Sunday, October 22, 2006


Life is motion, consciousness in motion; and motion affecting all matter is ‘vibration’. In the beginning, it was all consciousness. Consciousness emanated vibration called the ’Word’ or ‘Sound’, i.e. ‘Shabad’ which projected the entire cosmic world. This ‘vibration’ is the first projection of Primal Energy or Infinite-Power, from which infinite types of vibrations sprouted, fructifying into numerous types and forms of matter. Matter is thus nothing but an expression of energy. In other words, existence of varied forms of matter is directly attributed to the process of combination permutation of infinite variety of vibrations. Different ranges of vibrations existing in this universe are named as light, heat, electricity, sound, etc.; all are modes of vibrations of the same nature in ether, thought they differ in frequency and quality. Thoughts, desires, actions, etc., are also made up to vibrations but differ in their phenomena because of different character, frequency and intensity. Every thing in the universe, whether living or non-living, having been created by certain types of vibrations, also emits the same type of vibrations inn the cosmos. So also, thoughts caused by certain type of vibrations emit the same kind of vibrations in the cosmos, which are recorded by the cosmic infinitude. In other words, the cosmic apparatus constantly registers and emits all types of vibrations affecting everything in the universe. Human soul is an integral part of the ‘Prime Soul’ or the Supreme Consciousness, in very much the same way as a ray of light belongs to its source – ‘the Sun’. The two differ only in degree (power), but in essence (quality) they are the same. Of all other living forms in the universe, human form is the most highly evolved being, as it has the exquisite faculty of discrimination, called ‘intellect’. For this quality, man is said to have been created by God ‘in His Own Image’. Thus, human form is the cream of cosmic creation. Human mind is endowed with the discriminating power of intelligence. Mind is nothing but a subtle phenomenon of thinking. It operates through thoughts; if thoughts do not exist, mind loses its identity. Because of its multifarious assignments, such as ambition, emotion, sentiments, feeling, instinct, inclination, imagination, volition, etc., the mind has acquired it mercurial nature. Acting in collusion with the sense organs, the mind rouses the five nerve-centers in the ‘Consciousness’, and they in turn, propel the executing organs to activity. They are: lust, anger, greed, and attachment, ego, which affect the intellect, distort its power of judgment and discrimination, and drive the man to act as a ‘slave’ to ‘mind’. It is, therefore, essential for the man to tame the mind and harness the power of thoughts. Mind can be compared to the ocean. Just as wind causes ripples on the surface of water, so are thought-waves caused on the surface of the mind. Certain strong waves of thought dive deep into the sub-conscious mind; they are like the under-currents at the sea-bed. Mind is never calm and vacant. Rumbling waves of desires, ego, ambition, craving, anxiety of possession, attachment, etc., always disturb its equipoise. Although intellect is superior to mind’ because of its power of judgment and discrimination, yet the man is easily amiable to the fascination of sensual gratification. Thus, ‘intellect’ plays a puppet in the hands of the mind. Human soul is an integral part of the ‘Prime Soul’ or the Supreme Consciousness, in very much the same way as a ray of light belongs to its source – ‘the Sun’. The two differ only in degree (power), but in essence (quality) they are the same. Of all other living forms in the universe, human form is the most highly evolved being, as it has the exquisite faculty of discrimination, called ‘intellect’. For this quality, man is said to have been created by God ‘in His Own image’. Thus, human form is the cream of cosmic creation. Human mind is endowed with the discriminating power of intelligence. Mind is nothing but a subtle phenomenon of thinking. It operates through thoughts; if thoughts do not exist, mind loses its identity. Because of its multifarious assignments, such as ambitions, emotion, sentiments, feeling, instinct, inclination, imagination, volition, etc., the mind has acquired its mercurial nature. Acting in collusion with the sense organs , the mind rouses the five nerve-centers in the ‘Consciousness’, and they in turn, propel the executing organs to activity. They are: lust, anger, greed, and attachment, ego, which affect the intellect, distort its power of judgment and discrimination, and drive the man to act as a ‘slave’ to ‘mind’. it is, therefore, essential for the man to tame the mind and harness the power of thoughts. Mind can be compared to the ocean. Just as wind causes ripples on the surface of water, so are thought-waves caused on the surface of the mind. Certain strong waves of thought dive deep into the sub-conscious mind; they are like the undercurrents at the sea-bed. Mind is never calm and vacant. Rumbling waves of desires, ego, ambition, craving, anxiety of possession, attachment, etc., always disturb its equipoise. Although intellect is superior to ‘mind’ because of its power of judgment and discrimination yet the man is easily amenable to the fascination of sensual gratification. Thus, ‘intellect’ plays a puppet in the hands of the mind.
Mind is the link between the ‘sense world’ and the ‘Soul Realm’, Mind operates through thought, which a subtle vital, living force is; capable of acquiring infinite power. Thought is a subtle wave or vibration emanating from the mind. In other words, vibrations out flowing from the mind are called ‘thoughts’. There is infinite type of vibrations of love, hared, envy, jealousy, anger, sensuality, etc. in the cosmos. Depending on the ‘principal of like attracts like’, we arrract certain types of vibrations from the cosmos according to our ‘instinct’ of previous and present life. Consequently, these vibrations are potentized by frequent repetition. In this way we in turn generate and transmit these vibrations in the cosmos. Everything there in the universe in the material form (seen) had its origin first in thought (unseen). What we speak is a mere expression thought. Poetry, a great writing, a fine piece of art, or a science and engineering marvel are all the result of thought. Thought is, in fact, the primal force of the genesis at the back of all creation. The present universe is the cumulative result of our collective thoughts and feelings. The universe, in reality, is the projection of our mind, which in itself is the store-house of computer of our acquired impressions, which are expressing themselves in impulses and thoughts. Every thought has a mental image, hue, form, dimension, etc. It is the: genesis of past thoughts and actions, vehicle of the present life, and seed of future propensity, affecting life individually and collectively, and transforming the physical and mental world continuously and imperceptibly. Thoughts travel far and wide in all directions at a lightning speed; carry subtle notes, which are registered in the cosmic records. Powerful thought-vibrations travel at a tremendous velocity and are received thought mental antennas of those who are receptive to such vibrations on the same frequency. Thoughts when focused and directed become dynamic forces and produce deep impressions. You can well imagine the ‘intensity of sun-rays’ when they are concentrated through a magnifying glass (double-convex lens) on to a piece of paper. Every one is living in one’s own world of thoughts continuously absorbing or repelling the vibrations of other thoughts recorded in the ether, according to the particular wave-length and frequency. Every thought is a link in the endless chain of cause and effect to produce desire – stimulating drive; thought – manifesting in action, and activity – weaving the web of character, fate and destiny. Pure thoughts are Divine forces which pervade human existence right from the birth. They radiate joy, hope, solace and peace to the entire humanity. Persistent thoughts of egoistic desire, selfishness, and covetousness breed, develop and nourish anger, hatred, jealously, revenge and the like, which give rise to malicious tendencies leading to heinous actions. On the other hand, noble thoughts of love, compassion, kindness, etc., produce, noble men and saints. Power of thoughts lies latent in