

12.3 Abandoning Lord’s Name, if man engages in other occupations, the whole of his false guilding (front) will fall off.
The man who embraces not affection for the Naam, goes to hell even though he performs millions of ceremonial rites. 240

12.4 The religious ceremonies are all entanglements- the bad and the good are bound up in them. 551

12.5 One does various and good lmany deeds. Whatever he does, that acts like chains round his feet. 1075

12.6 Millions of rituals are the root of involvements.
Without the Lord’s meditation, one only gathers the worthlessness bundle of straw. 1149

12.7 Involved in worldly affairs, this mind does evil deeds.
Bewitched by worldliness (maya) it ever bewails. 1176

10. From the above discussion it is clear that we are unconsciously trapped in numerous types of bondages and are suffering. To be free from these bondages gurbani


suggest the following means:-
13.1 By searching and scrutinising, I have realised, that without god’s meditaion, man obtains not emancipation. 260

13.2 My tongue ever utters the Lord’s Nectar Name.
My halters(rope used for hanging persons) of millions of births are cut. 893

13.3 Without the Naam how can he be saved? In sin he rots and putrefies. 935

13.4 The persons who contemplate on the Naam treasure, their shackles (iron chain ties to the legs) are shattered. 496

13.5 Without the Naam none is emancipated.
All are chained by deaths’s chouriers. 569

13.6 He who serves the True Guru receives the Naam wealth and is emancipated by living the Naam. 597

13.7 Attached to the Lord’s Naam , the man is delivered.
Go and consult the divines, O brother. 603

13.8 By saints, grace, I have obtained the supreme bliss
And all my bonds are broken. 673

13.9 In the society of saints, the bonds of ego are loosened and one sees only the One Lord. 1079

13.10Through the Guru’s word, one is delivered of coming, going, births and death. 1092

13.11O Nanak contemplate the Lord’s Naam whereeith you shall be released from your shackles (iron chains tied to legs) 729

13.12Remembering the Lord the bonds of worldliness (maya) are loosened. 497

13.13Says Ravidass, death has plundered the whole world, but I have escaped by uttering the Naam of One Lord. 794

13.14They who mediatate on God, obtain the fruit and all their bonds of
worldliness are broken. 800

13.15I seek the saints shelter and werve the saints.
I am now rid of all the affais bonds, entanglements and other occupations.822

13.16 O My soul, emancipation is attained by seeking the saints refuge. 611

13.17 O mortal, do the deeds which may emancipate you.
Utter the Lord’s Naam and the ambrosial words of the Guru. 741

13.18 Mediate on the Guru’s feet that your bonds of worldliness may be snapped. 1093
13.19 Guru Nanak says always repeat the Lord’s Naam, O Saints, for this is the only hope of escape.

14.1 Is there anyone who may deliver me of my bonds,
Unite me with my Lord, read out to me the Lord’s Naam
And render this mind stable and stationary, so that it wanders not anywhere again? Is there any such friend of mine? 674

11. Spiritual Bondages

These bondages are so subtle and fine that the truth seekers are not aware that they themselves are bound to them. When the seeker having toiled in meditation, penance, worship and other spiritual labours, acquires spiritual power and a following, automatically and unconsciously the subtle ego, of which he is not aware, seeps into his mind. In this condition he is no more a ‘truth seeker’. With the increase of followers he becomes a ‘noble person’, ‘an ascetic saint’, ‘saint’, ‘abbot’, ‘a great personage’, ‘guru’, ‘satguru’, ‘great-king’, ‘Sri 108’, ‘world guru’ and sets up a camp or monastry, shrouded in luxury with which worship and respect continues to increase. Their Sikh followers nurture this subtle ego by heaping limitless praise. The result is that not only the spiritual progress of their soul stops but it gradually begins to move towards hell. Around them they create a religious territory, camp, group, tradition (schism), splendourness and in these they are absorbed and entrapped just like family people. Examples of such people in olden time were ‘Wali kandhari’, ‘Mian Mitha’, ‘Nur Shah’ etc. But today such people are seen in greater numbers. Bhai Gurdas Ji has warned such truth seekers:

‘Without attention in the Word through the sadhsangat, there will be no place for the nobler ones.’

14.2 The whole world being in the grip of false ceremonies has not known God’s secrets. sawiyeh 10the master

14.3 The wayward go about their business in pride and are awarded punishment . 162

14.4 The lovers of rituals, who practise pride, they bear an unendurable load.
When there is no love with God,s Name, then, these rituals are sinful. 257

15.1 The man who embraces not affection for the Naam, goes to hell even though he performs millions of ceremonial rites. 240

15.2 Abandoning the Lord, to do something else, that is to fall into the well of vice. 1227

Imprisoned in such a fort of spiritual ego, the souls decline is indeed pitiable. Such subtle ‘ego - forts’ can only be destroyed by some highly enlightened soul or Satguru himself just as Guru Nanak broke up Nurshah’s fort and brought salvation to him.

