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1.1 You created the vast expanse of the Universe with One Word!
Hundreds of thousands of rivers began to flow. 3M1L16

1.2 From the True Lord came the air, and from the air came water.
From water, He created the three worlds; in each and every heart He has infused His Light. 19 M1L18

1.3 With one word the Lord created this creation and within that creation further expansion took place V.Bh.G.8/1

1.4 From the one creator emerged the sound current (the word) through which the creation came into being V.Bh.G.26/2

This voice, light, infinite sound-current or ‘word’ has not gone faint and disappeared, instead it is continuously inter-twined with the whole creation.
Its resonance neither decreases or increases. The only need is to experience it.

1.5 Let spiritual wisdom be your food, and compassion your attendant. The Sound-current of the Naad vibrates in each and every heart. 6 M1L17

1.6 (The Lord) does not diminish nor does He expand. Neither does He become less nor more. (Akaal Ustat P.10)

In Gurbani this limitless sound current is referred to as the ‘Naam’, ‘Word’, ‘Truth’, ‘Command’, ‘Life-current’. This ‘limitless sound current’ is so powerful that the visible and the invisible world’s total nurturing, growth and destruction depends entirely on it.

1.7 Creation and destruction happen through the Word of the Shabad. Through the Shabad, creation happens again. . 117 M3L1

1.8 By His Order, the world was created; by His Order, it shall merge again into Him. 277 M5L1

1.9 Naam is the Support of all creatures. The Naam is the Support of the earth and solar systems. 284m5L8


2.1 The Naam is the Support of the Simritees, the Vedas and the Puraanas.
The Naam is the Support by which we hear of spiritual wisdom and meditation.
The Naam is the Support of the Akaashic ethers and the nether regions.
The Naam is the Support of all bodies.
The Naam is the Support of all worlds and realms.
Associating with the Naam, listening to it with the ears, one is saved. 284 M5L8

This ‘divine music’ that is resounding in every heart is referred to as

limitless sound
limitless word
limitless music
limitless orchestral trill (jingling)
sound of unceasing vibrations
sound vibrations of the Word
sound of 5 musical instruments
[1.string (sitar),2. skin (tabla) 3. metallic (channay) 4. sound emitted from hollow vessels.5. wind (harmonium)
pure sound vibration
incessant celestial music
spontaneous sound current

etc. This is the ‘language of ‘The One Word’ which every tiny particle of the whole creation speaks out thus ‘infinite-infinite, says the forests and plants’.

2.2 Within all hearts, the Lord speaks, the Lord speaks. Who else speaks, other than the Lord? 988Bh.Namdev L16

2.3 The sparrow-hawks and the peacocks sing day and night, hearing the thunder in the clouds.
Whatever the deer, the fish and the birds sing,
they chant to the Lord, and no other. 1265m3L16

In the visible world living beings, plants, mountains, moon, sun, and stars etc. speak the language of ‘spontaneous sound-current’ or the language of silence all the time, at every place

in the form of music
in the form of the Word
in the form of sound vibration.

3.1 In each and every heart the Music of the Lord’s Flute vibrates, night and day, with sublime love for the Shabad. 62 M1 L14

3.2 The unstruck sound current of the Shabad vibrates day and night.
The Gurmukh knows the state of the eternal, unchanging Lord God. 904 M1 L7

3.3 The unstruck sound current of the Shabad vibrates and resounds there, with the melody of the Guru’s Bani; one is easily, intuitively absorbed in the Lord. 1069 M4 L12

Melody, musical instrument, tune, rhythm is a attempt to manifest the reflection of that ‘limitless sound-current’ or the ‘Infinite Word’. Emanating from this ‘melody’ are emotions of relish and blissfullness, which only the rare one can ‘discover’ and enjoy through intuition.

