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Remember, remember, remember (God) and you’ll find sheer joy.
To motivate him to read 'Nimaz' (Muslim Prayers), Baba Farid's mother placed 'sakar' (brown sugar) under the carpet as temptation to make him follow the path of the Lord.

Every mother, in order to make her children intelligent and knowledgeable, through numerous ways

gives instructions
gives good advice
gives consolation
gives encouragement
gives incentive

and at the same time gives love.

In the same way, Guru Ji has used many ways in order to save Sikhs from the embroilment (botheration) of materialism and guide them towards Gurbani. In some places temptation is given, in others love is used, in yet others admonishment. Sometimes through mandate (firm order) we are being motivated and guided to do Lord's Simran.

1.1 They who meditate on the Fearless, the Fearless Lord; their fear is all shaken off. 11

1.2 They, who repeat the Lord God's Name, them, the death's courier passes by. 645

1.3 By remembering God, your calamity shall be averted and all the joys shall come and abide within your mind. 193

2.1 Contemplating the name, all the sins are erased and the account papers of the Righteous Judge are torn off. 1348

2.2 O my silly soul, contemplate on the Peace-Giving Lord. Slave Nanak instructs you this-wise. 1388

2.3 Without God's meditation, comfort is not obtained. All other loves of mammon are insipid. 194

2.4 Says Kabir, the fools, the blockheads and the brutes meditate not on their Lord. They realise not the Lord's Name. How shall they be ferried across. 1105

2.5 Difficulty acquirable human-body is procured through the greatest good fortune. They who remember not God's Name are the self-murderers. Why don't they die, who forget the pervading God. Without the Name of what avail is the life? 188

Grown weary of wandering about for many ages the man has obtained the human
body. Says Nanak this is the opportunity for meeting (God) why are you not doing simran. 631
2.7 Remember your Lord, remember your Lord, remember your Lord, O my brother. Without remembering the Lord's Name, good manu are drowned. 692

2.8 Abandon your cleverness, O good men and remember Lord God, the king. Treasure in your heart your hope is one God and your distress, doubt and dread shall depart, O Nanak. 281

Man, in his life time, goes through many situations. Out of these numerous life time circumstances, discussion on one of these aspects in the light of Gurbani is being attempted.


Man, according to his habit, has been in search of material happiness, welfare, comfort, joy etc.. For the sake of his physical, mental and materialistic comforts, man day and night

creates plans

makes an effort
undergoes hardships
sacrifices himself

yet man is unable to discover constant, eternal and permanent happiness.

According to nature's law of 'action-reaction' materialistic life has the duality aspect which are in opposite to each other, for example:-

comfort - suffering
joy - grief
cold - hot
sweet - bitter
white - black
beautiful - ugly
light - darkness
humility - pride
day - night
virtue - vice
goodness - badness
charity, pious deed - sin
heaven - hell
life - death
laughter - weeping
love - hate
high spirits - low spirits etc.

According to the Divine Law, the opposite aspect of everything is hidden and diffused in its very depth. For instance, within 'light', 'darkness' is hidden, within 'comfort', 'suffering' is hidden. after day, night must follow. In the same way after comfort, suffering is mandatory (must). Likewise, as we labour (continuously so much) for 'comfort' and bear hardships.

yes, - that changes into suffering.

4.1 For the sake of comfort, he suffers great pain and waits upon every individual. Like a dog, he wanders from door to door and is not conscious of Lord's meditation. 411

4.2 Every one craves for happines and none asks for misery. Immense anguish comes in wake of pleasures but the self-willed understand it not. 57

Every 'person' understands and enjoys 'comfort' according to his mental make up and colour. That situation which one person clasifies as comfort, it is not regarded as comfort by another person. Every person has a different belief about 'materialistic comfort' for the acquirement of which he employs many different ways. Therefore, the consideration of 'comfort' is connected with our own mental state or colour.

The situation, which a person, today, regards as a source of 'comfort' (happiness), with time and personal experience, it appears to become a source of suffering. For such changeable 'comforts', man spends his whole life labouring and enduring hardship.

For example, when a son is born in a family, many celebrations abound; joy and happiness are felt. But when that child becomes ill, becomes a prodigal son or dies, then that mental joy changes into 'suffering' and 'worry.

4.3 Man prays for peace, but pain be-falls him.330

In other words, wordly 'materialistic comfort/joy' are temporary and changeable/unstable. They are not infinite or lasting.

Our effort/labour spent in acquiring these temporary, materialistic comforts/joy just goes to waste.

For example, man uses alcohol and many other forms of addictives/drugs for temporary physical comforts and at the end results in suffering.

In this way from the new sense-oriented mental relishes, man searches for comfort and relish. With the momentary experiencing of such enjoyment, numerous untreatable diseases like, T.B., syphilis, leprosy, AIDS

etc. are contacted and life becomes a living hell.