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Www. Powerofthoughts-divinepower. Blogspot. Com - Blog from Kulinder Singh (kulinder), Delhi, Delhi, India - WAYN.COM

Www. Powerofthoughts-divinepower. Blogspot. Com - Blog from Kulinder Singh (kulinder), Delhi, Delhi, India - WAYN.COM

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Generally the entire gurbani stresses the importance of simran - but in Sukhmani Sahib special emphasis, importance and praise has been placed on simran and the need to do simran has been especially stressed-a mandatory order has been given.

1.1 Remember, remember God. By remembering Him you shall attain peace and wipe out from within your body strife and anguish.

1.2 Remember the praise of the Lord alone whose presence fills the entire world. Uncountable are the people who utter the Lord's various Names.

1.3 The Veds, Purans and Simirtis of pure word are the creation of the one word of the Lord's Name.

1.4 He who treasures even a tiny particle of God's Name in his heart, that persons praises cannot be overstated.262

Together with this are stated the numerous benefits of doing simran and simran has been referred to as the treasure house of all comforts.

1.5 By the Lord's meditation man does not enter the womb.
By the Lord's meditation the torture of death takes flight.
1.6 By the Lord's meditation death is removed.
By the Lord's meditation, the enemy keeps away.
1.7 By remembering the Lord no obstacle is met.
By the Lord's meditation, man remains watchful night & day.
1.8 By the Lord's meditation, man ceases to fear.
By the Lord's meditation, sorrows stop troubling man.
1.9 Lord's meditation is attained in the company of saints.
All the wealth, O Nanak, is in God's love. 262

According to gurbani, in this way - with the single effort of simran:

1. All types of troubles misunderstandings, worries etc get erased.
2. All types of physical, mental and spiritual comforts, bliss, salvation are attained.

3. All the priceless gifts of the divine world are made available.

4. Through spiritual awareness, the knowledge of the hidden secrets of the divine world are illuminated.

Even though our ego ridden ignorant mind does not understand or believe these miracles of the divine world or the hidden secrets-but the intuitional knowledge and revelation found in gurbani is

the truth !
the exclusive truth !!
permanant !!!

To understand this difficult topic, some views are presented below:-

Creation can be divided into two worlds.

1.The Spiritual World or the world of Truth
2.Materialistic / Physical World

The Lord of Himself created His Ownown self and He Himself brought into being the Name.
Secondly, He made the creation and seated within it, He beholds it with delight. 463

This eternal creation was brought into being by the Timeless Creater through the SPIRITUAL WORD and it continues to exist by virtue of the omniscient laws ordained by DIVINE ORDER.

2.1 By the Lord's order physical forms are produced.His order cannot be narrated.
With His order the souls come into being and by His order greatness is obtained.

2.2 By His command the mortals are made high and low and by His written command they obtain grief or joy.
Some obtain gifts through His order and some through His order are ever made to wonder in transmigration.( page 1)
According to the divine order both these worlds have their individual
law, order, routine, virtues and sins, hue and pleasure, self love,
- etc.
In the Divine World or the Sphere of Truth the Formless One Himself resides.

'The Formless Lord dwell in the sphere of truth. 8

This Divine World is not some worldly island that can be seen, instead it that wonderous plane or level of DIVINE AWARENESS where Divine


heavenly music
life current

guru's grace

merciful glance

is completely encompassing and omnipresent. Here in the Formless
Lord's 'divine illumination',evolved gurmukh souls experience

eternal divine peace
supremely wondrous emotion
continuous rapturous music
divine love within the self

and feel the eternal-wondrous hue and rapture and warm presence of their Formless lover.
3.1 O my mother, I am wonder struck to see my Lord.
My soul is bewitched by the unstruck melody, wondrous is the whole relish. 1226
4.1 Forever there is bliss and merry-making and the melody of divine music. Meeting together, the holy men sing the Lord's praises and hail victory to the Master. Meeting together,the saints sing the Lord's praises, drenched in the nectar of His love and affection and become acceptable to their spouse. 545.
4.2 Divine music and Divine music plays to the accompaniment of the air of musical instruments. My soul and my soul is imbued with the love of my Darling Beloved. 436
4.3 Your servant O Lord is intoxicated with your exilir. He who obtains the treasure of the nectar of love will never ever forsake to go elsewhere.532

The Land of the formless Lord cannot be affected by this worldliness (maya) or its vices.
4.4 Even the hot winds do not affect him who is under the protection of the Supreme Lord. All around me is the Lord's circle, so pain does not afflic me O brother.819
4.5 With the inner fire the world is being consumed but worldly attachments do not cling to the Lord's devotee.673
4.6 Shed your self conceit, fall at God's feet and hold fast to that God's skirt. He who longs for the Lord's protection, he is not affected by the heat of the ocean of fire. (that is this world) 531
4.7 Begumpura is the name of the town. At that place there is no pain or worry.345

Exactly opposed to this, in this materialistic world, man surrenders to materialism and lives in the 'me-mine' or 'ego' state and according to his mental hue, he performs deeds and faces the consequences.

