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Unto The Readers. The word ‘Religion used to incorporate ‘Universal’ aspect in it, or in other words, a true religion has to be a universal religion. However, just as “ghee” today means anything other than pure ghee, unless we used the word ‘pure’ with it (even then we have our doubts); similarly religion today means anything but purity and sublimity! It is, therefore, but natural for any one to become allergic to the word ‘religion’, as it hides under its Umbrella, -- ‘motives’ and religion has been one major cause of world-wide bloodshed and hatred. In spite of all this, there is a concept of ‘Universal Religion’ that generates universal brotherhood of mankind, who are elevated to become God-Men. These pure, illuminated, blessed Souls will eventually rule the entire world – thus goes the prophecy. It is this concept of Universal Religion that Bauji Jaswant Singh Ji ‘Khoji’ is explaining in the pages that follow. In the conclusion, he sums up the essence of all religions in the life motto: ‘LOVE FOR ALL & MALICE TOWARDS NONE’.
As also explained in Gurbani: ‘MAN APNE TE BURA MITAN PEKHE SAGAL SRISHT SAJNA’. And again, ‘NA KO BERI NAHE BEGANA SAGAL SANG HAM KO BAN AAEE’. Renowned Urdu poet Iqbal wrote on religion: ‘MAZHAB NAHIN SIKHATA AAPAS MEN WAIR RAKHNA’. True religion is an art of living and has many facets. Guru Nanak simplified it in ‘naam japo, wand chhako’, to propagate the message of universal brotherhood. He not only traveled over 50,000 miles across the world, but also lived that way himself, till his last breath. In Japuji, He advised to attune ourselves to His Sweet Will. He similized the devotion of seeker or bhakta to love of ‘lotus’ for water: ‘RE MAN AISI HAR SIO PREET KAR JAISI JAL KAMLEH! Guru Arjun has defined the best religion as ‘HAR KO NAM JAP, NIRMAL KARM’. According to Guru Teg Bahadur, the essentials of all religions are fulfilled by singing ‘Hari Kirtan. Guru Gobind Singh declared the Universal Truth of attaining God through ‘sincere love’: ‘SACH KAHON SUN LEHE SABHEY JIN PREM KIO TIN-HEE PRABH PAYO’. The disciple is a missionary and temple of learning, as he is living True Religion. He has always a mission, a yearning to serve others and lead them across the turbulent sea of life. He, himself, is totally engrossed in the lotus feet of the Lord, His Master, never bothering either for material gains or even salvation. Leaving all egos, he surrenders himself completely to his Master, and thus he attains the status of a ‘BHAGTA’. Gurbani recommends us to fully depend on such personalities and even to surrender our ‘whole-self’ to them: ‘MAN MERE TIN KE AUT LEH MAN TAN APNA TIN JAN DEH’ ‘Universal Religion’ is a ‘Love-gift’ to all seekers by one such Illuminated Soul. By his skill, he effortlessly leads the seeker to the destination. Here is an action plan to enjoy the life of a BHAGTA. Follow it under his guidance.
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Readers will find that I have not gone into details of conventional religions. These numerous religions, with their sects and sub-sects, have already been fully described in hair-splitting details, with concrete instructions and directions, in the massive religious literature and scriptures of the world. Countless libraries, religious institutions and Universities are already imparting and propagating religious knowledge. Some universities have also instituted Departments or Chairs for the study and research of religions. In other words, there is no dearth of intellectual knowledge of religion in the world, and everybody seems satisfied and complacent about his on her own religious knowledge. Some ‘thinkers’ have even deeply studied religions, other than their own. With the plethora of religious knowledge and literature in the world, it would look superfluous and absurd to make an attempt to write another intellectual treatise about various conventional religions. Apart from this, it will be unwise to open ‘Pandora’s Box’ of religions, when the atmosphere all around, is fully charged with communal strains and emotional elements of: intolerance, prejudice, bigotry, jealousy, pride, hatred, and strife. I have therefore tried to confine myself to the general and sublimer aspect of religion, and have concentrated on the core or quintessence point-inherent in all religious concepts. This article is a ‘Love-gift’ to the devoted Aspirants of Spirituality, who are sincerely working in the pursuit of Divinity, but are confused and bogged down in the maze of superfluous, illusive, bewildering, controversial religious ideologies concepts and beliefs! This confusion and controversies about religious concepts arise from our intellectual incompetence and ignorance of the spiritual world. Our limited intelligence can-at best-take us to the outer-courtyard of the Divine Realm, but not beyond that. The blind man’s knowledge is limited to what he perceives through his outer senses, but cannot grasp the complete and true perception of the world of Light. Similarly, our intelligence is incompetent to perceive the Immanent Divine Light or to realize the Wonders of the Spiritual Word.” The knowledge of the Divine Realm can only be realized by the insight or consciousness of our Souls, called ‘Intuition’, which is also called ‘Third eyes’. Until and unless this ‘Insight’ or ‘Intuition’ is