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The expression and manifestation of Divine WILL in the Cosmos is also called 'NATURE’. This Nature- in its working: ­extends, projects, and stretches to opposite extremes of:-
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All creatures of Nature possess limited intelligence and freedom- just enough to struggle for their survival but the basic elements of their lives are governed by their in-laid instincts, which reflect the Divine WILL. But human being is blessed with profound intelligence and freedom. Hence only human beings are involved in these extremes. Amongst these extremes- 'ego consciousness' is the most important and basic element, around which man's life revolves: Man is so obsessed with and possessed by the sense of his 'ego' that he is unable to think or act beyond his egoistic consciousness of 'I', 'Me' and 'Mine’. In other words, he is under the spell of egoistic 'ghost'-- which will not allow him to think or act otherwise! This 'egoistic consciousness' cannot just be ignored, denied or eliminated by our wishful thinking -as, chanceful ideas and hypothetic philosophies carry within themselves the seeds of egoistic consciousness. Therefore the easiest way for this transformation is to divert or substitute our thoughts, to sublime consciousness of 'God- head' or 'NAM' or 'SHABAD'.In this important and sublime process of transformation, guidance and company of Illuminated and Enlightened souls is very helpful and essential. The expression and execution of the DIVINE WILL in the Cosmos works in ineffable form of 'Divine Music’. This 'Celestial Music' is :- ­secret, sacred, sweet, melodious, harmonious, subtle, exquisite, vibrating, thrilling, heart-rending, charming, infatuating, intoxicating, and ecstatic. The symphony of this Celestial Music is being played through the core of every particle of the Cosmos :-Continuously, without break, eternally, without instruments, without concert, and without orchestra, But human 'ears' cannot hear, sense, realize, and enjoy this Celestial Music, because it is beyond the grasp of human: intelligence, understanding, rationale, learning, philosophy, and hypothesis. The Divine symphony can only be :-­heard, experienced, and enjoyed by our souls through:1. Meditation.2. Third EAR or 'Divine intuition'. 3. Guru's Grace. When mind is concentrated and turned inwards by meditation, it is ushered into the Divine Realm by the Grace of Guru, and 'Intuitional consciousness is awakened and developed’. Thus the Third Intuitional EAR is awakened to hear experience and enjoy the sweet melodious Divine symphony within the soul. The soul is so charmed and exhilarated with every exquisite note, thrilling tune and Celestial song of the Divine symphony rhythm that it is exalted and infatuated to dance to the tune of the Divine Music. In this infatuating and ecstatic state of consciousness, mind is so overwhelmed and infatuated by sweet, blissful Divine symphony -- that it is unable to think or act with his own individual will, and is spontaneously TUNED to the DIVINE Will, and works in conjunction with the DIVINE LAW. Even a faint 'intuitional experience' of the celestial Music can so charm and infatuate the soul, that the mind is ushered at once into the Divine Realm and is transmuted into an 'instrument' of the Eternal Divine Music. In other words, our mind must be :­Influence, inspired, re-oriented, grafted, exalted, infatuated, intoxicated, and magnetized by the Divine Music to become an 'instrument' of the Divine symphony and to act in-tune with the Divine WILL. When our soul is awakened and illuminated with the Divine NAM, it percolates, permeates and transcends our 'very being' and we are filled with Divine Love and Bliss. Then-we breathe in, live in, move in, work with, and have our being in Divine Consciousness, and get infatuated and intoxicated with Divine BLISS and LOVE. The man is then transmuted and transformed into an EMBODIMENT OF DIVINITY. Like the fragrance emanating from flower, our soul spontaneously emanates and reflects the Divine attributes of joy, peace, Bliss and Love. The spiritual LIFE of such a blessed soul constitutes and reflects:-­1. Intuitional experience of Divine 'Life Current' Le., NAM. 2. Enjoying vibrating thrill of effortless, spontaneous inner Meditation.3.Ecstasy in the Divine BLISS OF NAM ,4.Exhilaration of the exquisite sweet melodious symphony of Eternal Divine Music.5. Intoxication in the rapturous bliss of captivating Divine LOVE. 6.Infatuation of ravishing and bewitching Divine BEAUTY.7.Breathing, moving, living and having our being, in the Divine GRACE.8.Unconsciously emanating the fragrance of God's GRACE.9. Becoming an 'instl1lment' for the projection, manifestation and working of Divine WILL.10. Basking in the cozy warmth of Divine Sunshine of NAM.11.Living with every breath- the True, Vibrating, Thrilling, Eternal, Universal LIVING Religion.12.Un-knowingly reflecting and glorifying the infinite Grace and Greatness of the LORD. KHOJI
