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The profound Mercy and Grace of God is manifested in the existence of ‘life-giving’ natural water springs and the associated greenery and throbbing life amidst the otherwise burning sand-dunes of deserts. These beautiful spots, called OASIS, provide to the caravans of travelers rest, relief, and solace during their dreary and, gruesome journeys through the vast expanses of barren, desolate and burning DESERT. These deserts extend to thousands of miles, where nothing but sand-dunes is visible all around the horizon. These sand-dunes change or shift from place to place with strong winds which carry the sand. Hence, there can be no demarcation in this vast expanse of desert, as foot-marks or paths are immediately covered by the blowing sand. People travel over these sign-less deserts in caravans with the help of ‘Guides’ or by their own inherent instincts. During the day the sandy expanse is heated by the scorching sun, making it a veritable vast oven. If one is lost in these desolate deserts, he suffers from the agonies of the scorching sun, and would die of thirst and hunger. These deserts are so barren, desolate with scorching heat that no life can exist there.
These ‘Deserts’ and ‘Oasis’ belong to the earthly physical plane. They are symbolic of the inner Deserts and Oasis on the subtle planes of our consciousness. Both are Blessings of God for His children at different planes. The ‘Physical Oasis’ are needed to save human beings from the miseries of hot, sandy deserts, and are only a transient relief and refuge. On the other hand, the ‘Spiritual Oasis’ are the Effulgence and grace of Divinity, pervading and engulfing the consciousness of Awakened and Enlightened Souls. They are the immanent blessings of God, to save humanity from the dreary, desolate, and burning desert of illusive ‘Maya’.
Human mind is unconsciously and incessantly weaving and shaping his own good or bad world, within and around himself, by his own thoughts and deeds. Even thought, good or bad that emanates from the mind, sends subtle vibrations all over the Universe through Electrons, which are registered in the Infinite, Perfect, Universal Computer of Ether .Thus, billions of thoughts emanating every moment from the minds of the whole universe are being registered and processed by the universal computer. The cycles and wave-lengths of various degrees of subtle vibrations of our thoughts and deeds, good or bad, accumulate and shape the subtle environment of Universal Mind, which reflect in, and condition the world around us. In this subtle mental process, our thoughts and faith have profound influence in: directly shaping our character, fate and destiny, indirectly moulding and modifying the subtle environment of the universe, recoiling on the whole humanity, collectively. In fact, every thought is a dynamic seed, which sprouts in the mind, flourishes in the metal world, and engulfs the entire Universe. These cumulative thoughts change the environment of the entire world, and thereby make our collective social lives happy or miserable. In other words, the environment or circumstances of the world are conditioned by, and dependent on the kind of our thoughts, conceptions, and faith. ‘As you think, so you become’. This world, good or bad, is the outcome of our own individual and collective thinking, and faith. God created a ‘Heaven’ on Earth for his children to live in and enjoy it, but we, the ‘prodigal sons’ have turned it into a ‘hell-like’ vicious rendezvous, or dry, dreary, desolate, burning desert, with our wrong and depraved thoughts. These perverted thoughts and misconceptions have degenerated of: selfishness, deceit, injustice, corruption, pride, envy, prejudice, avarice, hatred, aggrandizement, wickedness, sensuality, jealousy, unrest, strife, violence, cruelty, and wars prevailing all over the world. These vices have ignited various kinds of: desire, greed, lust, anger, attachment, and ego in our consciousness. In our incessant efforts to satisfy and fulfill these fleeting egoistic, and sensual desires, we are unconsciously adding more ‘fuel’ to our self-ignited ‘bon-fires’ within, which makes our lives dry, dreary, unhappy, miserable, desolate and hellish. We have developed and project our tastes, fancies, desires, luxuries to the extreme degree of refinement. These refined tastes and desires have become an obsession with us, and we have practically become slaves of the ‘Ghost’ of unending desires and ambitions. When we try to fulfill one desire, more desires crop up. Most of our attention, energy, time and money is spent or wasted in the pursuit of these unnecessary, harmful, ever-increasing, unending baser desires. Consequently, no time or energy is left for us to pay any attention to sublime aspects of life! These desires drive us to extreme and desperate means for their fulfillment, where we lose all sense of morality ethics, logic, reasoning, or discrimination, between: good or bad, fair or unfair, virtue or vice, just or unjust, legal or illegal. With such corrupt and polluted mentality, we are involved in all sorts of problems, controversies, quarrels, violence, enmity, which enhance our: restlessness, miseries, unhappiness, frustration to make our lives a veritable dry, dreary, barren, desolate, burning, agonizing ‘desert of hell.