developed and the soul is blessed with a glimpse of Divine Grace and Light, there are bound to be differences, controversies, discord, confrontation, and bigotry amongst various religions, and between ‘Outer Religion’ and ‘Spiritualism’. Very few persons take up religion seriously, but even these few are:-- misguided, distracted, confused, diverted, and carried away from the real Essence of Religion, and are bogged down or lost in the maze of conventional religions and their: - norms and forms, dogmas and creeds, rites and rituals, sermons and ceremonies, logic and theology, reasoning and philosophies superstitious obsessions, obdurate bigotry, fanatic aberrations, wrong conceptions, illusive achievements and hypothetic goals. Even, if a rare soul outgrows and transcends these outward religious obsessions, and rises to the higher consciousness, it is liable to be distracted and bogged down in some of the following phases of occult plane: -imaginary hypothetic Visions, emotional flights of thoughts of the Unseen, reveries of fanciful notions, playing with psychic powers, clairvoyance & prophecies, large number of followers, religious ashrams and institutions, sufferings of ascetic life, illusory spiritual achievements, niceties of spiritual knowledge, nothingness of Yogi trances, and ‘mukti’ or salvation from the cycle of birth & death. Such souls are so involved and absorbed in the emotional exercises of their occult powers, that they become obsessed with their religious and occult attainments, and become oblivious or ignorant of any higher spiritual vision are based on egoistic foundation, and revolve around the lower consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘Me’. Hence they belong to the cosmic world and are devoid of the touch of Divine -Grace and Light. In fact, these occult visions and powers are enchanting mirages, in which most of the Yogis are caught and trapped, which prove great hindrance for their further advancement towards the true spiritual goal. It is therefore obvious, how difficult or impossible it is for an aspiring soul, to overcome by himself, the powerful gravity of ‘Maya’ and to transcend both the religious and occult barriers of distractions and misconceptions. Only illuminated and Blessed souls of Divine Vision can guide and introduce the aspiring soul into the higher consciousness of spirituality, to enable him to enjoy the inner experience of Divine Bliss and Grace. This inner intuitional experience of the soul comprise: 1. Intuition of Divine Vision. 2. Vibrating thrill of Divine Touch. 3. Intoxication of Divine Bliss. 4. Infatuation of Celestial Music. 5. Secret and sacred Flame of Divine Light. 6. Ecstasy of Divine Love. 7. Cozy Warmth of Divine Presence 8.Glory of the Divine Efflorescence. 9. Bewitching & captivating Divine Beauty. 10. Sweet caresses of Celestial Grace. 11. Soothing peace of Celestial Silence. 12. Dancing Joy of Diving Grace. This is the true, eternal, all-embracing, living, vibrating, practical, and joyful.
10th May 1986
Religions were created to inspire and guide the inner consciousness of man, and to transform it: from animality to ‘humanity’, From humanity to ‘nobility’, From nobility to ‘spirituality’, from spirituality to ‘the angelic’, from the angelic to ‘God-consciousness’, But, generally, we the so-called religious people, do not transcend these planes of consciousness, and tend to continue in our usual materialistic way of life. Religion is to be lived and practiced with every breath and should be reflected and manifested in all aspect of life. If religion does not transform our consciousness and make a better and nobler man of us, then the adoption and profession of religion becomes: - hypocrisy, superfluous, showy, meaningless, farce, self-deceiving, bigotry, egoistic, and a mockery! In fact, Religion is meant to provide a link between God and man, and between ‘man and man’, but when the emphasis is more on: - norms and forms, creeds and dogmas, rites and rituals, conformity and conduct, rather than on GOD and HIS LOVE, then, Religion itself becomes a hindrance between Man and God, and a wall between man and man! Religion is NOT merely Intellectual belief, faith, theology, philosophy, dogmas, rites, rituals, ceremonies, discussion, do’s, don’ts, or, to be learned, practiced, adopted owned, professed, possessed, just to satisfy our false sense of egoistic imaginations and hypothesis Various religions, numerous sects and sub-sects, ever changing dogmas and beliefs, divergent interpretations, different intellectual presentations, different intellectual presentations, changing rites and ceremonies, contradictory practices, through the ages – are proof of imaginative, superfluous, hypothetical, illusive nature of fickle ideology, belief and conception about God and religion! These mental beliefs and dogmas merely remain an ‘obsessions’ of mind and is manifested in hair-splitting discourses and discussions of theories and philosophies. In our narrow-minded religious ignorance and bigotry, we have reduced ‘Religion’ to: - selfishness, egoism, partisanship, showmanship, bargaining, shop-keeping, and commercialism! ‘Religion’ denotes:- goodness, compassion, kindness, fairness, charity, nobility, forgiveness, tolerance, co-existence, magnanimity, service, affection, love, happiness, health, prosperity, peace, bliss and all other sublime