3.4 In each and every heart the Music of the Lord’s Flute vibrates, night and day, with sublime love for the Shabad.
Only those few who become Gurmukh understand this by instructing their minds. 62 M1 L14

3.5 The divine crystalline harmonies, their consorts, and their celestial families —
from them, the essence of Ambrosial Nectar is produced.
O Nanak, this is the wealth and property of the Creator Lord.
If only this essential reality were understood! 351 M1L11

On hearing only the external notes of melody most of us tend to say ‘wow-wow’. Only a few have the awareness of the ‘essence of melody’. Not every ‘Dick, Tom or Harry’ has the ability to capture this ‘essence of melody’.

3.6 Wherever there is speech, there are letters.
Where there is no speech, there, the mind rests on nothing.
He is in both speech and silence.
No one can know Him as He is. 340Bh.Kabir L5

This is a story that dates back to more than 60 years. In 1930 we went to see a ‘silent movie’. There were to elderly relations with us. One of them was about 80 years old.

Before the film someone was playing a melody on the piano. The elderly gentleman’s fingers began to move. Slowly the body began to sway. Absorbed in the melody he got up from his chair and began to dance and


in this state of ecstasy he continued to dance for a long time. When the melody stopped he embraced the pianist in emotional excitement.

All those who witnessed this were absolutely amazed. The sublime notes of the melody were beyond the understanding of most of the people. Instead of listening to the melody, they were seeing the old man and enjoying themselves. But the melody went and excited the internal chords of the old man, and awaken the internal ‘dormant melody’.

All of us are ignorant of the pure ‘essence’ of melody. Amongst us there was this one and only elderly man whose consciousness captured the profound ‘essence of melody’ and enjoyed its blissful effect.

In fact, melody does not come within the ambit (circumference) of intelligence. This thing is beyond the grasp of the intelligence. It is a very subtle element. It can only be understood, grasped and enjoyed by one who has developed his ‘intuitional consciousness’. Others can only mentally enjoy the external effect of the notes, rhythm and beat when they hear it. It is not within our means to be able to reach out to the ‘pure essence’ and discover the essence. This is the priceless gift of the ‘spiritual world or the ‘intuitional realm’. It is for this reason the Satgurus have uttered the ‘Spiritual Bani’ in melody form. Melody is the secret and ‘silent language’ of the divine realm. No matter what form it is, melody has the power of attraction and attachment over the consciousness of each one of us. Let alone humans, its effect has also been seen over animals and birds.

In reality, ordinary people like us listen to and enjoy melody. This is only the tiny reflection and the external manifestation of the ‘Divine Music’. The manifestation of the subtle ‘Divine Music’ cannot be enjoyed by the gross minded (uncultivated) human beings.

4.1 The most worthy beings sing God’s Praises in beautiful harmonies, in all sorts of ways, in myriads of sublime forms. 1272 M5L5

The essence of melody or ‘infinite sound current’ cannot be grasped by our gross (uncultivated) consciousness. To grasp a subtle (fine) thing you need subtle consciousness or ‘intuition’. The ability to comprehend the notes, rhythm and beat of external melody also varies from person to person. Generally, melody sounds peaceful and beautiful to everyone’s ears and exerts a pull. Shakespeare even went so far as to say that


those people who have no ear for music deserve to be hung.

The revered Gurus have used ‘ragaas’ to sing Gurbani, principally to allow the spiritual arrows of Gurbani to have a deeper effect on the mind that has turned sublime. In this way the satgurus have lifted the ‘raagaas’ from the level of mental amusement and used them to sing divine attributes and entered Gurbani into Sri Guru Granth Sahib and gave it the ‘hue of divinity’.

It is important to clarify here that the ‘infinite sound current’ of the Creator’s divine love in intertwined with Gurbani and the melody of ragaas too is the means of manifesting this ‘infinite sound current.

In this way which ever emotion is the mainstay in a Gurbani shabad, the melody of raag will amplify it and make it more intense and sharp thereby softening our irreversible and stubborn mind and making it swim in the ocean of that emotion and enjoy spiritual bliss and experience the flashes of the ‘Infinite Sound Current’.

Gurbani quotation that appear below make this view all the more clearer.