God created such a joyful and blissful heaven’ on Earth for his Angelic Children, but we, human ‘prodigal Sons’ have turned away from, and denied our Divine Father, the God and have come under the magical spell of illusive ‘Maya’. We have therefore, turned this celestial ‘Heaven’ on Earth, into a veritable dry, dreary, desolate, vicious, burning ‘Desert’, devoid of noble divine virtues of: kindness, compassion, peace, faith, devotion, love, joy, and bliss. Consequently, it is no wonder that we suffer from: unhappiness, worries, frustration, miseries, and agonies of making our own making! Our lap-sided materialistic research and achievements have overshadowed and obscured the primal, original, and true ‘Science of the Soul’. We have developed and projected our intelligence to the extreme horizons of the cosmos, but have consciously or unconsciously ignored and denied our ‘Father’ – the God and His Divinity. In other words, we are so charmed, absorbed, and lost in the ‘Science of the Cosmos’, that we have no inclination, aptitude or time to study the sublime ‘Science of the Soul’. The net result of our lop-sided materialistic development had been: mistrust, fear, hatred, unrest, strife, aggression, violence, cruelty, wars, devastation, miseries prevailing all over the universe. Even so, at the moment, unrest, violence, hostilities and wars are going on at so many places. This means that our advancement into the ‘Science of the Cosmos’, has been achieved at the cost of the ‘Science of the Soul’. Consequently, we are absorbed and lost in materialistic pursuits of the cosmos, entirely forgetting or ignoring the Original, True, Blissful, Spiritual aspect of life. This materialistic involvement has transmuted our consciousness into cry, desolate and burning ‘deserts’ and is the basic cause of all our unhappiness, miseries and agonies. We have lost faith in the Creator, the God. This ‘faithlessness’ or superfluous belief in Divinity has degenerated and transformed ‘humanity’ into
‘Prodigal sons’ and veritable slaves of the illusive ‘Maya’ This illusion of ‘Maya’ brings with it a trail of baser instincts of: ego, selfishness, lust, deceit, prejudice, envy, hatred, jealousy, anger, indignation and what not, to make our lives so: degenerated, unhappy, frustrated, vicious, miserable, dry, dreary, and desolate. Without this faith in Divinity, ‘humanity’ is amenable to the baneful influence of ‘Maya’, and be seduced by its be-witching charm. Gradually, under the magical spell of the illusive ‘Maya’, we fail to understand, grasp, believe in the Authority of Divine Will, and unconsciously deprive ourselves of the benevolent and compassionate inflow of Diving joy, Bliss, Love and Grace into our consciousness. Thus we become: arrogant, proud, profane, aggressive, selfish, malicious, and corrupt. Consequently, we human beings, individually and collectively create conditions and environments around ourselves, full of: misunderstandings, misconceptions, fear, doubts intolerance, hypocrisy, prejudice, jealousy, anger, indignation, malice, strife, enmity, revenge and what not! These negative depraved human instincts proliferate and spread all over the universe, making it a veritable, ‘hell’. These invisible vicious instincts or ‘fires’ of different hues, and in various intensities, are innate in every sub-conscious mind. these latent vicious ‘fires’ go on shouldering within us, and are easily ignited at the slightest exciting cause, and erupt like a volcano, causing terrible devastation within and around us, resulting in unfold sufferings, miseries and their after-effects. If we are ignorant or careless and complacent about our physical diseases, they become chronic and incurable. Similarly, we are so ignorant or unconscious of our vicious ‘fires’ of baser instincts, that we just ignore or forget them to our own detriment. Consequently, these baser instincts permeate deeper and deeper into our consciousness, and become incurable. They are even carried forward to our subsequent lives! It is ironical that though man has advanced into the extreme horizons