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Tuesday, December 14, 2010



Generally the entire gurbani stresses the importance of simran - but in Sukhmani Sahib special emphasis, importance and praise has been placed on simran and the need to do simran has been especially stressed-a mandatory order has been given.

1.1 Remember, remember God. By remembering Him you shall attain peace and wipe out from within your body strife and anguish.

1.2 Remember the praise of the Lord alone whose presence fills the entire world. Uncountable are the people who utter the Lord's various Names.

1.3 The Veds, Purans and Simirtis of pure word are the creation of the one word of the Lord's Name.

1.4 He who treasures even a tiny particle of God's Name in his heart, that persons praises cannot be overstated.262

Together with this are stated the numerous benefits of doing simran and simran has been referred to as the treasure house of all comforts.

1.5 By the Lord's meditation man does not enter the womb.
By the Lord's meditation the torture of death takes flight.
1.6 By the Lord's meditation death is removed.
By the Lord's meditation, the enemy keeps away.
1.7 By remembering the Lord no obstacle is met.
By the Lord's meditation, man remains watchful night & day.
1.8 By the Lord's meditation, man ceases to fear.
By the Lord's meditation, sorrows stop troubling man.
1.9 Lord's meditation is attained in the company of saints.
All the wealth, O Nanak, is in God's love. 262

According to gurbani, in this way - with the single effort of simran:

1. All types of troubles misunderstandings, worries etc get erased.
2. All types of physical, mental and spiritual comforts, bliss, salvation are attained.

3. All the priceless gifts of the divine world are made available.

4. Through spiritual awareness, the knowledge of the hidden secrets of the divine world are illuminated.

Even though our ego ridden ignorant mind does not understand or believe these miracles of the divine world or the hidden secrets-but the intuitional knowledge and revelation found in gurbani is

the truth !
the exclusive truth !!
permanant !!!

To understand this difficult topic, some views are presented below:-

Creation can be divided into two worlds.

1.The Spiritual World or the world of Truth
2.Materialistic / Physical World

The Lord of Himself created His Ownown self and He Himself brought into being the Name.
Secondly, He made the creation and seated within it, He beholds it with delight. 463

This eternal creation was brought into being by the Timeless Creater through the SPIRITUAL WORD and it continues to exist by virtue of the omniscient laws ordained by DIVINE ORDER.

2.1 By the Lord's order physical forms are produced.His order cannot be narrated.
With His order the souls come into being and by His order greatness is obtained.

2.2 By His command the mortals are made high and low and by His written command they obtain grief or joy.
Some obtain gifts through His order and some through His order are ever made to wonder in transmigration.( page 1)
According to the divine order both these worlds have their individual
law, order, routine, virtues and sins, hue and pleasure, self love,
- etc.
In the Divine World or the Sphere of Truth the Formless One Himself resides.

'The Formless Lord dwell in the sphere of truth. 8

This Divine World is not some worldly island that can be seen, instead it that wonderous plane or level of DIVINE AWARENESS where Divine


heavenly music
life current

guru's grace

merciful glance

is completely encompassing and omnipresent. Here in the Formless
Lord's 'divine illumination',evolved gurmukh souls experience

eternal divine peace
supremely wondrous emotion
continuous rapturous music
divine love within the self

and feel the eternal-wondrous hue and rapture and warm presence of their Formless lover.
3.1 O my mother, I am wonder struck to see my Lord.
My soul is bewitched by the unstruck melody, wondrous is the whole relish. 1226
4.1 Forever there is bliss and merry-making and the melody of divine music. Meeting together, the holy men sing the Lord's praises and hail victory to the Master. Meeting together,the saints sing the Lord's praises, drenched in the nectar of His love and affection and become acceptable to their spouse. 545.
4.2 Divine music and Divine music plays to the accompaniment of the air of musical instruments. My soul and my soul is imbued with the love of my Darling Beloved. 436
4.3 Your servant O Lord is intoxicated with your exilir. He who obtains the treasure of the nectar of love will never ever forsake to go elsewhere.532