HIS ATTRIBUTES, such as: ­-GRACE, LIGHT, POWER, KINDNESS, FORGIVENESS, LOVE, JOY, and BLISS are projected and manifested in the Cosmos at different planes of cosmic consciousness, (just as the sunshine is the projection of the SUN). ACTIVATION and REFLECTION of the proliferation and projection of these Divine Attributes and Qualities is called DIVINE WILL or DIVINE LAW which pervades, engulfs, works, and reflects in, and through every particle of this vast Universe. The Cosmos is directed and governed by the DIVINE LAW: ­silently, secretly, subtly, imperceptibly, punctually, immaculately, perfectly, and eternally. The DIVINE WILL or LAW is: ­ all-pervading, all-engulfing, all-intelligence, all-powerful, omnipresent, and omniscient,
Which conditions the existence, and directs the working of every particle of this vast Universe. In other words, Divine WILL is the sublime, secret, invisible, subtle, benevolent, vibrant ACTIVITY of Divine Power, Grace and Love: ­operating, creating, developing, maintaining, sustaining, harmonizing, integrating, disintegrating, and regenerating all LIFE in the Cosmos. This secret, infinite and sublime process of Divine WILL has been going on so :­-smoothly, perfectly, efficiently, and regularly since eternity, with the: silent, invisible, imperceptible, incessant, and eternal flow of DIVINE LIFE CURRENT, independent of any outside help, guidance or interference! The DIVINE WILL originates in the DIVINE REALM, and transcends to, and operates in the Universe, guided and governed by the unchanging, inherent, in laid DIVINE LAW. Each ray inherits and reflects all the qualities of the Sun. Similarly, each ray of projection and activation of the DIVINE WILL reflects all the Divine Qualities, such as:­- light, intelligence, wisdom, kindness, compassion, benevolence, abundance, magnanimity, mercy, love, bliss, and joy. There can be no darkness in the presence of light. Similarly, there can be no: ­problem, difficulty, blunder, ignorance, sin, unhappiness, sorrow, misery, or jealousy in the Light of kind, benevolent and loving DIVINE WILL. There are two distinct and different planes of cosmic consciousness: ­1. Divine consciousness and 2.Egoistic consciousness. All lives of animal, vegetable, metallic and elemental kingdoms are: ­- created, maintained, sustained, and governed directly by the Divine Will. They have been granted little or limited intelligence - just enough to
Struggle for their survival. They unconsciously live, move, ac! And have their being in the Divine Will - in complete surrender to the Divine Law, which .is inherent and in ­laid in their souls. Thus they are not subject to the 'KARMIC LAW' i.e., 'as you sow-so shall you reap', as they do not think or act with ego- consciousness. They act under compulsion of and in compliance with their natural instinct, which is inherent and in -laid within their 'gene' or seed. They have no 'free' will to discriminate or make choice. To understand and grasp this subtle point, some practical and living illustrations may be helpful.1. When a cat kills a rat, she acts under the compulsion of her instinct, in - laid in her very nature by the Divine Will. She does not act of her own free - will and has unconsciously complied with, and carried out the secret and un-written Divine WILL- inherent and in-laid in her soul. She has therefore not committed any 'sin', and is not subject to the Karmic Law. The same secret, silent and un-written principle of the eternal Divine LAW applies to all creatures, in different stages and degrees of their evolution, in the vast Cosmos.2. In the vegetable kingdom, every plant or tree reflects the silent working of the Divine WILL at different stages of its growth, life and destruction, and finally being merged into the original elements of nature. Each seed is in-laid with the 'Gene' of its:-­variety, sub-variety, size, shape, color, fragrance, taste, quality, utility, potentiality, age, etc.in different stages of life, i.e., seedling, plant, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits, and again seeds. This unconscious surrender and obedience to the Divine WILL qualifies their souls to the higher stages of evolution. In fact, the vegetable kingdom has no free will of its own to think or act otherwise. 3. The metallic kingdom, made of gross materials- includes the earth, sand, stones, rocks and all metals. They have no consciousness of their own, and humbly submit to the vagaries of nature, which works directly under the Divine Law. Their surrender to the Divine WILL is complete and absolute. They are
also governed by the natural law of evolution.4. The elemental kingdom is subtle and powerful. These elements work in conjunction with, and inter-act on each other, to activate, and manifest various phenomena of nature, directly under the Divine WILL. Thus, all particles of the natural kingdoms work: ­
in conjunction with each other, inter-act upon each other, modify each other, generate energy, to activate, project, manifest and play
silently, secretly, unconsciously, and eternally the :-­ infinite, incessant, unending, perfect, meticulous, and regular DRAMA OF THE DIVINE Will in the vast Cosmos. All the natural kingdoms belong to the three dimensional COSMOS, which we know as NATURE. In fact, the whole COSMOS is an instrument in the Hands of the DIVINE Will, which works, projects and plays the COSMIC DRAMA in compliance with the DIVINE LAW.II Now, we come to the most complex, diabolical, incomprehensible and mysterious creature, called 'MAN'. MAN was made in the image of God, who provided His son with all the necessities and luxuries of life, in abundance, and created 'EVE' as his playmate and consort in the heaven of 'EDEN' on earth, to live in, and enjoy the blessings of:-­JOY, BLISS, KINDNESS, and LOVE, of HIS DIVINE FATHER - GOD. To play a game and make it interesting and entertaining, two opposite strong teams are essential. Even in democratic institutions, a strong 'opposition' is required for efficient and healthy working of democracy. Similarly, the All-Wise Providence has created an opposite power of 'Maya' to:-­