us, and can be developed to make or mar our own life and destiny. We are continuously attracting to ourselves forces and conditions most akin to those of our own thoughts. Our particular thought within connects us with a similar thought from without. It is, therefore important for us to recognize as to how we live in out thought-world. Our thoughts instantly reflect on our face and features. They chasten, chisel and fashion our countenance, which is an index of our inner character. The facial expressions expose the true state and substance of our mind; howsoever we may try to hide it. Our face and eyes are: sensitive registering apparatus, faithful reflectors, clear mirrors, and true expressions of our inner feelings. Every thought produces a strong vibration in every cell of our body, and leaves a deep impression on our sub-conscious mind. Impressions from the depth of the subconscious mind come up in the form of thought-vibrations or mental images, and direct our actions accordingly. Therefore, we are the makers of our own habits, circumstances, character and fate. These thought-vibrations are transmuted to every fiber and nerve of our physical body, and cause electrical, chemical and biological changes, affecting our physical and mental condition. Every good and sublime thought conjures a noble spirit and initiates good action, contributing to our health and happiness. This also has an invigorating effect in improving our physical and mental condition, even during moments of depression and exhaustion. On the contrary, every depressing and negative thought has an adverse effect on every cell of our body, causing physical and mental exhaustion. Most of the present-day diseases such as hypertension, joint-pains, stomach ulcer, insomnia, spondilosis, chronic indigestion, heart-ailments and many other diseases, have their origin in psyche, i.e., habitual negative thinking, which cause substantial abnormality in different body-tissues. It, therefore, accrues that mere mode of thinking can create heaven or hell for life. It implies, therefore, that thoughts have tremendous force, can: execute desires and passions, fashion our countenance, develop our character, work out circumstances, influence and transform our behaviour, shape our destiny, and contribute towards shaping the universe. The force of thought, thus, works: systematically, subtly, imperceptibly, consistently, and dynamically. We have a free will to choose between: virtue and vice, friends and foes, good and bad, happiness and sorrow, health and disease, and heaven and hell. All these conditions are the outcome of our own thoughts and deeds, and are subject to our discretion. We have the free choice of thought, feelings and actions. So, it is up to us alone to discriminate, decide and work for a better and sublimer life. Our thoughts make us what we are here and hereafter. Happiness or misery is, therefore, the result of our own thoughts and actions. Poverty, misery or misfortune, may, in fact, prove a blessing in disguise, as, thought higher and constructive thoughts one may develop humility, endurance, faith, etc. conversely, affluence and luxury may breed inertia, passion, arrogance, faithlessness and resultant vices. The present state of our lives has been shaped by our own thoughts, and if we desire to change it for the better, we have to discriminate wisely and choose the higher and sublimer course of thoughts. In the world of today, most people believe in Epicurean philosophy, i.e., ‘eat, drink and be merry’. This is a devilish idea and leads to sorrow and miseries. We should ‘eat-to-live’ and not ‘live-to-eat’.
Our thoughts are dissipated in many directions and in order to cultivate and develop their power, they have to be focused to a single point. With purity, concentration and meditation, thoughts can develop tremendous mental power and strong will. Only calm, serene, cheerful and pure mind, with faith and devotion can concentrate and meditate. Higher and spiritual thoughts, sustained by persistent meditation, can intuitively ‘tap’ or ignite our latent soul, and we can partake and enjoy peace, joy, bliss and love of the Divine Realm. There is no physical or mental limitation of time and space in the process of spiritual working. The spirit transcends all limitations and pervades and engulfs the Universe at a lightening speed. For the development of power of pure and sublime thoughts, it is essential to resist and avoid all lower obnoxious thoughts and impulses of worry, fear, anger, envy, sensuality, etc., which disturb and distract the mind. These obnoxious thoughts are the root cause of all our worries and mental tensions. The impure negative thoughts should not be entertained; they gain strength by repetition. They should be nipped in the bud by ignoring and avoiding them as soon as they appear. Even unimportant, useless and irrelevant thoughts should be avoided, as they rob us of our peace of mind and contribute toward mental tension. They should not be allowed to take roots. They should be replaced by kind, loving, devotion and inspiring thoughts and memories. Mind assumes a teeming variety of modifications. Mere understanding of the illusoriness of such modifications will not help; you have to develop the power to negate them. Let the modifications arise, but do not get yourself involved in them. In the beginning, controlling the thoughts of passions appears formidable and impossible. Never try to suppress your thoughts. Suppressed thoughts are more dangerous. They get stored in the sub-conscious mind and the form of seeds. Whenever the conscious control is weakened, they manifest themselves with a bang. Therefore, the negative desires should be substituted with positive ones, or sublimated by analytical reasoning and non-cooperation with them. Light dispels darkness. Likewise, every higher sublime thought is a ray of light, which clears the dark clouds of evil thoughts. Feelings and motives behind our thoughts and actions are very important and decisive. They should be: Pure, sublime, and constructive. Lower, impure feelings and impulses are to be: avoided, repelled, transmuted, sublimated, and spiritualized. But it is an uphill task as our mind easily flows into the old grooves of lower vicious thoughts. By its very nature, the mind goes for material things and worldly pleasures; but is never contented. Although it recognizes the consequences of its entire doings yet it cannot resist the temptations. Conquest of the mind is more difficult than the conquest of the world. The only way it can be tamed and subdued is by a superior, higher, and nobler love than the love for worldly allurements. This superior love is in the taste of Nam or Shabad – the ‘wordless word’, realized through meditation in the sublime company of Word-personified, Enlightened Masters. This love is so sweet, transcendent, and captivating that mind automatically loses its wavering nature and is made completely calm. Otherwise a bad master, it then becomes an excellent servant. Regular spiritual meditation is the fire in which the obnoxious thoughts and impulses can be burnt, and is the quickest and best way of cultivating mental peace and poise, and of preventing mental tension, which is the real killer of ‘self’. In the process of weaning the mind away from vicious thoughts of external objects, and fixing it on Divinity, ‘Simran’ (repetition of God’s name) is very effective. Meditation is a dynamic spiritual force to antidote and counter-acts the negative vicious thoughts of hatred, lust, anger, greed and pride, and to substitute them with positive and virtuous thoughts of humility, purity, kindness and love. When meditation becomes regular and devotional, our mind becomes more potent and strong to resist the temptation of lower destructive vicious thoughts. Gradually and imperceptibly, the spiritual effect of meditation will transform and sublimate our thoughts which will spontaneously reflect on our countenance, environment, dealings, habits, character and fate. Thus, new, nobler and spiritual grooves and avenues will be formed in our mind which will slowly, but surely, prepare us for the attainment of ‘God-head’, i.e., Consciousness of Divine Existence, Divine Love, Happiness and Bliss. God resides in our hearts, and the only way to worship Him is by cultivating sublime thoughts and meditating on His Name. With regular practice of meditation, thought0waves subside and in that perfect stillness of mind, the self-effulgent soul shines forth.