The Land of the formless Lord cannot be affected by this worldliness (maya) or its vices.
4.4 Even the hot winds do not affect him who is under the protection of the Supreme Lord. All around me is the Lord's circle, so pain does not afflic me O brother.819
4.5 With the inner fire the world is being consumed but worldly attachments do not cling to the Lord's devotee.673
4.6 Shed your self conceit, fall at God's feet and hold fast to that God's skirt. He who longs for the Lord's protection, he is not affected by the heat of the ocean of fire. (that is this world) 531
4.7 Begumpura is the name of the town. At that place there is no pain or worry.345

Exactly opposed to this, in this materialistic world, man surrenders to materialism and lives in the 'me-mine' or 'ego' state and according to his mental hue, he performs deeds and faces the consequences.

4.8 In his pride he becomes true or false.In his pride he reflexcts on virtue or vice.466
4.9 Aflame in ego man is burnt to death and,straying in duality doubt / superstition takes hold of him.643
4.10 Involved in worldly affairs, this mind does evil deeds.
Cheated by worldliness (maya),he forever bewails.1176
4.11 By being engrossed in 'mine-mine' man gets tied up in burdens.
By being involved in worldliness (maya) he is born over and over again to face hell and heaven.761
4.12 Your mind is engrossed in lust,anger and materialism.Because of this worldly love in your mind, falsehood and sinreside in you and you have accumulated the capital of viceand greed.153

5.1 My erring soul is entangled in worldliness (maya)
I tie myself down with whatever deeds I do under the influence of greed.702

This worldly creation is not 'self created'. This is the creation of the Formless Lord that is proceeding according to His Law.

To make this worldly 'grand drama celebration' interesting and exciting the 'five thieves' namely lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego--came into existence with their base tendencies or vices.

5.2 The mother (ONE GOD) has given birth to five sons. Setting afoot the play of creation like vegetation, the world has been created.865

5.3 The Creator has attached materialism (maya) and worldly love to this mind. Enacting the law, He has created the world.1261

5.4 Enmity ,strife, lust, anger, worldly love.
Falsehood, sin, excessive greed and deceit.
Involved in these paths man has lived many births
O Lord save Nanak by showing your mercy.267/268

5. 5 Within this body dwell the five thieves
Lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride.
They plunder the Nectar but the manmukh does not realise this
And no one hears this voice( from within).600

These baser tendencies of worldliness are the main cause of all our vices like
duality (belief in a power other than God)


burning within

impatience difficulties
etc 'satanic-like’ vices mushroom.

In line with the quotation 'The company that one keeps decides the fruits that will be reaped', the pull of attachment and worldly love, makes us forget God or we do not remember Him, then under the influence of the unalterable worldly law - 'Whatever I do determines whatever I get .’We commit sins and face consequences.

On the other hand, living in the company of the holy people we remember God or meditate on HIM then our mind comes under the influence of the soul and all the virtuous deeds come and reside within us, virtues like




service orientated
others before self







Hence forgetting God is the main reason for all the worldly evil doings or pain and suffering. And remembering God or His simran is the main source of all divine virtues or comforts.

7.1 Then alone man is in pain when he forgets the Lord. Peace results when the Lord is remembered.813

7.2 When I forget You then everyone becomes my enemy and when I remember You they all serve me.383

7.3 Then alone man is in pain when he forgets God. Afflicted with hunger he run about in many directions.
By remembering the Name, he is always at ease. He the humble, alone receives the Name, whom God the Merciful gives. 98

The surprising thing is that in spite of reading and listening that is being in the company of Gurbani no positive change comes. into our life. Involved in doing all this we are still getting absorbed in the quagmire of worldliness/materialism.

