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Spiritual Power

When we look at something our attention is drawn towards it.

In the materialistic world this attention dwells on the many folds of the mind:-

1. on things that are visible,

2. on our physical self,

3. on mental tendencies,

4. on the emotions of the intellect,

5. on the hue of past lifes,

6. on religious inclinations.

The mental hue of each and every living being is different.

This is why, what one persons likes another dislikes or detests.

The ‘hue’ or colour of our mind is made from the colour mix of our thoughts and actions. The more these thoughts are repeated, the more formidable is the effect of such thoughts which:-




into us.

In this way our
















aim of life



fortune keep building and changing.



When we pass by a shopping centre, numerous things and people etc appear before our eyes. Our attention is drawn towards only those things what we are familiar with or those which attract us. All other things seen, pass through our sight without making an impact and are subsequently forgotten.

In the process of giving fulfillment to our inclinations we:-

give importance to

repeatedly think of



keep using

keep remembering

keep utilising

keep imagining

only those thoughts (that capture our imagination).

To mentally ‘picture’ or imagine thoughts


one pointedness









is essential. But it is only though such intensity, concentration, and perseverance of these mental virtues that results are obtained.

In other words the intensity, resolution, and single mindedness with which we focus our mind and pay heed and work upon some thought that we will be able to mentally picture or imagine the thought in its true sense. This mental law or principle is applicable to practically every facet of our life (as in our):

in studies

in business

in being employed

in skillfulness

in fine arts

in music

in research

in literature

in service

in religion

in worship

in yoga

in love.


repeatedly recollecting






power takes root in the thought (that is in our mind). The greater our






in some thing, to that extent the thought (in that thing) will gain enormous power and thrusting into the depth of our mind, it will seep into the sub-conscious mind and we will be controlled by that thought. In this condition even if, we become tired or exasperated by that thought, and in our misery we wish to let go of it, we will not be able to free ourselves of the diabolical ‘thought’ because it has become the very ‘colour’ of our mind by thrusting, permeating and seeping into our sub-consciousness. According to the overall colouring or disposition of the mind our

power to discern

ability to test

ability to challenge or contest

ability to set the aim of life and


keeps forming.

According to our self created’ touch-stone’ or sub-consciousness we keep being influenced by the external environment and the internal

steam. According to this influence our ‘direction of life is set’.

In the say way the ‘steam’ or its colour that appears out of our sub-consciousness, is called ‘character’ This is the over all result of our thoughts, attention, inclinations, habits and the practice of deeds.


According to the colour-tint of the sub-conscious, our mind initiates the








and faces the consequences.

In this way scrutinising some thing with our ‘touch-stone’, we tend to label

that as good or bad.

In doing so our







becomes apparent.

As the discerning power of each and every mind differs, the challenges (the mind faces) and its behaviour too is bound to be different.

This principle operates in every facet of our worldly and mental life.

The ‘focus of our attention’ depends upon the keenness and the intensity of devotion (behind the attention).

Our enthusiasm or ‘strength of belief’ depends upon the colour of our mind.

The ‘colour’ or behaviour of our mind is the overall result of the reinforcement or constant repetition of some specific thought.


The ‘hue or colour’ of our thoughts arises from the steam of the external environment and internal sub consciousness.

The effect of the outside environment on our mind depends upon:-

1 The company of individuals

2 The company of books

3 (the nature of) entertainment (cinema, T.V. etc.)

4 The hue or colour of the sub conscious.

Under the influence of base (low ) company, or ‘negative company’, base inclinations arise and the mind runs towards sin and evil deeds. Our attention or consciousness gets scattered and becomes powerless. This is the reason why we cannot focus our attention on any one point.

Ordinary people and seekers have this common complaint that while doing paath and simran their mind cannot remain still, it keeps running.

If our attention gets focused on some wrong point, then that ‘thinking’ becomes a conviction and (such a conviction) can bring about disasterous consequences.

Here the example of individuals like Hitler, whose focus on wrong convictions have caused unbearable and unspeakable cruelty, and which are still taking place, can be given.

Hence it is through the company (that we keep) that we imbibe positive or negative influence which then gives rise to











Kabeer, the mind has become a bird; it soars and flies in the ten directions.

