Saturday, October 07, 2006

Naming Him

Man! Let me tell you the secret. I am an old man and have spent all my life in learning all the ancient methods of veil lifting, by DYANAM but I have found that NAMING HIM is the least trouble some & easiest method and its also the most enlightening but what is given in books cannot be understood till it comes to you with his grace.
Godman must come and live in flesh for you before he can teach the path, for each disciple like you, there is a heaven appointed Godman, and is after you, driving you to himself and through himself to the DOOR OF TRUTH. He alone can open the gates for you .He alone by his touch and vision taught you from within, the path to omniscience of all Time and Space.
I once met an old sage in the distant kingdom in the northern plains, he too told me NAME is the great secret and by NAMING him some times we get the visit of the NAMED and see him face to face.


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