virtues of Divinity. If our thoughts and actions do not reflect these sublime virtues, we denigrate and malign our adop0ted religion, and make a mockery of it! ‘Religion’ is opposed, contradictory and antithetic to:- selfishness, unkindness, injustice, corruption, malice, hatred, envy, prejudice, avarice, jealousy, anger, aggression, wickedness, strife, enmity, cruelty, sensuality and egoism. Attachment to anything in the world is like a ‘screen’ between God and man. We keep up such screens of separation with tenacity and determined application. We cling to religion as: an ornament, embellishment, certificate of credibility, testimonial, appendage, fashion, and feather-in-the cap! So God stays away from us – as we simply do not ‘need’ Him yet! When we actually feel the need for Him, yearn and cry for Him and His Love, ‘Religiosity’ is torn as under and universal aspect of religion shines forth with the grace of God and is perceived and realized in full glory of Divine Light and Love! In fact, religion is generally adopted for: - respectability, solace, material gain, selfishness, camouflage for our karms, boosting the ego, escape from ‘Satan’ and salvation from re-birth. But, NOT with a flame of ‘Love of God in the Heart’! any religion, which preaches, propagates and encourages directly or indirectly:- discord, hatred, division, repulsion, harm, conflict, confrontation, bigotry, violence, crusades, superiority complex, exclusiveness, partisanship, and parochialism, is not worth being called a ‘Religion’! during ages, the ‘consciousness’ of man got:- bogged down, fascinated, attracted, absorbed, entangled and lost in the glittering illusion of ‘Maya’, entirely forgetting the original golden thread of Divinity running through the cosmos. Consequently, our changing, imperfect, limited, whimsical ‘intelligence’ becomes the ‘base’ of our so-called religions. All ideologies or beliefs, based on such imperfect fickle intelligence, can also be:- superfluous, imaginary, illusive, hypothetical, whimsical, variant, opposite, contradictory, and controversial. This explains the emergence of: - so many religions, numerous sects and sub-sects, every-changing dogmas and beliefs, different rites and rituals, divergent religious approaches, contradictory ideologies and beliefs, and bigotry, religious communalism, religious fanaticism, religious hatred, religious strife, religious confrontation, religious enmity, religious atrocities, religious crusades, and what not! It is strange and ironical that man with; 1. All his physical, intellectual, emotional advancement and boastful of modern civilization; 2.Proliferation of numerous religions into various sects and sub-sects; 3.Profusion of religious knowledge and philosophy; 4.Hair-splitting discussions and discourses about religions, ideologies and theories; 5.Plethora of religious book and scriptures; 6.Un-ending exhortation and propagation of religious sermons and dogmas through modern scientific electronic gadgets; 7.Multiplication and exaltation of religions temples and institutions; 8. Surfeit of so-called God-men or Sadhus, has failed to: - comprehend, realize, grasp, recognize, and identify the subtle difference between: - 1.The ‘One’ universal ‘Religion of Love’ or ‘Nam’ of the Divine Realm, and 2. Various dogmatic religions of the world. In fact, ‘Religions’ is two pronged or two faced: - 1. One aspect of it is the outer religion, which we term as ‘Karm-kand’ or dogmatic religion of rituals. 2. The other aspect is the ‘esoteric Religion’, i.e., inner universal religion of the soul. The former is a ‘means’ to achieve the latter, which is the ULTIMATE END of our religious journey. The only object of ‘Religion’, is to encourage, stimulate, induce, motivate, inspire, and drive the soul to ‘turn inward’ – deeper and deeper-till we arrive at the ULTIMATE DEPTH – the Divine Home of the soul. If the outer ‘ritual religion’ does not inspire and take us to the Ultimate Divine Realm-it becomes meaningless. It is a pity that with all his intellectual knowledge and scientific achievements man is still ignorant or conveniently complacent of the Truth about ‘God’ and Religion! In fact, man’s misguided intelligence, galvanized with illusive ‘Maya’ is the cause of misconceptions and confusion about ‘God’, ‘Religion’, or things pertaining to the Divine Realm.
‘Things Divine’ are beyond the comprehension or grasp of our limited intelligence. They can only be perceived or realized by the ‘insight’ of the Soul – called ‘intuition’ or the ‘Third eye’ – in the sublime company of the Illuminated Souls, i.e., Sadh Sangat. When we try to understand secrets of the Celestial World, with hazy vision of our limited intelligence, we mix up and confuse the things of the two different worlds, and get confounded, resulting in:- differences, confusions, controversies, confrontation, ill-will, hatred, bigotry, and hypocrisy in regard to ‘God’ and ‘Religion’. The outer religions comprise: - logic, learning, scripture quoting, convincing discourse, hair-splitting philosophies, rituals rites, and ceremonies. The intellectual preacher of this outer religion lives in the world of senses, and by his clever logic & theories, builds convincing systems of religions, out of meager details, writes brilliant treatises, but he is ‘NOT LIVING’, as he is not in touch with the Higher ones, he knows them not, nor h as he