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Lekh 79 Sangat Part 2

In the previous part of this Lekh it has been stated that the Timeless Being brought this creation into being in order —
to put a ‘share’
to incorporate ‘co-operation’
to have an ‘interaction’
to create a ‘play of love’
to string the ‘cord of love’
to tighten the cord of the ‘yearning of love’
to bear (the pangs of) the ‘separation of love’
to (experience) the wondrous joy
to lose the presence of the self in the communion
to (bring about the) completion of the ’play of love’

of His Divine ’Self Love’ - in which He, the ‘Being of Love’ through His ‘Shabad’ (Word) or ‘Hukam’ (Command), participates and witnesses on both sides – this astonishing, unspeakable, limitless ‘gigantic play of the Wondrous’ or the ‘drama of love’.

1 Having created the creation, He watches over it Himself, by His Greatness. 6

2 He Himself is the Enjoyer, and He Himself is the Enjoyment. He Himself is the Ravisher of all.
He Himself is the Bride in her dress, He Himself is the Bridegroom on the bed. 23

Playful is my Lord of the Universe; playful is my Beloved. My Lord God is
wondrous and playful.
The Lord Himself created Krishna, O my Lord of the Universe; the Lord Himself is the milkmaids who seek Him.
The Lord Himself enjoys every heart, O my Lord of the Universe; He Himself is the Ravisher and the Enjoyer. ......

He Himself created the world, O my Lord of the Universe; (cont. next page)


the Lord Himself plays in so many ways! 174

1 Wherever I look, there You are. Save me, O Savior Lord!
You are the Giver, and You are the Enjoyer; You are the Support of the breath of life. 228

2 Secondly, He fashioned the creation; seated within the creation, He beholds it with delight. 463

3 He Himself creates and fashions the world, and He Himself keeps it in order.
Having created the beings within it, He oversees their birth and death.
Unto whom should we speak, O Nanak, when He Himself is all-in-all? 475

4 The rays of Divine Light have spread out their brilliant radiance.
Having created the creation, the Merciful Lord Himself gazes upon it. 1033

5 By the Hukam of His Command, He effortlessly created the Universe.
Creating the creation, He gazes upon His own greatness.
He Himself acts, and inspires all to act; in His Will, He pervades and permeates all. 1043

6 The Lord Himself plays, and He Himself watches; the Lord Himself created the creation.
O servant Nanak, that person who plays this game as Gurmukh, wins the game of life, and returns to his true home. 1185

7 The Lord Himself enjoys all pleasures; the Lord Himself is the Husband of Maya.
The Lord Himself gives in charity to the whole world, and all the beings and creatures which He created. 1315

In this divine ‘Play of Love’, on one side, the ‘Being of Love’ or the Timeless being is operating His ‘wondrous play’, and on the other side, among His own created beings He is bringing about or initiating

‘union’ or ‘group consciousness’

But ‘man’ engrossed in the doubt fallacy of materialism
has forgotten
has turned away
has become unaware

of his Creator, the ‘fountain-head’, his Divine ‘mother-father’.

1 Maya has spread out her net, and in it, she has placed the bait.
The bird of desire is caught, and cannot find any escape, O my mother.
One who does not know the Lord who created him, comes and goes in rein carnation over and over again. 50

2 Being in love with Maya, they do not think of the Lord. 111

3 This world is asleep in emotional attachment to Maya.
Forgetting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, it ultimately comes to ruin. 112

4 The love of Maya has displaced all their understanding....... 116

5 In power, youth and Maya, the Lord is forgotten; this is the greatest tragedy - so say the spiritual sages. 683

6 This Maya has made me forget Your feet, O Lord of the World, Master of the Universe.
Not even a bit of love wells up in Your humble servant; what can Your poor servant do? 857

7 This is Maya, by which the Lord is forgotten; emotional attachment and love of duality well up. 921

8 He works for the sake of Maya, but he never places his feet on the right path. He never even remembers the One who created him. 1151

9 The mortal is entangled in Maya; he has forgotten the Name of the Lord of the Universe. 1427

But even then, the Timeless Being or the ‘Love Being’, steadfast in His disposition or nature, ever continues to—

care and protect
seek comfort of
seek the well being


tie and pull the love cord
be mindful of
seek well being-ness

of even those who by virtue of being ‘His off-springs’ have turned away from Him.

1 So many endure distress, deprivation and constant abuse.
Even these are Your Gifts, O Great Giver! 5

2 Even the ungrateful ones are cherished by God. O Nanak, He is forever the Forgiver. 47

3 He ever cherishes and cares for all beings, but the fool does not appreciate any of His virtues 612

4 He cherishes us, and gives us sustenance; He does not lack anything. 677

5 He has cut away my bonds, and overlooked my shortcomings, and so He has confirmed His nature.
Becoming merciful to me, like a mother or a father, he has come to cherish me as His own child. 382

6 Like the child, innocently making thousands of mistakes
- his father teaches him, and scolds him so many times, but still, he hugs him close in his embrace.
Please forgive my past actions, God, and place me on Your path for the future. 624
7 You destroy millions of my sins, and teach me in so many ways.
I am so ignorant - I understand nothing at all. Please honor Your innate
nature, and save me! 674

8 He saves even the ungrateful; my God is forever merciful. 898

9 God lifts him up and pulls him out of the deep, dark pit, and attaches him to the hem of His robe. 966

10 That mortal, whom no one can protect - You bless him with Your Support, O Lord. 1202

11 The compassionate one is merciful to the hapless; He looks at our flaws, but fails not to give. Akal Ustaat 243


This means that the Timeless Being is such a ‘pinnacle of Belovedness’ that (despite) our


that are in us, He with His divine innate nature of

being the ‘purifier of the sinners’
being ‘unmindful of our shortcomings’
being the ‘endurer of our ignorance’
being ‘forever benevolent’

always present
at hand
in communion
ever caring
the provider of our daily bread
concerned about our well being

(even those of) us who have turned their backs towards Him and in the
innate self within He keeps nudging us with tugs of love.

In other words — in the creation —

On one side the ‘play of love’


is being played and despite the presence of innumerable human beings only some rare being is capable of taking this divine ‘play of love’ to its successful conclusion.

For this reason rare indeed are the ‘guru-orientated beloveds’ who are the players of this divine ‘play of love’.

1 O servant Nanak, this is such a difficult game; only a few Gurmukhs under stand it! 219
2 The Natural Speech of God is so very sweet.
How rare is that person, who sees it with his eyes. 739

3 The Unspoken Speech, the state of Nirvaanaa - how rare is the Gurmukh who understands this. 844

4 One whom the Lord Himself blesses with loving devotional worship,
is very rare in this world. 867

5 Joining with God's companions, I have begun to play. 1180

6 Only a rare gurmukh (Guru orientated being) can bear the unbearable power of even one drop of the cup of love.
The Guru himself sees the imperceptible Lord who is not visible to others. VBG 26/13
7 Rare are (the Sikhs) in the world who being filled with love swim like fish...
(Thus becoming gurmukhs) they taste the fruit of joy. VBG 28/17

The Timeless Being’s ‘cord of love’ or ‘life-current’ is infused and brimful within the beings and through this ‘life-current’ or ‘shabad’ (word) those beings
take birth
keep alive
keep living
keep thinking
keep seeing
keep talking
keep doing things
keep facing the consequences.