For the practice of concentration and meditation: silence, solitude, regularity, guidance, and company of the awakened and illuminated souls is very essential. It must be realized that thoughts are the means of externalization and objectification of the Universe. Thoughts activate and express themselves in us through ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’. When our thoughts are spiritualised by meditation, ego consciousness is transmuted into Divine Consciousness, and our mind works in tune with, and as an instrument of the Divine Will. Determination and persistent striving is needed to build up the desired character, which is the deciding factor to resolve all issues and problems of life-good or bad-and make or mar life. The circumstances, environment and fate are the materialization of our own thoughts, and we have no right to put the onus of our miseries on other. Peace and prosperity can be ensured for the entire humanity only by generating a new thought-force. Propagation of teachings and philosophies of Saints and ‘God-men’ will go a long way towards the creation of sublime world of grace. One should also cultivate the habit of reading the literature and writings of holy men to purify one’s thoughts. Thoughts are the cause or seeds of all our physical actions, emotions and impulses. So, if we want to change our life, character and fate, we have to strike at the very root and transform our thoughts for the betterment, through: -- sublimation of our consciousness, -- faith in God, -- meditations on His Nam, -- company of Enlightened Souls, and – Grace of the Guru. In this way, our own life, as well as the civilization of the world, can be sublimated and ushered into the Divine Realm.
Thoughts have no power in themselves. They merely act as carriers or channels of power. All power belongs to God. There is no other power. The universe derives all kinds of powers from the source of Divinity. The Divine Power is infinite, all-engulfing, all-pervading and self-effulgent, and is projected and manifested in the universe in various reflections. Every particle of the cosmos possesses this heritage of Divine Power in full and profound measure. Thick and coloured curtains inhibit and diminish the power of light. Similarly, the intensity of thought-power is diminished when it passed thought coloured or polluted mind. Divine Power is dissipated in the process of external flow through mind’s diversification. This means, when sensitive thought-vibrations pass through the various channels of the mind, viz. lust, ego, anger, greed, attachment, etc., they get frittered and weakened, thereby losing their intensity and power. The subtle soul-vibrations are originally pure and sublime, but during their outward transition, they are subjected to our mental conditions, and thereby get influenced, polluted, and weakened. Limitation of power is thus mainly due to our depraved ideas and conceptions which modify, depreciate, diminish, restrain and obstruct the flow of the Infinite Divine Power. The supply of Divine Power into our mind is contingent to and limited by, the condition of our belief and faith in Divinity. Faithlessness of our materialistic mind is an obstruction to the inflow of Divine Power, i.e., misguided and ill-conceived thinking limits the flow of Divine Power into our mind and body. Realization of God’s gift of infinite Power is directly proportional to the intensity of our ‘belief and faith’ in His Divine Power and only in that proportion we partake and enjoy the profound benefit and bliss of His Infinite Divine Power, inherent in our souls. Consequently, we also limit the outflow of Divine Power, Bliss and Love, through our mind-channel, for the benefit of mankind. In fact, when thoughts and conceptions are sublimated in our consciousness, we become in tune with the universal Will, and the Infinite Divine Power begins to flow through us to the universe we become channels of the profound Divine Power. Since the onus of all the experiences on the physical and cosmic planes lies in our own thinking, conceptions, beliefs and faith, intuitional spiritual discrimination is very important and essential. This spiritual discriminating power can be acquired only in the company of Illuminated Souls, i.e., through Divine vibrations emanating from such Souls. Extremely sensitive spiritual vibrations originate and emanate from Divinity which are pure and dynamic. But, as they transit through our polluted minds, their power and purity is diminished in the process of externalization. Hence, the more our thoughts are scattered, contaminated and depraved, the weaker they become. On the other hand, the more our thoughts are purified sublimated and spiritualised by concentration and meditation the more they retain their original, inherent, spiritual dynamism. Every thought that passes through our mind leaves an indelible trace amongst the millions of cells of our brain. So whatever we do, makes it easier for us to do the same thing over again. This is because electric currents record all that happenes to us by creating path-ways or impressions among the cells of our brain. The more frequently the same thoughts and actions are repeated, the deeper and more pronounced the impression become. These impressions are unconsciously and constantly accumulating in our Mental Computer and they affect and shape our ideas, conceptions, belief, and faith; their sum-total is manifested in our behaviour, hbits, character and personality. Ninety percent of our personality is made up of, and represents our inner mental, emotional and spiritual qualities; only ten percent of it can be attributed to the outer environment. These influences are acquired through our mental inclinations and experiences both during the present and past many lives. Every smallest stroke of virtue or vice leaves behind an ever-so-little scar on our mind – good or bad – never to be undone. This scar or influence is so powerfully embedded in the sub-conscious mind that it is wholly carried forward through lives, birth afterbirth, and shapes man’s destiny to prove the Karmic Law of ‘As you so, so shall you reap’. The drunkard excuses himself for every fresh dereliction by say: ‘I won’t count it this time’. Well, he may not count it but it is being counted non-the-less in his Mental Computer, deep down into his nerve-cells and fibers, molecules and electrons in his subtle consciousness, registering and storing it up in its subtle folds, to be used against him when the next temptation arises in his mind. Man is incessantly weaving a good or bad ‘cone’ around himself, by his own thoughts and actions, like a silk worm; thus shaping his own fate and destiny. Thoughts have tremendous power which can be developed to unlimited degree by repletion, contemplation, concentration and meditation. Lower, depraved thoughts should be forgotten or brushed aside at once, as soon as they come, by diverting the mind to higher, nobler and inspiring thoughts. “As you sow, so shall you reap”. “Sow a thought, reap an idea; sow an idea, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a fate; sow a fate, reap a destiny.” Human mind is unconsciously and incessantly weaving and shaping its own good or bad world within, by its own thoughts. Similarly, every thought – good or bad – that emanates from the mind sends subtle vibrations all over the universe which are registered in the Infinite Perfect Universal Computer of Consciousness.