4.8 In his pride he becomes true or false.In his pride he reflexcts on virtue or vice.466
4.9 Aflame in ego man is burnt to death and,straying in duality doubt / superstition takes hold of him.643
4.10 Involved in worldly affairs, this mind does evil deeds.
Cheated by worldliness (maya),he forever bewails.1176
4.11 By being engrossed in 'mine-mine' man gets tied up in burdens.
By being involved in worldliness (maya) he is born over and over again to face hell and heaven.761
4.12 Your mind is engrossed in lust,anger and materialism.Because of this worldly love in your mind, falsehood and sinreside in you and you have accumulated the capital of viceand greed.153

5.1 My erring soul is entangled in worldliness (maya)
I tie myself down with whatever deeds I do under the influence of greed.702

This worldly creation is not 'self created'. This is the creation of the Formless Lord that is proceeding according to His Law.

To make this worldly 'grand drama celebration' interesting and exciting the 'five thieves' namely lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego--came into existence with their base tendencies or vices.

5.2 The mother (ONE GOD) has given birth to five sons. Setting afoot the play of creation like vegetation, the world has been created.865

5.3 The Creator has attached materialism (maya) and worldly love to this mind. Enacting the law, He has created the world.1261

5.4 Enmity ,strife, lust, anger, worldly love.
Falsehood, sin, excessive greed and deceit.
Involved in these paths man has lived many births
O Lord save Nanak by showing your mercy.267/268

5. 5 Within this body dwell the five thieves
Lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride.
They plunder the Nectar but the manmukh does not realise this
And no one hears this voice( from within).600

These baser tendencies of worldliness are the main cause of all our vices like
duality (belief in a power other than God)


burning within

impatience difficulties
etc 'satanic-like’ vices mushroom.

In line with the quotation 'The company that one keeps decides the fruits that will be reaped', the pull of attachment and worldly love, makes us forget God or we do not remember Him, then under the influence of the unalterable worldly law - 'Whatever I do determines whatever I get .’We commit sins and face consequences.

On the other hand, living in the company of the holy people we remember God or meditate on HIM then our mind comes under the influence of the soul and all the virtuous deeds come and reside within us, virtues like




service orientated
others before self







Hence forgetting God is the main reason for all the worldly evil doings or pain and suffering. And remembering God or His simran is the main source of all divine virtues or comforts.

7.1 Then alone man is in pain when he forgets the Lord. Peace results when the Lord is remembered.813

7.2 When I forget You then everyone becomes my enemy and when I remember You they all serve me.383

7.3 Then alone man is in pain when he forgets God. Afflicted with hunger he run about in many directions.
By remembering the Name, he is always at ease. He the humble, alone receives the Name, whom God the Merciful gives. 98

The surprising thing is that in spite of reading and listening that is being in the company of Gurbani no positive change comes. into our life. Involved in doing all this we are still getting absorbed in the quagmire of worldliness/materialism.

The main reason for this is

1. We do not have full faith in the intrinsic secrets or essence of Gurbani.

2. We do not internalise the message of gurbani in our lives that is we do not see the need to practice the path shown.

3. We believe that doing gurbani’s paath is more than enough for us


and its practice is the responsibility of some other people.

4. Even if we are doing simran, it is done half heartedly, more a show to satisfy the mind.

5. We only keep reading the prescription, we do not act on the prescription.

8.1 Just as a wayfarer asks the way, but does not take a step in that direction,

8.2 Just as someone asks the doctor for a cure to his disease, but fails to comply closely with the doctors instructions, how can his disease be cured and how can he experience peace.

8.3 When asked, she says she is married, but her actions show that she is not virtuous. With a heart full of sin , how can she ever expect to please her husband.

8.4 Singing or listening (to God’s praises) or sitting in meditation (eyes closed) supreme bliss is not achieved by those who do not put into practice (in their daily life) the teachings of the guru. (Kabet Bhai Gurdas 439)

In gurbani the seeker is repeatedly told to involved himself in the practice of following fundamental guideline:-
1. Be in the company of evolved souls

2. Do simran

8.5. All other deeds (without God realisation) will be no use to you., Gather together in the company of evolved souls and meditate only on the Naam.

But we have become so engrossed in our personal work or commitments that we have become ignorant, careless or even knowingly ignore “repeat only the Naam” advice.

If we ever attend a satsang, it is for obtaining the fulfillment of some personal worldly needs.