Despite this, about this internal divine ‘presence’, man -

is uninformed
has no awareness

has no realisation
has no knowledge

1 You are present everywhere. I had thought that You were far away.
Whatever I do, I do in Your Presence.
You see all my actions, and yet I deny them.
I have not worked for You, or Your Name. 25

2 The Lord is pervading within and beyond, and yet people think that He is far away. 47

3 Kakka: You wander around in sexual desire and anger, you fool; attached to possessiveness, you have forgotten the Lord. 435

4 One bed is spread out for the bride and her Husband Lord.
The bride is asleep, while her Husband Lord is always awake. 737

5 The fool does not understand the Creator Lord; instead, he thinks that he him self is the doer. 813

6 Forgetting the Lord who formed, fashioned and embellished me, I have be come attached to another. 856

7 He is with all, but he cannot be found; the fool does not know His taste.
Intoxicated with the wine of Maya, the mortal babbles on about trivial affairs; giving in to the illusion, he cannot meet the Lord. 924

8 Forgetting the Naam, the Name of the Fearless Lord, he becomes attached to Maya. He comes and goes, and wanders, dancing in countless incarnations.1099

The ability of things to sense the power of electricity depends on their
conductivity. This receptivity depends on the composition and the sensitivity of different things.

‘Wood’ or ‘rubber’ have very low or almost no conductivity.

Some things have medium conductivity.

Some things have high conductivity.

In the same way ‘divine electric current’ or ‘Shabad’ is infused and brimful within every ‘being’..... but our mind, under the influence of materialistic hue


it has become so rusted or corroded that it has lost the capacity to—

be aware

the ‘infused-brimful’ divine electric current of ‘life current’ or ‘shabad’ within itself.

What this means is that we, by virtue of our mental


having within
operating within
being the life support
being infused and brimful

in the innate self day and night with the divine ‘light’, ‘shabad’ or ’naam’,

yet we cannot

keep company


carry out transactions

with it — thereby causing us to be divorced from divine virtues and rendering us incapable of deriving benefit from our spiritual ‘heritage.

1 Your Beloved Husband is now manifest before you in your own home, but you are separated from Him, and you suffer such pain! 234

2 The Lord is Ever-present; one who deems Him to be far away, dies again and again, repenting. 395

3 He rests in the bed of my mind, but I cannot see Him with my eyes. Unto whom should I tell my sufferings? 482

4 The bride and the Groom dwell together.
They lie upon the one bed, but their union is difficult. 483

5 She who does not know her Husband Lord, the Architect of karma, is deluded by falsehood - she herself is false. 583

6 O foolish and ignorant soul-bride, why are you so proud?
Within the home of your own self, why do you not enjoy the Love of your Lord? 722

7 She may be very clever, but this does not please her Husband Lord.
Attached to Maya, she is deluded by doubt. 750

8 Abandoning her Husband Lord, she sleeps, and does not appreciate His Worth.
Leaving her Husband Lord, she sleeps, and is plundered by her faults and de merits. The night is so painful for this bride. 1111

9 The soul-bride and the Husband Lord live together as one, but the hard wall of egotism has come between them. 1263

Between both conditions of life or -

forgetfulfulness or remembrance
bad company or good company
mind-orientated or guru-orientated
distress or happiness
hell or heaven

the crucial point is our consciousness.


If our consciousness ‘connects’ with materialism or ‘’doubt-fallacy’ then we become ‘manmukh’ or mind-orientated and we forget the divine ‘realm’ - but if our consciousness connects with spirituality then divine consciousness begins to get ingrained with us.

The divine consciousness acquired through the company of the holy or the ‘discerning-intellect’ is the one that is going to carry out the

giving of direction
taking of action

of mental or spiritual ‘life’ or ‘good’ or ‘bad’ company.

Joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, my understanding is
refined. 377

2 It is the most sublime contemplation, to speak of the Lord of the Universe in the pure Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. 459

3 Joining the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, discriminating understanding is attained. 481

4 In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, Nanak has obtained under standing; singing the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises is his only support. 498

5 The filth of evil-mindedness is totally washed away; joining the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, one is blessed with understanding. 881

6 By the kindness of the devotee, the intellect is enlightened, and pain and evil- mindedness are eradicated. 1081

7 Wisdom, understanding and awareness are found in the Name of the Lord. In the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, embrace love for the Guru. 1256

The spiritual knowledge accumulated through the consciousness of the ‘light’ or ‘shabad’ of the innate self within is call intuition.

Intuition introduce us to the realisation and knowledge of the bounteous spiritual realm.

Intellectual knowledge can only give us the realisation or knowledge of the limited materialistic realm.

Between both these types of ‘knowledge’ - (namely)

intuitional spiritual knowledge (and)
intellectual materialistic knowledge

lies the cord of ‘consciousness’.

If the cord of our consciousness or ‘attention’ is connected with the divine sangat, the holy gathering, (that is it) is ‘soul enlightened’, then that (gathering) is called the ‘sat sangat’ (the company of truth) and our consciousness begins to acquire the ‘hue’ of spirituality and we become sadh-sant-bhagat gurmukh.

On the other hand if the cord of our consciousness or attention is entangled in materialistic doubt-fallacy then that (state) is referred to as ‘negative company’ or corrupt company. In this state we get detached from the spiritual realm and become mind-orientated-worldly-materialistic.

Between these two levels or stages, man’s
‘consciousness’ or ‘attention’
(his) interaction or ‘company’
predominates and prevails.

(The presence of) ‘consciousness’ or attention is vital to achieve complete success in any action.

When the mortal is of one mind - whatever he dedicates it to, in that he is
successful. 303

In the same way, to reap the full benefit of a ‘communion’ or ‘company’, for ‘cooperation’ or ‘interaction’ to take place, ‘consciousness’ or ‘attention is absolutely needed.

Without attention or consciousness ‘cooperation’ or ‘interaction’ is not possible.

This point is elaborated upon with a few examples.

Through radio and tape recorder kirtan and recitation of spiritual text is going on, but every person in the household or

member is absorbed in his or her household matters or is engaged in conversation. The intention was to enable the paath and kirtan to reach via loud-speakers and other means to as many listeners as possible at homes but because our mind is engrossed in some other matter, ‘our attention’ is not on the kirtan or gurbani.

In the same way when we are reading Gurbani or doing simran our ‘consciousness’ is involved in so many other ‘thought’ and this is the reason why our attention does not dwell in Gurbani.

The general sangat too has this complaint that their mind does not get absorbed in Gurbani.

When our consciousness or ‘attention’ is not focused in Gurbani or simran then we are not in ‘communion’ with Gurbani. This is the reason why we cannot get linked or connected with the innate spiritual messages of Gurbani and there is no ‘association’ or ‘interaction’ between us and Gurbani. In this way the lofty and pure ‘communion’ does not take place with Gurbani and we remain divorced from the ‘touch-stone power’ of Gurbani.

In other words without ‘consciousness’ or attention, whatever we do, is done in a state of ‘inattention’ — in a state of ‘absenteeism’. That is why we cannot derive the full benefit from the ‘sadh sangat’ or ‘sat sangat, the company of the holy and we remain divorced from the benefit of reading, singing, and contemplating Gurbani.