Millions of thoughts, emanating every moment from the minds of the entire Universe, are being registed and processed instantly by the Universal Computer and shelved into like cycles and wave lengths. The cycles and wave lengths of various hues and categories, and subtle vibrations thereof, accumulate and shape the subtle environment of the Universal Mind just as in the case of our individual mind and sub-consciousness. In this subtle process, our thoughts have profound influence in; -- directly shaping our character, fate and destiny; -- indirectly moulding and modifying the subtle environment of the universe, and – re-coiling on the whole humanity, collectively. In fact, every thought is a dynamic seed which sprouts, gains strength by repetition, spreads in the mental world and engulfs the entire universe to make or mar our lives, according to the nature of our thoughts. This explains the tense and vicious environment of selfishness, pride, unrest, strif, jealousy, cruelty and wars prevailing all over the world, inspite ofnumerous professed religions and cults, and all efforts of august institutions, like U.N.O., etc. God created a Heaven for his children to live in and enjoy, but we, the prodigal sons of the earth, have turned it into a hell like vicious rendezvous under the influence of our lower depraved thoughts, and have thereby degenerated moral values. The cultivate dynaic thoughts are so powerful that they are capable of modifying the cumulative result of our past and present lives. They are so insidious and permeating that they definitely have profound effect on our future as well. The sound of a particular frequency and wave-length is caught and relayed by any radio set which is tuned to that frequency and wave-length. Similarly, thought-vibration of different intensity, frequency and wave-length cane be caught, perceived and conceived by any mind or minds which are tuned to that frequency and wave-length, may be anywhere in the vast limitless cosmos. This means that the cumulative results of our good and bad thoughts are registered in the universal computer, caught and conceived by any mind-radio, whenever and wherever it is, provided it is tuned to the frequency and wave-length of the originating thought. In other words, the waves or vibrations of a particular thought simultaneously pass through every mind radio which is tuned to that wave-length. This explains why drunkards and villains, or noble and pious people, get attracted towards each other to prove the idiom: “Birds of the same feather flock together”. Our audio-visual process of electronic science workds on the same principle. This principle of attraction and communication at the same wave-length is working invisibly and imperceptibly throughout the universe, even beyond the limits of death and subtly e=affects our mind process and shapes our environment and relationship in the next lives. The kind of environment and relationship, good or bad, that we wish for in ournext life, can be decided and shaped in the present life itself, through our thought-process, by merely transforming our ideas and thoughts to higher and nobler wave-length, with contemplation and meditation on sublime and inspiring thoughts, with intensity of feelings and faith in the Divine compassion and Love. This Eternal Universal Law: “As you think, so you become”, is illustrated by the following story published some years ago. “There was an old lady who had suffered numerous misfortunes and miseries in her life and was overwhelmed with frustration, indignation,anger, hatred and sadness. Hence life became devoid of happiness, hope, brightness and goodness. She became irritable, quarrelsome and furious. Gradually her vicious temperament adversely affect her health and reflect on the features of her face which looked ugly, haggard,abhorrent and repulsive. In due course, all her relative and fiends deserted her and she was left all alone to ead a dry dready and miserable life. The people around her avoided her repulsive company and chile=dren would run away to hide from the sight of her ugly dreadful contenance. A noble soul took compassion on the wretched condition of this old miserable lady and approached her with kindness and sympathy. She aked her to recollect the brightes and happiest occasion of her life. The old lady at once brought her wedding phot and started narrating the happy and blissful events of her marriage. As she did so, luster came back in her sad eyes and features of her old wrinkled face became blooming and attractive. The good lady took her to the mirror and told her to carefully observe and mark the difference between her own features before and after the interview. The old lady was astonished at her own bright eyes and glowing face in spite of her wrinkled skin. Actually, she was frightened to compare her new features with her new features with her usual miserable repulsive countenance. The crucial point in this story is the sudden change in her countenance wrought by the sweet and blissful memory of bright and happy occasion of her life. It was the direct and immediate result of the change in her thoughts. She was advised to replace her usual depraved thoughts with higher and nobler thoughts and contemplate frequently on the brighter side of life, with thankfulness for the blessings of the Lord, as often as possible. By and by, her features changed for the better and luster of her eyes returned, and her behaviour became reasonable and endearing. Her repulsive countenance became attractive and lovely. Her neighbours and friends again flocked to her to sympathise, cheer her up, the fearful children came running to her and enjoyed her newly sprouted affection and kindness. Ultimately, she died as a ‘Loving Noble old lady’ instead of that ‘repulsive, witch-like old lady’, thus ensuring her, endearing, kind and living life in the here-after. The magic that wrought such an unbelievable and wonderful miracle to the hopeless, despondent and wretched life of the old lady is Eternal Universal Law: As you think, so you become. The power of thinking is attributed to the degree of one’s faith. Every aspect of our life revolves around the axle of thoughts in respect of our belief and faith being: good or bad, noble or deprave, and hinges on – kindness or cruelty, compassion or selfishness, love or hatred, happiness or sadness, health or sickness, prosperity or poverty, virtue or vice, friendship, or enmity, godliness or devilishness, heaven or hell, etc.
If we desire and aspire for higher, nobler, healthier and happier life, we must first of all avoid, discard, brush aside or forget our lower ideas and thoughts, as soon as they sprout in our mind. At the same time, we should try to replace or substitute them with higher, nobler and inspiring thoughts. If the depraved thoughts are not forgotten or diverted, but are entertained and cultivate, they percolate and permeate deep into our mind and then into the sub-consciousness. Gradually, in course of time, they become insidious and powerful to enslave us, make us corrupt, depraved and vulgar, with trail of lower elements of selfishness, envy, prejudice, avarice, jealousy, hatred, anger, egoism, aggressiveness, wickedness, cruelty and what not. The easiest and quickest way to get out of this vicious circle of harmful thoughts, and to save ourselves from the pernicious consequences of these depraved thoughts i: -- to replace and substitute them with higher, nobler and inspiring thoughts, -- to divert our mind to sublime contemplation and spiritual meditation; and – to seek awakened and enlightened souls and imbibe sublime inspiration in their holy company. The example of a vessel with putrid and stinky solution will illustrate the point, and make it more comprehensible. It may be easy to put out the foul solution from the vessel and replace it with better on, but the putrid solution of mind-vessel cannot be wishfully poured out. This Mental Solution constitutes infinite, perverted ideas and thoughts, insidiously collected and condensed in our Mental Computer over many years and countless past lives. Therefore, we must understand and realize how tedious and difficult a task it is to change the pernicious and vicious thought solution of our mind-vessel, and to adopt and practically work a new course of higher and nobler lives. Our efforts in this direction have to be incessant, steadfast and tenacious, with determination, resolution and perseverance, against all kinds of circumstances, environment, temptations and stubborn opposition from perverse elements, both inside and outside. As explained above, our lower and depraved thoughts have engraved very deep grooves in our sub-consciousness, through so many past lives, and have fructified into our character or second nature. Therefore, persistent, tenacious and Herculean efforts are required to change, modify or erase these perverse grooves from our sub-consciousness, so as to manifest any perceptible improvement in our behaviour and habits. However, we would not be discouraged by our slow progress or recesses, but continue persistently, with renewed resolution in our efforts, but continue persistently, with renewed resolution in our efforts, until we make a mark for the better, in our behaviour, habits, ideology and character. Thereafter, the process of change becomes smoother, quicker and more manifest in every aspect of our daily life. But the crucial point is to develop our inner sense of discrimination, where we can distinguish between: right and wrong, good and bad, virtue and vice, morality and sin, love and hatred, materialism and religion, religion and spiritualism, saint and hypocrat, God and devil, and make the important choice of our future course of higher and nobler life. Without this discrimination and choice, our lives are like compass-less, radar-less ships drifting abut aimlessly, and knocked about and battered by storms and vagaries of the vast ocean. In order to: --develop the power of discrimination, --make decision about crucial choice of life’s course, -- take a turning point of life, and – walk on the chosen course of life, inspiration, help and guidance of the Enlightened Souls is very essential. In their company and with their guidance, our minds are gradually purified and spiritualized, and we become amenable and conductive to the sublime influence to subtle vibrations of Divine Light and Energy. At the same time, the influence of materialism is imperceptibly reduced from our consciousness in due course of time. The more our thoughts are spiritualized by sublime company and meditation, the more they become subtler, powerful and dynamic, with reflections from Divine Light and energy.