5.1 Among the ragas, Siree Raag is the best, if it inspires you to enshrine love for the True Lord. 83 M4L3

5.2 Gauree Raga is auspicious, if, through it, one comes to think of his Lord and Master. 311 M3L12

5.3 Be happy and sing in Bilaaval, when the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is in your mouth. 849M4 L3

5.4 In Raamkalee, I have enshrined the Lord in my mind; thus I have been embellished. 950 M3L2

5.5 Among the ragas, Kaydaaraa Raga is known as good, O Siblings of Destiny, if through it, one comes to love the Word of the Shabad, 1087M4L6

5.6 Malaar is a calming and soothing raga; meditating on the Lord brings peace and tranquility. 1283M4L4

5.7 Those Gurmukhs who sing in the Raga of Malaar — their minds and bodies become cool and calm. 1285M3L16

5.8 In Dhanaasaree, the soul-bride is known to be wealthy, O Siblings of Destiny, when she works for the True Guru. 1419M1L5


6.1 In Raga Sorat’h, drink in this sublime essence, which never loses its taste. O Nanak, singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord’s Name, one’s reputation is immaculate in the Court of the Lord. 1425M5L7

The external music-melody, being the reflection of the ‘Eternal Sound Current’ or the ‘Spontaneous-Sound Current’ has also been praised by Guru Ji along side with the praise and glory of the Formless One.

6.2 Blessed are those beautiful Ragas which, when chanted, quench all thirst. Blessed are those beautiful people who, as Gurmukh, chant the Name of the Lord. 958M5L6

6.3 O Nanak, the immaculate sound current of the Naad, and the Music of the Shabad resound; one merges into the True Name of the Lord. 1038M1L12

6.4 Among all Ragas, that one is sublime, O Siblings of Destiny, by which the Lord comes to abide in the mind. Those Ragas which are in the Sound-current of the Naad are totally true; their value cannot be expressed. Those Ragas which are not in the Sound-current of the Naad­ — by these, the Lord’s Will cannot be understood. 1423M4L17

The Satgurus have used ‘ragaas’ to sing the Divine Virtues, but nowadays diametrically opposed to this, when making a ‘show’ of raag knowledge, the Divine Gurbani is used thus belittling Gurbani.

6.5 Some sing of the Lord, through musical Ragas and the sound current of the Naad, through the Vedas, and in so many ways. But the Lord, Har, Har, is not pleased by these, O Lord King.
Those who are filled with fraud and corruption within — what good does it do for them to cry out? 450M4L12

6.6 Loving devotional worship does not enter into your heart; pampering and adorning your body, you must still give it up.
You sit and play music, but you are still a hypocrite; what do you expect to receive from the Lord? 654 Bh.Kabir L18

6.7 The various songs, tunes and rhythms are false. Trapped by the three qualities, people come and go, far from the Lord. In duality, the pain of their evil-mindedness does not leave them. But the Gurmukh is emancipated by taking the medicine, and singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. 832M1L5

6.8 In the love of duality, the happiness of Bilaaval does not come; the self- willed manmukh finds no place of rest.
Through hypocrisy, devotional worship does not come, and the Supreme Lord God is not found. 849M3L11

7.1 In music and song, the mind is caught by the love of duality. Filled with deception deep within, one suffers in terrible pain. Meeting with the True Guru, one is blessed with clear understanding, and remains lovingly attuned to the True Name. 1342M1L8

Music, melody - being a reflection of the ‘Infinite -Sound Current’ is a symbol and manifestation of the all powerful Shabad or Word. For example Taansen by the power of music was able to soften stone and pierce a spear into it and making rain fall or starting a fire are also the miracles of this music-power.

The sublime form of music is created from musical instruments, but the subtle forms of the musical instruments are the vibrations of the wires and these vibrations, through tune, melody, beat are the manifestation of the internal wave forms and emotions. These ‘jingling’ vibrations or emotions are the sublime forms of the ‘internal language’ and the subtle forms of the external language.

For example the language that is cut out on the gramophone record is called the vibration or quiver. This language that is cut out on the gramophone record is the subtle form of the ‘internal jingling’.