This is the reason why when compared with the earlier times, nowadays despite the enormous increase in—

religious texts
religious temples
religious propagation
holy religious gatherings
reading of Gurbani


kirtan (singing of Gurbani verses)
stringent discipline
rites and rituals

no change has come in our mental and spiritual state, infact our mental personality continues to decline.

1 The Pandits, the religious scholars read, but they do not taste the essence.
In love with duality and Maya, their minds wander, unfocused. 116

They do not listen to the Lord's Praises, and they do not sing the Lord's
Glories, but they try to bring down the sky with their talk. 332

3 He says one thing, and does something else.
There is no love in his heart, and yet with his mouth he talks tall. 269

4 Journeying to sacred shrines of pilgrimage, I see the mortals acting in ego.
If I ask the Pandits, I find them tainted by Maya. 385

5 You may stand and recite the Shaastras and the Vedas, O Siblings of Destiny, but these are just worldly actions.
Filth cannot be washed away by hypocrisy, O Siblings of Destiny; the filth of corruption and sin is within you.
This is how the spider is destroyed, O Siblings of Destiny, by falling head-long in its own web. 635

6 He may remain devoted to worship and adoration, bowing his forehead to the floor, practicing the six religious rituals.
He indulges in egotism and pride, and falls into entanglements, but he does not meet the Lord by these devices. 642

7 In his heart there is deception, and yet in his mouth are words of wisdom.
You are false - why are you churning water? 656

8 Some people try to deceive the world by closing their eyes and holding their nostrils closed. 662

9 He wears religious robes, but he does not practice Truth.
He says that he has found the Mansion of the Lord's Presence, but he cannot even get near it. 738

10 The one who lacks spiritual wisdom sings religious songs.
The hungry Mullah turns his home into a mosque.
The lazy unemployed has his ears pierced to look like a Yogi.


Someone else becomes a pan-handler, and loses his social status. 1245

1 But not joining the Sangat, and committing actions in egotistical pride, is like drawing out clean water, and throwing it in the mud. 1309

Without ‘consciousness’ our life is like dead matter. For this reason the subtle mental and spiritual presence and getting together - ‘communion - sharing - ‘interaction’ between beings cannot take place.

Between human beings and animals the ‘difference’ lies in this consciousness. In human beings the consciousness is extremely sharp, intense, made up of subtle feelings — that is why it (the consciousness) can absorb spiritual feelings of love and experience them — but in animals the consciousness being coarse, cannot ‘experience’ the subtle spiritual vibes.

The extent to which our mind’s attention gets pulled (directly) depends on the (degree of ) interest we show. Over numerous births our mind is
‘divorced’ from the spiritual realm and being engrossed in the materialistic realm it is incapable of experiencing the subtle spiritual feelings of love.

In other words our consciousness has now become similar to that of animals.

2 Those who do not listen to the Praises of the Lord of supreme bliss,
are worse off than beasts, birds or creeping creatures. 188

3 They belong to the human species, but they act like animals. 267

4 Without the Sangat, the Company of the Holy, all remain like beasts and
animals. 427

5 You are lured by the tastes of the tongue and sex organs.
You have become a beast; this sign cannot be erased. 903

6 Past actions cannot be erased; without understanding the Hukam of the Lord's Command, they become beasts. 1013

7 You never joined the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. You are en grossed in false pursuits. 1105

8 You wander like a dog, a pig, a crow; soon, you shall have to get up and leave.
He acts like a beast, and does not understand anything. Practicing falsehood, he becomes false. 1123

1 The manmukh is blind; he does not like the Guru's Teachings.
He has become a beast; he cannot get rid of his egotistical pride. 1190

2 The self-willed manmukhs are false; without the Name, they wander around like demons.
They are nothing more than beasts, wrapped up in human skin; they are black-hearted within. 1284

To change our ‘animalistic tendency’ or low ‘consciousness’, that is to make it lofty, better and ‘dedicated to the soul’ - there is one and only one ‘way’ or methodology indicated in Gurbani, that is—

‘Sadh sangat’ or ‘sat sangat’, the company of the holy.

3 Whoever chants it, is emancipated.
And yet, rare are those who attain it, in the Company of the Holy.
By His Grace, He enshrines it within.
Even beasts, ghosts and the stone-hearted are saved. 274

4 So, when standing up and sitting down, vibrate upon the Lord, and cherish the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.
O Nanak, evil-mindedness is eradicated, when the Supreme Lord God comes to dwell in the mind. 297

5 Trying all sorts of things, I have grown weary, but still, they will not leave me alone.
But I have heard that they can be rooted out, in the Saadh Sangat, the
Company of the Holy; and so I seek their Shelter. 206

6 It is the most sublime contemplation, to speak of the Lord of the Universe in the pure Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. 522

7 I cannot see any other way out. I seek the Sanctuary of the Lord's slaves.1203

8 The pleasure fruit of gurmukhs is the company of holy persons through which animals, ghosts, and the fallen ones are salvaged and liberated. VBG 16/7

To focus the mind on any one thought is called ‘attention’ or ‘contemplation’.

To achieve success and perfection in any kind of work ‘attention’ is essential. Without attention no work can be

done correctly


In this way without attention—the reading of religious texts-worship, rites-rituals too become

devoid of faith
devoid of benefits
dead (fruitless) methods.

The non presence of the kajis (Muslim preachers) in the inattentive ‘nimaaz’ or prayer in Sultanpur is Guru Nanak’s indicator of this very point that , the reading religious texts, worship, contemplation, rites-rituals without attention, are useless-will bear no fruit. But despite this the masses continue to read religious texts, worship, contemplate, do simran, engage in rites-rituals, and religious preaching (in a state where they ) —

are inattentive
try to be officially correct
try to ape others
do it as an enforced duty
do it to get social approval
do it to as a means displaying their talents
do it to attain selfish interests
do it to boost mind’s confidence
do it to attain materialistic.

1 Those who do not have love for the Lord within their hearts, harbor only false intentions and goals. 171

2 Deception does not work with our Lord and Master; through their greed and emotional attachment, people are ruined.
They do their evil deeds, and sleep in the intoxication of Maya. 321

3 People try to deceive others, but the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, knows everything.
They commit sins, and then deny them, while they pretend to be in Nirvaanaa. 680

4 The faithless cynics in their love of duality and sensual desires, harbor foul- smelling urges. They are totally useless and ignorant. 734


1 Some come for their own purposes, and sit before the Guru; they pretend to be in Samaadhi, like storks with their eyes closed. 881

2 Some shave their heads, some keep their hair in matted tangles; some keep it in braids, while some keep silent, filled with egotistical pride.
Their minds waver and wander in ten directions, without loving devotion and enlightenment of the soul. 1013

3 And what good are your purifications? Why do you bother to wash your face? And why do you bother to bow your head in the mosque?
Your heart is full of hypocrisy; what good are your prayers or your pilgrimage to Mecca? 1350

The mind that is engrossed in attachment-materialism, or the
sub-consciousness which participates in actions, religion, reading of religious, (and) worship, all that, in fact is done inattentively in egotism with a superficial involvement of the mind. This is the reason why the divine vibes of subtle spiritual love of Self within have no effect on our minds and no pure and lofty change occurs in our life.