The main reason for this is

1. We do not have full faith in the intrinsic secrets or essence of Gurbani.

2. We do not internalise the message of gurbani in our lives that is we do not see the need to practice the path shown.

3. We believe that doing gurbani’s paath is more than enough for us


and its practice is the responsibility of some other people.

4. Even if we are doing simran, it is done half heartedly, more a show to satisfy the mind.

5. We only keep reading the prescription, we do not act on the prescription.

8.1 Just as a wayfarer asks the way, but does not take a step in that direction,

8.2 Just as someone asks the doctor for a cure to his disease, but fails to comply closely with the doctors instructions, how can his disease be cured and how can he experience peace.

8.3 When asked, she says she is married, but her actions show that she is not virtuous. With a heart full of sin , how can she ever expect to please her husband.

8.4 Singing or listening (to God’s praises) or sitting in meditation (eyes closed) supreme bliss is not achieved by those who do not put into practice (in their daily life) the teachings of the guru. (Kabet Bhai Gurdas 439)

In gurbani the seeker is repeatedly told to involved himself in the practice of following fundamental guideline:-
1. Be in the company of evolved souls

2. Do simran

8.5. All other deeds (without God realisation) will be no use to you., Gather together in the company of evolved souls and meditate only on the Naam.

But we have become so engrossed in our personal work or commitments that we have become ignorant, careless or even knowingly ignore “repeat only the Naam” advice.

If we ever attend a satsang, it is for obtaining the fulfillment of some personal worldly needs.

8.6 Out of millions, hardly anyone is a servant of God; all others are but traders 495
If we have knowingly ignored or forgotten gurbani’s most vital advice it is this
8.7 O saints, this world has gone astray in doubt.It has forsaken the meditation of the Lords Name & has sold itself to worldly attachments. 684
This is the reason when inspite of reading, listening and preaching gurbani
our materialistic, mental, spiritual in other words the whole life, being entangled in the falsehood of attachment and materialism is degenerating.

9.1 Being entangles and enmeshed in the love of false occupation, the whole world has perished. 133.

9.2 Good many waves of desire arise in the mind. How can man be delivered at the Lord’s court?

In contrast to this, the tale of the practice of simran by some blessed gurmukhs has been related as follows--

A simple farmer was ploughing his fields.One sadhu, imbued in God’s Naam was passing by. He approached the farmer’s well and asked for water.The farmer, with full of faith and devotion milked his cow, made ‘lasee’ and served it to the sadhu. The sadhu
was very pleased and said,’ You satiated my hunger and thirst.In return for this I’m going to give you from myself the most important thing..’ Saying this, he made the farmer sit before him and made him repeat Waheguru! Waheguru! Waheguru! and added, “Now carry on meditating like this and see what fruits it will bear.”
Saying this the sadhu left him and the simple farmer started the practice of Waheguru Naam as he was told. Day and night through the practice of simran he achieved a state of bliss and miracluous powers. His fields, with minimum effort flourished more than the rest. His brother enticed his wife away from him. Instead of quarelling with his brother, he thanked the Lord for making his blood brother save him from from maya (worldly attachment).

When he was asked what would happen if he stopped saying ‘Waheguru’ and his heart rendered reply was---
“If I stop saying Waheguru , I will die.”

In this way his life became a reflection of ‘When I say it (Waheguru) I’m alive If I lose it I die’ and he attained spiritual upliftment.

The difference between our so called religious life and that of the simple landowner’s life expectation is this---

1. In the farmers simple innocence was deep faith and devotion that is missing in us. Our faith and belief is usually superficial and easily disappears with the reflection of worldly miracles.
2. The farmer accepted the sadhu’s advice as gospel truth and like the embrace of the blind’ he clutched the ‘Waheguru’ Name and earned it through practice. But we fall into the whirlpool of why? what? How? of simran and throw away our precious time.Without solid faith, we end up in discussions.