Minute sensitive waves of our thought-current are constantly and habitually scattered and wasted in the outer directions towards materialistic world, and are spent, absorbed and lost in materialism. These extroverted thought-waves have to be collected, concentrated and directed inwards to the source of all-powers, i.e., our souls. This is practically a Reverse Process of mind From – habitual, unconscious process o extroversion in which we are frittering away and spending up our latent inherent power and making our mind and body weak and exhausted. To: introspection, i.e., directing our thought-waves inwards, by concentration, contemplation and meditation on Divinity- the source of all powers. By this Reverse Process, we conserve and strengthen our energy and augment our inherent power by contact with and reflection from the Omnipotent Divinity. This Reverse Process of mind, called Meditation, has been defined and described in the past in numerous scriptures by Spiritual Masters, and various methods have been suggested and prescribed for its practice from time to time. The easiest process of meditation is to concentrate the mind on the Divine Word, i.e., Gur-Mantar, and repeat it continuously for some minutes in the beginning. The duration of meditation should be increased gradually with practice. Sit in a comfortable posture in a reserved room close your eyes and meditate at fixed time regularly, both morning and evening, as also at any other available time during the course of the day; even during sleepless intervals of night. Keep reminding your mind to avail of all possible opportunities, without letting off a single one, in repeating the Gur-Mantar. Repeat the Gur-Mantar in a slow voice, so that you may hear the whisper yourself. By this simple method concentration on the Word becomes easy and smooth. This is, of course, the preliminary technique, meant for the beginner. In due course, with consistent un-interrupted practice of repetition, the Gur-Mantar will imperceptibly dissolve into Shabad, i.e., Word-less WORD, vibrating with sublime thrill, bliss, joy and love. At this stage, Simran or meditation becomes effortless automatic, spontaneous and enjoyable. To attain such an exalted state of Blissful Consciousness, the following pre-requisites are essential:- minimum involvement in worldliness, complete detachment, complete and utter discard of Ego, unflinching faith in Divinity, intense devotion to Guru, selfless, loving and devotion service, regular, faithful, meditation on Naam, inspiring company of Illuminated and Enlightened Souls, viz. God-Men, Guru’s grace.
We erroneously identify our self with our body and environment. This identification and attachement is the root cause of our bondage, misery and sufferings. Actually our body and visible world around are mere projections and materialization of our mind process, i.e., our thoughts, emotion, perceptions, convictions and faith. It is in the mental state of consciousness that we imagine, think and behold any thing as a person or material; and something as good or bad. In as much as the sense-world is a mere image in the mind, the mind acts as an instrument for the projection its higher-self, i.e., the Soul. This higher-self of the God-consciousness is the basic, original, only really and eternal creative principle, and substance of all life. However, the dense clouds of our egoistic thoughts and beliefs over-shadow the effulgent soul within, and we fail to recognize and realize our Divine Inheritance. God-consciousness operates through the faculty of mind. On the intellectual plane, we might be tempted to think of mind as creative possessing power. But, in reality, it is the omnipotent Divine Soul which manifests through the mind in all physical form. It is merely the condition of mind which determines as to what we see and experience in the material world. We often say, a particular person is very material minded while someone is Spiritual-minded. But mind, by itself, is unconditioned. It simply projects what is entertained in it through the thoughts. We are either letting it be permeated with higher, sublime thoughts or lower, depraved thoughts. A mind receptive to the Divine inflow and conditioned to the thoughts of purity, cooperation, charity, forgiveness, kindness, and love must exude goodness, peace and harmony. On the other hand, when the mind misuses its inherited freedom and entertains perverted thoughts, it becomes out-of-tune with the Divine Will, thereby creating disharmony in the material world. A mind filled with negative and depraved thoughts of fear, disease, limitation, lack, selfishness, lust, malice, hate, revenge, etc., reflects them in all aspects of our life. Since the good or bad that comes to our experience is determined by what is allowed to pass through the mind the importance of thought-power in making a harmonious living or a hell for ourselves, and for all the world around cannot be overemphasized. We simply create what we think. However, as long as we are attached to any kind of thoughts, good or bad, we are still in the realm of mind. Once we come to realize our true identity through the faculty of mind, we simply surrender ‘our self’ to the ‘God self’. This conscious awareness takes us beyond the realm of mind, into
God’s sense or power- both physical and mental, and realize that only God’s Power creates and directs the universe, and sustains all its activity. In the Spiritual Sense, the mind only functions as: -- a means for the realization of God-consciousness. – A channel of the projection manifestation of the Divine Power. Mind imbued with Spirituality becomes an instrument through which the Divine Grace flow and externalizes in the form of abundance, harmony, peace, joy, bliss land love; resulting in wondrous, beautiful life.