of science of the cosmos, he has failed to dive deep enough into his own consciousness, to search, understand, and identify the root cause of all human ills and miseries. Man has been so absorbed and lost in the research of cosmic science that he has no time or inclination for deeper fundamental innate ‘Science of the Soul’. The irony of all this human tragedy is that, ‘Man’ is supposed to have been made in the ‘image of God’, and is believed to be the ‘King’ of all creation. And it is all the more painful and pitiable that ‘Man’, the” King of Creatures’ should fall prey to the illusion of Maya, in spite of: 1. all modern intellectual and scientific achievements. 2. Boastful modern civilization, 3. Profession and practices of various religions, 4. Profusion of moral, ethical, and religious knowledge and philosophies, 5. Pious efforts of numerous social and moral institutions and august bodies like UNO, UNESCO. Therefore, with all his scientific achievements and modern civilization, man has failed to diagnose ills of his own sub-conscious mind. It seems so strange that although these ‘fires’ of vicious instincts pervade the whole universe, yet, NONE of us is prepared to admit it! We have become so used to these ‘fires’ that we take them ‘by the way’, as part of our life. We have been warned about these vicious ‘fires’ that we take them ‘by the way’, as part our life. We have warned about these vicious ‘fires by all Prophets, Sages and Saints throughout the ages. Though we superficially profess to be followers of a Prophet, but in reality we are all faithful ‘slaves’ of these vicious instincts, and have been suffering the resultant agonies and miseries of the desolate burning ‘deserts’ of Maya, life after life.
God’s gift of intelligence and scientific knowledge is being abused and misused by ‘Man’ with impunity, for the pollution and destruction of His ‘Garden of Eden’ on Earth. We, the so called intellectual giants and scientific wiseacres, are driving the hapless humanity into the headlong race towards the abyss or self-destruction and veritable hell! We have had enough of intellectual and scientific Universities and institutions, which have not been able to discover the ‘image of God’ in Man, or ‘Science of the Soul’, within. It is so ironical that human being with: 1. modern civilization, 2. precocious intelligence, 3. high education, 4. sophisticated scientific knowledge, 5. profuse religious knowledge, should fall prey to the baneful illusive ‘Maya’ and unconsciously contribute towards converting the ‘Garden of Eden’ on Earth into a veritable, dry, dreary, barren, desolate, burning ‘desert’. Thus, ‘Man’ has contributed to change this world into ‘desolate burning desert’. Thus, ‘Man’ has contributed to change this world into ‘desolate burning desert’, where: mistrust, doubt, hatred, fear, corruption, aggression, envy, avarice, wickedness, sensuality, jealousy, selfishness, unrest, strife, violence, cruelty, wars prevail as a rule, rather than exception! In fact human mind and consciousness in the repository of thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and faith, and their cumulative effect is reflected in sub-conscious mind, which represents our character and personality good or bad. In other words, ‘Man’ always carries within himself, his own self-created ‘Desert’ or ‘ Oasis’ in his consciousness, wherever he goes and whatever he does. For a concrete example, let us consider ‘anger’, which is one of the many depraved instincts of the creation. When we get angry, our innate ‘fire’ of egoistic consciousness is ignited and we lose all sense of morality, ethics, reasoning and justice, and behave like brutes. We add ‘fuel’ to this ‘fire’ with our beastly behaviors, until it becomes a ‘bon-fire’ in which many people are involved with terrible results. This self-ignited ‘bon-fire’ of ‘anger’ burns our physical and mental energies and virtues, and we become miserable nervous wrecks. This is evident from the increasing nervous tension and mental disorder prevailing amongst the human specie. If the outcome of one bout of