2. The farmer, instead of dealing with household problems in his life, gave priority to the advice of the sadhu that is- to the practice of Waheguru Name. But we give priority to our worldly commitments. We has expanded our worldly commitments to such an extent that we has absolutely no time for simran..If we ever try to imitate the activity of simran that is -go into it half-heartedly, our mind becomes so restless.

10.1 As the mind becomes totally involved in its daily commitments, It will not settle even in the kirtan together with the sadh sangat. (Kabet Bhai Gurdas 235)
There are numerous places in gurbani where we are urged to give priority to simran.

10.2 O man remember your protector, The Lord.
Let go all other thoughts, O man. 913

10.3 Contemplate on the One Lord in your mind and seek the shelter of the One Lord.. Establish love with the One Lord. Without Him there is no other place. 961.

10.4 O my tongue, Sing your Lord’s praise.
Abandon all other relishes.(tastes).The Lord’s Name is the best of
all. 1220

10.5 All your other deeds will be of no value.
Meet the society of evolved souls and meditate on the Name. 12

10.6 Says Kabir, hear O man, shed your mental doubt.
Contemplate only on the Name and seek the shelter of the One

4. The farmer focused his mind and body on the simran of the one Word ‘Waheguru’ and reduced his involvement in other chores. But we on the other hand tend to increase our involvement in unnecessary chores.

5. The farmer had internalized this advice -

10 Why do those who realize that they have to depart, make ostentation 787

But we are unnecessarily increasing our volume of wasteful activity just to obtain
worldly praise or shabas thus wasting away or precious life.

Gurbani’s order is -

11.1 He who becomes resigned to the guru’s will, remains

11.2 O my soul, unite yourself with your Lord.
Of no avail is anything else to you. 238

11.2 A gursikh never lets (God) out of his mind for he knows as a visitor
he has to leave (this world). Bhai Gurdas Var 32/1

Abstinence is vital to cure physical and mental diseases. Otherwise the diseases instead of reducing, they will keep increasing.

In our daily life the

are predominant and rampant, thus degenerating our human and spiritual life even further. Without abstaining from these human vices our spiritual upliftment cannot take place.

11.4 Nanak as many as are the sins, so many are the chains around man’s neck..595

11.5 Why are you imbued with the love of another?
In sinning, none is a friend of yours
No one shall be your helper and you shall forever regret your deeds.
With your tongue you do not utter the praises of the Lord. When shall this body come again. 546

11.6 With great relish you peck at the bait and are caught.
O fool by what virtue will you escape. 990

11.7 As many as are the joys of the body, as many are the paints which cling to it.1287

11.8 The mind is polluted, worship is not possible and Name cannot be obtained. 39
The reason why, in spite of our active involvement in doing path, worship and donating, our religious efforts do not produce results and our spiritual progress does not take place is because, our mind is filled with lowly desires.

There is difference between the deeds we do and the statements that we make. For this reason our efforts and so called worship are reduced to a level of hypocrisy.

Bhagat Kabir Ji has written -

12.1 All the men utter God’s Name, but by such utterances man does not become one with the lord. 491

The knowledge of the secret in repeating ‘Ram’ (the name of God) can only be
discovered in the company of gurmukh piaarays that is the society of evolved souls. The arduous spiritual path of simran is only undertaken by some blessed souls who follow the path of the guru.

12.2 O slave Nanak, this is a difficult game only a few know it through the Guru. 219

12.3 12.3 Let any one meditate with all his heart on this treasure ( of the Name). In all the ages he shall obtain salvation. 296

12.4 Difficult it is to utter the True Name. 9

12.5 O man, so sweet is the Lord’s elixir.
By Guru’s grace, some rare one tastes it 886

In the sublime company of such beloved gurmukhs can the mind be linked with the soul. The mind that is coloured with the hue of divine love reaches a state where from within itself gushes out the words -

12.6 O my Beloved! I live by contemplating over the Name. 40

.....continued part 9