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Part 15

From Time Immemorial, the Timeless Being (God) has continuously sent Spiritual teachers, Avatars, peers, and prophets to this world to guide humans to the spiritual path. However, after the departure of these spiritual guides from this world and over the passage of time, changes crept into their teachings which were eventually got adulterated. The religious paths started by these teachers were gradually deprived of their inner spiritual content and ultimately only the outer ritual practices of their teachings remained.

Sanyasis and jogis renounced the world, went deep into the mountains to meditate and remained involved with various yogic practices for their own personal salvation. Guru Nanak Sahib himself had to go to the mountains to show the True spiritual path to jogis of the level of Gorakhnath and Machhindernath. The discussions which Guru ji held with the jogis has been recorded by Bhai Gurdas in his Vaars as follows:

1.1 Baba (Nanak) said "Nathji I hear the word within and speak the Truth.
I have no other miracle other than the True Naam……
Without the True Name only the clouds (of ignorance) hover."`
Vaar Bhai Gurdas 1/13

The householders through their labour took care of their own families as well as donated charitably to the jogis and religious preachers.

Spiritual essence and joy or Naam gradually diminished in the lives of religious leaders under the strong influence of the doubt ridden materialistic world. As a result of this, their preaching was also devoid of spiritual essence and joy and limited to ritualistic religious practices.

When our religious leaders themselves were deeply lost in materialism and had forgotten the spiritual path, what was the condition of the ordinary public ?

1.2 O Brother so bewitching is the mammon (ie. materialism)
That as many as the beings, so many it has devoured. 1160

1.3 Mammon (materialism) has bewitched
the mortals

In avarice (greed) the false world is involved` 1004

In this depraved condition of humanity, Dhan Guru Nanak, the King, took the human form and with the Word of God blessed humanity again with the True
Spiritual Path.

Guruji has described the depraved condition of humanity 500 years ago in
Gurbani as follows:

2.1 Modesty & righteousness have both vanished
Falsehood moves about as the leader O Lalo. 722

2.2 He contracts love with those who will not go with him
Those who are his enemies he deems them to be his friends
In such delusion the world has gone astray
The ignorant man loses the invaluable gift of human life. 676

The 10th Guru has also described the religious conditions as follows

2.3 Some worship idols, some corpses
The whole world is lost in falsehood
And has not discovered the secrets of the Lord`
Tavprasad Sawaiye P 10

To enable the sanyasis and jogis to rise above ritual practices, the Gurus
advised them as follows:

2.4 Yoga (union) is not the patched coat, Nor union the staff ,
Union is not the smearing of the body with ashes
Union is not the earrings nor the shaven head nor the blowing of the horn.
Abide pure amidst the worldly impurities
Thus shall thou find the way to Union (yoga)` 730

2.5 O My mind practice Yoga in this way. Blow the horn of Truth
And apply the ashes of concentration` Ramkali Patshahi 10

2.6 The gursikhs are awakened jogis who remained detached in materialism
Their earrings are the Gurus word, The dust of the saints feet are the
ashes they apply
Forgiveness is the cloak they wear, Love the food they eat
Concentration on the word is their horn, Divine knowledge the staff`
Vaar Bhai Gurdas 29/15
2.7 Union with the Lord is not obtained through the robes
Nor through dirty dress. Nanak, union with the lord is obtained under the true Guru's instruction even while sitting at home. 1421

In the above instructions by the Guru, the Jogis were told clearly that
even while being a householder and doing Simran in the company of holy souls
Union with God is possible if we become aware of the True spiritual path

Our religious preachers as well as our so called religious leaders have been
admonished as follows:

3.1 He imparts instructions but himself practises not
He realises not the quintessence of the Name. 380

3.2 Kabir, sand falls into the mouth of those who practise not what they preach to others.
They keep their eye's on others property while their own farm is being eaten up 1369

3.3 Although he himself does not know, he advises others. The Pandit is indeed clever I 1290

By advising the householder to rise above pretentious, ritualistic practices
and Hatha Yoga, the holy Gurus have made the spiritual path of the
householder very simple.