The conception of mind-power is as illusory as that of mterial power. Both belong to, and work within the cosmic world. They are governed by various cosmic laws-such as: the Karmic Law – ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’. As you think, so you become. Like attracts like. Law of compensation. The law of action and reaction. Law of gravity. The law of relativity, etc. these powers can be acquired and developed, or depleted and lost, according to the concentration and condition of our thoughts and the consequent actions. They are, however, quite limited and fleeing, and are subject to the law of duality in that they can be manipulated and used for both food and evil purposes. Lost in materialism and mental powers, we conveniently forget that there is but one real power, and that power is God-Power or the Divine Power. Divine Power is the source and fountain-head of all power; and the cosmic powers are derived from, and are only a faint reflection of, this innate Spiritual Power. The Divine Power is infinite. Its sunshine – the ‘Word’ (Shabad) or ‘Naam’ is also boundless and infinite. It manifests by itself, and remains the only—original, self-creating, and sustaining, effulgent, glorious, and eternal principle of the universe. The Divine Power is ever expressing itself as: Eternal life, Light, Wisdom, Power, Abundance, Kindness, Compassion, Love, and above all, a rhythmic flow of Grace. God’s spirit is inherent in all creation. All the elements of the cosmos are created, developed, sustained, integrated and disintegrated by this Supreme Divine Power. These elements work under the cosmic laws, projecting from the Divine Will. God is infinite source of Grace, Power and Bliss and human soul is a natural heir to that heritage. If we have not been able to appropriate in full this Divine Heritage, it is due to our depraved thinking and egoistic consciousness. Being a ray of Infinite Light – The Prime Soul, the journey or flight of the human soul extends to infinity. There are infinite realms through which the soul has to pass on its way to Eternity. The infinite Divine Power is inherent and lies latent in every soul. We have only to tap the fountain of this Divine Power within our souls to become channels for the projection of Infinite Spiritual Power. When the soul is enlightened by the Grace of God, and intuitionally ushered into the Divine Realm, it is filled with all the sublime attributes of Divinity and Divine Power flows through it smoothly and effortlessly. The enlightened soul inherits and acquires dynamic Spiritual Power which over shadows all other worldly and psychic powers with its effulgence and glory. In fact such Illuminated and Enlightened Souls become Ministers of the Cosmos, capable of controlling its elements and work extra-terrestrial Phenomena or Divine Miracles which strike awe and amazement in the minds of the common people. These powers are Gifts of God and flow into the minds of God-men from Diviinity. But when we are tempted to use these sublime powers for selfish materialistic ends, to feed and boost our Ego, to exhibit spiritual achievements, to entertain the curiosity of people, to attract and allure large number of admirers and followers, to exalt our religious of spiritual personality, or to advertise our name, fame and holiness. We are degrading, disgracing and misusing the Divine Gift of these powers by taking material and religious advantages of psychic powers, we are – misusing these powers, denigrating their sublimity, digressing the Divine Law, interfering with the smooth natural flow of Divine Life-current. Acting out of tune with Divine Harmony sinning against the Divine Will, and unconsciously spending and losing the acquired power. When we are blessed and bestowed with the Divine Gift of Spiritual Power, we become – mirrors for the reflection Divinity; -- channels for projection and manifestation of Divine Power; --agencies for dispensation of sublime attributes of kindness, compassion, energy, joy, bliss and love; and – media for the expression and working of the Divine Will. This the culmination and ultimate fulfillment of the purpose of our lives in the Eternal Divine Drama of the cosmos, and this conscious realization of the Grace of the Lord fills our souls with His Blessings of sublime wisdom, joy, bliss and love. The worldly powers of mind and materialism only boost and inflate out egoistic consciousness, and are liable to be misappropriated and exploited for baneful selfish purposes. They also deviates us from the real goal of Spiritual life of God-Head. The salvation of the world, therefore, lies only in the realization of Spiritual Power. This power we shall not manipulate for our personal glorification and ulterior purposes but rather we consciously allow this power to use us for the Divine purpose. The real power is in this conscious union with God. In His Grace, there is but one power, without an opposite, and only the Divine Law (Hukam) operates. The Divine Consciousness can be experienced in a moment of silence, by the Grace of the Lord, and the only way that leads us to that point is the contemplation on the practice of Divine Naam or the meditation on the Divine world, i.e., Simran with intense faith and love, this is made easy in the company of Enlightened, Illuminated, and blessed Souls, Sadh Sangat, because God’s Grace incessantly flows to such Spiritual Personalities and in turn flow out from them to bless the seekers.
God is one, without a second. God is: all powerful, all pervading, all engulfing, all effulgence, all intelligence, all kindness, all forgiving, all compassion, all embracing love , infinite, perfect, omni-potent, omniscient, Divine Father, Divine Mother, Divine Creator, Divine Sustainer of the infinite cosmos. God is immanent in His many Divine Attributes of: Glory, Grace, Effulgence, Power, Compassion, Kindness, Joy, Bliss, and love. God is all powerful; i.e., all power belongs to God. There is no other power. The Divine power is: infinite, all-pervading, all-engulfing, and self-effulgent, and is projected and manifested through the cosmic consciousness in various reflections. Therefore, all other powers we perceive or are aware of are the reflections and projection of the Divine Power. The cosmos derives all kinds of powers from the only source of Divine Power. But in our egoistic deception we believe that there are different kinds of powers coming from different sources. All the attributes of the sun, such as light, heat, energy, life sustaining properties, etc., are projected, reflect and manifested through sun-rays to sustain the cosmos, even without their knowledge or asking. The infinite celestial attributes of God mentioned above are silently, invisibly, secretly and immaculately reflecting and working consistently in the cosmos through His power and Grace, to create, develop, sustain and entertain His innumerable children of the cosmos. We, the creatures, with even our limited power and intelligence try to provide our babies with all their needs and comforts under the instinct of our parental affections. Therefore, it is unthinkable that such a Loving, Kind, Gracious, Great Diving Father should have left His dear children to fend for themselves at the mercy of adverse materialistic forces. In fact, it is the Divine Power and Grace that creates, develops, sustains, degenerates, and again regenerates all creatures of the universe. It is again God’s Power and Grace that provides in abundance all the needs of His children for ever and without asking. But we are unable to perceive and realize the Benevolent Divine Law of Providence in our egoistic illusion. Thereby we create obstructions in the natural inflow of Divine-Power and Grace into our mind which becomes stagnated and depraved with wrong thoughts. In doing so, we invite all sorts of troubles, problems and miseries, and make a ‘hell’ of our lives. The heavy clouds of selfishness, doubts, fears, conflicts, turmoil, confrontation, etc., engulfing the universe, is the result and positive proof of our depraved thoughts and wrong perceptions emanating from our egoistic consciousness. Due to egoistic consciousness and superfluous faith in Divintiy. We deprive ourselves of the ever-flowing abundance of His Kindness, Compassion, Grace and Love. The light of the sun is reflected into our room through glass planes and curtains. If the glass panes are coloured and the curtains are heavy, the flow of light into the room is