According to the company it keeps, so are the fruits it eats. 1369

Another example that is apt here:-

If someone keeps the company of an opium addict and he occasionally takes opium, over a period of time it becomes a habit and he too becomes an ‘addict’. After some time the effect of opium gets so deeply entrenched in his system that he literally becomes an ‘embodiment’ of opium. In every aspect of his life – in his thought, speech, looks, thinking, dealings, interactions, the ‘flash’ of opium exhibits itself. The stamp of opium gets stamped on his individuality. He becomes ‘opium personified’! In this state, knowing the harmful effect of opium, he still cannot get rid of the slavery of opium. The same is true of alcoholics.

It is clear from these examples that under the influence of negative company, by repeatedly indulging on some special tendency, the thoughts and attention related to that tendency will become more powerful as they ‘mature’. It is very very difficult to free oneself of its slavery.

From the above thought process it is clear that the ‘root cause’ of a good or bad life is indeed our ‘company’.

The ‘tendencies or colour’ that has permeated and seeped into the sub-conscious cannot be easily changed because this ‘colour’ or ‘steam’ spontaneously keeps manifesting its ‘flash’ or ‘stench’. However, there is a way to save this life from the base external influences.

So if we want to make our life good, sublime, beautiful, virtuous and peaceful then firstly we:-

1. have to give up the base –negative company.



2. keep away from books which pander to sensual desires.

3. have to protect ourselves from the sensual entertainment, cinema T.V. etc.

4. Get rid and forget the sensual or lowly thoughts at once for if attention is placed on them, they will become even more powerful.

Opposed to this is the urgent need and mandatory command to:-

1. keep the company of beloved gurmukhs (those who heed Guru’s counsel without question), spiritally evolved souls.

2. doing Gurbani paath, kirtan and contemplating on its the intrinsic meaning.

3. Reading the writings of blessed gurmukhs.

4. Derive benefit by attending ‘holy congregations’.

5. ‘Naam simran’.

Using the above method as we continue to keep the lofty spiritual company :-

1. the colour of our thoughts will change.

2. the mind will become purer.

3. the attention of the mind will become focused.

4. attention will begin to settle

5. tendencies will begin to change.

6. the discerning power will become refined.

7. the ‘touch-stone’ of the mind will become sublime.

8. the challenges will take on the right proportions.

9. a higher purpose to life will be revealed.

10. The discerning mind will manifest.

11. the mind will rise above low mental routines and chores.

12. intuitional illumination will come into being.

13. The awakening of the ‘shabadh’ will take place.

14. Hukam or command will be revealed

15. Naam simran will make its presence permanent.



The rays of the sun, falling upon a piece of convex lens converge or condense to become a powerful concentrated ray. In this concentrated and condensed ray, the intensity of heat increases to such an extent that it burns through paper whereas the normal ray has no effect on paper.

The waves or rays of our thoughts or consciousness are closely analogous to the example given above. As our thought waves or attention concentrate and condense, to the same degree their power continue to increase.

The more our thoughts are concentrated and condensed – the more our mind becomes powerful and dynamic, with which many psychic phenomena can be performed.

It is an accepted phenomena that the evil look that arises out of intense jealousy or the intensity of low thoughts can directly affect people. The manifestation of the power that arises out of the concentration and practice of the attention on low thoughts is called ‘nazar’ (or evil glance) or a curse.

If the miracles that result from the mental power of attention’ of low negative) thoughts can be given credence (or believed) then it follows that miracles (namely) blessings, wondrous feats, the occult power that result from the concentration on lofty and divine thoughts too, can take place because all these miracles are but the result of mind’s concentration or the intensity of the attention.

The following ‘mental-feats’ come under the ambit of mind – power:-

occult powers

magical performances

tantric spells




manifestation of the spoken word


mind reading

demonic spells


The subtle vibrations of our thoughts disperse into the entire ether and the details are recorded in the environment or in the ‘computer of world mind’. These thoughts are of different cycles and wavelengths and they get recorded and deposited on those specific cycles and wavelengths having the same characteristics. The cumulative effect of these extremely subtle thoughts, the colour, or the odour little by little affects the environment of ether and makes it cloudy (or murky).

