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Lekh 21 GURU - SATGURU Part 2

In the world of illusive ‘maya’ or ‘quagmire of materialism’ egotism flourishes and ‘I-mine’ dominates. That is why ‘man’ is by nature selfish. The contemplation of ‘I-mine’ has become our ‘life-style’. From the desires of ‘I-mine’ arises selfishness. All our thoughts, hopes-wishes, desires, needs, rites and rituals too revolve around selfishness. Outside the parameters of our ‘self interest’ we are not prepared to think, consider, make an effort or do something. Contrary to this only some ‘rare’ guru orientated soul (or gurmukh) looks beyond self interest.

All our thoughts, desires, efforts and actions revolve around our selfishness of I, me and mine. People who think and act unselfishly are rare exceptions.

In other words the oars of our life’s boat are needs and desires and the rower of these oars in fact is our ‘selfishness’.

As man’s power is limited, when he cannot satisfy his wants and need, by means of his own power, then he seeks the assistance of some higher, greater power. In this way he attaches himself to some heard of or referred being with more power. In different countries, in different communities, in different religions, under different names numerous deities, holy souls and divines are revered like in India, the fire deity, water deity, moon deity, sun deity, mother Kali, Chandi Mother, Khoaja deity, Musaa deity etc. 330 million deities and demi-gods are revered.

In the same way we have created through our imagination deities- demi-gods-gurus having numerous forms and powers as is
apparent from their ‘horns’, ‘trunks’, ten heads, four arms, huge teeth, and statues with frightening appearances. These deities and demigods because of their subtle form cannot remain with us forever. They can disappear or move away. These deities and demigods

are chosen with the yardstick of our own thoughts.
are praised according our own beliefs.
are served with faith and fervour.
are worshipped according to our own varied ways.
are being used for our own selfish ends.

It can be seen that people have linked themselves to this or that deity or demigod. But the tough doorway of their worldly ‘doubt fallacy’ does not open and neither is there a change in their mental or spiritual life. In spite of saying that they have a guru
they are still enmeshed in the darkness of ‘worldly attachments’. Within them the light of divine essence of knowledge is not present. Then it is clear that they have not as yet found the ‘perfect-true-guru’. They are satisfied by linking themselves with a so call deity or demigod and say that they have a guru. and have received the Naam.

Our test or yard-stick about the guru is

We only believe in those holy people and deities-demigods who fulfil our own selfish needs through occult powers, miracles or dramatisation. We are easily satisfied with worldly things like milk-son, money, health etc. We are opportunists when it comes to satisfying our own wants.
Worldly transactions have become our main objective. If we cannot seal a transaction in one shop we move on to another. We link ourselves with a guru to prop up our mind or for public consumption, but in reality we are ‘self-seekers’. On one hand we bow before the GURU GRANTH SAHIB and on the other, to serve our own selfish ends we continue to pray or worship

at cemeteries and tombs
deities and demigods

peers and fakirs
sadhu’s with occult powers

divines who show miracles
people who control spirits

those who bestow milk (a sign of plenty) and sons
their ancestors

To serve our own interest we even turn away from the guru to seek help from ministers and highly placed officials and even do not hesitate to use the weapon of ‘bribery’.

In gurbani we are severely warned about this state of being two-minded.

3.1 Those who are known as happy soul-brides, do not look to others. 1384M5L3

3.2 Those dealers who abandon their Lord and Master and attach themselves
to another, are drowned. 470M1L9

3.3 Those who forsake the True Guru, and attach themselves to duality —
what will they do when they go to the world hereafter? Bound and gagged
in the City of Death, they will be beaten. They will be punished severely.
3.4 Chant only the One Naam, the Name of the Lord, O mortal, and seek the Sanctuary of the One Lord. 692B.KabL3
As long as we place ‘expectations’ or ‘dependence’ on someone until then we cannot become ‘brides’. We simply prostrate (before the guru) but we do not have full faith on the one satguru or true guru. In this way our condition has become one which is similar to that of ‘Leaving the husband and attaching oneself to another is a transaction which will lead to drowning’.
While relations like uncles (father’s brothers) can be many, there can only be one ‘father’. In the same way, although we can have many forms of ‘spiritual relationships’ with gurmukhs (the beloved guru-orientated ones), holy souls, saints, highly evolved beings and extend them our respect and service, our spiritual ‘father’, the embodiment of ‘illumination’ of the ten gurus, is only the ‘Guru Granth Sahib’.

On gurpurabs (religious festivals connected with the gurus), while elaborating on the genealogical tree of the gurus, we continue to relate of some worldly miracles that we have heard or read about, because we are ignorant of the actual limitless ‘divine attributes and might’ of the gurus. The external worldly wonders and miracles are but a tiny expression like the rays of the sun of the inexhaustible divine rays from the being of the gurus.