5.1 By asking for comfort, one receives immense discomfort. All the mortals weave a wreath of sins. 222

5.2 All these worldly attachments, affections and dainties, all of them are but black stains on the soul. He, who departs bearing the stains of his sins on his face, finds no place to sit in Lord's court. 662

5.3 As many as are the joys of the body, so many are the pains, which cling to it. 1287

Likewise the desires of material comforts of childhood, youth, married life, old age, knowledge and beliefs are constantly changing. But we forget that our overall imagination of material comforts is not constant, it is temporary and false because it is supplied by false materialism. That is why these materialistic comforts and our desires for them are all false.

That is why we are admonished in Gurbani.

5.4 O slave Nanak, without the Lord's meditation, there is no peace even in dream. 1231

5.5 There is no peace, O mortal, without the devotional service of God. 210

5.6 Without God's Name peace ensues not. By making various prolixities I have verified this. 48


5.8 Without God's meditation there is no emancipation, nor has any one attained peace. 215

5.9 If you forget God, why deemest yourself to be in peace. 184

On the other side, for the acquirement of infinite and permanent 'comfort/joy', gurbani guides us as follows


6.1 If you desirest ever-lasting peace, O brother, the Guru counsels you to associate with saints. There the Lord's Name alone is meditated upon. By the saints' society one is emancipated. 1182


6.3 By meditating and pondering on the Lord, Nanak has obtained peace. Throughout the eight watches of the day he sings Your praises. All his heart's desires are fulfilled and he shall never more be distressed. 106

6.4 All your sorrows shall vanish, O Nanak, utter the Name of the Lord of excellences. 290

6.5 Remember, remember, remember the Name and obtain peace. You repeat the Name and make others to repeat it. 290

6.6 Remembering the Lord, thy mind shall ever abide in bliss and peace and your soul shall become calm and cool. 860

6.7 Peace in this world, peace in the next one and peace for all times is obtained through God's meditation. Ever utter you the Name of the Lord. 683

In Gurbani, 'Gobind-Simran' is potrayed as the ocean for all joys and comforts.

6.8 Your meditation, O World Lord is an ocean of peace, so Your saints sing ever Your praises. 925

6.9 I forget not the Lord, the Ocean of happines, and obtain my heart desired fruits. 620

According to the Gurus utterance "As you serve, so shall you become", the effect of our deeds on our mind is mandatory.

With the 'baser company' of materialism we forget the Lord and the vices of the 'materialistic world' diffuse into us.

6.10 O Lord of the world and Master of the universe, this worldliness has made me forget Your feet. Even a bit of love for You wells not up in Your slave. What can the poor slave do? 857

6.11 This mammon is the enticer of the world, O brother and all the deeds done in its wake are sinful. 635

7.1 Mammon is a she-serpent, which is clinging to the world. He, who performs her service, him she ultimately devours. 510

7.2 O brother, so bewitching is the mammon, that as many as are the beings, so many it has deceived. 1160

As opposed to this, when we participate in the 'Sadh Sangat' and do the Lord's Simran, or remember the Lord's virtue at that moment, all His Divine Virtues (qualities) begin to seep into our mind.

According to Gurbani, what is happiness\suffering?


It means that forgetting (non-remembrance) the Lord is the main reason for all the suffering whilst the Lord's Simran is the eternal and permanent treasure of happiness/comfort.

To look for eternal happiness in the 'fiery - grief - ocean" of materialism is a joke because there is absolutely no eternal and permanent happiness in it.

7.4 Such is this mammon, by which the Lord is forgotten, wordly love wells up and one is attached to love of another. 921

7.5 In the fire of worldly valuables, the world is burning. 1049

When we dive into materialism's ocean of suffering, crying out in protest, trying to look for adhoc\temporary happiness with our polutted intelligence, we find that it (hapiness) quickly disappears. Man, to escape from these self inflicted materialistic suffering and torment, resorts to alcohol etc. kind of drugs - but the effect of these intoxicants is temporary and after that the situation is even worse.

In Gurbani is revealed the most beneficial and simple method of protection from all suffering and torment and that is SIMRAN.


8.1 How can He be forsaken, O dear, by remembering whom sorrows are
forgotten? 431

8.2 Comtemplating whom all pains are eradicated and all the comforts come and abide within the mind. 1148

8.3 Remembering, and ever remembering my Great True Guru, I am rid of all the pain. By Guru's holy word the fever and other afflications are past and I have obtained my heart desired fruits. 619

8.4 Kabir, perform your meditation of thy God, comtemplating whom, the troubles depart. 1374

8.5 Ever, ever contemplate on the Lord's Name. No affliction of old age and death shall overtake you and your affairs in the Lord's court hereafter shall be
adjusted. 824


According to our deeds, we are at the mercy of "Yamas" (the police force of Dharam Raj - the Righteous Judge) and have to face the sentence the 'Yamas" mete out. There is only one easy way or method of protection from the terrible punishment or sentence of these 'Yamas' as given in Gurbani and THAT IS SIMRAN.

