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Imbue yourself with the love of God in the company of spiritually high souls.

On the spiritual path, there are four stages of consciousness:-


When ever we are awake, our mind is focused externally and involved with daily materialistic routines.

1.1 This mind, bound by worldly affairs, performs deeds.
It is befooled by materialism and is constantly in agony. 1176

1.2 Entangled in false occupations and attachments, the whole world has
perished. 133

1.3 Nanak, the ignorant and blind ones engage themselves in other deeds instead of contemplating His Name.648

At this stage, out mind is not aware of anything except of its own egoistic & materialistic world.

1.4 The ego stimulates the desire for pleasurable pursuits which ultimately
devour the mind orientated individuals.
Those who attach themselves to the love of another are themselves
trapped by it. 513

1.5 The erring misguided mind is entrenched in materialism.
Whatever deeds it does under the influence of greed, binds it further.702

1.6 O Saints, this world has gone astray in doubt.
It has given up meditation of Lord’s Name and sold itself to worldly

1.7 O Lord, You have misled the world.
How will the world comprehend You when it is love with your illusion.92

1.8 The soul is bound by ego, the Name cannot reside in the mind. (in the
presence of ego) 560

1.9 The mind is engrossed in worldly love and has forgotten the Lord’s Name.O Nanak, of what use is this life without the Name of God. 1428

2.The Dream State

When we fall asleep, the film of our past deeds is played on the screen of our minds.

The whole world is involved in these two "Awake" and "Dream" levels. This materialistic "outward orientated" second love is the "Great play drama” in which the ego speaks and rules. Those engrossed with materialism are not aware of the inner spiritual life nor do they have the desire to know about this inner life. It is only some rare fortunate soul who turns his consciousness inwards and desires to play the "Game of Love" of the spiritual world.

2.1 Such beings are rare in this world
who reflect upon the word of the Guru and remain detached despite their attachments.1039

2.2 Out of millions only a rare one is a servant of God. All others are but traders. 495

2.3 O Nanak Rare is the one who meditates on the Lord. 1427

2.4 Rare, very rare indeed are the spiritually high souls in this world 517

2.5 Rare is the person who understands the Guru's Shabad. 120

2.6 Nanak, rarely are found such persons who do not get engrossed with
the world. 297

3. The No-mind State

This thought free state is known as the "Void level". Through meditation the mind becomes one-pointed and focussed and the seeker becomes aware of unlimited powers within himself and he makes use of them in various ways such as:-

occult powers
Black magic
Tantric yoga
Power of the spoken word
Thought reading


The seeker may get ensnared by these attractive, unusual and magical powers and may believe this to be his final spiritual destination. In a general sense, this is also the level to which the Yogis are limited.

However, in all the three stages

1. The reflection of Maya (Illusion) is present
2. A part of the subtle Ego is present.

We have passed through this external materialistic world for numerous births. Due to our ignorance we are not aware that beyond this external materialistic life there is a

more beautiful
and inward orientated spiritual life.

Our mind is unconcerned for it has formed a habit of being involved with the outer materialistic world that it has virtually found it impossible to orientate itself to the inner spiritual life.

3.1 To utter the True name is difficult 9

3.2 It is only by the Guru's grace that the outgoing mind is stilled and becomes merged with God. 1332

3.3 O Sheikh Your mind is blown by the winds(of desire) and is wandering in all the four directions. Bring your mind to its True Home. Abandon your crooked ways and realise the instructions of the Guru. 646

3.4 O My mind The treasure is within. Do not search for it outside.
Eat only that which is pleasing to the Lord and through His Grace you will be blessed.
Through His Grace you will be blessed O My mind for the Helper, the Lord Master, is within you
The mind orientated ones are blind and ignorant and lose themselves due to their "second love" (love of materialism). 569

4.1 By uniting outwardly, You do not meet the Lord
You meet Him when you unite with Him from within.
He who meets the Lord within the soul is considered to have met Him.

4. The Fourth Level

This is known as the

Spiritual Realm
Turiya level (fourth stage)

The realm of God
The Highest Level

The True Home
The Natural Home

The Country of Love
The Eternal Country

The City of No-sorrow
The Realm of Truth

and many other names.

At this level,

His Name is Radiant
His Name is heard as a melody
His Name is a Life current

His Name is the Ultimat Elixir
His Name is imbued with Love
His Name is Intoxicating

His Name
The Unstruck melody is heard
The Unstruck Sound shows Him to be everywhere.

The blessed souls stay at this level in the purity radiating presence of God
Himself and quaff from His cup of Love and remain intoxicated on his elixir.

5.1 By quaffing His Name,the mind becomes intoxicated and remains absorbed in the Lord's Love.
Remaining absorbed in His Love, day and night become fruitful and the Unstruck Heavenly Music is heard. 360

At this level, the True Guru

Holds dear the Love imbued souls
Dotes on them
Plays with them
Takes care of them
Daily provides them
Destroy their sins
Protects them from sorrow and grief
Protects them death's couriers
Blesses them with salvation
Gives them the Cup of Love
Attracts them with His Love strings
Blesses them with meditation
Blesses them with a life of Simran.