anger can be so devastating, the cumulative result of frequent bouts of anger can well be imagined! Similarly, insidious results or other human depraved instincts, such as: selfishness, greed, lust, desires, envy, jealousy, etc. can also be baneful and devastating, which contribute to make this world so dreadful. Since the human mind is the repository of many of those depraved instincts, we are always under the sway of one of more of these negative elements of miseries and destruction. Hence our mind becomes a veritable ‘bon-fire’ which we unconsciously ‘feed’ with various kinds of ‘fuels’ of our depraved instincts, to make ‘burning deserts’ of our lives. In other words, we create dry, dreary, barren desolate, burning ‘deserts’ in our consciousness, in which we are roasted day and night for the whole life, until and unless, we are able to fine an ‘Oasis’ within our consciousness. Frequent indulgence in these depraved instincts, makes them insidious, and develops into strong propensities and formidable habits, which cannot be undone easily. Thus, they permeate and proliferate deep into our ‘very being’ and become a part and parcel of our lives, and make ‘brutes’ of u s. in other words, ‘Man’, made in the Image of God, and supposed to live in, and enjoy the ‘Garden of Eden’ on Earth, has unconsciously developed ‘desolate burning desert’ or veritable ‘hell’ for himself, and is suffering from terrible miseries and tragedies of his own making. The crux of the matter is that these desolate burning desires in our consciousness do not end with our death. When we ‘die’, we shed our physical bodies and our soul carries forward the old instincts in our sub-consciousness to the next birth. In fact our depraved instincts are transferred from one ‘boiling cauldron’ to another, to make us suffer miseries and agonies, life after life. It is a tragedy that ‘human being’, made in the ‘Image of God’, should degenerate involve himself in such miserable burning ‘hell’, life after life, simply because he was seduced by the glittering charm of ‘Maya’, and lost faith in his Creator and Benefactor, the Gracious Loving God. In fact, this insidious vicious fire of baser instincts of vices has been smouldering and developing in the atmosphere of the universe for quite a long time, which may blow up at any time to destroy the whole world. In other words, we are unconsciously and complacently sitting on the top of the smouldering ‘Volcano’ of our own making, which may erupt at any time with a bang, more powerful than ‘Hiroshima’. Thus, an unending vicious circle of sufferings and agonies of smouldering bon-fire in our consciousness is carried forward, and contained from life to life. The only way to break this vicious circle of devastating ‘fire-of-hell’ is to make ‘about-turn’, or change our consciousness: from” the egoistic plane of forgetfulness or denial of Divinity, to” the intuitional plane of faith in Divine Benevolence of Peace, Joy, Bliss and Love. This crucial change in consciousness is only possible with the help and guidance of Awakened, illuminated Souls, blessed by the Lord. The consciousness of such Blessed Souls is elevated, ignited, and illuminated with Divine Grace and Love, and is filled with celestial virtues of: Kindness, Compassion, Joy, Bliss, and Love. This involves the transition of human consciousness from the physical and mental planes to the spiritual plane of intuition, i.e., Divine Intelligence and knowledge. This transition or transformation of souls, works through intuitional infection and ignition of the aspiring soul with sublime effulgent Light, emanating from Awakened, Enlightened and Blessed Soul, by the Grace of God.
Human souls are unconsciously aspiring, yearning and crying for higher and sublime spiritual knowledge, which can save them from the cruel clutches of ‘Maya’, i.e., Quagmire of materialism. This spiritual knowledge or ‘Science of the Soul’ can only be imparted by the Awakened, Illuminated, Blessed Souls, through ‘Intuitions’ only. Intellectual degrees are of no avail to grasp or realize this Spiritual Science.