3.4 Celibacy, self discipline and pilgrimages are the faiths of those ages
In this dark age, Glorification of the Lord's Name is the righteous deed
3.5 Of all the religions, the best religion is to repeat God's Name and do pious deeds. 266

3.5 O my soul seek the shelter of God's name, remembering which the evil
intellect shall be dispelled and you will obtain the highest bliss. 901

3.6 O My soul Do meditate on the Lord's name which will bring you peace
day & night
Repeat the Name of the Lord master O My mind by remembering which all your evil deeds will be effaced. 88

3.7 Earn a honest living and do righteous deeds, be charitable and be
grateful. Vaar Bhai Gurdas 6/12

3.8 Says Namdev O Tirlochan Repeat The Lord's Name with the tongue
Do your work with your hands and feet, keeping your mind with the
Lord` 1375/6
The 10th Guru gave Khande bate da Amrit to all the different castes and
changed them into one caste of humanity.

People of many castes, religions, divisions and sects have received a simple
and easy universal instruction from Gurbani. What is this instruction?

1. Join the society of holy souls
2. Remember the Lord
This instruction from Gurbani applies to all individuals alike whether they be

1. Jogis-sanyasis (Mendicants-renunciants)
2. Preachers or
3. Householders

4.1 Join the company of saints and contemplate on the Name alone. 12

4.2 Join the society of saints and meditate on the Lord
Thus from a sinner you will become holy. 631

4.3 Singing of God's praises in holy society is the highest of all deeds. 642

4.4 The Nectar Name of the Lord is uttered in the society of saints. 262

4.5 Man professes one thing and practices quite another
In his heart there is no love but with his mouth he talks tall. 262

When for the whole of humanity,

God is One
Teacher is One
Word is One

Spiritual path is One
Prayer is One

Caste (of humanity) is One
Life's path is One
Life's destination is One

Then why are there


Envy and doubt
Hate and jealousy

Enmity and opposition
Fights and quarrels

Cheating and looting
Killing and murders?
The reason is that although we believe Gurbani to be our Enlightener or Life Path, our practical living is entirely enternally orientated and totally against the instructions of Gurbani.

5.1 Man professes one thing and practises quite another
In his heart there is no love but with his mouth he talks tall. 269

And even if an individual decides to move on the spiritual path, he does it
halfheartedly and with divided attention. Unable to receive spiritual direction, he remains entrenched in outward ritualistic practices and wastes his invaluable life gift away.

Although Gurbani gives numerous clear instructions on a soul orientated life, we do not care to pay attention to this inner life of Simran nor do we feel the need of Simran.

No doubt, this soul orientated life of Simran is difficult but Guruji says it
is still

The ultimate essence of the Path to God

The Opposite Play of God

The easy way laid by the Guru.

Despite having done numerous paaths, sung Kitan and listened to Katha, we have yet been unable to understand, comprehend, compare and enjoy

The spiritual essence of the Word (ie. Shabad)

The inward orientated subtle attention (ie. Surat)

The union of the Word and Attention.

In direct opposition to the ways of the world, it is only a rare soul who
cares to experience, earn and enjoy the spiritual essence of the Union of the
Word and Attention.

5.1 Rare are the ones whose attention is on the Word
And are dead to the World. Vaar Bhai Gurdas 28/17

5.2 Everyone hears the Raag and music but only a rare one understands the Union of the Word and Attention. Vaar Bhai Gurdas 15/16

Living in this world like the lotus flower, such "Word-attention"
(shabad-surat) attuned Gurmukhs remain unaffected by this burning, sorrowful
ocean of the materialistic world.

In reality, creation is divided into two separate regions -

1. The ego orientated materialistic world.
2. The Word or Naam orientated spiritual world.

Simran is the one and only way to shift from the ego orientated materialistic
world to the spiritual world of the Naam (Word) i.e. By making use of the
attention (surat) to earn the wealth of Naam (word).

6.1 By the Guru's instructions (Word) the Name wells up in the mind
And by the Guru's instructions, one meets the Lord. 644

6.2 One sees not the Lord with these eyes
Until one starts to reflect not on the Guru's word. 1279

6.3 My Master is eternal
He is seen by practising the Name. 509

6.4 They who are imbued by the Name acquire understanding
While others go astray. 587

6.5 When the Surat (attention) is in union with the (Shabad) Word
The Formless God is seen as a resident of the Realm of Truth
Vaar Bahi Gurdas 25/18
There is a misconception in the minds of the general public regarding the
Word (ie Shabad) (Nine separate essays (58 - 66) have already been written on
the Shabad to remove this misconception. You are encouraged to read them)

In short these can be summarised as follows:

There are two forms of the Word

1. The alphabet form of the Word - that which can be spoken and written
eg. Gurbani, Bhagat Bani etc.

2. The Formless Word or Naam - that which can be known, felt and
recognised only through an experience of the soul, (anubhav)

Our limited mind cannot grasp this spiritual subtle Word. Yes, the
alphabetical form of the Word may be
and conceptualised
through the intellect.
However, the wordless form of the Word can only be
and experienced

through an inward orientated spiritual experience.