8.6 Out of millions, hardly anyone is a servant of God; all others are but traders 495
If we have knowingly ignored or forgotten gurbani’s most vital advice it is this
8.7 O saints, this world has gone astray in doubt.It has forsaken the meditation of the Lords Name & has sold itself to worldly attachments. 684
This is the reason when inspite of reading, listening and preaching gurbani
our materialistic, mental, spiritual in other words the whole life, being entangled in the falsehood of attachment and materialism is degenerating.

9.1 Being entangles and enmeshed in the love of false occupation, the whole world has perished. 133.

9.2 Good many waves of desire arise in the mind. How can man be delivered at the Lord’s court?

In contrast to this, the tale of the practice of simran by some blessed gurmukhs has been related as follows--

A simple farmer was ploughing his fields.One sadhu, imbued in God’s Naam was passing by. He approached the farmer’s well and asked for water.The farmer, with full of faith and devotion milked his cow, made ‘lasee’ and served it to the sadhu. The sadhu
was very pleased and said,’ You satiated my hunger and thirst.In return for this I’m going to give you from myself the most important thing..’ Saying this, he made the farmer sit before him and made him repeat Waheguru! Waheguru! Waheguru! and added, “Now carry on meditating like this and see what fruits it will bear.”
Saying this the sadhu left him and the simple farmer started the practice of Waheguru Naam as he was told. Day and night through the practice of simran he achieved a state of bliss and miracluous powers. His fields, with minimum effort flourished more than the rest. His brother enticed his wife away from him. Instead of quarelling with his brother, he thanked the Lord for making his blood brother save him from from maya (worldly attachment).

When he was asked what would happen if he stopped saying ‘Waheguru’ and his heart rendered reply was---
“If I stop saying Waheguru , I will die.”

In this way his life became a reflection of ‘When I say it (Waheguru) I’m alive If I lose it I die’ and he attained spiritual upliftment.

The difference between our so called religious life and that of the simple landowner’s life expectation is this---

1. In the farmers simple innocence was deep faith and devotion that is missing in us. Our faith and belief is usually superficial and easily disappears with the reflection of worldly miracles.
2. The farmer accepted the sadhu’s advice as gospel truth and like the embrace of the blind’ he clutched the ‘Waheguru’ Name and earned it through practice. But we fall into the whirlpool of why? what? How? of simran and throw away our precious time.Without solid faith, we end up in discussions.

2. The farmer, instead of dealing with household problems in his life, gave priority to the advice of the sadhu that is- to the practice of Waheguru Name. But we give priority to our worldly commitments. We has expanded our worldly commitments to such an extent that we has absolutely no time for simran..If we ever try to imitate the activity of simran that is -go into it half-heartedly, our mind becomes so restless.

10.1 As the mind becomes totally involved in its daily commitments, It will not settle even in the kirtan together with the sadh sangat. (Kabet Bhai Gurdas 235)
There are numerous places in gurbani where we are urged to give priority to simran.

10.2 O man remember your protector, The Lord.
Let go all other thoughts, O man. 913

10.3 Contemplate on the One Lord in your mind and seek the shelter of the One Lord.. Establish love with the One Lord. Without Him there is no other place. 961.

10.4 O my tongue, Sing your Lord’s praise.
Abandon all other relishes.(tastes).The Lord’s Name is the best of
all. 1220

10.5 All your other deeds will be of no value.
Meet the society of evolved souls and meditate on the Name. 12

10.6 Says Kabir, hear O man, shed your mental doubt.
Contemplate only on the Name and seek the shelter of the One

4. The farmer focused his mind and body on the simran of the one Word ‘Waheguru’ and reduced his involvement in other chores. But we on the other hand tend to increase our involvement in unnecessary chores.

5. The farmer had internalized this advice -

10 Why do those who realize that they have to depart, make ostentation 787

But we are unnecessarily increasing our volume of wasteful activity just to obtain
worldly praise or shabas thus wasting away or precious life.

Gurbani’s order is -

11.1 He who becomes resigned to the guru’s will, remains

11.2 O my soul, unite yourself with your Lord.
Of no avail is anything else to you. 238

11.2 A gursikh never lets (God) out of his mind for he knows as a visitor
he has to leave (this world). Bhai Gurdas Var 32/1

Abstinence is vital to cure physical and mental diseases. Otherwise the diseases instead of reducing, they will keep increasing.

In our daily life the

are predominant and rampant, thus degenerating our human and spiritual life even further. Without abstaining from these human vices our spiritual upliftment cannot take place.