Our modern science, despite wonderful achievements, is still groping in darkness about the real purpose or meaning of ‘LIFE’. Therefore, it is unable to: understand, realize, grasp, comprehend, discern, analyze, and search into the secrets of the Divine Realm. ‘Man’ is made in the Image of God and all Divine Attributes are inherent in the human consciousness. In fact, every particle of the cosmos possesses this Divine Heritage of: light, knowledge, power, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, love, joy, bliss, and grace in full and profound measure. However the continuous flow of these Divine virtues into our consciousness is contingent to and limited by the condition of our individual belief and faith in Divinity. Somehow, we have come under the baneful influence of ‘Maya’ (Satan) and are unaware of innate Divine Heritage. In other words, our wrong thinking and superfluous belief or lack of Faith in Divinity is the only obstruction, which limits the flow of Divine qualities in our consciousness. This limitation of inflow of Divine qualities into our consciousness is in proportion to the quality and intensity of our belief and faith in Divine Providence of Love and Grace. And in that proportion, we partake and enjoy Divine Joy and Bliss, inherent in our souls. Since the onus of all experiences on the physical, mental and intellectual planes lies in our own thoughts, beliefs, conceptions and faith, it is at these planes that we need discrimination or choice of thoughts and beliefs, so as to enable us to change or transform our faith and conception into subtler, sublime planes of spiritual consciousness. The moment the obstruction of ‘forgetfulness’ or ‘faithlessness’ is removed, and substituted by ‘belief and faith’ in the benevolence of Diving Providence, the inflow of God’s Grace is spontaneously renewed into our spiritual consciousness, and we are blessed with all the Divine Virtues inherent in our souls. It should be remembered that this ‘Maya’ exists, works and gains strength only in the illusive darkness of our baser, degenerated consciousness. This ‘darkness’ has not existence of its own. Its existence depends on the absence of Light. Darkness is the only cause of all illusions. This illusive darkness in our mind and consciousness is called ‘Maya’. ‘Maya’ means illusive ‘Materialistic consciousness’ of our mind, as opposed to the ‘Spiritual consciousness’ of our soul. As ‘Darkness’ and ‘Light’ cannot co-exist, so ‘Materialistic consciousness’ and ‘Spiritual consciousness’ cannot co-exist in the soul at the same time. In other words, Faith in the Divine Grace of Compassion, Joy, Bliss and Love in our consciousness is the Divine Light. In the absence of this Light of Faith, darkness of illusive ‘Maya’ prevails. This illusive ‘Darkness of Maya’ is the root-cause of all our wrong, depraved thinking, perceptions and actions, which bring in their trail, all the unhappiness, worries and miseries of the world. As ‘darkness of the soul’ is symbolic of illusive ‘Maya’, so is ‘Light and Grace’ symbolic of Divinity. The dry, dreary, desolate, sandy desert on the Earth is symbolic of our depraved faithless consciousness. Similarly, the fountain of water and greenery of ‘OASIS’ amidst the Desert is symbolic of Divine Providence of Grace on the sublime plane of human consciousness. God, in His gracious Mercy for His Children, created these life-giving ‘OASIS’ amidst the desolate burning desert of sand-dunes. Similarly, God has provided ‘Celestial Oasis’ in every soul, so that His prodigal children, when lost in the maze of desolate and burning desert of ‘Maya’, can take refuge in it and enjoy the Compassion, Bliss and love of the Divine Father, inherent in their own souls. The underlying factor for the degeneration of human consciousness is that, man has little or no faith in Divinity. Rather, he depends on, and takes refuge in his own limited intelligence and Ego. Thus he forgets that there is ‘Spiritual Oasis’ within own soul, where he can get immediate relief, solace rest, peace and refuge from the scorching desert of ‘Maya’. He runs about aimlessly, in frenzy, to get some relief from the fire of his self-created problems, worries, miseries and then foolishly takes refuge in: drinks, drugs, sensuality, entertainments, controversies, which add ‘fuel’ to his worries and miseries, and make his condition worse then before. Thus, a never-ending ‘vicious circle’ is created, and the man falls from ‘frying pan to the fire’, changing from one cauldron to another ‘boiling cauldron’, only to make his life hellish! Even if a man is told about the ‘Spiritual Oasis’ within his own soul he is unable to fine or take refuge in it, without the inspired guidance of the ‘Spiritual Master’. This ‘Spiritual Oasis ‘exists in the sublime plane of consciousness, which cannot be reached or realized by human intelligence alone. such spiritual ‘Oasis’ can only be realized and enjoyed by upliftment of consciousness, from the materialistic plane of ‘Maya’ to the spiritual plane of ‘Divinity’. This is possible only through the development of spiritual ‘Intuition’, with the help and guidance of Awakened, Enlightened and Blessed Souls, who have already found this ‘Oasis’ and are living in, and enjoying it within their souls.