The union of the word and attention can only occur within the soul.This realm is beyond the reach of the ways, methods and philosophies of the sharp

In old times, the Pandits use to go to Benares to study the Veds and Shastars and learn their deep philosophies. It became a way of life of the Pandits
to lock horns on discussions of the veds and shastars as their mental
cleverness and sharp intellects fed their egos.

Gurbani, however, says this about this topic:

7.1 The man reads holy texts and studies the Veds
He practises inner body washing and breath control
But he escapes not from the company of the five evil passions
And is more bound to his ego
My dear, the Lord is not met by these methods
For I have performed many such rituals
I have dropped down weary at the Lord's door
And I pray for a discerning intellect. 641

7.2 Of what use is reading and listening
If divine knowledge is not gained therewith 655

7.3 One reads the Veds but realises not the Lord's Name
Reading and reciting, he quarrels for the sake of wealth
Within the ignorant blind mortal is the filth of sin
How can he cross the impassable world ocean 1050`

Although the above the instructions have been directed to the Pandits, they
are however applicable to all religious orders.

Sheer book knowledge of the electrical current is one thing and the personal
experience of the shock of the electrical current is an entirely different thing.

In exactly the same way, mere book knowledge of the path to God is one thing
and personally experiencing
The soul current
The melody of the soul

The unstruck sound
The Love

The Taste
The Love-devotion

The Name

within the soul, is undoubtedly a different play of Love and devotion which
only a rare soul experiences, by the grace of the Guru, while doing Simran in
the company ofthe Sadhsangat.

8.1 In His Mercy the Lord has united me with the company of saints
When I look again there I find the Lord as my Helper. 794

8.2 By the Guru's Grace a rare one understands
The ineffable story and Highest level of the Lord. 844

8.3 By the Guru's Grace a rare one realises that
The Lord is contained in the Guru's Word. 1332

Externally orientated mental knowledge (of the spiritual path) has only a
superficial effect on the listeners and is lost readily because behind that knowledge there is no support from the soul. Solid proof of this is available from the fact that although there is many times more "parchaar" nowadays than olden times, our mental and spiritual levels are withering away.

Changes in our lives cannot occur by the mere acquiring of religious

8.4 By saying "sugar, sugar" the tongue is not sweetened
By repeating "fire, fire" the cold does not dissipate
By saying "doctor, doctor" the disease is not cured
By saying "sandalwood, sandalwood"
the nature of the bamboo does not change
By saying "moon, moon" light does not appear
Similarly discipline is not obtained by discussions
Practical life is the highest level.`
Kabit Bhai Gurdas
On the other hand, through Nam simran and the spiritual enlightenment,
obtained by the Grace of the Guru,

The life engendering spiritual drop
Spiritual ability
Spiritual knowledge
Spiritual enlightenment
Spiritual joy
Spiritual love
The current of Naam

appear in the lives, thoughts, words and actions of Gurmukhs and this penetrate
through the worldly bound mind and touch the spiritual vibrations
of the soul.In this manner, by this touch of spiritual life, the individual's
materialism bound mind is immediately changed to a spiritual orientated mind.

That is why Gurbani has repeatedly encouraged us to do simran in the Sadh sangat.

9.1 Remember the Lord with your soul and body
By joining the society of saints 817

9.2 Lord's meditation is obtained in the society of saints
All wealth O Nanak is in the Love of God. 262

9.3 Join the society of saints and meditate on God
The Lord Master will travel with you. 234

The flower advertises and promotes its fragrance without speaking. In a
similar manner, spiritual joy, spiritual love and self sacrifice are quietly and spontaneously promoted by the angelic lives that Gurmukhs lead.