The illustrious gurus are perfect in every way and like the rays of the sun from each and every Grace filled divine ray, limitless miracles are spontaneously and incessantly unfolding every second, every moment. In this way thoughts, recollections, blessings, and grace, through the rays of Divine Vibrations which emerge from the illustrious gurus’ glance, touch, divine deeds, ‘dust of the feet’ and every strand of hair, unlimited miracles and happenings continue to take place. But from these limitless happenings and miracles very few and far in between episodes have found their way into the Sikh history. The rest of the unending and boundless, secret, invisible, innate, divine

miracles of the Guru
Guru’s drama
ambrosial gift
spiritual arrow
divine bow
mystical wonder

through which the soul of countless seekers received spiritual guidance and the gift of
the Sikh way of life- we are ignorant, careless and divorced of all this.

5.1 He made angels out of men, without delay. 462M1
5.2 Gazing upon me with his Eye of Mercy, He has dispelled the pains of His slave. 681m5

The boundless divine realm from which visible miracles emerge, its ‘law’, ‘word’, ‘Name’, ‘Grace of the Guru’, divine touch, about all this we

we are not even aware
have no understanding
have no knowledge
have no need
have not researched.

For this reason with our own ‘limited’ intelligence we have created a ‘yardstick’ with which we measure or test the divinity of our illustrious gurus and thereby limit this divine personality to the level of worldly miracles- that is limiting the degree of divinity to the level of our individual intelligence. In this way we are measuring this boundless personality of our illustrious gurus with our own fogged or polluted indicator and unknowingly, in our ignorance we belittle the illustrious gurus.
We are ‘extroverts and as such we can see feel and appreciate only the un-common, unsual ‘exoteric’ psychic phenomenas and call them miracles.

To ‘confine’ the greatness of Gurus to a few esoteric phenomena, and call them ‘miracles’ is to ‘limit’ their Divine Power and glory. Thus in our ignorance we continually depreciate the Divinity of the Gurus!

In this way we ‘fail to grasp and appreciate’ the sublime Divine glory of the Gurus, and thereby ‘deprive ourselves’ of the inner intuitional inspiration and experience

of the

‘Esoteric Wonders’ of Divine Blessings, Grace and Love, which are incessantly and continuously,

flowing through

in, every particle of the Cosmos by the benevolent grace of the Lord through His Word and WILL!

In gurbani the praise and the acid test of the true guru is stated as follows:-

6.1 The Guru is All-powerful, the Guru is Infinite. By great good fortune, the Blessed Vision of His Darshan is obtained. The Guru is Imperceptible, Immaculate and Pure. There is no other as great as the Guru. The Guru is the Creator, the Guru is the Doer. The Gurmukh obtains true glory. Nothing is beyond the Guru; whatever He wishes comes to pass. 2 The Guru is the Sacred Shrine of Pilgrimage, the Guru is the Wish-fulfilling Elysian Tree. The Guru is the Fulfiller of the desires of the mind. The Guru is the Giver of the Name of the Lord, by which all the world is saved. The Guru is All-powerful, the Guru is Formless; the Guru is Lofty, Inaccessible and Infinite. The Praise of the Guru is so sublime—what can any speaker say? 3 All the rewards which the mind desires are with the True Guru. One whose destiny is so pre-ordained, obtains the Wealth of the True Name. Entering the Sanctuary of the True Guru, you shall never die again. Nanak: may I never forget You, Lord. This soul, body and breath are Yours. 52M5
7.1 Do not ask from those who themselves have to ask from others.
Do not look towards short time gains as that will cause regret.
Do not serve that master in whose service you may have to bear the
blows of the couriers of death on your head.
Do not go to that healer who cannot get rid of the disease of egotism
or self-centeredness.
If the filth of falsehood cannot be washed off, what is the use of
bathing in places of holy pilgrimages.
Only the love bond between pir (holy soul) and the disciples can
ensure entry into a state of supreme harmony. VBG 27/15
7.2 The more astonishing among the astonished realises that he is not that astonishing.
The more wondrous among the wondrous discovers the he is not
that wondrous.
Among the things that are surprising, the most surprising thing finds
that it is not that surprising.
The highest among those who have achieved salvation, even they
cannot fathom the indescribable one.
HE is beyond the utterable and daily the seeker is heard saying HE
is not this HE is not that.
The Gurmukh who has experienced the fruit of total peace and
Divine Love can only express his feeling by uttering ‘wonderful-
wonderful’. VBG 38/18

When the satguru himself is

the astonishing form
the wondrous form
the savoury form
the blissful form
the embodiment of love
the embodiment of mercy
the companion of the bhagats
the wonder of the wondrous

and like the rays of the sun, in the rays of the Divine Word Form

of the satguru’s merciful glance
of his boons
of his blessings
of the dust of his feet
of his endearing love
of his relish
of his hue or colour
of his joy
of his touch

too, is present the attributes of

inspiring awe
wondrous happenings
ever new unfoldments
incessant vibrations
virtues of divine upliftment etc.

which, day and night, every second, every moment, moment of a moment are diffused and interwoven with every particle of nature. They are present in every visible facet of nature and stand out as ‘ a sacrifice unto Him who abides in His Creation’.