curtailed. Similarly, when our mind is clouded with wrong thoughts and perceptions of egoistic consciousness, the reflection of the ever-present Divine Power and Grace on our mind is diluted and restricted. In other words, the inflow of Divine Gifts of Love and Grace is in proportion to our faith in Divine Power. The following illustration may help to elucidate the subtle difference between: the ‘Primal Divine Power’ and – the illusionary conception of cosmic powers working in the materialistic world. The sperm grows into foetus is being nourished and protected within the womb without outside interference or help. This process of growth of the foetus goes on invisibly, secretly, with meticulous precisions and ingenious perfection, in which the ‘mother’ has no conscious part to play. It is solely the Divine Power working silently, secretly and perfectly. In fact, this wonderful process of ‘gestation’ is one of the awe-inspiring miracles of Divine Power and Wisdom, but we take it as ‘casual’ and fail to recognize it as Divine Power. On the other hand, the ‘mother’ thinks that she herself has conceived, nourished, sustained and developed and ‘foetus’ into a ‘baby’. This is the egoistic blasphemy on the part of the mother. When the foetus is grown, it is ushered into the world as a ‘baby’ here again the Divine Power and Grace works spontaneously to supply suitable milk: in the breast of the mother and instill the instinct of ‘motherly love’ for the baby in the heart of the mother. With this ‘motherly love’ she cares for, nurses, protects and makes sacrifices, in the up-bringing of the baby. As the baby grows, the Divine Power provides it with teeth to eat and also other human faculties. Here again the Divine Power and Grace works silently and secretly for growth, development, sustenance, and protection of the baby into full manhood or womanhood in which very little conscious part is played by the parents. But the egoistic parents think that the chills has grown up with their own efforts and wisdom, thus denying the real Divine Power and Grace silently working in this process. At both pre-natal and post-natal stages, God’s Grace and power worked through the body of the ‘mother’ for the growth, sustenance and development of the child. In the case of foetus, mother’s body is unconsciously used as an ‘incubator’. In the cae of the ‘baby’, God’s Grace and love descends and permeates the heart of the ‘mother’ so that she can nurse the bay with tender care and affections. This ‘motherly love’ is actually a ‘reflection’ of God’s Grace and love, and the ‘mother’ becomes a ‘channel’ for the outflow of the Divine grace and Love for the baby. In fact, the Divine Father who provides nourishment and protection to the foetus within the womb, and mil in the breast of the ‘mother’ without the conscious knowledge of the baby and mother, had created vast Nature and made Eternal Law of Providence to provide all the needs of His children in abundance for their growth, sustenance and entertainment for ever. In fact the Loving Grace of the all-powerful Divine Father is ‘all-sufficient’, for the needs of His children to enable them to live in and enjoy the comforts of peace and bliss in the Heaven of Divine Kingdom. But it seems so absurd and strange to think that human being – the ‘king’ of ll creatures, and made in ‘His own image’, should be so unhappy, worried, miserable, and suffering in the veritable hell of his own delusion. It is obvious that there are two distinct, contrary and opposite worlds existing in the universe: 1. the world of Peace, Bliss, Love and Abundance, i.e., the Kingdom of God’s Grace 2. The illusive unreal, self-created world of worry, turmoil, sufferings and miseries, i.e., egoistic world of Maya. The former has roots in the reality of Divine Presence and Grace, while the latter is based on false illusionary egoistic consciousness. But these two worlds are not different physical planes of spheres. They are culmination of thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and faith in our consciousness – Egoistic or Divine. If we have fallen from the ‘Kingdom of God’ to ‘materialistic hell’, the cause lies in our own consciousness. It is, therefore, obvious that for the transition of our ego – consciousness to Divine Consciousness, the process of our thoughts and beliefs has to be transformed and reversed from – negative and depraved egoistic thoughts of materialistic world, to – positive and sublime thoughts of Divine Love and Grace. It is so easy to discuss, give discourses, preach, philosophize, sermonize intellectually about this ‘reverse process’ of thoughts, beliefs and conceptions but it is a very difficult task to emulate and practice this ‘percept’ honesty into our daily life. This is because the false idea of ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’ projected from the illusive ego has permeated very deep in our consciousness by consistent practice during so many past lives and has become a part of our ‘self’ and we cannot think or act otherwise. Therefore, our understandings, beliefs and perceptions of ‘things spiritual’ remain shallow and superfluous on the surface of our consciousness and do not touch or affect the core of our egoistic self, hence, all this self deception and hypocracy is prevailing in the universe. In this ‘self-deception’ of egoistic consciousness, we believe that we possess all powers to: -- Provide ourselves with all our needs, -- fulfill our selfish desires and aspiration, -- make our life comfortable and happy, -- solve all our problems, -- mitigate or remove our sufferings, -- make plans for the future; -- guide the destiny of our life. But in spite of all our individual and collective materialistic and intellectual achievements, our problems, unhappiness and miseries have not decreased or been eliminated. In fact our problems, sorrows and miseries have been increasing and multiplying manifold with the advancement of our so call civilization, thus turning this world into a veritable hell. it is ironic that in spite of: --higher education, --scientific achievement, -- massive religious literature, -- unending social and religious propaganda, the humanity is still groping in the darkness of egoistic illusion of Maya; and peace, happiness, contentment, joy and love are still a far cry, beyond the reach of humanity. The crux of the subject is that in our egoistic illusion, we entirely rely on our own illusionary power and intelligence, which is just a faint reflection or limited projection of the Divine Power. This illusionary power of mankind is the source of all evils, sufferings and miseries of humanity, such as: selfishness, covertness, pride, corruption, conflict, confrontation, quarrels, war, etc. According to the saying ‘Power corrupts’ and more power corrupts more – when we acquire: -- money power, -- sword power, -- gun power, -- nuclear power, -- physical power, -- political power, -- pen power, -- intellectual power, -- emotional power, -- psychic power, -- occult power, -- hypnotic power, -- magic power, -- tantaric power, etc., we become more corrupt, thereby we increase and multiply the problems, unhappiness, sufferings and miseries of the universe of these acquired powers for our selfish ends to the determent of theirs. All these powers are developed by consistent efforts and hard work over long periods, but are useful for only a short span of life. They are liable to be modified, diminished or lost in course of time by exigencies of life, i.e., change of circumstances, disease, age, mishaps or death. Therefore, these acquired powers are temporary, fleeting and illusive. With the development of these cosmic powers, our ‘Ego’ is boosted and inflated. It is only through our egoistic consciousness that we become aware of our separate individual entities. As separate entities, our individual thoughts, beliefs and interest come into conflict, which ensue all sorts of selfishness, bitterness, hatred, jealousy and confrontation. In such egoistic clashes, we are apt to abuse our petty powers to the detriment of other. In our egoistic illusion, we believe that these fleeing cosmic powers are supreme and exclusive. We often abuse them for our egoistic desires and whims, and to carry out evil designs. Hence these cosmic powers become ‘negative’ and harmful. Some of these occult and magical powers are ‘antisocial’, violent, destructive and horrifying, creating more problems and miseries in the universe. Our individual