In other words the effect of all our good or bad thoughts from



moment to moment gets ‘deposited’ on similar cycles and wavelengths exhibiting various characteristics in the subtle computer of ether. (These cycles and wavelengths) get so powerful that through the overall worldly environment its good or bad effect, influences all the minds vibrating on those cycles and wavelengths.

This means that the good or bad effect of our tinniest thoughts:-

1. first affects our own minds.

2. then it changes and ‘clouds’ the subtle environment of ether.

3. In the environment of ether similar specific thoughts merge together and become ‘powerful’.

4. Those good-bad ‘powerful’ thoughts boomerang and make a forceful impact on our mind.

In this way we are caught up in the poisonous vicious circle of our own thoughts from which it is impossible to extricate (or free) ourselves.

This is how the influence of the thoughts of our minds and deeds affect the masses and the effect of (collective) thought of the masses (in turn) affects our minds through the environment of the creation.

Thus we are directly responsible for making the environment around us good or bad and consequently become the co-sharers of the good – bad odour.

Today the era of ‘kaljug’ predominates. The entire environment of the creation has become extremely dirty and dangerous. This has caused social decline to increase to such an extent that our sacred religious institutions could not escape from its engulfment.

The sad thing is that those sacred religious institutions from which, we were supposed to receive peace, comfort and faith-filled worship and which were to protect us from ‘’worldly degradation, themselves have become centres of :-



false deeds

rites and rituals

jealousy and duality

enmity and confrontation

quarrels and fights




1 How to save the creation?

The holy places of worship in the world are polluted, and so the world is drowning.........

The whole world has been reduced to the same social status; the state of righteousness and Dharma has been lost....... 662

2 Modesty and righteousness both have vanished, and falsehood struts around

like a leader, O Lalo. 722

3 The rulers dealing in evil, a reversal where the hedge attacks the field (it is supposed to protect) Bh. Gurdas

4 The world is moving towards a satanic path. Bh. Gurdas

Although we have become distressed by this social and religious decline and suffer internally, but no firm , concrete, effective step has been taken to redress the situation.

Take note, the redressing of this degradation first has to start from the thoughts of our own mind otherwise our hollow parchaar (preaching) can have no effect whatsoever.

From the results of our current hollow ‘preaching channels’ it is clear that in spite of

1. numerous religious rites,

2. numerous religious institutions,

3. numerous sermons from religious texts,

4. numerous religious preaching



5. novel means of preaching,

6. numerous ‘paaths’ and worship,

7. numerous rites and rituals,

8. yogic postures,

our mental and religious decline is on the increase.

Although we continue to complain and criticise about this decline, but we are unable to set aside the degeneration (brought about as a result) of our past ‘life – channels’.

In every aspect of our life we lean out for support or direction to this decline and we do not even hesitate to utilise legitimate-illegitimate means to fulfill our good or bad needs.

The poisonous mental ‘diseases’ of this decline have increased and become so powerful that like T.B., these diseases have forced, permeated and resided themselves into our body, mind, intellect and the sub-conscious. Daily these are becoming more dangerous and overpowering.

If the effect our thoughts can reach such depths and become so dangerous, then (for our own good) we have to keep watch on our thoughts. But (it looks like) we couldn’t care less, and knowingly appear unconcerned (when) we continue to live our life according to our past habits.

In this way we are making the mental disease T.B. even more serious and dangerous.

We debate and raise a hue and cry about the ecological pollution that affects our houses, roads districts, towns but we are unaware, indifferent and heedless about the terrible consequences of our internal mental degeneration.

The important thing that needs to be understood is that while the physical diseases (of an individual) will end with death, the self inflicted mental diseases



in the subconscious will continue to cling on to the being even in the births hereafter.

The world is already filled and overflowing with degeneration. If we cannot reduce the poison of this mental decline, we have no right to contribute to its increase.

The main reason or seed for tension, selfishness, egotism, hatred, duplicity, enmity-confrontation, quarrels, fights tyranny, cruelty that predominates in the whole world is the accumulative effect of our own thoughts. The overall effect or ‘hue’ of these thoughts is reflected in every aspect of human life.