9.4 O Brother. Myriads of men are saved when the exalted Gurmukh
Blesses with just an iota of the Name. 608

9.5 In the society of saints there is no difficulty
Beholding the saints one becomes filled with joy. 272

Such Gurmukhs spontaneously and unconsciously repeat the Lord's Name and encourage others to repeat it.

The description of an elephant given by blind individuals is dependent upon the knowledge derived from touching the elephant. Such knowledge is
incomplete, imperfect and probably wrong.

In the same way, without experiencing spiritual knowledge, our knowledge,
thoughts and ideas of the spiritual realms will probably be


or wrong

and such knowledge becomes the cause of many


fights &

It is tragic that the same Religion which was suppose to teach us

desire for service


that same religion has become the cause of

enmity and opposition
jealousy and doubt


fights &
due to our ignorance and ego.

The main reason for this is that our religious preaching has become void,
incomplete and without joy.

10.1 He does not understand yet he instructs
He is mentally blind and does blind deeds
How can he obtain a place in the Lord's court, home and mansion. 832
In other words,

the life engendering drop of spirituality
the doing of simran
faith and sincerity
love and devotion
taste for God
love for God
the vibration of Naam

are disappearing from our religion.

We have considered the outer ritualistic practices to be the ultimate,
complete and final destination, we have become ignorant, unaware and
unconcerned of Gurbani's soul orientated

Deeper meanings
Spiritual life
Practice of the Word
Meditation of Naam
Sacrifice of Love

and distanced ourselves from the original spiritual direction i.e.

Sadh Sangat



11.1 Of what use is reading and studying if one forgets his original purpose. 68

In this world, three types of knowledge are common -

1. Worldly or materialistic knowledge
2. Religious knowledge
3. Soul experienced spiritual knowledge

The whole world is deeply entrenched in materialistic knowledge.

Religious knowledge was meant to encourage humanity towards spirituality
and guide it towards the True spiritual path. However in direct opposition to
this ideal, religious knowledge itself felt victim to worldly knowledge causing

this worldly orientated religious knowledge to became

1. Only a means to fulfill the needs of materialism

2. Put on the guise of goodness and fed its ego.

3. Has become the cause of arguments and quarrels, jealousy and
doubt due to its stress on religious differences.

Just as matriculation studies are essential to progress to college studies,
so is religious knowledge necessary before one can experience spiritual

However, we have considered religious knowledge to be the final step and have remained intoxicated or engrossed in it.

12.1 People read books on the three natures and know not the One Lord
Without understanding Him, they suffer pain. 128

12.2 The mind orientated read but know not the Way
They understand not the Name and stray in doubt 1032

The soul engendered spiritual knowledge can be obtained by doing sewa and
simran in the company of blessed holy souls and the Grace of the Guru.

12.3 He on whom the Exalted Lord showers mercy obtains the society of
The more he frequents the congregation of saints
The more his love for the Lord 71

12.4 By remembering the Lord, the level of perfection is obtained
Fear and doubt depart in the society of saints 193

Cont…./ Lekh 16

Simran 123 Part 14

The Immortal Protector is a form of Love and that is why He is known as a Loving Protector. He has deep love for his creation. He protects and looks after His beings and is forever their well wisher.

1.1 His slave, He ever preserves and cherishes and with love, hugs him to His bosom. 617

1.2 Both here and hereafter, my Lord is a succourer (helper) of mine.
1.3 You are the Beloved of all, the Cherisher of all and the Mainstay of
all hearts. 1220

We humans are the off springs of God; therefore there exists in us a spark of love, affection and attachment. God, in fulfillment of His seep love has created this universe and in it He has placed the spark of Divine Love, so that He can love His beings (creatures) and His beings can in return respond to the Divine Love of the ‘Divine Mother’.

In this love there is a ‘Divine pull’ which is also called Divine gravity. In this way the natural pull of the Divine love in all the tiniest parts (atoms) of the universe

Towards the Immortal Protector


Towards one another

is present. The sun, the moon, the earth and all the stars are subordinate to this cosmic attraction and are eternal experiencing the Divine pull towards one another and towards their creator, The Immortal Protector. This cosmic attraction is said to be love, affection, attachment etc. and it is also called the Naam or Shadad (Word).

The total pull of the ‘spiritual circle’, according to some hidden natural laws or God’s Will, is keeping all the various parts of the universe in absolute

balance and harmony. For this reason the whole creation since time in memorial, synchronized with the flow of the ‘Divine Will’ is running its course consistently.