Man has improved and invented various means of comforts, amenities, luxuries to a great extent and developed his tastes, fancies entertainments, and recreations to fantastic degree of refinement of enjoyment. But he has comfortably or unconsciously forgotten that there is a ‘Law of Duality’ in Nature, inexorably working in the cosmos, viz: darkness follows light, sorrow follows happiness, cold follows heat, death follows life, misery follows enjoyment and vice-versa. So long as we live in, and are governed by the Cosmic Law of Duality, we have to suffer all the rigours, unhappiness, sorrows, and miseries of materialistic word of ‘Maya’, in alternation of our happiness and enjoyment of every kind. Therefore, all our efforts to mitigate or reduce our sufferings are only superfluous methods of palliation of temporary relief and amelioration. We fail to examine the root cause of all these multifarious sufferings and miseries, and to search for a permanent cure for the eradication of the deep, insidious, all-pervading diseases of the sub-conscious mind. even if we become aware of the ‘fires’ of our vicious instincts, we are unable to extinguish or neutralize them, as they are too deep, insidious, and intractable, to by-pass and supervene our intelligence and reasoning. As mentioned before, these ‘fires’ of instincts, sprout and thrice in the soil of faithlessness or superfluous faith) in Divinity. Therefore, for the permanent cure and eradication these insidious, baser instincts, we have to go back and cultivate faith in Divinity. This inspiration and cultivation of faith in Divinity can only be imbibed in the constant company of ‘Men of Faith’, i.e., Awakened and Enlightened Souls, blessed by the Grace of God. Therefore, the only hope to save the humanity from the self-created burning, desolate ‘Desert’ of our consciousness, is to fine a ‘Man of Faith’ or a ‘Spiritual Guide’, who can inspire, lead, and usher us into the ‘Divine Oasis’ within our Souls. This ‘Divine Oasis’ is described in various scriptures as: Divine Emanence, Divine Effulgence, Divine Light, Divine Ghost, Divine Presence, Divine Grace, Divine Truth, Divine Kingdom, ‘Garden of Eden’, Heaven, Paradise, ‘Brahm Pura’, ‘Begum Pura’, ‘Sach Khand’, ‘Nij Ghar’, ‘Shabad’, ‘Word-less Word’ where—Divine Kindness, Divine Compassion, Divine Intelligence, Divine Fragrance, Divine Beauty, Divine Benevolence, Divine Will, Divine Joy, Divine Bliss, Divine Love, Divine Grace pervade and prevail. This ‘Divine Oasis’ or ‘Heaven’ is the innate Heritage of every soul, but is lying latent and dormant, hidden in our worldly consciousness. The heritage of ‘Divine Grace’ or ‘Divine Oasis’ has to be: awakened, ignited, activated, developed, and manifested in our consciousness, through intuition, by contact with and in the company of Awakened, Enlightened Souls, bless by the Grace of the Lord. Such blessed souls are rare, but are the only saviors of humanity. These Awakened, and Enlightened Souls live, enjoy and have their being in the Spiritual Glory of the Lord, i.e., they are the living ‘Spiritual Oasis’ in the midst of desolate burning desert of ’Maya’. In fact, such Blessed ‘God-Men’ are the moving ‘Spiritual Universities’, imparting the ‘Science of the Soul’ to every one who comes in contact with them, and enable aspiring souls to take refuge and solace from the burning deserts of their own minds.