11.4 Nanak as many as are the sins, so many are the chains around man’s neck..595

11.5 Why are you imbued with the love of another?
In sinning, none is a friend of yours
No one shall be your helper and you shall forever regret your deeds.
With your tongue you do not utter the praises of the Lord. When shall this body come again. 546

11.6 With great relish you peck at the bait and are caught.
O fool by what virtue will you escape. 990

11.7 As many as are the joys of the body, as many are the paints which cling to it.1287

11.8 The mind is polluted, worship is not possible and Name cannot be obtained. 39
The reason why, in spite of our active involvement in doing path, worship and donating, our religious efforts do not produce results and our spiritual progress does not take place is because, our mind is filled with lowly desires.

There is difference between the deeds we do and the statements that we make. For this reason our efforts and so called worship are reduced to a level of hypocrisy.

Bhagat Kabir Ji has written -

12.1 All the men utter God’s Name, but by such utterances man does not become one with the lord. 491

The knowledge of the secret in repeating ‘Ram’ (the name of God) can only be
discovered in the company of gurmukh piaarays that is the society of evolved souls. The arduous spiritual path of simran is only undertaken by some blessed souls who follow the path of the guru.

12.2 O slave Nanak, this is a difficult game only a few know it through the Guru. 219

12.3 12.3 Let any one meditate with all his heart on this treasure ( of the Name). In all the ages he shall obtain salvation. 296

12.4 Difficult it is to utter the True Name. 9

12.5 O man, so sweet is the Lord’s elixir.
By Guru’s grace, some rare one tastes it 886

In the sublime company of such beloved gurmukhs can the mind be linked with the soul. The mind that is coloured with the hue of divine love reaches a state where from within itself gushes out the words -

12.6 O my Beloved! I live by contemplating over the Name. 40

.....continued part 9

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SIMRAN 116 Part 7
In the Gurbani the Lord's meditation is said to be the 'Ocean of all happiness". By this meditation or Simran suffering, quarrels, worry, anxiety, threat, fear, danger, suspicion etc. depart and the mind and body experience peace and calmness.

1.1 Were he to reflect over the Supreme Lord, his body and soul shall be
cooled (rest at peace). 70

1.2 Says Nanak, meditate you on the Lord, O brother, and your soul
and body shall become pacified. 620

1.3 Remembering and contemplating on my Lord Master, my body,
soul and bosom are pacified. 681

1.4 Meditating on God, all my troubles are ended, I have obtained coolness and peace and my soul is satiated. 828

1.5 Remembering the Lord, your mind shall ever abide in bliss and peace and your soul shall become calm and cool. 860

1.6 Remembering and contemplating the Lord, one becomes cool and is rid of sorrow, pain an doubt. 1219

Through the Lord's Simran, the heat of the materialistic 'Fire-Grief-Ocean' does not affect an individual. Even the dry and burnt souls sprout and become green through Simran.

1.7 If he then remembers the Supreme Lord, even the hot wind shall not touch him. 70

1.8 By continuously remembering the Lord's Name, the abode of all the disease is destroyed. 191

1.9 By His meditations suffering are effaced. Bliss wells up and pain and afflicts not. 1142

2.1 The great agonies He removes in an instant if the tongue utters His name. In God's refuge are calmness, peace, and comfort, and He extinguished the burning fire. 210

2.2 By remembering whom your calamity shall depart. By remembering, mammon shall affect you not. 971

2.3 By remembering whom, what is dry becomes green. By remembering whom, the sinking stones float. 183

Forgetting the Lord we continue throughout our lives to plunge into the materialistic fearful ‘difficult and fathomless ocean'. As a result we suffer and live a life of hell. To come out or cross this ocean Gurbani recommends the only method i.e. the Lord's Simran.

2.4 They, who dwell on the Lord, by Guru's grace, cross the terrible world ocean. 90

2.5 Remembering and remembering the Perfect Lord, I have saved all my associates. 674

2.6 Remembering and contemplating God, O Nanak, the saints ferry across and are imbued crimson in His love. 807

2.7 By ever meditating on the Lord-Master, O Nanak, numberless have been saved. 1007

2.8 Whilst walking, sitting, sleeping and waking, deliberate you over the Guru's instruction in the mind. Hasten you into the sanctuary of the Lord's feet and associate with the saints. Thus shall you be ferried across the aweful world-ocean. 1006

2.8 Remember the one Lord, remember the one Lord, remember the one Lord. He shall save you from strife, sufferings, worldly attachments and the most dreaded world ocean.

2.10 His perfect destiny has awakened and he meditates on the Formless Lord

We show off our intellectual knowledge. To prove ourselves right we go to the point of splitting hair. We consider such intellectual religions debate as having achieved the ultimate aim and go about boastfully. But according to Gurbani this intellectual knowledge can only guide us to show the direction towards the spiritual; it cannot take us towards the intuitional light of the internal soul.
According to Gurmat the enlightenment of the essence of knowledge of the soul can only occur through the grace of the guru by associating with satsangat and doing Simran. It is with Simran that the 'lotus' of the mind blooms.