In this way the Satguru

is ever present all the time
is interwoven and intermingled in every thing
is omnipresent
is ever present source of joy and comfort
is the sustainer
is ever caring & protecting

and in this way He

allows us to play the game,
cuddles us,
gives us our sustenance,
gives us the food of eternal life,
makes us drink the wine of love
forever takes care of us,
decorates our life
protects us.

But, to witness these awesome, wondrous, ‘secret’ undertakings, we

Do not have the ‘eye’ to see
Do not have the ‘intellect’ to understand
Do not have the knowledge to ‘unravel’
Do not have the intuition to discover
Do not have the heart to experience
Do not have the vessel to receive the gift.

The lines from Gurbani given below give us the correct guidance about the Guru:-

9.1. Without the Guru, there is utter darkness; without the Guru, understanding does not come. Without the Guru, there is no intuitive awareness or success; without the Guru, there is no liberation.

9.2 Let no one wander in doubt in the world. Without the Guru, no one can cross over. 864M5

9.3 The Guru is the Creator; the Guru has the power to do everything. The Guru is the Transcendent Lord; He is, and always shall be. Says Nanak,God has inspired me to know this. Without the Guru, liberation is not obtained, O Siblings of Destiny. 864

9.4 Without the One and Only True Guru, life in this world is cursed. 957M5

9.5 No understanding can take place without the True Guru until the Lord Himself deems it so. Guru the Infinite Lord is one. Guru is the True Emperor, the transactor of the world. When the sun rises, darkness is dispelled (with the arrival of the true guru ignorance is dispelled).VBG1

9.6 As long as there are doubts in the mind, the mortal staggers and falls. The Guru removed my doubts, and I have obtained my place of rest. 400M5

9.7 Says Nanak, the Guru has opened my shutters; I am liberated, and my doubts have been dispelled. 188M5


10.1 The True Guru has applied the healing ointment of spiritual wisdom to my eyes, and the darkness of ignorance has been dispelled. 573M4
10.2 If a hundred moons were to rise, and a thousand suns appeared, even with such light, there would still be pitch darkness without the Guru. 463M2

10.3 From the beginning to the end there is only one God Incarnate. All should know that this God is my Guru. Chaupaee 10

10.4 There is One Bani; there is One Guru; there is one Shabad to contemplate. 646m3

10.5 Without the Guru, his mind is not held steady, and he is reincarnated, over and over again. 313

10.6 The Lord’s Name is the jewel, the emerald, the ruby; digging it out, the Guru has placed it in your palm. 880m4

10.7 Seek and find such a True Guru, who has no equal in His greatness. In His Sanctuary, one is released, and no one calls him to account. 1089m3

From the above lines from Gurbani is clear that our Satguru

has no human form
does not belong to any one country
does not belong to any one caste
does not conform to any one colour
has no one name
has not picture of himself
cannot be carved into an idol
is beyond births and death
has no trunk
is not one with multi-heads
is not one with four arms
is not one with frightening looks
is not one who is far away.

Yes! according to Gurbani our Guru is:-

is a treasure house of virtues
is the perfect Guru
the perfect healer
the ocean of peace
the True Emperor
forever merciful
forever generous
the Perfect King
the creative being
the unfathomable being
source of creation
the treasure house of grace
the proverbial touch stone
True giver of gifts
the support of the holy souls

the white sandle-wood
the proverbial tree that satisfies all wishes
the ocean of respect
the river of pilgrimage
the releaser of burdens
the giver of gifts
the sustainer of all
the giver of the gift of all treasures
the one who takes and gives life
the one who is capable of freeing at the
very last moment
the one who does not dwell on our

the one who liberates the slanderer, the sufferer & the prodigal
the one who (also) liberates the totally ignorant and blind
the one who holds the hand of the blind and leads them
to safety
the respecter of the respectless
the strength of the strengthless
the hope of those without hope
the shelter of the shelterless
the honour of the honourless
the fortune of the unfortunate
the redeemer of the disbelievers or apostates
the one who frees those in distress
the one without fear
the one without enmity
the one who is THE WORD
the one who is The NAAM
the one who is ALL BY-HIMSELF