1. Avoid the boredom of casual routine life, 2. Break the monotony of life, 3. Make life interesting and entertaining, 4.create the sense of competition, 5.instill the ambition for better life, 6. Drive the mind for higher achievements, 7. Compete in probing into the mysteries of Nature, 8. Experiment the vagaries of 'Maya' in all its aspects, 9. Search for the Ultimate Goal of Life, i.e., Divinity, and10. Finally, to realize the illusion of 'Maya' and attain spiritual Illumination. Darkness has no 'existence. It is an illusive condition created by the absence of light. Similarly, 'Maya' has no existence, except in our illusive consciousness.’ Maya' has no power of its own. It derives its power from lack of our faith in the Divinity. In other words, the power of 'Maya' has its roots in our 'disbelief' in God.’ Darkness' is the cause of a trail of illusions, misunderstandings, sufferings, miseries, which are spontaneously obliterated when the 'light' comes. Similarly, the illusion of Maya brings with it a trail of baser elements of:-­ego, selfishness, lust, greed, attachment, jealousy, hatred, strife, quarrels, wars, and what not, to make our life so: ­-degenerated, unhappy, frustrated, vicious, and miserable. On the other hand, in the light or sunshine, we are blessed with and enjoy all the attributes and qualities of the Sun. Similarly, when our soul basks in the Sunshine of Divine Faith and love of our Beloved Father - God - we partake and enjoy all the Divine blessings of:­
Compassion, kindness, benevolence, tender care, magnanimity, and above all, Love Divine. It is obvious that in the Divine Scheme of the Cosmic Drama, there are two different, opposite and contradictory aspects of consciousness of Divinity and illusive 'Maya’. These states of consciousness represent the 'Duality' of the Nature in every aspect of its manifestation: ­-
Light and darkness
Good and bad
Virtue and vice
Love and hatred
Selflessness and selfishness
Happiness and sorrow
Bliss and misery
Life and death
Cold and hot
Kindness and cruelty
Health and disease
Angels and devils
Heaven and hell.
These opposite elements work and exert against each other to render the universal play :-­interesting, entertaining, colorful, emotional, dramatic, impressive, infectious, educative, corrective, revealing, emancipating, enlightening, and illuminating for the participating souls, and help them in their search for the ultimate goal of salvation and freedom, through their own gruesome and hard experiences. It should be remembered that 'Maya' exists, works and gains strength in the 'illusion' of our consciousness. Therefore, it is again only in the sphere of our 'consciousness', that we can ignore, deny and be free, from the dreadful clutches of this devil -'Maya’. The whole Universe is unconsciously working and obeying the Divine WILL on different planes of consciousness, and gradually working up their evolution under the direction of the Divine Law. But the story of human beings is different and, unique. God has gifted the human mind with profound intelligence and freedom, so that he can intellectually play higher and subtler Cosmic Drama on finer planes of consciousness, and enact and fulfill the sublimer spiritual aspect of the 'Divine Drama’. Somehow, we have come under the spell of illusive 'Maya' through our own ignorance and past Karmas, and our consciousness has transcended from the Divine Realm to the lower plane of 'self-consciousness' or 'ego’. In this lower consciousness, we are apt to loose faith in God, and forget and ignore HIM. Gradually, under the magical spell of the illusive Maya, we conveniently refuse to: ­- understand, grasp, follow, or obey
The authority of the Divine WILL, and unconsciously, get 'out of tune' with the benevolent flow of Divine WILL. Consequently, we try to:-­ modify, pollute, dilute, substitute, or confuse the Divine WILL with our own egoistic will, and become subject to the Cosmic Karmic Law. To illustrate this subtle point, let us take the case of the foetus in the womb of Mother. Since its inception in the womb-- till its birth into the world, the process of its :nursing, nourishment, sustenance, growth, development, and delivery is wonderfully :­-arranged, supervised, and governed by the silent, kind and benevolent Divine WILL, in the tender cozy womb of the Mother, under the tender’ motherly’ care of Divine Law—without any outside:-Interference, guidance, help, intelligence, scheming, or advice. This is one of the concrete, practical, wonderful and ‘awe-striking’ miracles of: - Divine Intelligence, Divine Wisdom, Divine Benevolence, Divine Love, and Divine GRACE. After birth, the same tender care and Love of Divine WILL works through the ‘Mother’- to bring up the innocent baby. As the intelligence of the baby is developed, it recognizes its parents and surroundings, and is influenced by the prevailing environment and surrounding company. Thus, his innocence is gradually overpowered and replaced by his own ‘self consciousness’ and he starts