When there is some disturbance in this natural balance, then panic strikes the world - as for example during earth - quakes, floods, typhoons, diseases etc.

In this way when our ego-centered mind, with God given wisdom, persistently makes statements and schemes devices and displays cunningness, all the time using his own self will, then he divorces himself from the Divine Will written within himself and breaks off from the wire of Divine love. This deprives him of the ‘Divine Mother’s “ warm bosom, love, happiness and all other forms of blessings.

If there is any defect in the electric wire, the bulb goes off and we flounder in darkness. Similarly, if the wire of our spiritual attention breaks off from God’s Word, Naam Will or Life-flow, then the darkness of ignorance prevails upon our mind and we flounder in the doubt-ridden fallacies of our ego and experience sufferings and affliction.

If we wish to enjoy again the love of the warm bosom of our Divine Mother, then we have to go inwards into our being and “focus on the Word” , through simran. According to gurmat our spiritual destination is, ‘linking our attention with the Word’.

2.4 Linking the attention with the Word one becomes aware.
The Perfect Lord is one, and the One is recognised. KBG 147

2.5 Linking the attention with the Word, the unrecognizable is recognised. VBG 5/15

The suns rays are spread all around. When the rays are collected by means of convex lens, then they become one powerful strong ray in which the heat of the sun is increased so much that it burns paper but the scattered rays have no effect on it.

Similarly the attention or tendencies of our mind are absorbed in various thoughts or things and are scattered. Because of this, our mind has become very weak and we become upset and angry over trivial matters. When these tendencies are focused on one point, then the result is attentions. Such focused attention.

generates unlimited power with which various types of mental miracles, charms etc. are performed.

By focusing this attention in the ‘ Word’ the focused attention becoming electrical power burns our scattered and low desires and purifies our mind. The purified mind may experience Guru’s Grace at some blessed time when it may receive the touch of Naam and the internal spiritual intutional light may occur. Through the ‘Word” God manifests Himself.

Generally our attention is absorbed in the miracles of the ‘materialistic world’. This is because our knowledge or awareness of manifestation of the ‘Divine World’ is superficial. In reality we:

do not know
do not see the need
have no time

about ‘Intutional Divine Knowledge’.

In Gurbani the intutional experiences of the Divine World are clearly mentioned but our attention does not go towards the innate meaning. This is why, doing path, kirtan and lectures on Gurbani do not have the ‘touch stone’ effect of Gurbani on us. This state of ours is illustrated by Gurbani thus:

3.1 He reflects not on the Word but utters mere words from the mouth and is engrossed in sin. 39

3.2 Men read treatises dealing with three qualities and understand not the quintessence of God.
They forget the Primal Being and recognise not the Guru’s hymns. 128

3.3 He imparts instructions, but himself practices not.
He realises not the quintessence of the Name. 380

3.4 The One Word your remember not. You shall enter the womb again and again. 434

When we study or do research on something, we come into contact with that subject and we accept its vices - virtues.

Similarly when we contemplate and focus on the Word and practice it,

we easily acquire the Divine Virtues of the ‘Divine World’.

The study of material of the worldly circle keeps us trapped in the ‘worldly circle’, but the intutional contemplation of the ‘spiritual circle’ takes us out of the attachment of the materialistic world and introduces us to the internal spiritual intutional experiences of the wonderful and ecstatic knowledge of the spiritual world.

We spend all our lives and large sums of money in studying and researching the materialistic world, but, no expenditure is needed to do research the inner self with the Word: neither is there a need to go overseas.

Although through the results of scientific research , man has acquired unlimited materialistic benefits and bodily comforts, yet without spiritual knowledge, the wrong use of all materialistic science has brought throughout the world agitation, troubles-afflictions, frightful diseases and dreadful wars causing unlimited destruction.

On the other hand through inward spiritual research numerous Divine gifts such as

materialistic comforts
spiritual well being

Eternal happiness
spiritual love

spiritual relish

etc. can be easily obtained.

The knowledge of the ‘materialistic world’ will not go with our souls after death, but the research of the intutional knowledge of the spiritual world will be with our soul in the future lives - guiding and helping us all the way.

Through our intellect we can do research on one natural aspect but through the knowledge of intutional quintessence we can get a complete awareness of our knowledge of this world and the next.

