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In the previous parts in the series on ‘Simran’, a great deal has been said regarding the –



advantages etc. of 'Simran'.

Now in this part with examples from Gurbani, the discussion is on what happens to one or what results when Simran is not done or when the Lord is forgotten.

In order to make her child an accomplished and competent one, the mother uses various methods to make him understand good advice and high counseling. When the child does not pay attention to such advice or is careless in practicing, then the mother scolds him and admonishes him so that he may pay attention to her useful advice and practice it to make his life better and higher.

In the same way the Satgurus, through Gurbani have used various methods for gursikhs to give them high-pure divine advice which when followed will turn their lives from materialistic ones to spiritual ones.

The spiritual and mental misery suffered by one who does not do Simran or who forgets the Lord is described in Gurbani thus:-

1.1 The mortal contemplates not over the Pervading God and is fascinated by the pleasures of sin.
By forgetting the Name, he lands in hell and heaven, O Nanak. (298)
2.1 Who has given all the things, Him the man remembers not .
Engrossed in the arch of deadly sins, his day and night are wasted. (395)

2.2 Vile are they, who forget their Master.
O Nanak, without God’s name, the mortals are outcast wretches. (349)

2.3 Without Lord’s remembrance day and night pass away in vain, as the crop is ruined without rain. (269)

2.4 Vain is eating ,drinking and laughing,
Unless on remembers not the Lord in his mind. (351)

2.5 Without Lord’s meditation, to live is like burning in fire, even though, like a serpent, one’s life may be long.
Though man may rule over the nine regions of earth, yet without Lord’s meditation, in the end , he shall depart, losing the game. (712)

2.6 Man ever and ever engages in pleasures and ever and ever asks for morepeace.He remembers not the Creator, so miseries take over him again and again. (751)

2.7 Without the Lords meditation, he abides in ordure (filth). (1061)

When we do not do Simran we become subordinate to materialism i.e. we keep
the bad company of materialism and are tied up in materialistic restrictions ,the
effect of which we experience.
2.8 Without the Lord’s meditation, mortals life is like that of a snake.
So lives the mammon worshipper, by forgetting the Name. (239)

2.9 By forgetting the Lord, you meet with numberless calamities, which
cannot be counted, and are eaten up by the chief fascinator, the
mammon. (501).
2.10 You know not the way to Lord’s meditation, and have sold yourself in
mammon's land.The mad man remains entangled with vices, and
forgets the jewel of the Name. 633

2.11 Millions of maladies are produced, O Nanak, when the Name is forgotten. 522

There can be no escape from the worldly botherations and the troubles arising from them
without Simran.

3.1 Says Nanak, the real thing I consider is this,
that without God’s meditation, there is no deliverance. (188)

3.2 The great men after the study of Shastras, Simirits and Vedas said
Without God’s meditation there is no emancipation, nor has any
attained peace." (215)

By forgetting God’s simran we subordinate ourselves to materialism and indulge in vices ,the results of which we have to suffer.

3.3 Nanak, as many as are the sins, so many are the chains around
man’s neck . (595)

In Gurbani, man is urged to do simran to escape from the worldly vices and their effects. Not doing simran is tantamount to committing sin.

3.4 Without God’s remembrance, it( intellect) is afflicted by sin. (356)

3.4 Kabir, man contemplates not his Lord and wanders about
engrossed in greed. He dies committing sins and his life comes to
an end in a moment. (1376)

3.6 Kabir, a sinner loves not Lord’s meditation, the God’s worship does not please him for, the fly forsakes the sandal and goes there where is an evil odor. (1368)
3.7 O Sinner, none is a friend of yours.
No one shall be your helper and you shall ever regret your deeds.
With your tongue you utter not the praises of the world-cherisher.
When shall these days come again? (546)

By forgetting God we undergo many sufferings-
3.8 Farid, dreadful are the faces of those who forget the Lord’s Name. Here they undergo many troubles and hereafter find no abode and refuge. 1385

4.1 Millions of obstacles come in the way of him, who forgets the Name.
He croaks at night and day, O Nanak, like a crow in an empty house. (522)

4.2 When Man forgets you ,O Lord, then all the sufferings and sorrows cling to him. If he makes lakes of effort, even then he is not rid of them, ever. (964)

4.3 He remembers not the creator, so miseries overtake him again and again.
Without simaran we come under the control of the yamas

4.4 He who remembers not his Master, Him the Death’s myrmidon awards punishment. (964)

4.5 They who forget the Lord’s name and do many other deeds.
They are bound and beaten in Yama’s city, O Nanak , the thief caught on the spot. (1247)

4.6 Yet, if he has not embraced love for the Supreme Lord, then he shall assuredly go to hell. (70)

4.7 If he remembers not the Lofty Lord , he shall fall in the power of death’s myrmidon. (71)

4.8 O my soul , why forget you the Lord ‘s name?
When the body perishes , you shall have to deal with the death’s courier. 1186

Without simran one cannot obtain eternal happiness (comfort)-

4.9 Without God’s meditation, comfort is not obtained. All other loves of mammon are insipid. (194)

4.10 Collating ,collating and collating I have found this to be a reality ,that without the Name ,there is no peace and the mortal assuredly fails . (761/62)

4.11 There is no peace, O mortal, without the devotional service of God.Win for yourself this invaluable gem of human life, by remembering God even for a moment in the Society of Saints. (210)

4.12 If you forget God ,why do you deem yourself to be in peace. (184)

Without simran and keeping the bad company of mammon from many lives, we make our abode in materialistic excreta.