the ‘eye’ of faith to see the Real Divine Realm of Bliss, Joy, Peace, Love and Glory. Religion is meant to: - 1. Transcend mind, heart and intelligence, 2. Transform intellectual theories and philosophies into practice religion, 3. Remould the man in the ‘Image of God’ – as God intended him to be, and 4. Elevate the consciousness of man from materialistic world to the Divine Realm. God is man’s elemental need and religion is a psychological necessity. God is the ultimate fulfillment of life. The Divine Religion is the innate heritage of every soul, but is lying dormant and latent, hidden in our worldly consciousness. This Divine Heritage of Divine Grace and Light has to be: - awakened, ignited, activated, developed, and manifested in our consciousness. Man’s profound intelligence has been able to develop the materialistic science to unlimited horizons of the cosmos, but is incapable to comprehend and grasp the Science of Soul. Our modern science, despite all credible achievements, is still groping for the real purpose of life. Our intellectual gymnastics and earnest reasoning to prove one very abstract point, or its opposite-exude an air of unreality. Such mind boggling logical exploits may by the professional philosopher’s excursion, but definitely the common man’s despair! This Spiritual ‘Science of the Soul’ can only be realized and experienced through inner ‘Intuition’ or the innate Divine Intelligence of the Soul. In fact, it is the transformation and transmutation of our consciousness, from materialistic world, to the Realm of Divine Grace and Light. Any religion of faith, which deviates, distracts and diverts our attentions and belief, from the above mentioned genesis of Divine Truth, is a ‘misnomer’ and is not worth to be called a religion! The profound confusion, frustration, unhappiness, sorrow and misery prevailing in the world, is the direct result of misunderstanding, misconception, confusion, bigotry, and hypocrisy of the so-called professed religions! To clear the mind of dogmatic theological debris, it is essential to attune it to Divine Vision within, which along can guides us, through the worldly consciousness of the cosmos, to the Divine Consciousness. This is the only way to transcend the sordid world of the illusive Maya and fine refuge and solace in the Divine Realm. The only way of salvation or freedom from the sordid, cruel butchery of ‘Maya’, is to TURN BACK and take refuge in the True Universal Divine Religion. This ‘turning back’ from the world of ‘Maya’ to the world of ‘Shabad’ of ‘Divine Grace’ is not a physical, intellectual or emotional process. It is essentially a process of transformation or transmutation of ‘consciousnesses on the ‘Intuitional’ plane. This transition of transformation of our thoughts, beliefs, faith and consciousness, from the illusive, materialistic world, the Divine Realm is the: true, the only ONE, Original, Living, Vibrating, Universal, Ultimate, Eternal Divine Religion. In fact, it is the: - primal, spontaneous, simple, natural, innate Religion – inlaid and inherited by every soul. Sometimes we do come across expression of such spontaneous simple faith amongst simple, unlettered guileless folks, which put to shame the so called intellectual religious professionals! The self-realized, enlightened simplicity of human life in its own natural sympathy, labour, faith and love, is after all the simplest and highest practical universal religion of the masses. But such simple, natural, spontaneous, universal religion can only be instilled into the consciousness of the masses by the spiritual genus of supernatural vision of Enlightened God Men, i.e., Sadh Sangat. The humanity would be much better off, if it is not beguiled and confused with different, contradictory, controversial and dogmatic religion! The ‘Divine Light’ or the ‘Essence of Divine Grace’ is called ‘SHABAD’—the word-less ‘WORD’. Prophets and Sages may come and go, but this word-less ‘WORD’ is the all engulfing, all pervading, all illuminating, unchanging, Eternal Divine Light, which has been enlightening and sustaining the Cosmos, since eternity. This same ‘SHABAD’ was in the beginning, during the ages and pervades thought the whole cosmos. All the Gurus, Prophets and Sages were Illuminated and possessed of this same ‘SHABAD’. We may give different names to the ‘SHABAD’ in various languages, but the essence of this word-less ‘WORD’, is the same ‘Divine Grace and Light’. Therefore, this world-less ‘WORD’, or ‘SHABAD’ is the:- true, vibrating, living, all-Illuminating, all-Engulfing, all- Powerful, and eternal ‘Guru’ of the universe. To: - realize, partake, experience, enjoy, emanate, spread, and glorify the Divine Blessings of Joy, Bliss and Love, is the only: true, basic, original, ultimate, and eternal Universal Divine Religion! Consciousness of this ‘Divine Truth’ or ‘Nam’ is the core of quintessence in the ‘Cosmos’, around which all major religions revolve. All the True Religions are expressions and projections of this basic Divine ‘RELIGION OF LOVE’, which are preached, propagated and glorified in different: - norms, forms, dogmas, creeds, rites, rituals, and ceremonies for upliftment and salvation of humanity. This inner transition of ‘transformation of consciousness’, from ‘Maya’ to the Divine Realm of joy, Peace, Bliss, Love and Grace, is the True, Practical, Universal, Divine Religion.