The sparks of our baser desires and instincts have been smouldering in our sub-conscious mind through many lives, since ages, which have made us habituated to, and inure from their ‘heat’, and miseries thereof. In fact we refuse to believe in, or entertain the concept of ‘burning desert’ or ‘Divine Oasis’ within ourselves. So, we conveniently refuse to admit that there are any ‘fires’ smouldering within ourselves! Therefore, it is desirable to reiterate, emphasis and ‘drive home’ into the consciousness of man, the salient and crucial points concerning the ‘desert’ and ‘Oasis’ innate in his consciousness:- when a thought is aroused in our mind, we are apt to dwell and contemplate on it. These repeated thoughts permeate in our consciousness deeper and deeper, and gain strength. These thoughts or desires are potentized by repetition and become dynamic. The dynamic thoughts or desires become our habits or ‘instincts’, which cannot be resisted or changed easily. Our baser instincts drive us to corrupt actions, to satisfy and fulfill our depraved desires. These depraved actions make us ‘brutes’ and bring in a trail of sufferings and miseries in our lives. Thus, a vicious circle of baser thoughts, desires and corrupt actions is created. Consequently, we are burning in the never ceasing mental ‘desert’ of our own perverted thoughts, desires and instincts, though we are not aware of them. These baser desires and instincts sprout and thrive in the soil of our degenerated mind, influenced and governed by ‘Maya’. These subtle mental ‘fires’ exist in our sub-conscious mind and do not end with our physical death. They are carried over in our consciousness from life to life. The root cause of these mental ‘fires’ of desires and instincts is the ‘illusion’ of our Egoistic concept of ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’, from which all baser thoughts, desires, instincts and actions sprout and project. The grains of sand of desert, symbolize our numerous subtle thoughts and emotions on mental plane. The sand-dunes symbolize our habits and propensities of sub-conscious mind. The scorching Sun is symbolic of our Egoistic Consciousness. The rays of the Sun symbolize our baser desires and instincts of: selfishness, avarice, attachment, pride, greed, passion, envy, anger, indignation, malice, doubt, suspicion, fear, prejudice, jealousy, enmity, revenge, and various other vices. The more we indulge in these vices, the more we suffer. The heat of the Sun symbolizes the subtle ‘heat’ of our depraved emotions and instincts, generated in the process of expression and projection of ‘I’,’ Me’, and ‘Mine’. The burning ‘desert’ symbolizes the illusive ‘Maya’, in which we live, and suffer unending agonies and miseries. The physical ‘Oasis’ amidst the desert is symbolic of the ‘Diving Oasis’, denoting: Divine Effulgence, Divine Love, Divine Grace, and Divine Glory, which exude: happiness, joy, compassion benevolence, kindness, love, and mercy. All religious scriptures warn us about these vicious mental and emotional ‘fires’, but these warnings fall on our ‘deaf ears’, and we just ignore them to our own detriment and demoralization. We, human being, are so weak and susceptible to the influence of illusive ‘Maya’, that even if we become aware of these vicious mental ‘fires’, we are unable to neutralize of extinguish them with our own intelligence and efforts. In spite of: advanced education, scientific knowledge, modern civilization, preaching of prophets and sages, propagation of various religions, profession of religious concepts, humanity has not been able to extricate itself from the ‘burning mental desert’ of it own making or to fine a safe ‘refuge’. So, our agonizing predicament, frustration, and frenzy, we search for temporary relief, by resorting to extremes of sensual enjoyments and entertainments, which drive us to the level of brutes. Transformation of our ‘Egoistic Consciousness’, to the ‘Spiritual Consciousness’, is essential for transition of our life from the ‘burning desert’ to the ‘Diving Oasis’. Even so, the option or choice between: the ‘burning mental desert’, and the ‘Divine Blissful Oasis’, lies in our own consciousness. Every religion has advocated the sublime company of saints of Enlightened Souls, i.e. ‘Sadh Sangat’. Only Enlightened Souls can make u s aware of our inner ‘fires’. Conscious of ‘Divine Oasis’ within inspires us, guide us, lead us, usher us, into the ‘Spiritual Oasis’. Therefore, the only hope for the humanity is to turn back and heed and follow the sublime teachings of Prophets and sages, and take refuge in the ‘Divine Oasis’ within.


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