Gurbani guides (or motivates) us as follows to bring about mental and spiritual change in our life:-

4 Join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; vibrate and meditate on the Jewel of the Naam. 12

5 I have obtained the reward of the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises, in the Saadh
Sangat, the Company of the Holy.
I no longer have to gaze upon the way of death. 197

6 Hatred is gone, and I have become the dust of all.
I have received the Ambrosial Naam in the Company of the Holy. 295

7 He has united me with the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.
He has rescued me from the five demons. 331

8 The ocean of fire becomes cool, when one grasps the hem of the robe of the Holy Saint. 458

9 Join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and meditate in remem brance on the Lord; even a sinner like yourself will become pure. 631

10 In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, my aversion is gone.
My mind and body are imbued with love for the Lord. 892

11 Worship and adoration of God is the pure way of life.
In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the love of duality vanishes. 1137


Opposed to this Gurbani has this to say about the condition of the being who is devoid of the sadh sangat, the company of the holy :-

1 Those who have not sought the Sanctuary of the True Guru and the Sangat, the Holy Congregation-cursed are their lives, and cursed are their hopes of life. 10

2 He does not join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and he suffers in terrible pain through countless incarnations. 77

3 Those who lack the Company of the Holy, remain all alone.
Their pain never departs, and they fall into the grip of the Messenger of Death. 135

4 He wavers and falters, and suffers such great pain, without the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. 405

One who does not obtain the Association of the True Guru, is a most
unfortunate sinner; he is consumed by the Messenger of Death. 494

6 He finds no place of rest without the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; to whom should he go and cry? 532

7 That life, which has no contact with the Holy, is useless. 810

Therefore Gurbani guides and motivates us to make ‘supplications in the following way:-

8 I offer my prayer to the Lord,
that I might dwell in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. 415

9 O Lord, Har, Har, please unite me with the Holy; compared to these Holy peo ple, I am just a worm. 698

10 Says Nanak, please forgive me, God.
Have Mercy upon me, and bless me with the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. 738

11 Have Mercy upon me, and place me upon the Path;
let me be attached to the hem of the robe of the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. 801

12 I beg for the Sangat, the Congregation; O God, please bless me with them. I am a fool, and an idiot - please save me! 975

13 Please be kind to me, and unite me with the Sat Sangat, the True Congrega tion of the Holy; I seek the Sanctuary of the Holy. 1179

14 If only some Saint, some humble Saint of the Lord, my Holy Beloved, would come, to show me the way. 1201

1 Beg for such blessings from the Lord of the Universe:
to work for the Saints, and the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. Chanting the Name of the Lord, the supreme status is obtained. 1298

To speak on the telephone, to make a connection, it is necessary to ‘connect’ to a particular number—if that number is not available or the receiver is not lifted then between the two parties—

no conversation takes place,
‘communion’ or the ‘get-together’ does not take place,
sharing does not take place,
interaction does not take place,
business-transaction does not take place.

Exactly in the same way, when doing paath-worship, meditation-contemplation, if our mind is not in ’one-pointed state of consciousness’, then we remain divorced from the innate, profound, infinitely subtle vibes of Gurbani and the ‘touch-stone power’ of Gurbani cannot operate on us.

That is why in Gurbani there is encouragement and binding command

2 With one-pointed mind, meditate on the One Lord, and the doubts of your mind will be dispelled. 47

3 Sing the Praises of God, O Saints, O friends,
with total concentration and one-pointedness of mind. 295

4 O mind, meditate on the Dear Lord, with single-minded conscious concentra tion. 653

5 I have met the Beloved Saints, and they have blessed me with their kindness; I contemplate the Unspoken Speech of the Lord.
With my consciousness centered, and my mind one-pointed, I meditate on my Lord and Master, with love and affection. 845

One who adores the Creator in thought, word and deed, shall never be pun ished. 1071

Those who meditate and contemplate on the wisdom of the Guru, in a state of one pointedness, they shed their egotism or me-mineness and enjoy
tranquility. VBG 5/6

I am a sacrifice unto those who remember the Lord with single minded devo tion, VBG12/2

For achieving this single mindedness, Gurbani has warned as follows about the condition of the mind

1 He says one thing, and does something else.
There is no love in his heart, and yet with his mouth he talks tall. 269

2 This mind does not hold still, even for an instant. Distracted by all sorts of distractions, it wanders around aimlessly in the ten directions. 171

3 Those who have one thing in their heart, and something else in their mouth, are judged to be false. 488

4 I have one thing in my mind, and another thing on my lips; I am such a poor, unfortunate liar! 528

In fact the most distinctive and practical example pertaining to this subject indeed is our own materialistic life.

Man under the influence of the doubt-fallacy of egotism having ‘forgotten’ or having ‘separated’ over numerous births from his fountain head, the Timeless Being , is stuck in the quicksand of materialistic attachment or is entangled in the second love (that is worldly love).

5 By the actions we have committed, we are separated from You. Please show Your Mercy, and unite us with Yourself, Lord. 133

6 She has forgotten the Lord, her Life-companion, her Master; she has become attached to Maya, the deceitful one.
Neither son, nor spouse, nor wealth shall go along with you-only the Eternal Lord.
Entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the whole world is perishing. 133

7 The Actor has staged the drama of emotional attachment to Maya.
The self-willed manmukhs cling blindly to it. 230

8 The five vices have corrupted my mind.
Moment by moment, they lead me further away from the Lord. 710

9 Countless lifetimes have passed away, wandering aimlessly.
The terrible, treacherous Maya does not even allow them to dwell in their own home.
Day and night, they receive the rewards of their own actions.
Don't blame anyone else; your own actions lead you astray.

Over numerous births we have become so entangled in this false
materialism that our ‘life’ has become the embodiment of materialism,


for this reason our


in fact our whole life is bathed in the ‘dark hue’ of materialistic attachment. For this reason our


is unconsciously, spontaneously, unknowingly so engrossed in this false materialism that it is impossible for our ‘attention’ to move elsewhere.

This false materialism’s


hue or colour

within us arose during the previous lives through

the company
paying attention

on materialism and it has become so ingrained that through ‘materialistic consciousness’ materialism has become our ‘life-form’ and in this ‘materialistic life’, we

take birth
live our life
take actions
face consequences
become the victims of jam (the
couriers of death)
take birth again.

1 The thirteenth day of the lunar cycle: The world is in the fever of the three qualities.
It comes and goes, and is reincarnated in hell. .........
This body is the embodiment of pleasure and pain.
It suffers from the chronic and incurable disease of Maya........... 299

2 Forgetting the Lord, how can you be satisfied? Your mind cannot be pleased.

One who forsakes God, and attaches himself to another, shall be immersed in hell. 708

You shall be born and born again, and die and die again, only to be
reincarnated again.
You shall suffer terrible punishment, on your way to the land beyond.
The mortal does not know the One who created him; he is blind, and so he shall suffer. 1020

2 He wanders in attachment to Maya.
He acts in accordance with the karma of his past actions. 1193

If a human being needs the company of or the exposure to the practice of materialism over numerous birth to ‘imbibe’ or ingrain the ‘materialistic hue or colour’- then exactly opposed to this, wanting to take materialistic life’ and change, remould or ingrain the spiritual life in its place— the need for even more time is absolutely essential and mandatory to enable the lofty-pure spiritual ‘company of the holy’ to take place.