exhibiting his ‘ego’ through ‘I’, ME and ‘MINE’. As the child grows up and his intelligence is developed, he asserts his ‘ego’ everywhere, and his arrogance is manifested in all aspects of his life. In proportion to the development of his ‘Egoistic Consciousness’, he looses belief and faith in Divinity, and becomes arrogant, profane, and aggressive, thereby becoming a complete slave of the illusive ‘Maya’, with the trail of all its vices, and resultant sufferings. Thus, he deprives himself of all the Divine Blessings of: ­- compassion, kindness, tender care, benevolence, magnanimity, and LOVE which he unconsciously enjoyed during his sojourn in and out of the womb. He forgets that all these Divine Blessings are his own 'Divine Heritage' ­and are inherent and in-laid in his sublime consciousness, if only he cares, to realize his Divine Heritage and turn back to his Divine Kingdom! On the other hand, in our 'Egoistic Consciousness', our souls are 'cut off', from the benevolent flow of Divine Blessings, and are left to 'fend for ourselves', and thereby suffer the consequences of our own thoughts and deeds, in accordance with the cosmic law of Karma, 'as you sow- so shall you reap’. It is ironical to think that the 'Divine Prince', i.e., human soul has to suffer all the unhappiness and miseries of the materialistic world, just because he failed to:-­remember, understand, realize, grasp, believe in, and claim his Heritage of Divine Kingdom of Love and GRACE. This Divine Kingdom of Love and Grace is soul, and can be realized and enjoyed by:-inheritance, without claiming, without earning, just for the taking, by His Grace, where supreme, benevolent, kind, magnanimous, loving 'Divine Will’ prevails and works silently- engulfing the whole Universe. It is unfortunate that the human being, created in the image of God, should be so indoctrinated and iIIusioned by the magic- spell of the glittering 'Maya' ,as to forget, ignore and deny his Divine Heritage, and deprive himself of the benevolent, loving care and blessings of the Divine WILL! Thus he becomes a prodigal son. It is all the more ironical and amusing that, in spite of :-­ keen intelligence, high education, scientific research,numerous,religions, rofound philosophies, glut of scriptures, innumerable doctrines, surfeit of rituals and rites, and countless religious teachers, we, human beings, have not been able to :­-discern, understand, comprehend, realize, grasp, recognize, identify, neutralize, expose, and curb the influence and spell of false 'egoistic illusion' !In fact, the 'Maya' has made use of our intelligence and emotions to run its own empire, to our detriment and misery. To differentiate and clarify the working of the Divine WILL in various aspects of Nature, let us take the illustration of Rose. From: 1. the seedling, to the plant.2. The budding, to the full- blooming Rose, 3. Final withering and annihilation, a golden thread of Divine 'Life-current' flows into every fiber of its existence, to: ­-develop, nourish, and sustain the plant, and to bestow the Rose with:-­fragrance, coloring, beauty, tenderness, exquisiteness, and charm
Under the invisible and secret supervision and blessings of the benevolent Divine WILL.
All creatures of Nature possess limited intelligence and freedom- just enough to struggle for their survival but the basic elements of their lives are governed by their in-laid instincts, which reflect the Divine WILL. But human being is blessed with profound intelligence and freedom. Hence only human beings are involved in these extremes. Amongst these extremes- 'ego consciousness' is the most important and basic element, around which man's life revolves: Man is so obsessed with and possessed by the sense of his 'ego' that he is unable to think or act beyond his egoistic consciousness of 'I', 'Me' and 'Mine’. In other words, he is under the spell of egoistic 'ghost'-- which will not allow him to think or act otherwise! This 'egoistic consciousness' cannot just be ignored, denied or eliminated by our wishful thinking Heat, light and energy etc. are attributes of the sun-shine. Similarly, Divine intelligence, Divine Wisdom, Divine Benevolence, Divine Will, Divine law, Divine GRACE, etc.are attributes of the Divine LIFE-CURRENT, called 'WORD,' 'LOGOS' or 'NAM'.The sublime process of Divine Will is so perfect, complete and meticulous that no outside interference or guidance is needed. None of the creatures (except human beings) have enough intelligence and freedom to interfere in the working process of the cosmos, which is directly governed by the Divine law. Human being is made in the image of God-and is bestowed with profound intelligence and freedom of thoughts and deeds. This Divine Gift of intelligence and freedom was granted to the man, so that he could rediscover his Divine-SELF and his Divine Heritage, with the help and guidance of Awakened and Illuminated Souls. But unfortunately, man has been mis-using and abusing these gifts of intelligence and freedom in pursuit of baser elements of 'Maya', and has become slave of the glittering magic of illusive 'Maya' - to his own detriment, and consequent life-long sufferings of unhappiness and misery. God has bestowed so many precious Gifts on 'MAN' - such as:-­intelligence, energy, power, freedom, etc. etc.It is their
that makes or mars the life of man, and brings happiness or misery into the world.