3.1 O' my darling friendly soul ! by repeating God's Name the Divine Light shines. 79

3.2 By reflecting over God's merits the heart-lotus blooms. 189

3.3 Through Lord's meditation, man's heart-lotus blooms. 263

3.4 Contemplating whom, man's mind is illumined, he is rid of suffering and abides in peace and poise. 1148

3.5 The hearty contemplation and meditation of the Lord; this alone is the sublime Reality of all the ages. 1143

3.6 The Guru-ward knows the wisdom of the Our Lord and night and day utters His Name. 1050

3.7 Uttering and contemplating the Guru's Name, I have gathered the fruit and associating with the saints, I am blessed with the lamp of Divine knowledge. 1080

3.8 He alone is the divine, who remembers the One Lord. He alone is wealthy, who possesses discerning intellect. 1150

From our previous lives we have been so involved and absorbed in the materialism that we have become a form of materialism ourselves. We are all the time occupied with materialistic chores and to improve them we are repeatedly using various types of reasoning, devices, cleverness and cunningness. When, despite this, we are unsuccessful we experience distress. But according to Gurbani our worldly chores will be done when we do the Lord's Simran and remain carefree.

3.9 O saints, remember you the Lord Master's Name. Remember God, you shall obtain everything and all your affairs shall be adjusted. 627

3.10 Whoever, with his tongue utters God's Name, his affairs are arranged (by God). 401

4.1 Remembering and contemplating the Perfect Lord, mine affairs are all arranged. 816

4.2 You arrangest the affairs of the persons who perform Your devotional service. 695

4.3 Contemplating the World-Lord, all your desires shall be fulfilled and
you shall not be vanquished ever. 1007

4.4 Says Nanak, dwell you on Him, O man, that your tasks mayest be fulfilled. 1428

4.5 The Lord automatically accomplishes the tasks of those, to whom the Name of God is dear. 638

But we, forgetting God, ignore Simran. Therefore, we live a life of suffering and experience hell - "Being entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the whole world has perished".

4.6 Without God's Name you shall suffer pain. 830

4.7 The body, which meditates not on the God's Name, in the saints congregation, disintegrates like the dust. 553

4.8 They, who forget the Name; them I have seen being reduced to dust. 1006

From previous lives we have been keeping the company of materialism and practising it. This has polluted the mind with the very thick filth of materialism. As though this is not enough, through our low materialistic thoughts, imaginations and actions are being on more such filth day and night.

4.9 The scum of so many births is attached to this soul and it has become pitch black. 651

4.10 Impure is the mortal without the Lord's Name. 651

4.11 With dirty soul , God's meditation is not performed, nor is the Name obtained. 39
To eradicate such thick materialistic filth from our minds, Gurbani advocates the 'Lord's meditation' as the only effective way.

4.12 By remembering the Lord, mind's filth is removed. 263

5.1 Perform God's service with your heart, O my friend and your mind shall become pure. 285

5.2 Whosoever mediates on Him, he becomes pure. He focuses his hearty affection on the devotional service of God. 290

5.3 By remembering whom, my mind is in bliss and mind's rust is removed. 498

5.4 Day and night contemplate your Lord's Name, O mortal. Through it the filthy are rendered immaculate. 1254

5.5 Mediating on the Lord, the mind's sins are effaced and the filth of may births is washed off. 1152

5.6 Imperishable and Benefactor of the beings is the Lord, remembering whom all the filth is removed. 617

5.7 Join the Company of the spiritually evolved souls and change from
an outcaste into pure one by dwelling on (remembering) the Lord. 631

If we are hidden from the sun, we are deprived of the virtues of sunlight and experience the disadvantages of darkness. Exactly in the same way, forgetting the Lord we have become subordinate to materialism and from our previous lives have been committing sins and knowingly or unknowingly are still committing them now. In this way going through the self-lighted hidden fire of our sins.

To be saved from the physical , mental and spiritual sins or to end the effects previously committed vices, it is necessary to come out from 'Forgetfulness' to 'Remembering' which means that the Lord's meditation is the one and only easy method which is supported by Gurbani.

5.8 My sufferings, sins and afflictions are dispelled. Meditating on the Lord, all my vices have hastened away. 806

5.9 Servant Nanak has, night and day, meditated on the Name. By remembering God, the sins and wicknesses are erased (excused).

6.1 Whoever contemplates on the Lord, he is freed from his sufferings and sins. 574

6.2 Remembering and remembering their Lord Master, they shed all their sins. 781

6.3 O my mind, contemplate you, your Lord God's Name and you shall obtain honour in the Lord's Court. Fixing your attention on the Guru's word, you shall obtain the fruit that you desirest. All your misdeeds and sins shall be effaced and you shall be rid of your ego a self-conceit. 1313

6.4 They, who by Guru's word dwell on God, all their sins are in a moment. 1115

In the doubt and delusion of materialism, there is continuous repetition of 'I-mine' which has brought on the devil of ego into our heads. This go with its 'army' of passion (lust), anger, greed, love (attachment), pride etc., has chained and imprisoned us. With the support of this ego on 'I-mine', we subordinating ourselves to materialism, carry out deeds and suffer their effects.