5.1 They abide in ordure and are cast into existence again and again.
Nanak, without the name , the death’s courier punishes them and they
ultimately depart repenting. ( 591)

5.2 Who has given him all the things ,Him the man , remembers not.
Engrossed in the arch deadly sins his day and night are wasted. (395)

5.3 Without the Lord’s meditation , he abides in ordure and in ordure he falls again and again. (1061)

5.4You know not the way to Lord’s meditation , and have sold yourself to mammon’s hand. The mad man remains entangled with the vices ,and forgets the jewel of the Name. (633)

Without God's simran we become engrossed in the botherations of mammon and suffer hell-

5.5 For many births , the mortal wandered in existence.
Without God’s meditation he falls into hell. (1192)

5.6 Yet , if he has not embraced the love for the Supreme Lord he shall assuredly go to hell. (70)

5.7 The mortal contemplates not over the Pervading God and is fascinated by the pleasures of sin. By forgetting the Name, he lands in hell and heaven ,O Nanak. (298)

5.8 The man, who embraces not affection for the Name goes to hell even though he performs millions of ceremonial rites. (240)

5.9 Forgetting the Name , he treads on another path and so falls into terrible hell. (1225)
By forgetting God we fall in the circle of births and deaths-

5.10 The ignorant fool who forsakes Him and attaches him to another continues coming and going. (530)
6.1 Till the time Man’s tongue repeats the Lord’s name, he continues coming going and bemoaning. (325)

6.2 You enjoy various pleasures , but they are vain without God’s name.
Without devotion to God ,you shall weep yourself to death and destruction. 398)

6.3 Without serving the true Guru ,the men are dead and they waste their life in vain. In duality , they suffer severe pain, die, and are born again and continue
coming and going. (591)

By forgetting God we are under the control of the materialistic "Serpent ".
A snake burns with its own internal poison and whoever comes near it is given its poisonous sting.

6.4 Without Lord’s meditation to live is like burning in fire, even though, like a
serpent, one’s life may be long. (712)

6.5 Without Lord’s meditation, mortal’s life is like that of a snake.
So lives the mammon worshipper ,by forgetting the Name. (239)

Without the Lord’s simran whatever actions we indulge in, are Shameful.

6.6 Without Lord’s meditation accursed is the doing of works.
Like the crow’s beak an apostates’s abode is in ordure.
Without meditation man’s deeds become like dog’s.
The infidel is nameless like a prostitutes son. (239)

6.7 Forsaking the Lord’s praise and enlogy , the swan is attached to the skeletons, wherefore he receives hundreds of reproches in a day and thousands in a night. 790

6.8 Accursed is such a life , wherein man distends his belly by eating.
Nanak , without the True Name ,all the friends turn into enemies. (790)

In this way by not doing Simran or forgetting God, Man is in a deplorable plight. But we are so engrossed in the doubts and fallacies of materialism that our attention does not go towards Simran at all.

In our obstinacy the words and advice of our Gurus-

Do not touch (affect) us

Are considered not necessary

Are read and heard superficially

Are not considered for practicing.

Materialism has had a powerful influence on us that without it, we do not feel the need to-

follow anything else.

We have taken for granted that-

1.The advice in Gurbani is not written for us , it is for some others such as Gianis and religious leaders .
2. We are family people, “How can family go without “Maya”.

This downfall of ours is described by Gurbani thus-

7.1 They who deliberate not over the Lord Master’s Name are unfortunate and are annihilated.
They are, over and over again, goaded into existence. They die, are reborn and continue coming and going.
Bound at the Death’s door, they are soundly beaten and suffer punishment at the God’s court. (996)

7.2 Whoever remembers not the Lord’s name, he loses all his life in gamble. (1314)

8.1 Egoism and egotism stimulate the mammonish instinct and it eats up the apostates.
They who attatch their mind to another’s love, this mammoth sticks and clings to them. (513)
8.2 Mammon is a she-serpent, which is clinging to the world.
He, who performs her service, him she ultimately devours.( 510)

8.3 They forget Lord God, the Friend, and are attatched to the decietful wealth.
The Son, the wife and the riches go not with the mortal but that Imperishable God does.
Being entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations the whole world has perished. (133)

Seeing our pitiful condition the Gurus have made us understand in Gurbani and have used various devices and methods to get us to do Simran, such as-

Through easy and simple advice

By appeasing

By incentive

With love.

But if Gursikhs engrossed in mammon still forget God, then the gurus-


Taunt and Snub
Threaten with punishment

to motivate them to do simran.