If these Divine Gifts are used 'in-conjunction', and 'in-tune' with the Divine Will, we are spontaneously blessed with all the Divine virtues, such as:-kindness, compassion, peace, faith, devotion, love, bliss, and joy. When we manifest and reflect these Divine virtues in our lives, the environment around us is transformed, and we live in, and enjoy: ­-a better, holier, freer, joyful, blissful, loving, graceful, real, and worthy
Sublime world in the kingdom of God. On the other hand when we forget or disown our Divine Heritage, we are influenced by the glittering and illusive spell of 'Maya', and become slaves of our senses, with a long trail of 'satanic' vices, such as: ­-selfishness, pride, arrogance, jealousy, hatred, anger, lust, greed, strife, violence and what not, making our own life, and the world around us :-­frustrated, unhappy, discontented, sorrowful, miserable, horrible, and hellish! The crucial point for the man is the correct use of God's Gift of 'free choice', for which we have to develop a sense of: understanding, comprehension, identification, insight, and discrimination. Between: ­-1. Materialistic world of illusive 'Maya' based on 'ego- consciousness' AND’ Divine Kingdom'- where Divine WILL and Divine LAW prevail. In this connection, it would be interesting and instructive to study the. Following comparative chart:
Materialistic World Divine Kingdom
Egoistic consciousness Divine consciousness
Ego-centric Divine WILL
Limited intelligence AII-intelligence
Myopic wisdom AII wisdom
Selfishness Selflessness
Hatred Love
Jealousy Tolerance
Greed Charity
Borrowed power Absolute power
Fleeting pleasure Infinite Bliss
Unhappiness Infinite Joy
Malice Compassion
Wrong Right
Falsehood Truth
Vice Virtue
Frustration Equanimity
Misery Bliss
'I', 'Me' & 'Mine' 'Thou' and 'Thine'
Karmic Law Divine Grace
Maya God
Hell Heaven
It is all a matter of change or transformation of our consciousness - from ­egoistic conception, to - benevolent, kind, loving Divine Consciousness. Even so, our choice is conditioned and inhibited by the instinct of our sub-conscious mind, and also prevailing environment and the company we keep with. Deep rooted instinct or propensities cannot be changed overnight, but it is possible to change 'surroundings' and 'company', if we sincerely desire and opt for a better and sublime life of Divine Consciousness. Influence of our contact with and company of the surrounding world plays a great role in changing and shaping our thoughts, beliefs or consciousness, which form the basis of our good or bad lives. In other words, the 'company' we keep can make or mar the fate and destiny of our lives. This illusion or misconception of our false ego is -engendered in our mental consciousness through baneful 'company of un -Godly elements of 'Maya’. Therefore, it is obvious that a sublime 'company' or 'sadh sangat' is necessary to change or transform our egoistic consciousness. If cultivated and powerful mind can influence the ordinary mind so deeply on the mental plane, illuminated and Enlightened Souls can also awaken, inspire and ignite the aspiring souls, and usher them into the subtle intuitional plane of Divine Consciousness. Hence it is beyond the grasp of intellectual understanding. It can only be realized by inner experience of Divine Attributes-such as JOY, BLISS and LOVE – in the depth of our souls. The inner experience of the Soul is called 'Intuition or 'Divine Consciousness' .This 'INTUITION' is the only means of contact or 'communion' between Man and God. It is through 'intuition' that humanity can realize Divinity and experience all the Divine attributes of: Divine WILL, Divine LAW, Divine JOY, Divine COMPASSION, Divine BENEVOLENCE, Divine LOVE, and Divine GRACE. In other words, 'Intuition' is the means of TRANSITION.FROM: intellectual knowledge of outer experience of mind, TO: inner experience of the SOUL, i.e., consciousness of Divinity. This transition or transformation of consciousness can be attained by turning our thoughts and minds inwards - by concentration and meditation with intense devotion. In this difficult, subtle and sublime process of transformation of mind to the exalted state of Divine Consciousness, contact, company, help, guidance, inspiration, and blessings of Enlightened Souls- is imperative and essential. Unless and until our 'Intuition' or Divine Consciousness is awakened and developed, all our thoughts, motivation and actions are liable to be:­- mis-guided, mis-directed, mis-conceived, wrong, and even baneful,
Leading us to the un-ending trail. of sufferings, making our lives miserable here and hereafter!IV There is another pertinent point about the Divine WILL - which is most misunderstood, misconceived and misquoted. To make this fine and sublime point more comprehensive, the example of electricity and its gadgets may be illustrative. Electricity is generated in a Power House and transmitted and distributed through different kinds of gadgets. The same electricity enlightens bulbs of different colors, shapes, sizes and wattage. We know that electricity is the life and light of the bulb and the filament is only an instrument for the manifestation of the invisible current, and the outer 'bulb' is only a glass cover. It would sound so absurd on the part of the bulb to claim and boast that it is the master or giver of the light! That would be tantamount to false and gross illusion of ego on the part of the bulb! Precisely, the Divine Life Current working through us, is the gift of God, and e are all different