God, created for his off-spring, man, a heavenly world which provided for all kinds of peace and comfort. But we, through our lowly thoughts, base tendencies and evil deeds have turned a heavenly existence into a hellish one.

In this way we have ‘ourselves harmed our own self’ thereby experiencing hell and making others suffer as well.

Kabeer, the mortal loses his faith, for the sake of the world, but the world shall not go along with him in the end.

The idiot strikes his own foot with the axe by his own hand.1365

Human mind is un-consciously and incessantly weaving and shaping his own good or bad world-within and around himself- by his own thoughts.

Every thought-good or bad-emanating from the mind- send subtle vibration allover the Universe, through electric waves, which are registered in the infinite and perfect Universal computer of ETHER.

Thus billions of thoughts-emanating every moment- from the minds of the whole Universe, are being registered and processed instantaneously by the~ Universal Computer and shelved into LIKE wavelengths of ETHER. The cycles and wavelengths of 'various hues and kinds of subtle vibrations accumulate and shape the environment of the 'Universal Mind', just as in the case of human mind and sub-consciousness



In this subtle cosmic process-our thoughts have profound influence to :-

I. Directly shaping our character, fate and destiny.

2. Indirectly moulding and modifying the subtle environment of the


3. Recoiling back on the whole humanity-collectively.

In fact every thought is a dynamic 'Seed', which sprouts and spreads in the mental-world, and engulf the entire Universe, to make or mar our lives, according to the nature of our thoughts.

This explains the tense and vicious environment of selfish- ness, pride, unrest, strife, jealousy, cruelty and wars-prevailing all over the world-inspite of numerous professed religions and cults, and pious efforts of August institutions like U.N.O. etc.

God created a Heaven for his children-to live and enjoy it. But we-'prodigal' sons of Earth-have turned it into Hell, and created a 'vicious rendezvous'-under the influence of our baser and depraved thoughts, and degenerated moral values.

Dynamic cultivated thoughts are so powerful that they are capable of modifying the cumulative results of our present and past lives. They are so insidious and permeating that they can have profound effect on our future lives as well.

The sound of a particular wavelength is caught and relayed by any radio set, tuned to that particular wavelength.

Similarly wavelength of acquisitive, intense feelings and emotions of subtle thoughts are caught, perceived and conceived by our 'mind-radio'-tuned to that particular wavelength anywhere in the vast cosmos.

This means that cumulative result of our good or bad thoughts are registered in the ETHER, and caught and conceived by any 'mind-radio'-whenever and wherever it is tuned to the particular wavelength of that original thought.



Similarly the current of a singular thought-passes through all the 'mind radios'-tuned to that particular wavelength.

This explains why drunkards and villains, or noble and pious people, are attracted and joined together, proving the idiom-'Birds of the same feather flock together'.

We are daily witnessing this principle in our 'Audio- Visual' process of electronic science.

Thus, principle of attraction and communication on the same wavelength is working invisibly and imperceptibly throughout the universe, even beyond the limits of 'Death', and subtly effect our mind process, shape our environment and relationship in the next life.

A recollection is called a thought.

Focusing on a thought becomes attention.

According to inclination or interest, attention becomes intense.

From intense attention emotions arise.

The subtle flight of thoughts in emotion is deemed to be emotion.

Interest and inclination leads towards action.

Through the practice of action, habits are formed.

Through the practice of habits tendencies are formed.

Thoughts resulting from deep tendencies give rise to our behaviour.

According to behaviour character is formed.

According to our character life is fashioned.

According to life or future is created.

In this way spontaneously caught up in the cycle of deeds, without any awareness, we keep doing deeds and facing the consequences.

The prime cause or ‘seed’ for these mental states is indeed our recollections or thoughts.

It is clear from the above discussion that our deeds, habits, behaviour, life, fortune depend on our good or bad thoughts

As you plant, so shall you harvest; your destiny is recorded on your forehead. 134



1 He sows seeds of poison, and demands Ambrosial Nectar. Behold - what justice is this? 474

2 Fareed, the farmer plants acacia trees, and wishes for grapes.

He is spinning wool, but he wishes to wear silk. 1379

3 Whatever I did, for that I have suffered; I do not blame anyone else. 433