The ‘reverse play’ or spiritual ‘transformation’ is extremely lengthy and arduous ‘play of love’ which can be attained quickly through the continuous company and service-orientatedness of evolved and beloved guru-orientated beings.

This is why there is obligatory advice in Gurbani to maintain the ‘company of the holy’ or the ‘company of truth’.

4 In the Saadh Sangat, He dwells within the mind, and one's works are brought to perfect fruition. 52

5 Listen, O my beloved friends and companions:
in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, you shall be saved in an in stant. 103

6 Millions of obstacles are removed in an instant,
for those who listen to the Sermon of the Lord, Har, Har, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. 195

7 Trying all sorts of things, I have grown weary, but still, they will not leave me alone.
But I have heard that they can be rooted out, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; and so I seek their Shelter. 206

8 Be victorious, and win the priceless jewel of this human life, by meditating on Him in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, even for an instant. 210

9 In the Company of the Holy, there is no suffering.


1 The Blessed Vision of their Darshan brings a sublime, happy peace. 272

2 The Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, is so very pure and sacred.
Meeting with them, love for God is embraced. 393

3 One moment, O Nanak, the Lord bestows His Mercy and blesses him with His Love, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. 409

4 From forest to forest, I wandered searching; I am so tired of taking baths at sacred shrines of pilgrimage.
O Nanak, when I met the Holy Saint, I found the Lord within my mind. 455

5 O Nanak, the sinners become pure, joining the Company of the Holy; following the Guru, the True Guru, they are emancipated. 528

6 Joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord; your efforts shall be rewarded. 617

7 Please attach me to the hem of the robe of the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; help me to cross over the terrible river. 702

8 The five thieves run away, when one joins the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.
His investment is intact, and he earns great profits; his household is blessed with honor. 810

9 I have broken away from the others, and I have been released from the Mes senger of Death.
O mind, drink in the subtle essence of the Lord; join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and turn away from the world. 830

10 One who enjoys peace in the Company of the Holy, even for an instant, obtains millions of heavenly paradises. 1208

11 The Sat Sangat, the True Congregation of the True Guru, is the school of the soul, where the Glorious Virtues of the Lord are studied. 1316

cont/......Lekh 80 Sangat Part 3


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Lekh 78 Part 1 Sangat (Company)

The word ‘sangat’ when used as a noun refers to a gathering of people and when used as a verb, it signifies the ‘inter-action’ that takes place when people meet in groups.

As our externally orientated view point is dependent on intellectual knowledge, we have come to regard the bodily ‘gathering’, the ‘physical-meeting’ and ‘intellectual exchange of ideas’ akin to a sangat or company and are quite satisfied with this understanding.

This sangat or the inter-action is taking place automatically among humans and within the whole visible creation - which includes both the animate and inanimate things.

Modern science has also proved that visible ‘matter’ such as air, water, minerals, metals, fire, earth, moon, sun, plants, animals, birds and man are all created by the inter-action of natural elements. All these chemical elements are the manifestation of the invisible external vibration and energy of the invisible minute electrons.

The invisible vibrations and energy of the electrons are indeed the cause of all creation of the universe of which there is one and only one ‘source’ - the primal source—i.e. the Timeless Being.

For example:-
From the combination of hydrogen and oxygen



water is made.

From the combination of nitrogen and oxygen ‘air’ is made.

From the combination of carbon and oxygen ‘fire’ is made.

From the combination of hydrogen and carbon petrol, gas, rubber, liquor and many other things are made.

Similarly with the ‘combination’ or ‘association’ of elements many different kinds of metals, alloys, fertilizers, medicines etc. are made.

Mixing with tin, the copper transforms into bronze.
The same copper mixed with zinc appears in the form of brass.
Copper mixed with lead changes into pewter.
With the touch of the philosopher’s stone, the same copper be comes gold.
When transformed into ashes, copper becomes a medicine.
Likewise, though the Lord is omnipresent, yet the effects of the company of man are different over men. Knowing this much the Lord is lauded ( praised) in the holy congregation. VBG 2/6

Lightening generated by friction in clouds and the electricity used by us daily are indeed the creation and expression of electronic vibrations and potential of the electrons.

These ‘elements’ with the ‘association’ of the fine vibrations of one another in a natural way influence (other elements) and get influenced (by them) and their structure and characteristics continue to change just as in the earth’s crust there is the formation of various natural metals such as coal, petroleum, stones of different colours, jewels etc.

Man doing scientific research with his intellect and ‘combining’ or ‘separating’ these ‘chemical elements’ has succeeded in making innumerable useful and comfort giving products and systems

such as:-
household appliances
transport systems
comfortable buildings
means of communications

It is natural for demerits—the opposite of merits— to arise upon interaction – close association between these elements in the same way as water can get ‘clean-dirty’, ‘bitter-sweet’, ‘hot-cold’, and iron becomes ‘rusty’ under the influence of air moisture etc.

Man too, by tempering himself with the hue or colour of evil intellect, has researched into the demerits of ‘fusion’ and ‘separation’ of these elements, and made them the means of extreme destruction such as (the making of) -

intoxicating drugs
destructive weapons
nuclear and chemical bombs

These devices are becoming the cause of destruction of the creation and mankind, and out of fear of the dread, people are crying out in agony.

Hidden behind the word ’sangat’ are extremely deep and mysterious secrets. It is extremely essential to understand and experience their intrinsic spiritual meaning. Without the awareness or knowledge of this intrinsic meaning, we continue to regard the ‘sangat’ just as a gross physical interactive gathering.

Through these series of Lekhs an effort is being made from the intuitional view point of Gurbani’s light to explain the significant hopes that this word holds pertaining to the subtle intrinsic spiritual feelings.


Water from the sea, evaporating and taking various forms, such as steam, clouds, snow, hail stones, rain and passing through drains, streams, rivers, pits, pools etc. merges again with its original source in the sea. This water changes into various forms according to its association (or interaction) just as:-

In association with heat it becomes ‘steam’.
In association with cold it becomes ‘clouds’.
Then under the influence of heat it becomes ‘rain’.
From the rain are formed pits, pools, drains, streams and rivers
according to the condition of the earth.

But the important point is that although the ‘water’ took many forms according to its ‘association’ (with other agents), in its innermost consciousness only one ‘life-current’ prevails and despite it having different appearances, streaks, colours, names according to its association, the ‘pull’ to meet its master ocean continually remained intact.

Similarly as a result of its association, water absorbs the effect of the ‘colour’, ‘smell’, ‘taste’, of whatever we put in it and thus different types of ‘solutions’ are made. Although this ‘solution’ changes with the addition of everything else, it’s (intrinsic) form still exists under different appearances, colours, streaks, with names such as lassi (butter-milk), tea, lime-water, liquor, medicine etc. - but in these various life-forms’, there is the existence of ‘water’. In other words the existence of water is just one and the same—but its various ‘forms’ keep on changing according to the mixture or ‘association’.

Exactly in the same way, the ‘existence ‘or ‘life-current’ or light of ‘man’ is one which is wholly permeating but man’s mind ‘form’ or ‘personality’ continues to change according to his ‘company’.