If this ‘transformation of consciousness’ dies not take place, and our life is not ‘changed’ for the better, then ‘religion’ remains:- physical exercise, mental excursion, intellectual satisfaction, emotional reveries, obsession of mind, hypothetical belief, superfluous faith, shallow theology, dry philosophy, meaningless dogmas, dead rites, dreary ceremonies resulting in:- superiority complex, pride, hatred, jealousy, malice, bigotry, strife, aggrandizement, enmity, and hypocrisy in the guise of ‘religion’! Every religion proclaims the cardinal principles of truth, Righteousness & love, based on the Fatherhood of God, and Brotherhood of men. The underlying unity between scriptures of all faiths also bears an unmistakable testimony to the ‘Universality’ of religion. But in actual practice, we overlook, ignore and forget the subtle ‘universal aspect’ of Religion, and unconsciously slip into superfluous dogmas aspects of religious differences, opposition, contradiction, confrontation, hatred, strife, bigotry, violence, etc. Thus, we deny or belie the subtle basic principles of ‘Religion Unity’ or Universality. It is only the golden thread of ‘Diving Love’ which is:- all-pervading, all-embracing, all-loving, eternal, spontaneous, in-laid, inherent, innate, in all hearts and souls, which govern, direct and motivate all subtle deep feelings and actions of life. Therefore, this thread of ‘Divine Love’ is essential and most potential of Universal Religion. In fact, a Religion cannot be called ‘Universal’, without the current of ‘Divine Love’. Usually, every religion proclaims & preaches ‘Love’, but it becomes: - superfluous, limited, one-sided, diluted, polluted, and stagnated with bigotry and religious pride. Stagnated water gets putrefied and polluted in course of time. On the other hand when it is connected to the main stream, it remains fresh and pure. Similarly our mind, emotions and Love can be pure & fresh, so long as it is connected to or in tune with, the main current of Divine Life. The consciousness of egoistic-self and sense of possession disconnects our mind from the Divine Life Stream and makes our thoughts, emotions and Love, diluted, polluted and stagnant. We sincerely love our own children, but cannot love other’s with the same fervour. Similarly, our love is biased when we deal with people of their faiths! There can be NO UNIVERSALITY in religions, unless the soul transcends the limits of worldly consciousness and enters and subtle and purified state of ‘Divine Consciousness’. In this Supra-consciousness, the soul is in touch, and in tune, with the Divine Consciousness, where there is a sense of ONE in All, and All in ONE, engulfed in the Bliss of Divine Love. Therefore the activations, expression, manifestation, proliferation, and glorification, of Divine Love, in the vast cosmos, is the :- original, primal, basic, eternal, practical, vibrating, living, living, true, Universal ‘LOVE RELIGION’ This:- all-pervading, all-engulfing, all-loving, inherent, hidden, latent, innate. Eternal ‘LOVE RELIGION’ is working: - incessantly, eternally, silently, imperceptibility, secretly, spontaneously, perfectly, and meticulously, within every soul of the cosmos, for its individual evolution and emancipation. This vibrating and blissful ‘love-Religion’, is beyond the comprehension and grasp of limited human intelligence, and needs no ‘man-made’ conventions, dogmas, rites, rituals, theories, sermons, and philosophies. Hence, this universal ‘Love Religion’ cannot be:- latent, achieved, grasped, or imposed through intellectual: knowledge, philosophies, discussions, research, preaching, theorizing, sermonizing, propagating, austerities, recitations, rites, rituals, do’s, and don’ts. This ‘Love-Religion’ simply a DIVINE GIFT from the Divine Realm, bestowed through: - company, guidance, inspiration, infection, ignition, and grace of Illuminated Souls, blessed with Divine Vision. This process of:- ‘conversion’ of soul – from ulterior dogmatic religion, to inner Universal ‘Love Religion’, Or ‘transformation of consciousness’ from the worldly plane, to the super-consciousness of DIVINE VISION is going on silently, imperceptibly, incessantly but surely, through the guidance and grace of Illuminate God-men of Divine Vision, i.e., Sadh Sangat. This natural sublime evolution of souls, goes on unconsciously and spontaneously, according to the Law of Dispensation of Divine Grace and Love, irrespective of religious preaching or propagation, like the natural spontaneous growth and blooming of the flower. All this secret and sacred Dispensation of
Divine Grace and Love is working: - incessantly, eternally, silently, spontaneously, and perfect, in spite of; 1. darkest period of evolution of souls is ‘KAL-YUG’. 2. Scarcity of real Illuminated Soul of Divine Vision in the universe. 3. Tremendous distraction of glittering illusive MAYA. 4. Neutralizing and nullifying effect of the superfluous, dogmatic, religious propaganda. 