The Gursikhs have been appeased to do simran in Gurbani thus-

9.1 My Friend ! remember you the name of the Lord God.
In the guild of the Guru God abides within one’s mind and his service
becomes fruitful. (52)

9.2 O my dear friendly soul ! Do you meditate on the Name of the World-Master.O mind! My sweet friend , God shall stand by you. (79)

9.3 O Brother! Instruct this mind of yours. O my soul! Why are you indolent? Under Guru’s instruction ponder over Lord’s name. (28)

9.4 O my soul! Meditate you on the Name of the Lord Master.
The invaluable name is obtained through the Guru. (537)

The Gursikhs have been motivated with love to do Simran in Gurbani thus-

9.5 Sing you the Lord’s praise, O friend. Remembering God, your honour shall be saved. Contemplating God, Death’s myrmidon shall touch you not. 889

9.6 Associating yourself with the pious persons, utter you the Lord’s name.
Of all, this is the most immaculate and perfect occupation. (865)

9.7 Remember the Name, O my friends and comrades.
Without the Name, nothing else do I have and by the greatest good luck I
have received God’s name through the Guru. ( 366)

9.8 O, my brothers, the disciples of the Guru, Utter you the Name of God
By repeating God’s Name, all the sins are washed off. (165)

9.9 My soul! with ease and calmness dwell upon God’s Name.
Through the eight watches(the day), do you think of the Lord and ever sing
the praises of the world illuminator. (44)

9.10 The Nectar is the treasure of God’s Name. Meet together and quaffit,
O my brothers, by remembering whom peace is obtained and all the thirst
is slaked. (318)

10.1 O my soul, ever alide you with your Lord.
Ever alide you with your God. O my soul and He shall make you
forget all sufferings. (917)

If a child is very obstinate or does not follow orders, then the mother gives him things he likes such as, chocolate as incentive to get him to do what he wants. In the same way, in Gurbani people, have him given the incentive of mind-attracting, beautiful, supernatural, hard to get mental and spiritual happiness so that somehow they may turn their face from
materialism toward the spiritual path.

10.2 By remembering God, all the anguishes have ended.
Lord’s Lotus feet are enshrined within the mind. (194)

10.3 By Lord’s meditation, man enters not the womb.
By Lord’s meditation, the torture of death flees.
By Lord’s meditation, death is removed.
By Lord’s meditaion, the enemy keeps away.
By remembering the Lord no obstactle is met.
By Lord's meditation, man remains watchful day and might.
By Lord’s meditation, fear overtake not.
By Lord’s meditation, sorrow troubles not. (262)

10.4 Emancipated and liberated are they who remember You,
O’Lord. Their death’s noose is cut. (11)

10.5 They, who repeat the Lord God’s Name, then the death’s courier
passes by. (645)

10.6 By remembering God, your calamity shall be averted and all the
joys shall come and abide within your mind.(193)

10.7 Contemplating the Name, all the sins are erased and the accent
papers of the righteous judge are torn off. (1348)

11.1 Ever, ever comtemplate you the Lord’s Name.
No affliction of old age and death shall overtake you and your
affairs in the Lord’s court hereafter shall be adjusted. (824)

11.2 The Lord is the fullfiller of aspirations and the Giver of all the
comforts. In His power is the elysian cow.
So, O my Soul, meditate on such Lord, then alone, shall you
obtain all the comforts, O my Soul. (669/70)

11.3 By remembering whom, what is dry becomes green.
By remembering whom, the sinking stones float. (182/83)

When the child becomes stubborn and naughty despite giving him love, care and incentives the parents have to use strict methods to rehabilitate him.
Similarly, to save people from doubts and fallacies of mammar and it’s attractive, glittering, deceitful miracles of charm., Gurbani uses many methods -

11.4 O my silly soul, comtemplate you your Pease-Giving Lord.
Slave Nanak instructs you this way. (1388)

11.5 Says Kabir, the fools, the blockheads and the brutes meditate not on their Lord.
They realise not the Lord’s Name. How shall they be ferried across?

11.6Difficulty acquirable human body is procured through the
greatest good fortune. They who remember not God’s Name are
the self murderers.
Why don’t they die, who forget the pervading God?
Without the Name, of what avail is the life? (188)

11.7Vile are they, who forget their Master. O Nanak, without God’s
Name, the mortals are outcaste wretches. (349)

11.8 He knows not the Name of the Pervading God.
O fool, you shall again, repent afterwards. (156)
12.1 O man, what evil understanding have you harboured?
You are engrossed in the pleasure of other men’s women and in
slander, and the Pervading God, you worship not. (631)

12.2 He, who contemplates not the Name dies of shame.
Without the Name, how can he sleep in peace? (1148)

12.3 Accused is the life of those, who cherish not the Name.
They endure great hardship.
They are goaded into existences over and over again as they are
unfortunate fools bereft of God’s grace. (799)

But man has become so self-willed, stubborn and audacious that despite reading, hearing, singing daily the advice aid teachings of the Gurus, he forgets all and is being carried away blindly by the materialistic flow.
12.4The stupid man, as yet reforms himself not, though I have grown
weary of ever instructing him.
Nanak, if mortal sings songs of Lord’s praise, he crosses over the
terrible world ocean. (536)

12.5This very day come to your senses. No harm is done yet. So utter
you the Name of the Lord , the Enemy of pride. (633)



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