But, we are so absorbed in exploring and probing the creation through scientific research that we have forgotten the creator of creation - the Immortal Lord.

In this connection Gurbani admonishes us thus:

5.1 Men read treatises dealing with three qualities and understand not the Quintessence of God. They forget the Primal Being and recognise not the Guru’s hymns. 128

5.2 The man attached to worldliness is very blind and deaf.
He hears not the name and makes a great uproar and tumult. 313

5.3 The fool contemplates not the Name.
He has no understanding and comprehension. 938

This does not mean that we should not research in science. As long as we are in this world we have to make every effort for the happiness and comfort of our lives.

Indeed! while studying and researching worldly scientific knowledge it is equally necessary to remember our Creator - the Immortal Protector through simran and appreciate and show our affection for His divine creation.

We are absorbed in the outward reading of scriptures, worship, rituals etc.
We do not:-
have the awareness
know the method
feel the need

to turn our mind inwards.

The researchers, scholars, scientists and philosophers of materialistic creation are found in unlimited numbers but rare is the researcher of the inner soul’s word- consciousness:-

5.4 Rare are such persons in this world who reflect over the Guru’s word and remain detached. 1039

5.5 Being in Love with the Shabad (Word) like a deer (because of love)they who are prepared to die (to this world -that is become totally intoxicated), such ones are rare indeed in this world. Var BG 28/17

5.6 All hear the sound and classical music but only a few understand the shabad (Word) consciousness. 15/16

5.7 Rare is the person who understands Gurbani.
When man effaces his self conceit, then does he come to posses the
knowledge of the three worlds.

In the pitch darkness of materialism if ever we associate with the spiritually elevated souls and do simran, then sometimes the shine of spiritual light falls on our intoxicated minds and we experience intuitional knowledge.

It is through such flashes of the light of the soul that the quintessence of the Word can be:-
dealt with

and this is the essence of intuitional knowledge
To understand and comprehend the flashes of ‘Divine illumination’ is a thing that is beyond the limited our limited wisdom.

6.1 The mortals read, hear and reflect upon the innumerable Names of the Lord, but they cannot see the embodiment of gnosis and love.
How can iron become invaluable gold if it touches not the philosopher’s stone. 973-974

6.2 When , by meditation I attached my mind with the Pure One says Kabir, then did I obtain the Fearless Lord. 328

6.3 When by Guru’s grace man obtains the true understanding, then finds he, the fearless Lord. 725

6.4 When ones consciousness is totally absorbed in the Sahabad (of the Guru) the intuitive mind (that opens up) will help to fashion jewellery from gold (meaning the intuitive mind will convert the worldly mind into a Divine Mind.). Var BG18/22

Gurbani has emerged from the intuitive ‘Divine Illumination” and for this reason the quintessence and the innate meaning of Gurbani is beyond the reach of our limited wisdom. That is why we are incapable of enjoying the spiritual hue of the hidden meanings of Gurbani.With our respective wisdom we are superficially satisfied with the literary meaning or message of Gurbani. Gurbani admonishes us as follows on this fallacy:-

6.5 He reflects not on the Word, but utters mere words from the mouth and is engrossed in sin. 39

6.6 The One Lord you remember not, so you shall enter the womb again and
again. 434

6.7. Blind and deaf are they who know not the Name. For what did they come into the world.

6.8 The perverse men read, but know not the way
They understand not the Name and stray in doubt. 1032

Generally speaking with our shallow wisdom we are contented with hearing, understanding and discussing the word by word meaning of Gurbani but in reality the essence of Gurbani has some hidden secret which can be




through intuition.

This does not mean that we should not go for the literary meaning of Gurbani.. Living in the visible world, we have to follow the word of the Guru in its word form in Gurbani and do paath, kitrtan and carry out discussion with love and affection. This is very important for our spiritual journey.

But to go towards the ‘Divine World’ from which Gurbani has descended, from that ‘Intuitional region’ or ‘Illuminated World’, the only effective way is

Sat Sangat [company of (the seekers of) Truth]



That is why it is important for us to have knowledge about the system of these two - ‘mental’ and ‘spiritual worlds.’

But it is a fallacy to regard the mental intellectual knowledge and the physical efforts as peak of religious destination.

In reality to reach the ‘spiritual world’, physical and mental efforts

are means - not the end.