We are clearly aware of the influences of the ‘company’ and ‘interaction’ of ‘men’, because this happens in our daily experience,
such as—

In the company of addicts one becomes an addict.

In the company of thieves one becomes a thief,
In bad company one becomes bad,
In good company one becomes good.
In the company saints-evolved souls one becomes spiritual etc.

1 The whole vegetation planted near sandal tree becomes fragrant like sandal.
Being in touch with the philosophers’s stone and the alloy of light metals
transforms into one metal (gold).
Rivers, streams and brooks after joining the Ganges are known by the name of Ganges.
The redeemer of the fallen ones is the holy congregation wherein the dirt of sins is cleansed. VBG 2/16

The association with the sadhus and the wicked
invariably produces sin and meirit, sorrows and pleasures. VBG 31/13

In other words it is according to the company of our previous internal
‘subconsciousness’ and external ‘environment’ that our life is made and undergoes change.

3 According to the company it keeps, so are the fruits it eats. 1369

When the influence of the ‘company’ becomes intense, then the effect of the ‘company’ on the mind gets ‘ingrained’ and becomes ‘permanent’. In this way the whole life acquires the ‘colouring’ of good or bad company. It is according to the ‘colouring’ of this ‘company’ that we are being carried away automatically in the ‘flow’ of our daily lives.

Our daily life’s:-

reverse course or cycle
thought ‘flow’


have become so ingrained and powerful that despite

we cannot come out of the old materialistic system on our own and are again and again entangled and deeply engrossed in it.

Moreover the materialistic ‘reverse course (cycle)’ or the ‘flow of ‘base thoughts’ becomes so strong and intense that the thought of ‘looking’ or ‘thinking’ (of ways and means) of coming out of it does not even arise in us.

1 The foolish mind has not yet reformed itself, although I have grown weary of continually instructing it. 536

2 This mind does not follow my advice one tiny bit.
I am so tired of giving it instructions - it will not refrain from its evil- mindedness.
It has gone insane with the intoxication of Maya; it does not chant the Lord's Praise.
Practicing deception, it tries to cheat the world, and so it fills its belly. Like a dog's tail, it cannot be straightened; it will not listen to what I tell it. 536

3 Again and again, the crow falls into the trap.
Then he regrets it, but what can he do now? 935

4 Kabeer, the mortal knows everything, and knowing, he still makes mistakes. 1376

The proof of our ‘helplessness’ or ‘constraint’ is that despite many:-

religious places
religious books


recitation worship
yogic practices,

man’s mental and spiritual ‘life’, instead of becoming lofty and noble, it is sinking’.

The reason for this is that through the company of previous births, the residual inclinations of these births have penetrated, infiltrated and permeated the ‘subconsciousness’ so much that the powerful ‘steam’ or ‘odour’ of this hue, predominates over the influence of the current good company or it can be said that the effect of the good company on us is superficial, momentary—is like the passing wind and therefore old or entrenched influences of previous lives automatically emerge. In this way our mind gets carried away in the ‘flow’ of the effects of the previous actions of past lives.

Therefore for man to save himself from the materialistic degrading

reverse course or cycle
flow of base or low thoughts

Gurbani has strongly recommended the continuous (need for exposure to the) counsel of the company of spiritually elevated beloveds.

Without the continuous ‘company of the holy’ there is no other way for man to save himself or escape from materialistic degradation.

1 Without the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, no one swims across. 373

2 The ignorant mind is encouraged, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.
Now, it does not waver at all; it has become stable and steady. 890

3 With each and every breath, I meditate in remembrance on my God; I live continually in the Society of the Saints.
The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is my only support and wealth; O Nanak, from this, I obtain bliss. 533

He who remembers God obtains all the comforts,
We should daily go and sit and associate with the society
of evolved persons. 550

The good or bad vibrations of our physical, mental and spiritual ‘colouring’ automatically undoubtedly emerge and spread from within us
and whatever that comes in (the path of ) of the rays of the aura or associates with it, is bound to be influenced by its ‘colour or hue’.

In this way by being in a ‘company’ or by ‘interacting in it, the influence of people’s good or bad ‘vibrations’ keeps on taking place automatically. We are not even aware of all this or are unable to recognise (its existence). But this influence definitely takes place and with the passing of time and through practice it becomes deep, intense and powerful.

In this creation there are two realms:-

1 The spiritual realm
2 The materialistic realm

These two realm are contrary to or opposite of each other.

On the one hand in the ‘spiritual realm’ thee is the existence and the expression of divine merits or virtues such as:-

divine ‘illumination’
‘Shabad’ or Word


peace (calmness)


On the other hand in the ‘materialistic realm’ there is the flourishing and prevalence of demerits or shortcomings such as:-

passion or lust

Therefore if we wish to make our lives better, loftier, more beautiful and divine then we have to:-

1 ‘Forsake’ the company of self willed people who are immersed in the materialistic realm and in worldly affairs.


2 Join the ‘company’ of guru-orientated spiritually evolved

This means that we have to change every aspect of our old ‘life-routine’ such as:-

life goals
etc. and moving (in the direction that is)

completely contrary

to them, we have to acquire the divine merits (or virtues) of the spiritual realm or ‘lofty company’, - (virtues) such as

faith filled desire
love filled longing

capaciousness (big heartedness)
prevalence of kinship (interconnectedness)
service orientatedness
sacrificing oneself, etc.

For this reason in Gurbani (we find) motivation and mandatory commands (urging us) to participate in the sadh-sangat, the holy congregation:-
or keep the company of spiritually evolved guru orientated beloveds:-

1 Come, O Saints - let's meet together and chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord.
In the Sangat, the Holy Congregation, let's earn the lasting profit of the Naam. 173
2 Everyone who joins the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy,
obtains eternal peace; pain does not afflict them any longer. 196

3 Sing the Praises of the Lord, the Lord of the Universe, each and every day.
Join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and vibrate, meditate on Him, O my friend. 296

4 One who attains the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, has his desires fulfilled.
In the Saadh Sangat, immerse yourself in the Love of the Lord; remember the Lord of the Universe in meditation. 457

5 Go, and sit in the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, where the Name of the Lord is churned.
In peace and poise, contemplate the Lord's Name - don't lose the essence of the Lord. 587

6 Come and join together, O my Siblings of Destiny; dispel your sense of duality and let yourselves be lovingly absorbed in the Lord.
Let yourselves be joined to the Name of the Lord; become Gurmukh, spread out your mat, and sit down. 1185

7 Meet with the humble Saints, O Siblings of Destiny, and contemplate the True
Name. 49

8 O dear beloved mind, my friend, abide in the Society of the Saints. 79

9 So join together with the humble Saints, O madman, and you shall find the Gate of Salvation. 1200

10 I speak with the Company of the Holy; I am in love with the Holy
people of the Lord. 1202

11 Joining the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, vibrate and meditate on the Lord. This is the high destiny written on your forehead. 1297

12 Kabeer, do not leave the Society of the Saints; walk upon this Path.
See them, and be sanctified; meet them, and chant the Name. 1371

The Timeless Being is the ‘embodiment of love’.

The desires of love cannot be fulfilled by their own selves. In the existence and fulfillment of ‘love’ desires, two aspects of love are needed.

One aspect - to love, and the
Second aspect - having received love to respond with love.