instruments for manifestation and working of His 'Cosmic Drama' and for the projection of His Divine WILL. Although we human beings have been gifted with freedom of thought and action, yet we are under the overall canopy of His Divine WILL and Grace. So long as we think and act with the sense of 'I', 'Me' and 'Mine', we are living in ego-consciousness, and become subject to the 'Karmic Law’. It is a blasphemy to project our egoistic thoughts and actions as 'God's Will' and try to absolve ourselves of our egoistic omissions and sins! All our thoughts and actions, motivated and projected with the expressions of 'I', 'Me' and 'Mine' belong to, and should be relegated to the 'egoistic plane' of the materialistic world. In tact, such egoistic thoughts and actions are: ­ opposite, contrary, 'out-of-tune’, antithesis, disobedience, ignorance, misconception and miscarriage of the 'Divine Will', and carry with them the seeds of 'Karmic Law', with consequent sufferings and degeneration of, humanity. When our intuition or Divine consciousness is awakened with: ­concentration, meditation, devotion, inspiration, sadh-sangat, and Grace of the Guru, our ignorance and illusion About: ­-'I', 'Me' and 'Mine', egoistic conception, 'Maya', materialistic world, and Karmas are removed and eliminated. Our soul is then enlightened, and reborn in the 'Divine Consciousness’. Thus, our soul comes face -to-face with Divinity, and we enjoy inner experience of:­-Divine Presence, Divine Will, Divine Bliss, Divine Love, and Divine Grace. In this exalted state of Divine Consciousness, we realize that we are only instruments of His Divine Will, and all our thoughts and actions are: ­-motivated, oriented, colored, projected, guided, directed, supervised, and governed by the Infinite 'Divine Law' - Just as in the case of all other creatures of the Cosmos; and thereby we become free from the consequences of our thoughts and deeds. Thus we become Free Children of God and spontaneously acquire and enjoy our Heritage of: ­Divine Presence, Divine Peace, Divine Kindness, and Divine Benevolence. Divine Magnificence, Divine Grace, and Divine Glory. It must be clearly understood that no amount of intellectual :-­understanding, learning, research, discussions, excursions, theorizing, philosophizing or profession of:­-dogmatic religions, rites and rituals, austerities, offerings, dedication, renunciation, and sacrifices can be of any avail in the realization of 'Divine Consciousness' of the Glory of God, and other Divine Attributes of the Kingdom of God. Our intelligence can, at best, take us to the outer-courtyard of the Divine Realm, but not beyond that. The Glory of Divinity is so ­awe-striking, infatuating, bewitching, intoxicating, and enchanting, that human intellectual senses get stunned and lost in the bliss and joy of the effulgent and all-engulfing? Race and Love of the Divine Presence The difference between other creatures of the Universe and 'Man' is that: 1.Man is made in the image of od.2.Man has been bestowed with higher intelligence and finer perception.3. Man has been granted freedom of thought and action .4.But he has misused this freedom for his selfish' aggrandizement.5. Man is assigned to play finer and sublime part in the Universal Drama. 6. Man being self-centered, is apt to forget and deny his Father, 'God'.7.Man being vain and whimsical, is more amenable to the influence of 'Maya'.8. Man being Ego-centric, is prone to assert his 'ego' through 'I', 'Me' and 'Mine'.9.Man consciously forgets or willfully neglects his higher Divine Assignment.10. Man thinks and acts with his 'Ego Consciousness'.11. Man is subject to the Cosmic 'Law of Karma', and thereby suffers the. Consequences of his egoistic deeds. Thereby, Man loses the last and the best chance of his spiritual evolution and emancipation13.Man deprives himself of the Divine Heritage of Kingdom of God.14. Man denies himself his right of partaking and enjoying the Divine Gifts of joy.15. Man pertinently ignores the dictates of inner voice of his soul.16. Man has the audacity to play 'dual game' of serving two masters, Le. God and Demon! In that he is sincere and honest to none! 17. Man's profession of religion is superfluous and showy, and he has no intention or will to follow the instructions of religious scriptures and teachers.18. Man is playing ruse' with his own soul and. Divinity! 19. Under the magical spell of 'Maya', Man has become so profane, whimsical, degenerated, corrupt, frustrated, confused and lost in the quagmire of materialistic world, that he is unable to understand and discriminate between: right and wrong, good and bad, virtue and vice, God and Maya, Heaven and Hell.20. Man is so occupied and engrossed in the pursuit of baser elements of Maya that he has no time or will to think and aspire for higher human qualities.21.The mind of Man is so frittered and scattered in the self- created exigencies of materialistic world that it is impossible to concentrate his mind on higher and sublime thoughts.22. By deliberately ignoring and forgetting the higher and finer Cosmic assignment allotted to him, man interrupts the smooth flow of the Divine Will and obstructs the Cosmic Programme.23.Other creatures of the Universe just cannot ignore or disobey the dictates of their inner instincts. Therefore, they are naturally and unconsciously working "in-tone" with the Divine Will; thus, they work for upward evolution of their souls.24.Being sincere and honest to their "inner dictates", they are saved from the clutches