and collective ‘Egoistic Powers’ are the root cause of all problems, turmoil, sufferings and miseries of the world. When these egoistic powers clash and overlap, the problems get intricate and messed up. In trying to solve our problems, with our petty egoistic powers, we unconsciously and inadvertently create many more problems. Thus we are caught in a vicious circle. To extricate ourselves from this vicious circle, we again unconsciously rely on our own petty egoistic powers, which created this mess originally. This makes us more unhappy, frustrated and miserable in this ‘self-created’ mess. The corrupt and depraved state of our social, political and religious affairs, obtaining in our homes, institutions, nations and the world, is the positive proof of the polluted thought environment and abuse of our egoistic powers. If and when we realize that our petty egoistic powers are inadequate to solve our problems or mitigate our sufferings. We shall turn to the higher Spiritual Power with humility and faith. This does not mean that we should not make efforts to acquire and develop our latent physical, mental and emotional faculties. These faculties are Gifts of God to the humanity and should be developed and utilized to make our short sojourn in this world more happy and comfortable, and to guide others towards better and happy lives. In fact, all these human faculties are ‘Love-Gifts’ of the Lord to his children and we are privileged to develop them for the good of humanity. With humble thankfulness and devotion we should aspire for, and seek the Grace of the Lord, for higher spiritual gifts of Divine Kingdom. Like the sun-shine, this Grace of god is flowing eternally and is the only creating and sustaining principle of the Cosmos. Our faith in Divinity is the subtle ‘fuse-wire’, which can connect our ‘egoistic self’ with the sublime ‘Divine Self’. Then the ‘egoistic self’ loses its false identity and merges with, and becomes the ‘Divine Self’, through which God’s Grace flows incessantly. However, when our ‘faith in Divinity’ is weakened or lost, we become ‘negative’ and are thereby deprived of the Divine Power and Grace. Like ‘Love’, faith cannot be learnt, taught or acquired intellectually. Faith is subtle feeling of trust, belief, and a condition of the heart and higher consciousness. Faith is kindled, ignited, developed and intensified in our higher consciousness, i.e., Intuition – by sublime inspiration from Men of faith, i.e., Enlightened Souls – though: their personal contact and company, their sublime spiritual writings, their exemplary behaviour and inspiring life, and the personal spiritual experiences of the aspirant. Faith is the only means of communion between the aspiring Soul and the Divine Self. Such spiritual communion can take place only in the higher consciousness of the soul, i.e., ‘Intuition’. By such spiritual communion, all the attributes and powers of the Divine Self, i.e., God, spontaneously flow into the aspiring Soul. When a woman conceives, she develops subtle affection for her unborn child, which she carries in her womb. Unconsciously and constantly she conveys her subtle affections and good wishes to the foetus. The foetus receives these faint motherly affections during pregnancy, and tender ‘motherly love’ is unconsciously implanted in the heart and soul of the unborn child. After birth, the baby continues to receive physical and emotional motherly love through tender care and nursing by the mother. In this unconscious subtle process, the baby develops faith and love for the ‘mummy’. To the baby the mummy is her provider, protector, nurse, God and all-in-all. Her innocent faith in her ‘mummy’ is projected and exhibited in all her scolds and beats the baby, she clings to her legs with tears of love and faith for the mummy. Such innocent faith of the baby for ‘mummy’ is very powerful as it drives the mother to provide her child with all her needs without asking. The perfect innocent faith of the bay for her mummy puts us the grow-up intellectuals and wiseacres to shame, as we have very shallow faith in our Real, All Powerful Divine Mother. As the baby grows up, she becomes intelligent, wise and independent, and her natural faith in the parents is proportionally diminished. In the degree, the ‘faith’ is weakened, parent’s care is lessened, and in the end, the child is left to fend for itself. From the above illustration, it transpires that so long as we have unflinching faith in our all-powerful Divine ‘Mother’, we are unconsciously provided with all our needs, even without our knowing and asking. But when the egoistic consciousness dawns on our intelligence, our innate faith in Divinity are weakened, and the inflow of abundance into our life from the Divine Kingdom is diminished, and we become ‘prodigal sons’ left to fend for ourselves in this vast materialistic words. The looking glass reflects the images of single phase of the surroundings. We have to change the angle of the looking glass to get images of other phases. Our mind is also one-sided subtle ‘looking glass’ which takes only the images of this materialistic world and forms ideas, thoughts, opinion which in course of time become beliefs, convictions and faith. By constantly: seeing, observing, thinking, dwelling, contemplating on the illusive phase of his materialistic world of ‘Maya’ during so many lives, we have become unaware, ignorant or forgetful of higher, sublimer Real World of God’s Kingdom. It is, therefore, obvious that if we want to realize the real Divine Kingdom, we will have change, redirect and divert our mind and thoughts from the present materialistic phase. But his process of diversion and transformation of our mind thoughts and consciousness is possible only in the magnetic field of ‘aura’ of Enlightened and Blessed Souls, who live in the Divine Kingdom and enjoy the Grace and Love of the Lord. The human beings, with all the weakness and propensities of being influenced by the powerful gravity of ‘Mata’, in the darkness of egoistic illusion, are unable to aspire for, or try to undertake the task of changing or reversing the process of their, consciousness by themselves. In other words, ‘Man of Faith’, i.e., an Enlightened and Blessed Soul is required to inspire and re-ignite our latent Faith in the Divine Power, and Grace. Thus the Reverse Process of re-orientation of transformation of our consciousness can be initiated, sustained and developed by constant inspiration in the company of ‘Men of Faith’, i.e., Illuminated Souls. The newly inspired and ignited soul is then ushered and re-admitted into the Divine Kingdom, and becomes ‘Beloved Son’ of God, enjoying all the happiness, powers, bliss, joy and love of Divine Kingdom. His ‘egoistic self’ is re-oriented, transformed and transmuted into the ‘Divine Self’, and he is not longer troubled with materialistic casual desires and ambitions. He is invested with all the attributes and powers of the Divine Kingdom by virtue of his ‘spiritual inheritance’ as ‘Son of God’. If necessary, he uses these spiritual powers in response to the dictates of his ‘inner self’, for the good of the universe. He becomes a tiny pinion in the vast drama of the cosmos to carry on his assignment with selflessness and dedication. He works for ‘Thee’ and ‘Thine’, in conjunction, and in tune with the Divine Will. It becomes hi ‘Loving service’ offered to the Lord with humility and devotion. In this sublime spiritual consciousness, God’s Grace and love becomes ‘self-sufficient’ to: -- provide all the needs of the soul in abundance, -- nurse the souls with motherly tender care, -- protect and sustain the soul in the illusive world of Maya, -- solve all kinds of problems, -- eliminate all the sufferings and miseries, -- bless the soul with the Divine Gifts of peace, happiness, joy and bliss, -- bask in the cosy sunshine of Divine Effulgence, -- free the soul from the clutches of ‘Karmic Law’, -- enjoy the sweet grace and love in the lap of Divine Mother. Such Enlightened and Blessed Souls become desire less and contented, are lost in the ecstasy of humility and thankfulness for all the Divine Blessings and Gifts showered on them by the Grace and Love of the Lord. Having been admitted into the Diving Realm, the soul becomes a member of the Genuine Spiritual Brotherhood and Sisterhood, and is endowed with all the attributes and powers and Divinity. Thus it holds the whole cosmos in its palms!


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