According to the Gurbani quotation ‘God is True, His Name is True and those who repeat His Name lovingly are also True’, the Infinite Lord’s language is an unfathomable language of love and this silent, invisible, subtle language continuously and constantly fills the whole creation and like the ‘infinite sound current’ it thunders in multifarious emotions,forms, thoughts, vibrations and waves.

7.2 God is present at every place on every side and in every corner and His universal love exists everywhere.Jaap P10 L80

This ‘silent language’ of divine love is the one which is referred to as ‘infinite word’ or ‘infinite sound current’ in Gurbani.

7.3 Chant the unchanted Chant of the Naam with your mouth. 840M1L10

7.4 Spontaneously, the Unstruck Melody of the Sound-current resounds within me. Spontaneously, the Lord of the Universe has revealed Himself to me. 1157M5L11

7.5 It does not forget the Chant which is chanted without chanting; it is immersed in the Primal Lord God of the ages. 1291M1L4

7.6 Receiving the Gurmantar from the Guru (the seeker) silently drinks from the vessel of loveV.Bh.G.4/17


The virtue of this ‘silent language ‘ of love is that by talking with the emotion filled
‘tongue of consciousness’, the seeker neither tires not is ever satiated (satisfied). As he continues to speak this language he becomes all the more intoxicated and takes on the ‘form of wondrousness’ or ‘bliss’. He loses total awareness of his surroundings.

The ‘language’ of the sun is its ray. Through these rays we receive the sunlight. In this ‘sunlight’ are present all the virtues (attributes) of its source, the sun, numerous virtues such as-





etc. are ever present.

Exactly in the same way, within the ‘eternal sound current’, the ‘word’ language of the Supreme Lord, all the ‘spiritual’ virtues-


are interwoven.

It is necessary to clarify this point here that ‘Eternal sound current’ or the divine


‘language of silence’, like its source, the Creator is

beyond words
beyond mind and intelligence
beyond the three attributes
devoid of sound

and it
in the form of vibrations
in the form of emotions
in the form of love for the inner self
in the form of ripples
in the form of jitters
in the form of waves
in the form of jingling

is present ceaselessly in the whole creation.

It is only through our mental and subtle spiritual ‘absorbing power’ that we can absorb the divine ‘infinite sound current’ and experience joy.

Just as light and sound waves can reach enormous distances at great speed, in the same way the flow of divine ‘sound currents’ too appear in the universe at great speed.

To listen to, and be aware of this ‘infinite sound current’, the seeker will have to rise above the mundane worldly realm and fine tune or harmonise the waves of his hearts desires with the vibrations of the ‘divine sound current’.

The mind can only be engrossed in the ‘divine sound current’ if its attention can rise above the ‘nine outlets’ and get to reside at the ‘tenth doorway’.


10.1 Beyond the nine gates, the Tenth Gate is found, and liberation is obtained. The Unstruck Melody of the Shabad vibrates.110 M3L5

10.2 Those who close off the nine gates, and restrain the wandering mind, come to dwell in the Home of the Tenth Gate. 123 M3L13

10.3 Seeing the nine openings of the body, the soul-bride is led astray; she does not obtain that incomparable thing. Says Kabeer, the nine openings of the body are being plundered; rise up to the Tenth Gate, and discover the true essence. 339 KB.L13

10.4 I have now closed off the doors, and the unstruck celestial sound current resounds. 656Kb.L11

10.5 By practicing control over the nine gates, one attains perfect control over the Tenth Gate. There, the unstruck sound current of the absolute Lord vibrates and resounds. Behold the True Lord ever-present, and merge with Him. 943 m1L19

10.6 There are nine gates to the one city of the body; restrain your mind from escaping through them. When the knot of the three qualities is untied, then the Tenth Gate opens up, and the mind is intoxicated, O Siblings of Destiny. 1123Bh.KabirL15