8.7 By remembering whom the abode of sorrow is abolished. By remembering whom Death's courier molests you not. By remembering whom, what is dry becomes green. 182

8.8 He, within whose mind you enterest , O Lord, suffers not at the hands of death's courier. 960

8.9 Uttering the excellences and praises of the World-Cherisher, death's courier runs away from afar. 917

8.10 He remembers and comtemplates his Lord Master and so the Death's myrmidon draws not hear him. 682

8.11 Remembering the Imperishable Lord, Death's noose is cut and all the glee and
sublime wisdom are obtained. 781

8.12 Nanak lives by remembering and contemplating his God and is caught not in the death's clamity. 1225

By doing God's Simran man's physical, mental and spiritual life achieves full salvation that is happiness is attained in this world and comfort is assured in the world hereafter.


9.2 The Lord's Name is the support of my soul and body. Whosoever meditates on it, He is emancipated. 1004

9.3 Within my mind and body, contemplate I, my Auspicious Lord. When the Perfect Guru is highly pleased, then am I blessed with everlasting peace and salvation. 1322

By doing Hari's (Lord's) Simran, man's face is illuminated in 'heaven'.

9.4 Who have pondered on the Name, and have departed after putting in toil; O' Nanak! their faces shall be bright and many shall be emancipated along with them. 8

9.5 Remember you Him, by whose meditation, thy face shall be immaculate in the Lord' Court, and you shall ever and ever obtain peace. 629

9.6 O my mind, ever contemplate on the True Name, the True Name. By ever meditating on the Immaculate God Lord, the mortal's face become bright in this world and the world beyond. 670

9.7 Such is the Lord, contemplating whom your distresses shall be dispelled and here and hereafter thy face shall become bright. 896

In man's mind numerous wants and desires keep surfacing (erupting). For the fulfilment of these wishes, day and night he practices his cunningness, performs deeds and is involved in much labour - but even then all his desires are not fulfilled. If one or two desires do get realised, many other desires sprout (at the same time) in their place. In this way, inspite of profound intelligence and hard work, man has to see the face of disappointment.

But in Gurbani, our Gurus have bestowed on us the realisation that through Hari's (Lord's) Simran, man's numerous wants and desires, spontaneously get fulfilled through the Guru's blessings.

9.8 The Lord is the fulfiller of aspirations and the Giver of all the comforts. In His power is the elysian cow. So, O my soul, meditate, on such Lord, then alone, shall you obtain all the comforts, O my soul. 669-70

10.1 The Lord is the fulfiller of aspirations and the Giver of all the comforts. In His power is the elysian cow. So, O my soul, meditate, on such Lord, then alone, shall you obtain all the comforts, O my soul. 669-70

10.2 With my soul and body I have reflected over the Lord. I have obtained the fruit my mind desired. 72

10.3 By remembering the Lord, of easy access, all the desires are fulfilled. 79-80

10.4 Pondering and reflecting over my Lord, I have attained all the fruits. 519

10.5 Reflecting and pondering over the Bountiful Lord, the heart's desires are fulfilled. My mind's craving and hope are realised and my sorrows are
dispelled. 524


10.7 By meditating on Lord God, night and day, the mind-desired fruits are
obtained. 578

10.8 Contemplating the Lord God, man crosses the dreadful world-ocean and all his desires are fulfilled. 781

10.9 The man, who utters Your Name, O Lord, obtains all fruits, and becoming moveless, he sings Your praises. 1184

10.10 O my soul, every day repeat and remember on the Lord Master's Name. You shall obtain the fruits which you desirest and pain shall touch you not ,
again. 720

We live in 'the love of another' that is in the 'world of materialism'. Here is the culture of 'me-mine'. Where 'me-mine' exists, physical, mental, religious, materialistic


come to reside. With this our mind remains fearful and shrivelled and we continue to burn, roast and dive with worry into the 'fiery-terrible-ocean' (of materialism). With this 'mental-conflict state' sprouts numerous mental diseases like

blood preasure
heat trouble
nervous tension etc.

Life becomes hell with these mental (triggered) diseases. Gurbani reveals to us a simple cure to protect ourselves from the main cause for these diseases - fear, anxiety, worry, apprehension etc., and that cure is SIMRAN.

11.1 Through God's meditation my anxiety has ended. 189



11.4 My fear is dispelled by meditating on the Fearless God. 191

11.5 By remembering and meditating on the Lord, the fire is entirely quenched. 191

11.6 By Lord's meditation, fear overtakes not. 262

11.7 Wihtin my mind and body, I think of my Lord. The Perfect Guru, has dispelled all my fears. 1152

11.8 Through the rememberance of the Naam, all worries disappear. 192

That 'SIMRAN' which has been so much exaulted in Gurbani does not seem to attract our attention. The reason is that over numerous births, we have been turning the wrong spinning wheel of materialistic Simran. To turn the mind away from Maya (materialism), and to coat it with 'Divine Graft' there is a need for the sublime company of evolved souls

or the company of souls in search of TRUTH (Sat Sangat).

Keeping regular company of and being involved in the service of spiritually elevated souls with a keen desire for sewa, automatically make the mind attach itself to Simran. That is why we have been reminded in GURBANI.

12.1 Lord's meditation is attained in the Saints' society. All the wealth, O Nanak are in God's love. 262