5. malice and persecution of Illuminated man of Vision, by the established dogmatic religions. Flower emanates and spread: fragrance, beauty, colors, tenderness, kindness, and magnanimity to every one un-consciously, spontaneously, and effortlessly, without any condition, distinction, prejudice, and price. This process of:- accumulating, condensing, preserving, emanating, and spreading the fragrance and beauty of the flower is the true, natural, spontaneous, inlaid, inherent ‘religion’ of the flower. Similarly, the Divine ‘Gift of Love’, in-laid and inherent in every soul, is the fundamental True Universal Religion of man. This ‘Love -- Religion’ is the expression, projection and dispensation of: Divine Grace, Divine Bliss, Divine Joy, Divine Light, Divine Compassion, Divine Kindness, and Divine kinship, through human heart and soul. Without little false ‘Ego-centric consciousness’, we have blocked the incessant flow of Divine Love into our mind and thereby deprived ourselves of all the Divine and Blessings of ‘Love-religion’. As and when we become conscious of our Divine Heritage, through inward deep meditation and in sublime company of Awakened and Illuminated Souls, we partake and enjoy the Divine Blessings, and we shall thereby express and emanate the Glory of Diving Love. Thus, the spiritual aspirant is wholly purified and engulfed by the Divine Grace and Light of His Presence, so that no trace of:- desire, selfishness, greed, passion, complaints, presentment, indignation, malice , discord, prejudice, jealously, anger, enmity, revenge, and any other base thoughts, left in his consciousness! Thus, ‘Divine Love’ becomes: - all-knowing, all-embracing, all-engulfing, all-pervading, all-powerful, all-absorbing, all-intoxicating and essence of all religions. Therefore, the aspirant overgrows all conventional religions, and soars in the infinite skies of the Divine Realm! His only True, Eternal, Universal, Living Religion, is to:- live in love, move in love, breath in love, sleep in love, swim in love, soar in love, eat love, drink love, wear love, think love, speak love, dream love, get lost in an ecstasy of love, become embodiment of Love or ‘LOVE Personified’! he becomes a ‘LOVE-ROSE’ of the ‘Divine Garden’, unconsciously emanating the Divine attributes of :- beauty, fragrance, sunshine, tenderness, kindness, sweetness, forgiveness, compassion, magnanimity, peace, joy, bliss, grace, Love and thereby:- expressing, exalting, glorifying, and propagating the Glory of the LORD, and sharing with others the Divine Joy, Bliss, Grace and Love. The general public is not interested or superficially interested in religion. Even so, they adopt religion for their material gains of mental and emotional satisfaction. Some of them do follow religion seriously for their own salvation from ‘Satan’ or ‘Mukti’. Even the so-called religious preachers are ignorant of – or conveniently indifferent to – the esoteric spiritual religion of the soul! Although they preach, propagate and exhort about spiritual matters, through quotations from scriptures, they themselves have little or no interest, faith or conviction about the spiritual religion of the Soul, i.e., Divine Grace and light or ‘Nam’!!! Therefore, the outer show and profession of ‘Religiosity’ may not be a true expression of ‘spiritually’! We may go about as ‘religious people ‘without any ‘spiritualism’—with God ‘staying away’ from us! Very few seek God for his sake alone. Only a handful of aspirants, devotees do really yearn and long for God, and cry for His grace and Love. Both the outer dogmatic and inner spiritual aspects of religions are supposed to be complementary and supplementary to each other and source of inspiration and drive foe the aspiring soul. But the ignorance or misconception of either or both aspects of religions makes them look like: - different, opposite, contradictory, confrontative, and anti-thetic to each other! The outer dogmatic aspect of religions has already been discussed.
“Some practical advices and percepts on this subject from some Illuminated Blessed Sages and Saints may be useful in guiding the sincere spiritual aspirants and students of the ‘Science of the Soul’. “Minute sensitive waves of ‘thought-current’ are constantly and habitually scattered and wasted in the outer direction towards materialistic world, and are spent absorbed and lost in materialism. These extroverted thought-waves have to be collected, concentrated and re-directed inwards – to the Source of Divine Light i.e., our Soul”. This reverse process of Meditation is to concentrate the mind on the Divine World – ‘SHABAD’ or ‘GUR-MANTAR’, and repeat it continuously for some minutes in the beginning. The duration of meditation should be increased gradually with practice. Sit in a comfortable posture, close your eyes and meditate at fixed time, regularly every day, morning and evening and at any other available time. Repeat the ‘Gur Mantar’ in low voice, so that you can hear the whisper of Gurmantar, uttered by yourself. By this simple method, concentration on the ‘WORD’ becomes easy and smooth. This is the preliminary technique for the beginners only. In due course with consistent practice, the ‘Gurmantar’ will imperceptibly dissolve into ‘SHABAD’ i.e., word-less ‘LIVING WORD’, vibrating with Sublime Thrill, Bliss, Joy and Love. At this stage, meditation i.e., ‘Simran’ becomes effortless automatic, spontaneous and enjoyable. For the practice of concentration and meditation, the following things are essential:- silence, solitude, regularity, guidance, and company of Awakened and Illuminated Saints, bless with Divine Grace and Light, i.e., “Sadh-Sangat”. “Through meditation, you will gradually grow into harmony with Divine rythematic vibration, and become more and more ‘god-like’, magnetic and endearing to all. As you grow in meditation, you will fine that veil after veil of illusive darkness of Maya is withdrawn, until a new revelation of the Divine Realm rises before you, with new Divine Consciousness.”