To be safe, from the chronic disease of false ego, Gurbani mentions the one and only method i..e. Simran.

6.5 Under Guru's instruction they who meditate on my Lord God; their malady of ego is dispelled. 735

6.6 The Lord Master's Name is the perfect cure in this world and uttering the Lord's Name, I have stilled my ego. 666

6.7 He who meditates with his heart and soul he frees himself of the burden of ego (pride). 302

6.8 Uttering the Lord's Name day and night, the gurmukhs (or the guru orientated) expells ego and cleanses himself. 1177

6.9 Nanak lives by contemplating, contemplating his Lord and this wise his self-conceit is also eradicated. 1221

7.1 Through the Guru's word, the mind becomes immaculate and the
mind's ego is stilled. 1334

7.2 They, who remember God with single-mindedness and single heartedly attach their souls to the True Guru. They are rid of pain, hunger and the great malady of ego and attuned to God, they become disease-free. 1423

"All those that are seen; they are disease stricken. It is only my True Guru, united with God, who is free from the disease" (1140). According to this statement of Guru, we human beings are suffering from some physical , mental or spiritual disease. We try to be cured of these and make efforts according to our understanding ability and reach but despite this we do not become fully healthy. The cause of this lies in the fact that our lives are subordinate to the materialistic doubt-delusion or ego.

The doubt ridden fallacy of materialism is the centre or source of all physical, mental and spiritual illnesses. For this reason the only permanent cure of all diseases, according to Gurbani, is to remember God or do simran - because it is through simran that we will be in the company of the Satgur (God) who is ever without diseases and thus he freed from all diseases and thus he is freed from all diseases. In this way Simran of the Lord is medicine for all ills.

7.3 Remembering God, through the guru, all the diseases have vanished an healthy has become the body. 574

7.4 Meditating on the Lord, the body and soul are reverduted and the sorrow departs. In the saints' society, utter you the God's praise and all your ailments shall vanish. 706

7.5 Contemplating the Lord Master God, the mortal becomes hale and hearty. 817

7.6 I have met with all success, my tasks are all accomplished and my ailment of ego is wholly eradicated. Meeting with the guru, I utter God's Name and am rid of millions of sins in an instant. 1213

7.7 Dwelling on the Lord, ills and woes are annulled. An the man is blesses with all his heart-desired boons. 866

7.8 Lord's Name is the panacea of all the ills. 274
8.1 The malady which is not cured by many remedies, that malady is vanished by administering the medicine of God's Name. 288

By subordinating ourselves to materialism we perform deeds and bear sufferings. In the love of materialism, we are action-bound and we have to pass through the circle of 'birth-death' or 'coming-going'. In this way we experience suffering-happiness in every life according to our actions.

To come out of this materialistic birth-death cycle Gurbani tells the method thus:-

8.2 Reflecting on that Lord, they cross the terrible world-ocean and end their comings and goings. They ever enjoy pleasure, peace by hymning the Lord' praise and to them seems sweet the Lord's will.

8.3 Nanak utters but the One Lord's Name, he shall wander not in existence again. 1193

8.4 Whosoever remember Him, he is very fortunate and he enters not existence again. 1086

8.5 Meditate you on Him by whose meditation, bliss ensues and the fear and pain of birth and death are removed. An you shall obtain the four cardinal boons and nine treasures and shall not feel thirst and hunger again. 617

8.6 He, within whose mind His Lord abides, is of perfect destiny and utters the Name of the Guru-God. He, who realizes that Lord within all, wanders and wails not in existence again. 1079

The whole universe is absorbed in the false materialism of doubt-fallacy. Like the silk worm, man has made a cocoon of 'doubt-fort' around himself. In this dark fort he is born, lives, performs deeds, suffers, dies and is re-born.

8.7 He wanders about in myriad of existence, dies and is born again.

To put away the darkness of the doubt-delusion, Gurbani advises us to do Simran.

8.8 Uttering the Lord's Name, all the doubts are dispelled. 874

9.1 Remembering the Lord of the world, your doubt and read shall be dispelled. 1004

9.2 By meditating/remembering the Lord you become cool (and calm). Suffering, pain and doubt will depart. 1219

9.3 Contemplating my Lord, every trace of my doubt is effaced and receiving the salv of wisdom my eyes have awakened from sleep.

To save himself from the worldly cycle of births-deaths and to enjoy the comforts of heaven man tries to achieve salvation. In achieving this he comes under the influence of his ego of doubt-delusion and performs many kinds of deed and rituals through hard labour but Gurbani mentions Simran as the easy way to salvation.