Therefore in the ‘play of love’ it is a must for the ‘two individual souls’ to have -
give and take or commune

in their innermost consciousness.

For this ’love-drama’ tow ’lives’ are needed—

On one side — the lover
On the other side — the beloved.

The love (filled)

tender impulses
innate self love

between these two lovers are indeed said to be —

the cord of love
the swing of love
the language of love
the give and take or communion of love

the ‘transaction of love’
the ‘play of love’
the ‘union’.

The Timeless Being is the ‘lover’ of all the beings in the whole creations. That is why He is referred to in Gurbani as ‘Being of love’ or the ‘very dear lover’.

To complete the arena of this ‘play of love’, the Timeless Being put His light in His creatures and created His ‘off-springs’ or spiritual ‘family’. Just like (our) ‘parents’, HE loves and cuddles this ‘spiritual family’.

1 The Dear Lord is my mother, the Dear Lord is my father; the Dear Lord cher ishes and nurtures me.
The Dear Lord takes care of me; I am the child of the Lord.
Slowly and steadily, He feeds me; He never fails.
He does not remind me of my faults; He hugs me close in His embrace.
Whatever I ask for, He give me; the Lord is my peace-giving father. 1101

2 He plays with me, He fondles and caresses me. Forever and ever, He blesses me with bliss.
He cherishes me, like the father and the mother love their child. 1214

Although our Divine ‘Mother-Father’ (interacting) with His ‘off-springs or children
‘is forever with us’
‘exists with us’
‘is unable to separate’ (from us)
‘nurtures us’
‘ever looks after everyone’
‘joyfully cuddles us’
‘joyfully plays with us’
‘does not remind us of our demerits’

‘does not speak rudely’
‘hugs (us) with love’
‘heaps goodwill (on us’
‘is not lazy’
‘love (us)’
‘pulls us with (His) love cord’,

but we have become so absorbed in the visible ‘company’ of the materialistic world that we have forgotten our ‘Beloved’ or divine ‘Mother and
Father’. Because of this ‘forgetfulness’ or ‘atheism’, our mental connection with our Beloved, the ‘Love-Being’ or ‘divine Mother-Father’ has broken or snapped.

By disregarding or tuning away form our ‘Beloved’ or ‘Love Being’ in this way we remain deprived of His:-

divine warm bosom
divine presence
divine guardianship
divine sympathy
divine love
divine gifts
divine power
divine affection
essence of love
divine hue or colour
divine happiness
divine joy
divine partnership
divine inheritance.

1 I am Your meek and helpless child; You are God my Father. As You know me, You save me.
When I am hungry, I ask for food; when I am full, I am totally at peace.
When I dwell with You, I am free of disease; if I become separated from You, turn to dust. 1214
Breaking away from the divine ‘’wire of love’ or Naam, we cannot have the ‘company ‘ of Divine presence and there can be no ‘give and take’ (interaction) or ‘trade’ in the spiritual realm and we remain incapable of acquiring the love filled desires of our ‘dearest beloved’. For this reason we are unable to respond to the divine love.

Due to the ‘divine Light’ in human beings, the constituent of love is present in them. It is because of this that through the love-pull one feels the necessity of having the ‘company’ of another. Therefore, man

gets more attached
carries out deals
gets deceived
daily bears losses

in the company of someone who like himself is ‘alienated (from) and attached to, worldly possessions. Thus getting entangles in this trade experiences, he suffers.

2 By egotism and pride, the self-willed manmukhs are enticed, and consumed.
Those who center their consciousness on duality are caught in it, and remain stuck. 513

3 Those who attach their consciousness to emotional attachment and Maya, O my soul, depart regretfully in the end. 540

4 Friendship with the self-willed manmukhs lasts for only a few short days.
This friendship is broken in an instant; this friendship leads to corruption. 5 87


1 Friendship with the self-willed manmukhs is an alliance with Maya.
As we watch, they run away; they never stand firm.
As long as they get food and clothing, they stick around.
But on that day when they receive nothing, then they start to curse.
The self-willed manmukhs are ignorant and blind; they do not know the
secrets of the soul. 959

2 His body and wealth pass away, and he is torn by skepticism and cynicism; in the end, he regrets and repents, when the dust falls on his face. 1014

3 They deal in falsehood, and nothing but falsehood; telling lies, they suffer in pain. 1062

4 Friendship with the faithless cynic breaks down mid-way. 811

For this reason we are warned in Gurbani to be wary of the company of people who are self-willed, worldly or materialistic.

5 Such faithless cynics, who have forgotten the Naam, are thieves. O my mind, do not even go near them. 170

6 False is the love of the false one; break the ties, O my mind, and your ties shall be broken. Break your ties with the faithless cynic. 535

7 As far as possible, do not associate with the faithless cynics, O Beloved.
Meeting with them, the Lord is forgotten, O Beloved, and you rise and depart with a blackened face. 641

8 The evil people live in the love of duality.
They wander around, totally attached and thirsty.

9 They sit in evil gatherings, and suffer in pain forever; they earn pain, nothing but pain. 1068

10 O Nanak, break away from the false, and seek out the Saints, your true friends. 1102

11 Kabeer, I have been ruined and destroyed by bad company, like the banana plant near the thorn bush.
The thorn bush waves in the wind, and pierces the banana plant; see this, and do not associate with the faithless cynics. 1369

12 Kabeer, do not associate with the faithless cynics; run far away from them.
If you touch a vessel stained with soot, some of the soot will stick to you.1371

13 The mind of the self-willed, broken up into eight pieces (i.e being scattered), gets lost in doubt-fallacy in the company of evil minded. VBG 5/17

In other words—because there is a suggestion of ‘love-constituent’

in the innermost consciousness of man, the ‘link of love’, the pull of love exists in everyone. As a result of this unknowingly there is this yearning or simmering of love in everyone. For the fulfillment of this love of one’s
innate self’, one feels the need to ‘interact’, to ‘associate’ and to be in the company of someone else with whom he can share and commune the inner emotions of love.

When this divine pure ‘love-spark’ expresses itself in the materialistic world, through the relationship of—

mother - child
sister - brother
wife - husband
friendship etc.

then it manifests itself in the materialistic ‘hue’ Gurbani refers to this (link) as ’attachment’ or ’possessiveness’.

1 The enticing desire for Maya leads people to become emotionally attached to their children, relatives, households and spouses.
The world is deceived and plundered by riches, youth, greed and egotism.
The drug of emotional attachment has destroyed me, as it has destroyed the whole world. 61

2 Their love is false, their displays are false, and they are engrossed in false hood. 166

3 Your attachment to your family, your attachment to all your affairs. 356

4 He has lofty palaces, mansions and queens,
elephants and pairs of horses, delighting the mind;
he is blessed with a great family of sons and daughters.
But, engrossed in attachment, the blind fool wastes away to death. 392

All the beings in the creation are indeed entangled in this false world. Warning (about this state) is given in Gurbani thus:-

5 He lives in a castle of sand.
He enjoys the games of pleasure and the tastes of Maya.
He believes them to be permanent - this is the belief of his mind.
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Death does not even come to mind for the fool.
Hate, conflict, sexual desire, anger, emotional attachment,
falsehood, corruption, immense greed and deceit:
So many lifetimes are wasted in these ways. 267-8

1 Emotional attachment has drugged him, and he has forgotten the Lord, the treasure of virtue.
Don't think that he is alive in the world - he is dead, through the love of
dual ity. 643

2 He sees the terrible, awful wilderness as a city.
Gazing upon the false objects, he believes them to be real.
Engrossed in sexual desire, anger and egotism, he wanders around insane.
When the Messenger of Death hits him on the head with his club, then he
regrets and repents. 707

3 I judge the false world to be true, and I have fallen in love with it. 718

4 Hope, doubt, corruption and emotional attachment - in these, he is engrossed.
The false material world abides in his mind, and he does not understand the Supreme Lord God. 815

The illumination of electricity is pure—but its external expression or manifestation is according to the colour of the bulb.