“Repeat the Name of God – again and again, as you:- sit in a bus or train to office, work in the kitchen or garden, during your walks, as you take your bath, as you dress up, before going to sleep, during sleep, and on awakening. Repeat the Name as often as you can. Repeat the Name with love and long in your heart and tears in your eyes. Take care that the repetition does not become mechanical and boring. Fasten this one ‘Word’, ‘Gurmantar’ to your heart. Let the ‘word’ go with you in you daily work and your daily life. The ‘WORD’ will keep you consciousness awake. In case of doubt, temptation or trouble, solve it with this ONE WORD! Repeat the WORD, until it:- penetrates your heart, engulfs your soul, ‘hear , it with your ‘heart’! ‘See’ it in your integral ‘intuition’, and your whole being becomes this ONE WORD! All else is evaporated or eliminated!” “The reverse process of transformation of Consciousness is a difficult and tardy work, but it becomes easy and smooth in the company of Illuminated and Enlightened Souls i.e., ‘Sadh-Sangat’. As this reverse process takes place in our life, our mind is gradually purified and spiritualized in the ‘Sadh-Sangat’, and becomes amenable and conductive to the sublime influence of subtle vibrations of Divine Grace and Light. At the same time the influence of materialism is imperceptibly reduced and eliminated from our consciousness. The more our thoughts are spiritualized by sublime company or ‘Sadh-Sangat’ and meditation, the more they become subtler, powerful, dynamic and magnetic with reflections from Divine Grace and Light. Ultimately, when our soul is awakened and illuminated with Divine Light, by the Grace of the Guru, we, in turn, become channel or pipe-line for the outward flow and expression of all Divine attributes of kindness, Joy, Bliss, Love, Compassion, etc.” “The personal contact or company is the easiest and quickest way of conveying thoughts and influencing others. The effect of such influence of thoughts is dependent on the intensity and conviction of one’s feeling on the one side, and the receptibility of the other mind. Hence, persons of developed minds, with deep conviction and strong faith, can influence and infect weaker minds-with their thoughts and beliefs. Where vocal exhortations, or intellectual propaganda fail to leave any sustaing mark on the minds of the audience, the very presence of a dynamic enlightened personality can silently inspire and transform the lives of people with his penetrating dynamic spiritual rays and vibrations, which constantly emanate from his sublime dynamic Spiritual Personality. The same principle applies to the intuitional writings of the Enlightened Souls, which are ever fresh, original and soul-stirring. If cultivated powerful mind can affect the ordinary mind so deeply on the mental and emotional plane, the Enlightened Divine souls can also inspire, awaken and ignite the aspiring souls and usher them into the subtle intuitional plane of Divine Realm. If the laser rays or radio-active radiation can penetrate through thick metal – and the destructive flash of the ‘lightening’ can do so much havoc on the physical plane, the dynamic spiritual subtle rays of Divine Vibrations emanating from the Dynamic spirituals subtle rays of Divine vibration emanating from the Dynamic Personality of God-Man-can also pierce the thick clouds of materialistic ideas and intellectual conception, and touch the Divine fringes of the soul of the aspirant and usher him into the Divine Realm. Thus the silent rays of Divinity can transform the life of an aspiring soul into a spiritual ‘God-man’, having been re-born into the Divine Realm. This is the direct way of ‘introduction’ of Souls into the Diving Realm of Grace of Light. The most difficult part of it is that of finding and recognizing, truly Enlightened Spiritual Souls or ‘God-men’. “If we desire and aspire for higher, nobler, healthier, happier, life, it is essential that first of all we avoid, discard, forget or brush aside our base ideas and thoughts at once, as soon as they sprout in our mind, and at the same time replace or substitute them with higher, nobler, inspiring thoughts by invoking the help and guidance of Guru’s Grace, and seek and imbibe sublime inspiration of Gurbani and holy company of Awakened and Enlightened Souls. If these depraved thoughts are not forgotten or diverted in the first instance, and are entertained and cultivated, they percolate and penetrate deep into our mind and sub-consciousness gradually. In course of time, they become insidious and powerful to enslave us, making our lives unhappy corrupt, depraved and miserable, with a trail of baser elements of selfishness, envy, avarice, jealousy, hatred, anger, egoism, aggressiveness, wickedness, cruelty and what no”. “The one thing essential for meditation is ‘concentration’, one pointed ness of the mind. The mind must become steady, as a flame flickers not. The wind or worldliness disturbs our mind and makes it flicker. There are lamps enclosed in glass cases. They are called ‘hurricane lanterns’. Storms may blow outside, but they do not touch the flame. They continue to burn steady and bright. Living in the world, as we do, our minds cannot remain steady without a protective influence. This protective influence is ‘Sadh-Sangat’ or the fellowship with the Enlightened and Pure ones. Blessed amongst men, is, who lives in the company of fellowship with the Blessed and pure ones, who have realized the Divine Truth they help the seeker to discipline the mind. The unsteady, wavering, restless and doubting mind becomes steady, unflickering and faithful under the purifying influence of “Illuminated Souls”. When the mind is purified, a higher Centre of consciousness wakes up—called ‘Intuition’ - with which the seeker no longer waves or doubt; he
Sees’, he ‘knows’, he enjoys the Bliss and Joy of Divine Grace.”
“What is needed is the ‘loving surrender’ to the Master, the Guru? The way of ‘Love’, is the simple way. He, who would walk the way of Love, will also have to study the scripture of the ‘Soul’, and on every page of the Soul Scripture, is inscribed the Name of the Beloved in Celestial Light, i.e., ‘SHABAD’. He, who would walk the ‘Way of Love’, need not torment his body, nor practice ‘prana-yama’, nor undertake pilgrimage to Holy places. The ‘pilgrim’ of the ‘Way of Love’, lives and moves, and has his breath in the ‘One Beloved’! the emphasis of the’ Simple way of Love’ is on inner renunciation, inner detachment. Live in the midst of the world, but be not stained by worldliness. Live for God. Live with God. Live in God. The pilgrim of the ‘simple way of Love’ moves along the pathways of Life, singing the song of the Beloved. He spreads the sunshine of Divine Bliss, Joy and Love, all around wherever he goes. He hates none, He has malice against none, and He loves all and gives out Love to every body from his pure radiant heart. He serves all, with Love in his heart. His aspirations are: - ‘Lord’, I am wholly Thine, I need Thee, I love Thee. “Keep me in Thy Service”. Thus the seeker grows in Divine Blessedness and every cell of his blood is saturated with the Nectar of God’s Grace or ‘NAM’, which overflows from his radiant personality.”