9.4 The Lord, who has blessed you with human life, why have you forgotten Him? By remembering whom man is emancipated, His praise you sing not even a moment. 902

9.5 By Singing God's excellence, even for a moment one obtains everything; heaven, emancipation and salvation. 290

9.6 Remembering whom you shall obtain the gate of emancipation, go to the True Abode and return not to this world. 971

9.7 Embrace you such meditation within your mind. Without the Lord's contemplation, salvation can never be attained to. 971

We have become so involved with materialism that we have become a form of materialism ourselves. Repeating and remembering this false materialism has become a way of Life. For this reason we have forgotten the Supreme Being and turned away from him. Thus our condition is like, "Being entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the world has perished" (133)

To remove man from the materialistic doubt-delusion of this very dark age and to subordinate him to soul, the easiest method is to subject him to the company of satsangat. This worldly ocean can be swum with the company of spiritually elevated souls.

9.8 Without the society of saints, none does swim across. 373

10.1 Associating with the saints, I shall assuredly be saved. 1071

Therefore, in Gurbani the seekers of truth are urged to do Simran in Satsangat where the dynamic rays of the Supreme Light are automatically distributing the love of 'Naam".

10.2 Go and sit in the society of saints where Lord God's Name is churned (meditated upon) 587

10.3 In the society of saints, man is absorbed in God's love and takes to Lord's meditation. 457

10.4 Lord's meditation is attained in the Saints' society. All the wealth, O Nanak, are in God's love. 262

10.5 O saints, meditate on Lord God, the world-cherisher. Meeting with the saints' society, remember you the Lord's Name so that your service may be fruitful. 617

10.6 By great good fortune the perfect Guru is attained to. Meeting with the saints, contemplate you the Lord's Name. 804

10.7 All the affairs are resolved, by singing the praises of God, the Cherisher of the World. Joining the saints' society, when I meditate on the Lord, I am rid of the agony of death. 1322

10.8 Contemplating the Lord in the society of the saints, man comings and goings are ended and his sufferings are effaced as well. Imbued with the love of the Transcendent Lord, the sinners are sanctified in an instant. 1300

10.9 Joining the society of saints, contemplate over the Name alone. 12

Many truth-seekers regard mental powers or miracles as the way to achieve their aim and to achieve these they indulge in various disciplines. In this way they become involved in stubborn acts (fanaticism) and just waste their invaluable lives away.
According to Gurbani, such supernatural and many kinds of mental powers can be easily acquired by those who do Simran but Gursikhs regard these as useless deeds and refrain from using them.
11.1 In Lord's meditation are wealth, mythical powers and the nine treasures. 262

11.2 The nine treasures and eighteen miraculous powers go after him, who ever keeps enshrined the Lord within his mind. 649

11.3 The nine treasures, then enter my home. Everything, everything I do
obtain my meditating on the Lord's Name. 452

11.4 Whosoever remembers the True Guru, he is blest with wealth, miraculous powers and the nine treasures. 1405

God is a form of love, that is why in Gurbani, he is said to be the 'Love Man'. In God's universe the divine flow of love is pouring all the time. It i said to be the will of God. Without this divine 'love-string' the whole universe can be scattered in a second and be destroyed. Because the divine 'love-string' has become loose in this very dark age, there is
jealously - duality
enmity –opposition

fighting - argument

religious bias

hatred etc.

and the materialistic vices are in action and predominating.

To tighten and restore this divine 'love-string' Gurbani urges us to be in the company of Satsangat because:-

11.5 As is the company it associates with, so is the fruit it eats. 1369

Simran is done easily in the divine aura of sadhsangat. In this lofty-

pure spiritual aura, waves of one's own love rise which have divine effects on our minds and our soul enjoys the relish of its ‘own self love’.

12.1 O my soul, with your mouth, utter you the Lord's God's Name. The Guru-ward is imbued with the poppy-flower-like red colour and her cloak is saturated with her Lord's love. 527

12.2 The holyman contemplates his Lord with hearty love. 941

12.3 Contemplating the Lord-God by the True Guru's instruction, the mortal succeeds with Him. If the Peace-giving Lord abides in man's mind here, then becomes He his succourer in the end. When the Guru imparts understanding, then wells up in the man's mind, the love for the Lord. 1087

12.4 Should you, your ego and turn your face God-wards and uttering the
guru's Name, long you for him in your mind. My Groom is the over of affection. 1306

12.5 By the Guru's instruction, the chaste bride utters the God's Name. Day and night, she remains attracted by the Lord's love and her body garment is imbued with God and God's love. 1424

12.6 All of you listen (I'm) telling the truth. He who loves truly , only he shall meet God. Tavparsaaad Sawyeh Pat.10