Similarly the pure spiritual love of one’s inner being, coming into contact or ’company’ of the colour of external mental thoughts, emotions and desires, it assumes the form of attachment-possessiveness and (in the process) gets contaminated, turns false and becomes painful.

5 The world is polluted with the filth of egotism, suffering in pain. This filth sticks to them because of their love of duality. 39

6 Those who focus their consciousness on emotional attachment to Maya must leave; they depart crying out in despair. 81

7 False is the king, false are the subjects; false is the whole world.
False is the mansion, false are the skyscrapers; false are those who live in them.
False is gold, and false is silver; false are those who wear them.
False is the body, false are the clothes; false is incomparable beauty.
False is the husband, false is the wife; they mourn and waste away.
The false ones love falsehood, and forget their Creator. 468


1 These worldly attachments, loves and pleasurable tastes,all are just black stains.
One who departs, with these black stains of sin on his face.
shall find no place to sit in the Court of the Lord. 662

2 Those who indulge in attachment, conflict and egotism shall surely weep and cry.
Those who are separated from the Naam shall never find any peace. 761

3 With greed within them, their minds are filthy, and they spread filth around.
They do filthy deeds, and suffer in pain. 1062

4 Emotional attachment to Maya is very powerful; this attachment is a black stain which sticks. 1324

Exactly contrary to this—our materialistic, impure atheistic minds
having the ‘company’ of spiritually evolved guru-orientated great holy men and having the ‘touch’ of their pure souls, experience the miracle of the philosopher’s stone as a result of which—


sprouts and becomes firmly entrenched in our dry­-burnt faithless minds.

5 In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, faith wells up.
Outwardly, and deep within, God's Light is always radiant. 343

6 O my companions and fellow maidens, please implant that balanced under standing within me.
Serve the Holy Saints lovingly, and find the treasure of the Lord. 400

7 In the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, this faith is established, that the Lord is with us, in life and in death. 401

8 Without the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, love for the Lord does not well up; without this love, Your devotional worship cannot be performed.


1 Dance to the Praises of the Lord, Har, Har, Har; meet with the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, with sincerity. 698

2 But when he joins the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, he is confirmed in his faith, and he is saved by the Name of the Lord. 981

The (presence of) fear (of separation) and (the overflowing) love (for God) in the sadh sangat, the company of the holy, creates a intuitive state of non-
attachment. VBG 3/13

4 The (presence of) fear (of separation) and (the overflowing) love (for God) in the sadh sangat, the company of the holy, one discovers his Own innate Self within. VBG 3/20

The sprouting of :-
divine love
love orientated desires
love the innate Self
the pull of love
is natural in such purified minds or hearts.

5 Through loving devotional worship, the supreme status is obtained, and in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, sorrows are dispelled. 382

6 Through loving devotional worship, O Nanak, I have obtained peace; in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, I am absorbed into the Lord. 384

7 My mind is in love with the Lord. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, I meditate on the Lord, Har, Har; my lifestyle is pure and true. 431

8 O Nanak, they enshrine love for the Lord, meeting the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. 454

9 The Lord, the Lord of the Universe is the Beloved of the minds of those who join the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation. The Shabad of His Word
fascinates their minds. 492

10 Associating with Truth, obtain Truth, and love the True Name. 586

11 In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, I have escaped from these troubles; Nanak loves the One Lord. 673

12 But if he joins the Society of the Saints, then he comes to embrace love for the Truth. 756

13 Meeting with the Lord's Saints, I have obtained the sublime essence of the Lord. I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice to His humble servants. (cont.next page)


The Lord's Saint loves the Lord in his mind, like the lotus flower gazing at the moon. 975

1 Fall in love, fall deeply in love with the Lord;
clinging to the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, you will be exalted and embellished. 982

2 In the Realm of the Saints, one's lifestyle is immaculate.
In the Society of the Saints, one comes to love the One Lord. 1146

3 Spontaneous innate delight results from loving devotion. VBG 3/1

4 When one becomes attached to the abode of truth in the form of holy
congregation, he through loving devotion meets the Lord. VBG 7/20

5 Quaffing the cup of love in the holy congregation, the Sikhs of the Guru
absorb their consciousness in the Word. VBG 11/8

6 In the sadh sangat one quaffs the nectar of fear and love of the Lord. VBG 14/16

7 Engaged the discipline in the holy congregation, and drinking the cup of love, one bears the unbearable. VBG 18/16

In this way the mind having become impure and degraded with the hue of materialism can also become pure and clean with the holy touch of ‘sadh sangat’, the company of the holy.

8 In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, you shall become absolutely pure, and the noose of death shall be cut away. 44

9 In the Society of the Saints, meditate in remembrance on the Lord, and wash off the filth of countless incarnations. 48

10 The Perfect Guru is the Ambrosial Pool of the Lord's Nectar; join the Holy Con gregation, and wash away this pollution. 234

11 Of all religious rituals, the most sublime ritual is to erase the filth of the dirty mind in the Company of the Holy. 266

12 In the Saadh Sangat, one becomes pure, O Nanak, imbued with the Love of God. 297

13 By the Grace of the Saints, her mind becomes pure; night and day, she re mains awake and aware, singing the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises. 343

14 The filth of my mind is removed, when I dwell in the Saadh Sangat, the
Com pany of the Holy. 520

1 O Nanak, the sinners become pure, joining the Company of the Holy; following the Guru, the True Guru, they are emancipated. 528

2 I seek Your Sanctuary, O my Perfect True Guru.
My mind is purified by the dust of the Saints. 563

3 In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, filth is washed off.
The Supreme Lord God has become our friend and helper. 625

4 Join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and meditate in
remembrance on the Lord; even a sinner like yourself will become pure. 631

5 The rust of poison and corruption from countless incarnations sticks to us; joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, it is cleaned away.
It is just like gold, which is heated in the fire, to remove the impurities from it.

6 In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, you shall become immaculate and pure; you shall not come to be reincarnated again. 1220

7 Just as when the iron slag is transmuted into gold by touching the
Philosopher's Stone - when the sinner joins the Sangat, he becomes pure, through the Guru's Teachings. 1297

8 The filth of egotism from countless incarnations sticks to me; joining the
Sangat, the Holy Congregation, this filth is washed away. 1309

9 The redeemer of the fallen ones is the holy congregation wherein the dirt of sins is cleansed. VBG 2/16

10 The pleasure fruit of gurmukhs is the company of holy persons which purifies the impure ones even in one day (sitting). VBG 16/6

11 Association with such humble sadhus is altruistic and makes one habitual
liberator of the fallen ones. VBG 25/9