and slavery of the Demon of 'Maya' and the implication of Karmic Law.25. Since their thoughts and deeds are governed by the Divine Will­-reflected in their 'instincts', they are free. from all baser elements of Egoistic Consciousness and consequent sufferings and miseries, from which the higher species of man suffer.26.Other creatures are unconsciously carrying on their cosmic assignments, and are working for the fulfillment of the ‘Cosmic programme.27. All creatures (except Man) have one Universal Common Religion of total surrender and allegiance to their 'inner instinct', which they follow unconsciously. This universal religion is 'inherent and I in-laid' in each species of creation, and requires no outside preaching. In contrast, mankind professes various religions, which are imposed from outside and conflict in their dogmas, beliefs, rituals and I rites.VIThe predominant attribute of the Sun is heat. Similarly, God's attributes are innumerable, amongst which Providential Love runs through all other Divine Qualities of: ­attraction, light, intelligence, energy, power, etc. This attraction or Divine Love: ­-permeates projects, manifests, and reflects in every aspect of the Cosmos. There is a Universal Law of 'Like attracts like'. This is reflected and projected in the Cosmos as: ­attraction, affection, devotion, and love this is illustrated in various processes of manifestation and projection of the Cosmos. For example, water of ocean evaporates with the heat of the Sun. These vapors change into various forms of clouds, rain, snow, rivulets, streams and rivers and finally merge into its original source of Ocean. The same attraction or 'Pull' is reflected in the lives of billions of stars and planets in the 'Space', which move and revolve around one another at precise speed and with meticulous punctuality. This universal attraction or 'pull' engulfs works, governs and conditions the whole wonderful process of Cosmic Drama, just as 'Motherly' love reflects in all her physical, mental and emotional activities. All souls are projection and constituent of Divinity. Hence under the Universal Law of 'Like attracts like', all souls have natural 'pull' towards each other at the spiritual plane, and also towards their 'Mother-soul', i.e., God. This inherent and 'in-laid' attraction or 'pull' of the souls is called 'Divine Love', which permeates, engulfs and conditions all Divine Activities of: Divine Will, Divine Law, Divine Kindness, Divine Benevolence, Divine Providence, Divine Magnificence, Divine Bliss, and Divine Mercy. As we fly into the sky, the pull of gravity of the earth is weakened and diminished. When we enter into the gravity of another planet, the pull of that planet is increased. The 'pull' of the Magnet is conditioned by the rust covering the iron. The more the iron is I1Isted, the lesser the 'pull'. This means that the rusty iron is not receptive to the 'Magnetic- pull’. Similarly, when our faith, and devotion towards Divinity is weakened and diminished by the ru_1 of egoistic consciousness, the pull of 'Divine Love' towards us, is proportionately weakened and diminished' Consequently, we become more amenable to the Gravity of 'Maya'. Thereby, we become subject to the 'Karmic Law', and suffer all the consequences of our thoughts and deeds. In addition, we also deprive ourselves of the Divine Love, Blessings and Grace of Realm. It must be remembered that there are two different and distinct planes of the Cosmos: ­-1. Egoistic plane of 'Maya'. 2. Spiritual plane of 'Divinity’. In our ignorance and with our limited intelligence, we often: ­-misunderstand, misinterpret, misconceive, and confuse the working of these planes. The subtle process of change or transition of our 'awareness' or 'consciousness' is wrought in our mental and spiritual planes. In other words, this 'transition' takes place:-­From: - The intellectual plane of 'egoistic consciousness’, To :- The 'Intuitional Consciousness' of Divinity.’ Egoistic' awareness is the outer experience of the mind on the intellectual and emotional planes of 'Maya'.
'Intuitional Consciousness' is the inner experience of the soul on the spiritual plane of Divinity. We are apt to misunderstand and confuse our 'human-will' with 'Divine Will' Therefore, it is essential that this 'confusion' should be clarified and removed, to avoid wrong conception and mis-interpretation of our 'own will'.
All thoughts, desires, actions and emotions, which reflect our selfish egoistic consciousness, are subject to the 'Karmic Law’.’ Maya' and its 'egoistic' illusion is also the projection and creation of God-to run and govern the 'dual' cosmic Drama and derives its powers from the Divine Realm. Hence the egoistic illusion of 'Maya' works under the overall canopy of Divine Will, but God does not intervene in the mundane affairs of man. Man has been bestowed with 'freedom' of thought and action, and normally God does not interfere in this 'freedom', until and unless His Help and Mercy is invoked and sought. Egoistic man is 'left to fend for himself' in the dual cosmic world, under the Universal 'Law of Karma', Le. 'As you sow, so shall you reap’? When a soul is awakened from the illusive 'world-consciousness', it is transformed into Intuitional 'Divine -Consciousness': His own will is blended and merged into the Divine Will. All his thoughts, desires, actions and emotions etc., reflect the Divine Will and Divine Law. He then acts, moves and has his being in the spiritual plane and lives the Presence of Divine Grace and Glory.