Our destination is the meeting of the ‘word and consciousness’ or our subtle consciousness has to be absorbed in the ‘essence of the word’!

It is through the meeting of the ‘word and consciousness’ that the ‘continuous jingling’ sound is heard through intuition.

In the Sidh Ghost, the Sidhas (adepts) asked Guru Nanak:

Who is your Guru of whom you are the disciple?

In this connection Guru Nanak Sahib answered:-

8.1 Shabas (of the Lord) is my Guru (and my) consciousness (connected with) the sound current is the disciple. 942

- meaning ‘Guru” is the ‘Word’ and focusing attention in the Word is become the ‘follower’.

Just as the snake gets intoxicated with the music of the flute is happy following the sound; just as the peacock hearing the thunder of the clouds spreads its feathers in happiness - exactly in the same way the truth seeker through the meditation of the word becomes intoxicated in the ‘continuous jingling’ sound.

When the mind hears the unstruck celestial music, it enjoys the wonderful ecstatic taste and climbs onto the wonderful spiritual musical measure and in a state of wonderment one pour out (ones feelings)

8.2 O my mother I am wonderstruck to see my Lord.
My soul is bewitched by the unstruck melody, wondrous is its relish. 1226

8.3 Never ending never ending music plays to the accompaniment of musical instruments.
My soul, my soul is imbued with the love of my darling Beloved. 436

8.4 The Lord whose knowledge is spoken of as unfathomable, Him the Guru has enshrined within my mind. 612

This ‘unstruck melody’ is forever continuously echoing secretly in the spiritual depths of our internal soul.
This ‘unstruck melody’ is in fact the ‘Word’!
The ‘quintessential word’ is in fact the ‘Guru”
Attention (consciousness) is the ‘follower’ (disciple)
Consciousness absorbed in ‘materialism’ is the outward manifestation of our lives.
The practice of the ‘Word-consciousness’ is the extraordinary internal play of the soul.
9.1 Arising early in the morn and associating with the saint’s society, daily hymn the melodious celestial strain. 925

9.2 He the Lord-creator has set afoot a wondrous play.
I hear the Lord’s celestial Gurus Word. 1154

9.3 Through these 52 letters the three worlds and all else are described.
These letters shall perish. That imperishable Lord, cannot be described through these letters.
Where there is speech, there are letters. There the mind remains not stable.
Both in speech and silence, He the Lord abides.
As he is, none can know him as such. 340

9.4 Taking the Waheguru mantra from the Guru (the Gursikh) drinks quietly from the container of love. Var B.G. 4/17

9.5 You cannot do justice by trying to describe. It has to be seen to be appreciated. 1357
This ‘sublime - essence - Word’ indeed is the

of Divine existence. The Sabad (word) and Naam are the expression and manifestation of spiritual illumination.

9.6 By Guru’s instruction the Name wells up in the mind and by Guru’s instruction, the mortal is united with the Lord. 644

9.7 By Guru’s instruction, I have realised the unstruck music and enjoy the divine relish of God’s Name. 921 - 922

9.8 By Guru’s instruction, he repeats the Lord’s Name. 1057

9.9 Gurbani pervades the whole world and through this Word, the Lord’s Name is obtained. 1066

This Divine quintessential Word like its source, the Lord is very delicate and formless. Such a delicate thing can only be captured or realised on a similar slender wavelength.

That is why to capture the ‘Shabad essence’ or to establish a link with the shabad, our attention too should be of the same slender wavelength. For example if ‘Jallandar Radio station and our ‘radio’ are on the same meter-cycle wave length or number, then only the two can get connected and the voice from Jallandar Radio Station can be heard on our radio.

The ‘subtle consciousness’ has such an ability that it can while experiencing

Divine awe

Divine ecstasy

Divine love

Infinite melody

Melody of the Naam

through intuition, to tear down the boundaries of materialism, to merge with the ‘Essence of the Word’. Out of the 84 lakh lives, only man has received this gift of the substle consciousness.

10.1 The hand and legs etc. are the gifts the Lord has bestowed, consciousness of the word through the ear and the precious eyes His merciful looks have blessed.
Var B.G. 18/3

Just as the ‘Word’ is the bridge between the world and the Formless Lord, consciousness is the interpreter between the ‘subtle essence of the word’ and the gross written word. It can sense the ‘essence of the word’ and express it in gross visible words, just as in Gurbani! In the same way it can internally sense the divine virtues which are narrated in the visible words of Gurbani and enjoy the spiritual taste.