0 Yes! ‘Establish a relationship with such a Satguru’ who

is at hand
cannot be separated
is forever in attendance
is nearer than the hand
is God at hand
is at hand to give comforts
‘keeps the soul company’
‘drills the Truth’
‘utters the unutterable’
‘connects us with the Shabad’
‘cradles us with love’
‘makes us play the game’ (of life)
‘sustains us with love’
‘daily attends to our needs’
is a player in ‘joyous revelries’
is love personified
is the supreme beloved
is the most beautiful


0 Yes! ‘Establish a relationship with such a Satguru’ who

is the captivator of hearts
has a wonderful heart
speaks sweetly
never utters a harsh word
is the bestower of amrit (the elixir of life)
is the relish (taste) of love
is the receptacle (vessel) of love
is the dispenser of the intoxicant love
is the infinite word
is the infinite bani
is the infinite sound current
iscelestial Naam
is the bestower of Naam
isthe father and mother
isthe bestower of relish (taste that intoxicates)

Then towards such a Guru we should

be a sacrifice
a hundreds of thousands of times
shower our thanksgiving
ever and ever be grateful
over and over again be unreservedly thankful
be ready to offer anything or everything
surrender body, mind and wealth
offer the service of fanning
remembering with every breath
witness in wonderment
survive by ever witnessing
wash the holy feet and drink that water
offer the service of supplying water


Offer the service of milling (flour) from the house
surrender the head
follow the dictum (hukum)
giving prominence shower praise unreservedly

to the one who

‘Burst open the fort of doubtfulness’
‘unites one with God’
‘drill into us the Name of God’
‘manifests the inexpressible’
‘shows the path to God’
‘disperses attachment and the darkness of ignorance’
‘bestows the gift of godliness’
‘protect us from the terrible fires (of worldliness)
‘clears our path and takes over our responsibilities’
‘fulfils all our aims’

‘bestows God’s teachings and creates the wise’
‘subdues the mind with the love of Bani’
‘joyous outpouring through (His divine) glance’
‘in a moment the dried and withered become green with life’
‘transforms man into devtaas (demigods)’
‘leads one into His sewa’
‘thrashes out the evil from within’
‘gives a pat of approval on the back (gives sybaas)’
‘bestows the emperorship that lasts forever’

Such a Guru is present in the sadh sangat -the embodiment of the realm of Truth.

14.1 Sadh sangat is the sach Khand (realm of truth) in which God and satguru reside. VBh.Gur 6/4
Our most loving Satguru becomes our beloved and day and night makes us drink from the ‘vessel of love’ and partake of the food of ambrosial Naam. We become intoxicated in the ‘joyous relish’ and become extremely happy.

This unnarratable story of love, is the internal manifestation of divine love which is totally subtle. This can only be intuitively experienced in the company of gurmukh beloveds and blessed evolved souls through unceasing practice of the Naam. In this way our ‘Shabad Guru’ not only remains with us, but also internally provides divine intoxication and bestows upon us warm love, glow and relish.

Our Illustrious Gurus have bestowed upon us a lofty and sublime bani (word), in whose light and guidance through satsang and Naam simran, we are going to lead a life filled with Truth and hue (colour) of the Naam. This fragrance will influence the souls who are seeking and by themselves get attracted towards gurmat (the teachings of the Guru).

This is the one and only way of spreading the light of divine Gurbani into the world.

Blessed, blessed is the True Guru, who has demolished the fortress of doubt. Waaho! Waaho! — Hail! Hail! to the True Guru, who has united me with the Lord.
The Guru has given me the medicine of the inexhaustible treasure of the Naam. He has banished the great and terrible disease.
I have obtained the great treasure of the wealth of the Naam.
I have obtained eternal life, recognizing my own self.
The Glory of the all-powerful Divine Guru cannot be described.
The Guru is the Supreme Lord God, the Transcendent Lord, infinite, unseen and unknowable. 512M5

15.2 I am a sacrifice to the Guru, who recites the sermon of the Lord’s Teachings. I am forever a sacrifice to that Guru, who has led me to serve the Lord. That Beloved True Guru is always with me; wherever I may be, He will save me. Most blessed is that Guru, who imparts understanding of the Lord. 588M3
16.1 O Nanak, I am a sacrifice to the Guru, who has given me the Lord’s Name, and fulfilled the desires of my mind. 588M3

16.2 My salutations to Guru Nanak Dev Ji who recited the mantar of Satnaam.
Taking us out from the ocean of grief (worldliness) and he offered us a way to salvation.
The fear of birth and death disappeared and so did the anxiety of disease and pain.
The world is the embodiment of anxiety and all the pain of birth and death is in it.
The punishment meted out by the couriers of death is not averted. The manmukhs (mind orientated ones) have lost their life through sinful activity.
Those who have come to the shelter of the Guru, they have been given the Word of Truth and freed.
These people themselves practice love, contemplation, meditation, giving and cleansing and encourage others to do the same.
Whatever kind of seed one sows, he reaps its fruit. V. Bh.Gur.1/1



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