It is a pleasure to work in harmony with the sweet Divine Will. He simply cannot use his own Will! To make this point more comprehensive, following illustrations may be helpful. When water of a rivulet joins a river and merges into it, it starts running in conjunction and 'in tune' with the stronger flow of the river, and acquires the full force of the 'River-flow’. On the other hand, when some amount of water is separated from, and gets out - of tune with the mainstream, it looses the force and direction of the mainstream. Similarly, when our own egoistic will is conjoined and merged into the Divine Will and works 'in-conjunction' Both aspects of life are depicted in the following table for ready reference:

Spiritual Life
Egoistic Life

For this change or transformation: ­-From : Egoistic Consciousness, To: Spiritual Consciousness, no change of place, religion, country or occupation is involved. It is only a matter of change: ­-from: our mental and emotional, understanding, thinking, outlook, perception, conviction and belief of egoistic consciousness to:
Intuitional knowledge, perception, faith and devotion of Spiritual Consciousness. As stated earlier, only three things are essential for this crucial transformation: 1. Company of Awakened and Illuminated Souls 2. Meditation 3. Guru's Grace. But the crux of the whole matter is: 1. Aspiration 2. Priority 3. Resolution on our part for this 'Spiritual transformation’. With the exception of human beings, all other countless creatures live and act under the impulsion and compulsion of their individual intrinsic instincts. The instincts are their natural inherent 'religions', which they unconsciously obey, and follow sincerely and honestly. They need no outside religion, nor dogmas and philosophies! They simply cannot think or act otherwise. Therefore, these creatures are unconsciously, but surely working for the upward evolution or emancipation of their souls. The plight of the human soul is tragic and pitiable. Having misconceived and abused the Divine Gift of Freedom of thought and action, human being has become:
indifferent, doubtful, ignorant, forgetful, and unconscious of his own Divine heritage, and has been :-­ entertaining, cultivating, feeding, nourishing, developing, sustaining, projecting, glorifying, magnifying, and deifying the idea and conception of his false 'Ego', through the expression of 'I', 'Me' and 'Mine' in countless past lives!
This false sense of 'ego' has permeated and absorbed into our very being, and we have become:­"EGO PERSONIFIED INDIVIDUALS" !This false conception of 'ego' has become such: strong, deep, unshakable, and uncompromising faith and conviction with us - that we have been :­- justifying, glorifying, magnifying, advertising, institutionalizing, legalizing and deifying it in our daily life - to unlimited horizons of intellectual, emotional and physical planes! 'Our egoistic consciousness has: percolated, permeated, absorbed, and saturated into the very fibers of our lives, and has become our 'second nature’: so much so, that we have become:-­indifferent, disinterested, reluctant or averse to:-­think, listen, entertain, or believe in anything inconsistent to our ingrained and established egoistic conception of 'I' and 'Me'.
This egoistic sense has even :-­infiltrated, permeated, degenerated, and has been misinterpreted, in the conception and profession of so-called Religions - so as to suit our own materialistic designs and conveniences; thereby making the practice of Religion :­superfluous, ritualistic, showy, self-deceiving, hypocritical and farce! With such an illusive sense of 'egoistic consciousness', prevailing and' dominating in every fiber of human life, we - knowingly or unknowingly ­live DUAL or TRIPLE facets of life. And the dilemma becomes all the more painful and tragic, when we approach religion with such dual hypocritical mind. Thus, we have degenerated religion into mockery and blasphemy. In such a degenerated environment of egoistic consciousness, it is RARE to find a sincere soul, aspiring for Divinity, with: interest, faith, zeal, resolution, and priority of choice. Our present state of mental and spiritual condition is the cumulative result of our past thoughts and karmas, spread over innumerable former lives- plus those of present life. Therefore, it is imperative that long periods-covering many lives-may be necessary to: ­-1. Neutralize the pernicious effect of our past karmas, 2. Modify, change and transform our consciousness and 3. . Create and develop: ­keen interest, aspiration, strong resolution, devotion, faith, and priority for the 'Spiritual Science' of the SOUL. This task of transformation of consciousness become all the more arduous, tedious and slow in the depraved atmosphere prevailing in the present degenerated materialistic world. It is really an uphill task to face and work against the vicious circle of established beliefs and convictions concerning our social and religious obligations. Gurus, Avatars and Illuminated Souls have been warning the people against this exploitation of hypocritical religions and spiritualism. But our 'egoistic consciousness' is so deep, insidious and pernicious that we are easily influenced and allured by the glittering 'Maya', and are liable to slip back again and again, into the dreadful materialistic quagmire. All scriptures have been extolling that the simple way to change and transform our materialistic mentality to 'Divine Consciousness' is: ­1. Sublime company of Illuminated Souls, i.e., Sadh-Sangat.
2. Mediation.3. Unselfish Service.4. Guru's Grace. But the final choice lies with us, whether:­1. We are satisfied and contented with our present materialistic life with all its sorrows, sufferings and miseries, OR 2. We desire to change for a better, sublime, joyful, blissful, Divine Life, under the kind, benevolent and loving Divine WILL. In spite of all the exhortations of religious and spiritual teachers and their innumerable writings, we consciously or unconsciously, have been habitually:­
Indifferent, uninterested, forgetful, unconcerned, and ignorant of these sublime teachings, to our own detriment. In a nutshell :­DIVINE WILL is the :­activation, execution, expression, projection, proliferation, fulfillment, and culmination of the DIVINE LAW. If we think, act and live ­in connection and in tune with the Divine Will, we are blessed with all the Divine attributes of joy, bliss, kindness, benevolence, mercy, love, Grace, etc. In addition, we are saved from the baneful clutches of Maya-with all its long trail of: ­egoistic illusion, materialistic conception, unhappiness, sorrow, worries, sufferings, miseries, and Karmic law in this life as well as the life hereafter.
In the obedience of Divine Will, we also work our assigned part in the Cosmic Drama- towards the overall fulfillment of the Divine LAW- just as, all other creatures do unconsciously.


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