The process of transition of Soul from – materialistic consciousness to – Intuitional Divine consciousness, is called RELIGION to enjoy the bliss of Divine Grace and Love is the ultimate goal of RELIGION, to be lost in the infatuating Divine Love is the fulfillment of the individual soul, to be merged in the ocean of Divinity is the destiny of Soul. This Universal Religion of Love is: all-embracing, all-pervading, vibrating, living, unchanging, eternal and innate,Spiritual consciousness of SOUL. This transformation of ‘spiritual consciousness’ can only be attained with the grace of the Guru, through:- contact, company, guidance, help, inspiration, infection, and ignition of the ‘Sadh Sangat’ i.e., personal company of, and devotion to Awakened, Illuminated, Blessed Souls. But to come across True Illuminated ‘Sadh Sangat’ is the crucial point in the spiritual life of the aspirant. There is a surfeit of so-called ‘Sadhus’, ‘Saint’ and self-proclaimed ‘Gurus’ in the world, specially in India, and it is impossible for the aspirant to distinguish or identify real ‘Sadh Sangat’ to guide his soul to its destiny to destiny. So many aspiring souls have been misguided and distracted from the real path of spiritual goal, by these so-called ‘Sadhus’ and ‘Gurus’. In fact, real Illuminated Saints or God-Men are rare, and it is impossible for the aspirant to recognize them with his own limited and illusive intelligence. Each soul is the ‘Ray’ of ‘Divine Sun’, and as such there is an innate attraction of the soul towards its original source, i.e., ‘GOD’. This hidden attraction of longing of the soul, for its Divine Source is over shadowed by worldly consciousness, which can be thinned away or dissolved by sincere and devotional religions ‘Sadhnas’. In the degree, this illusive shadow of Maya is removed, the genuine innate attraction, aspiration and Love for Divine Consciousness, is aroused and developed. At this stage, the aspirant is not satisfied with the outcome of dogmatic, intellectual, conventional religious ‘Sadhnas’, and desires, aspires, longs, burns, and cries for higher, sublimer, blessed and loving state of consciousness. It is these aspirations, longings, yearnings and cries of aspirant, for higher and sublimer experience of Divine Consciousness, which invoke the Grace and Blessings of the LORD, who arrange the introduction of such a yearning soul to genuine ‘Sadh-Sangat’. To have the privilege and blessings of genuine ‘Sadh-Sangat’ is the dispensation of love and Grace of the Lord, in response to the inner aspiration, longings, yearnings and cries of love of the soul. Once the spiritual aspirant is put on a right path to Divine Consciousness, he can experience the blissful ecstasy of higher and sublimer Divine Vision, under guidance of genuine ‘Sadh-Sangat’. ;’Religion should exude and demonstrate sublime attributes of inner intuitional awareness, knowledge, wisdom, experience, realization, detachment, renunciation, peace, joy, bliss, devotion, love, and ecstasy of spiritual state of Divine Consciousness, vibrating through every pore of body, and manifested in all aspect of life. But we have:- misinterpreted, misconstrued, abused, misused, debased, maligned, and denigrated ‘Religion’ in our daily life-pattern or conduct, which is manifested in:- selfishness, pride, hatred, jealousy, greed strife, confrontation, bigotry, hypocrisy, and violence through our thoughts and deeds, under the cover of, or in the name of ‘Religion’. Thus we, the self-made religious people have unconsciously insinuated an element of: - doubt, misunderstanding, misconception, ignorance, indifference, faithlessness, hatred, and even allergy about ‘Religion’ in the minds of the common man! In fact, we have ourselves denigrated and reduced ‘Religion’ to: - farce, ridicule, laughing stock, mockery, un-necessary, time-wasting, repelling, blasphemy, and hypocrisy in our daily life, with little or superfluous faith in subjects of Religion, Spiritualism and God! The world is madly running headlong into the horrible abyss of materialistic hell, without any hope of ‘return’. Only Illuminated, Awakened and Blessed Souls i.e., ‘Sadh-Sangat’, can save humanity from this sordid clutches of materialism, and help it in the re-discovery of True Eternal Universal ‘Love Religion’. The essence of all religions may be summed up into the following practical “LIFE—MOTTO’.
“LOVE FOR ALL MALICE TOWARDS NONE” The magnetic DIVINE-PULL- towards the individual soul is the DIVINE GRACE and the spontaneous RESPONSE of the soul toe this Divine Pull is the ONLY, TRUE, ETERNAL, ALL-PERVAIDNG, ALL-EMBRACING, ALL-ENGLFING, ETERNAL, VIBRATING, LIVING, UNIVERSAL RELIGION if the Cosmos. All religious doctrines, theories, dogmas, austerities, rites, rituals-are the projection and expression of this Primal basic religion – innate in every soul. Devoid of this Divine Pull, and spontaneous response – religion becomes: Dry, dready, superfluous, shallow, showy, meaningless, egoistic, hypocrisy, farce and a mockery.


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