It is the consciousness that can become aware of the bridge of the ‘essence of the word’ that can ferry man across the dreadful materialistic ocean.

10.2 As a lotus flower remains unaffected in water, as also a duck that swims against the stream’s current, and becomes not wet, so with the fixed intent on the Guru’s word and uttering the Name, O Nanak, the dreadful world ocean is crossed. 938

But this inward mysterious ‘play’ can be known - comprehended and enjoyed by doing simran through the ‘sadh sangat’ (the company of evolved souls) and the grace of the Guru. This point is illustrated in the verses of Bhai Gurdas thus:

10.3 By focusing the attention of the consciousness on the word the gurmukh takes a step and finds the path. Var BG 37 / 27

10.4 By absorbing the consciousness in the Word in the company of the sadh sangat (the company of evolved souls) man by Guru’s grace goes (within himself).Var BG 6/19

10.5 Practice the Guru’s Word (shabad) in the company of evolved souls (sadh sangat). Var BG 16/1

Sometimes when doing simran in sadh sangat, the mind turns pure
and the innate, subtle effect of Gurbani
reflects upon it
infects it
hits it
brings about the realisation of the being within

and our mind becomes intoxicated and through the subtle mind discovers, realises discerns and senses
‘Shabad (Word)’
‘Life current’

and enjoys it.

The mind’s reflections and inclinations

* are withdrawn from the materialistic world
· focus their attention

* cut through the pitch darkness of ignorance
· withdraw from sin
· doing simran in the presence

* living in the company of evolved souls (sadh sangat)
* and through the divine grace and mercy of the Guru

the union of the consciousness and the Shabad (Word ) takes place.

In this way the ignorance or doubt ridden fallacy of our mind, body and heart disappears just as darkness when the sun rises.

11.1 By Guru’s Grace I have easily obtained the home of bliss.
The darkness is dispelled and the moon of wisdom has risen. 393

This is the Divine miracle of internal intuitional spiritual level or (as it is said) with the change of knowledge spiritual power is attained. Those with external tendencies of the materialistic world have no knowledge whatsoever about this.

Through the union of the Shabad (Word) and consciousness and the grace of the Guru, man receives all the Divine blessings. This creates within us spiritual bliss and eternal comfort and calmness of the Lord’s love.

11.2 By fixing attention on the Divine Word, happiness is produced.
Imbued with the Lord, sublime joy emanates. 62

11.3 The gurmukhs while living in the world and in the company of spiritual souls are engrossed in the word consciousness and enjoy the bliss of highest spiritual level. Var BG 15/21
12.1 The story of shabad (word) and consciousness absorbed in ecstasy of the Beloved is unnarratable and cannot be told. Var BG 16 / 10

12.2 The love link of the shabad (word) and consciousness bestows honour in God’s Court to those without honour (in this world). Var BG 8 / 24

Without the union of the consciousness and the Shabad (Word) there is no other way that goes towards the ‘Word-essence’ or the Shabad (Word) Guru.

12.3 Without reflection on the Guru’s Word, he suffers transmigration, loses honour and continues coming and going. 1031

But this practice of Shabad (Word) -consciousness is not easy because through numerous births, our consciousness has been absorbed in the ‘numerous colours’ of materialism and needs the relish of novelty or variety, failing which it gets bored and quietly slips away.

12.4 Fascinating is the marvelous picture of worldliness and only a few understand this. 485

For this reason to divert our attention from the numerous attractions of materialism, and link us with the melodious and wondrous praise of the Lord’s ‘infinite waves’ through the

repetitive practice of ‘simran’

of the colourful ‘love-filled worship’ of the Lord, our Gurus have started a new and lofty aim to life. In this way our consciousness comes out of the attractions of materialism and takes emotion filled flight in the

wondrous praise
silent love
awe filled desire

of the Lord. In this way for the union of the Shabad (Word) and consciousness or from a ‘manmukh’ to become a ‘gurmukh’ it is essential to go within with faith and love and do ‘simran’.

12.5 By Lord’s meditation man remains watchful night and day. 262

12.6 Again, again and again repeat your Lord’s name.
By drinking the Name-nectar, this soul and body are satiated. 286
Cont......../ Lekh 15


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