Therefore to be in tune with the ‘divine sound current’ that is present within (us) and the whole universe, doing

jaap (meditation)
contemplation on the Word (gurbani)
sadh-sangat (company of the holy)
devotion through love
sewa (selfless service)
is absolutely necessary.
10.7 Those who focus their consciousness on the Ambrosial Bani of the Word, hear the vibrations of the Ambrosial Word of the Shabad. 118M3 L19

10.8 There, the Unstruck Melody of the Shabad vibrates day and night. Through the Guru’s Teachings d is heard 124M3 L14

10.9 The unstruck melody resounds, and the instruments ever vibrate, singing the Bani of the True Guru. O Nanak, God the Great Giver has given me a gift; He has blended my light into the Light. 442M1L8

10.10 I have come to know the unstruck sound current and the Word of the Guru’s Shabad; I enjoy the sublime essence of the Lord, the Lord’s Name. 921 M3L19

11.1 The unstruck sound current resounds and vibrates there. The Word of the Guru’s Shabad is heard. 954 M2L13

From the company of the holy (sadh-sangat) and gurbani one gets the encouragement to do Naam Simran and

11.2 Remembering God, the unstruck melody vibrates.263 M5 L14

one achieves this level. Then what is inside, and what is outside?

11.3 The Unstruck Melody constantly vibrates within; my mind is exalted and uplifted—I am lovingly absorbed in the Lord.91 M3L12

11.4 The skinless drum plays. Without the rainy season, the clouds shake with thunder. 657M3L10

11.5 In each and every home there is dancing, day and night; in each and every home, the bugles blow. 884M5L18

11.6 So play the harp which vibrates without being played, Yogi. 909 M3L6

So the ‘bliss filled’ encounter with the Infinite Lord takes place if the seeker listens to the ‘infinite sound current’- the ‘silent language’ of love.’

11.7 We meet with our Beloved, the Source of Joy, when we listen to the Word of the Guru’s Shabad. 17M1L19

11.8 The Unstruck Celestial Music vibrates for them at the Lord’s Door, and they are honored at the True Door. 42 M5 L3

11.9 Her glory and her wisdom are magnificent; her love for the Infinite Lord is True. 54 M1L9

11.10 The unstruck melody of the sound current resounds with the vibrations of the celestial instruments. 436m1L13

11.11 Waaho! Waaho! Hail! Hail! How wondrously he sings.
The Name of the Lord is pleasing to my mind. 478 Bh.Kab.L19

11.12 The sweet, melodious, unstruck sound current vibrates continuously in the home of the fearless Lord. 1033 M1L19

11.13 O my mother,I am wonderstruck to see my Lord. My mind is enticed by the unstruck celestial melody; its flavor is amazing! 1226m5L17

beautiful veena melody
infinite flashes
eternal melody


infinite word

love of the real self within

call of love

‘with God’s Name, is my conversation’

‘with the God’s Name my counsel’

silent love

can be heard through intuitional awareness and not through these physical ears.

12.1 The resonance of celestial strain, the deliberation of the essence and the saints discourse, are the daily routine of the place.783 m5

But many seekers close their ears with their fingers and regard the ‘shaa...shaa’ sound that emerges as the infinite sound current and remain intoxicated in this. This is their major doubt-fallacy.

It is important to mention here that in Gurbani the word ‘panch shabad’ has been used many many times. These words are used in a figurative form to explain the melodious sound or vibrations of divine bliss. Many seekers believe that ‘panch shabad’ refers to the hearing of the sounds of the five musical instruments in the subconscious. Several sects believe that the five word mantar is the ‘panch shabad”. In this way we get involved fruitless debates.

Bhai Gurdas has discerned very clearly that the devotee of the Naam focuses his attention on the shabad and instead of ‘five words’ or ‘five sounds’ he hears only the one word. Regarding the quarrels of raags and naads as fruitless activity, he remains engrossed in the ‘silent language’ of ‘God’s love’ or the ‘infinite word’.

12.2 (The seeker) receives the waheguru mantar from the Guru and in complete silence drinks from the container of love. V.Bh.G.4/17


From the countless virtues of the Infinite Lord -

ceaseless word
ceaseless sound current
silent love
divine bliss
spiritual hue

etc. are the principal virtues.

From these, ‘silent love’, ‘love of the inner self’ or ‘love matter’ are superior virtues - that are present and diffused in all other godly virtues. That’s why God is referred to as ‘Cosmic Spirit of love’. It is clear from this that the rest of the godly virtues, like-

ceaseless melody
ceaseless word

ceaseless sound current
ceaseless jingling

melody sound current
word current

integrated melody sound
pure sound current

constant jingling
spontaneous sound current

etc. is the reflection of the language of ‘silent love’ or ‘love of the inner self’ that is taking place.

In other words within every wave, every musical note, every melody, every beat there is the ‘flow’ or reflection of divine hue.


The essence of this essay can be summarised as follows -

- The Infinite Lord - the form is Love

- the world came into creation through the divine ‘Word-Command’

- this Word or Command is diffused into many forms, hues, waves and energy.

- the illumination of this command through the ‘unutterable language’ of

ceaseless music
ceaseless word
ceaseless sound current
ceaseless sound
ceaseless jingling

is manifesting and taking place via waves, vibrations, quivers and through the internal link of ‘silent love’is spreading its sweetness, bliss and spiritual faith.

- This whole ‘game of love’ emerged from the invisible divine world.

- The hidden ‘sound current’ of this ‘game of love’ is constant and present in the form of ceaseless, infinite sound current.

- This ‘unutterable language’ of the divine world is the one that is referred to as the
‘ceaseless sound current’.

- This music of ‘silent love’ fills us with divine emotions and leaves us in a
wondrous state.

- These ‘divine emotions’ are found in abundance in gurbani and the rags (musical
notes) too have the ability to manifest these emotions.

- That is why gurbani has been uttered in raags.

- When an emotion filled shabad is sung in the same or connected raags, the
emotions become all the more stronger


and our incorrigible and stubborn mind melts and swimming in the realm of self love within, becomes the witness to the glimpses of the ‘incessant sound current’.

- when the vibrations or waves of this ‘incessant sound current’ manifest themselves externally then this ‘sound’ takes on the form of a ‘language’ and ‘letters’.

- These external vibrations and waves are given a variety of names under raag
melody. For example - ‘Siri Raag’, ‘Maaj Raag’, Gaurdee Raag’ etc.

- The general public more often is moved by the external melody of ‘toon-taan
(harmonium) and ‘daun-daun (tabla).

- This external melody is the reflection, symbol and manifestation of the internal
‘incessant sound current’.

- The real taste of raag melody is the play of ‘intuition’ (or insight).

- By hearing and enjoying the ‘incessant sound current’ through INSIGHT our mind experiences bliss and moves into a wondrous state.

15.1 The Deepest Samaadhi, and the unstruck sound current of the Naad are there. The wonder and marvel of it cannot be described. 293M5L17

15.2 Constantly listening to the Ambrosial Gurbani in the heart, it becomes pleasing to the mind. 366M4L12

15.3 The wondrous, amazing unstruck melody vibrates. 888M5L17

15.4 The Unstruck Sound-current of the Shabad, the Word of God, is wondrous and amazing! 1143M5L5

15.5 The fire within me is quenched; I am cool, calm and tranquil. Hearing the unstruck celestial melody, I am wonder-struck and amazed. 1217M5L1

15.6 O mother, I am wonder-struck, gazing upon the Lord. My mind is enticed by the unstruck celestial melody; its flavor is amazing! 1226 M5L17

then we will

from the ‘chirp-chirp’ of birds
from the ‘chee(n) chee(n)’ of shoes


from the sound of the stream flowing
falling waters of the waterfall
from the ‘sha(n) sha(n) of the wind
from the silent depths of the night, etc.

from every kind of sound, every time hear ‘godly melody’, ‘godly sound current’.

16.1 Whatever they hear is the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Whatever they see is meditation. 236 M5L16

16.2 Whatever the deer, the fish and the birds sing, they chant to the Lord, and no other. 1265 M4L17


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