5.2 He plays with me and fondles me and ever and ever blesses me.
He takes care of me as parents take care of their child. 1213

5.3 The Lord is my Mother, The Lord is my Mother, The Lord is my Cherisher.
The Lord takes care of me for I am His child
He naturally feeds me and is never lazy
He does not remind me of my demerits and holds me close to His Bosom.
He blesses me with whatever I ask, He is my peace giving Father.
He has blessed me with the capital of Divine Knowledge and made me
worthy of this merchandise.
He has made me His partner and I have obtained all comforts.
The Lord My Father who holds everyone to His Bosom is always with me. 1101 – 2

This spiritual realm is

Pure, totally pure
Devoid of the shadow of materialism
Totally devoid of Ego


Eternal blessings

Eternal happiness
Eternal joy


The Taste of Elixir

The Name
are ever present.

In reality, our limited minds cannot grasp this subtle spiritual level and are incapable of describing it because this Divine Essence can only be experienced, felt and enjoyed within the soul through the grace of the Guru. Only a rare soul realises this level -

6.1 By the Guru's Grace some rare soul realises that the Lord is contained within the Word 1332

6.2 Those imbued with the Lord's Name are forever in peace.
By the Guru's Grace only a rare soul realises this. 841

By habitual consumption, drinking liquor becomes second nature to the alcoholic. He now does now just think of alcohol instead his whole self i.e his body, mind and consciousness craves for it and his each thought deed and action is coloured by it.

Similarly as the seeker wholeheartedly repeats the "Gurmantar", the Gurmantar slowly seeps, settles and ultimately becomes deeply embedded within his mind heart and consciousness. The seeker now becomes an image of Simran. This stage is expressed in Gurbani as follows:

6.3 Kabir, by repeating Your Name I have become like You and my self has not remained
As the difference between me and others have been removed, Wherever I look I only see You 1375
The liquor within a bottle is merely a bitter coloured solution but on the consumption of the liquor the euphoria experienced is entirely different.


the word named alcohol

intellectual knowledge (of it)

the external company of bottles


with the knowledge of virtues or vices of alcohol - intoxication cannot come about. This intoxication is different from the knowledge of alcohol as expressed by the word, it’s something else.

When the liquor is consumed it is converted into an indescribable euphoria. The identity of the liquor does not remain - instead its effect has brought into existence an overwhelming euphoria, an elation, tipsiness and intoxication.

Similarly, by continuous practice of simran, the Gurmantar becomes deeply embedded in our body, mind and consciousness and at some blessed moment the simran is graced by a spiritual miracle and is changed into a love imbued spiritual joy.

In this manner the seeker's simran becomes "meditation " and its " Living Image."

Blessed souls imbued by the Name remain intoxicated on it and pass through an indescribable spiritual joy and exhilaration which in Gurmat is described as "high spirits" (Chardhi Kalaa)

7.1 O My mother I am wonder struck by the vision of God
My soul is bewitched by the unstruck celestial music, the joys of which are miraculous. 1226

7.2 Behold A miracle has occurred.
The Guru has enshrined within my heart the Lord who was heard to be unfathomable. 612

However it is important to note that the intoxication created by alcohol is temporary and harmful whereas the high spirits created by Naam is everlasting

8.1 He who drinks the elixir of God, forever remains absorbed.
The effects of all other relishes wear of in a moment.
Intoxicated with God's Love the mind is forever in bliss. All other joys bring anxiety. 377

We are householders and therefore incapable of the samadhi (meditation) of the yogis. For this reason Satguru ji has shown us "the company of spiritually illuminated souls" or satsangat as an easy means of practice. This is also known as Sahej jog or Sahej samadhi (spontaneous meditation).

8.2 I have heard the exalted path of the Guru's sangat
Attaching ourselves to it the fear of death is destroyed. 1406

8.3 With the support of the Sadh sangat, one is imbued with Love of God. Sins are destroyed, one is in high spirits and Naam ferries you across. 966

8.4 Highest of all deeds is the singing of His praises in the Sadh sangat. Says Nanak that the one who is predestined receives it. 642

8.5 By performing millions of rituals, the body is not purified.
In the Sadh sangat the mind is awakened 1298

8.6 The path of guru orientated person (gurmukh) is blessed, in the company of evolved souls the gathering is initiated. Var B.G. 6/16

8.7 I have crossed the dreadful ocean in the company of holy souls. 517

8.8 By joining the society of holy souls I have sung His praises and this gift of human birth has been accomplished. 404

8.9 Join the society of holy souls, meditate on the Lord and the sinners will become virtuous. 631
While doing simran and by the grace of Satguru ji, the seeker experiences spiritual flashes within his pure heart i.e. the miracle of Naam takes place. He is wonder struck by this spiritual experience and becomes aware of a thrilling melodious vibration within his body.

8.10 On seeing His Vision, my conscience has not remained the same conscience, my intelligence has not remained the same intelligence and my mind has not remained the same mind. Kebet B.G / 9

8.11 Seeing His wondrous plays I am wonder struck,
The True Guru has made meet Him. 1207
9.1 The eyes on seeing the Lord are wonder struck and I have attached my conscience to the invisible Lord. 910

If fortunate, the seeker will experience these inner spiritual experiences of "the miracle of Naam" and "thrilling melody" at an early stage. However the seeker must realise at this stage that these spiritual wonders were achieved through the Grace of Satguruji. There is a need to believe and live this within his soul.

At this subtle and delicate state, there is a dire need of the support and assistance of blessed souls.

It has been noted that some individuals in the sangat do deeds to attract the attention of the sangat to themselves. In such instances, the individuals spiritual progress will be blocked and given time they will start to fall to lower levels.

Some spiritual seekers abuse these invaluable irresistible gifts from the spiritual realm for materialistic gains and self praises. In the process they feed their ego which is one spiritual sin.

On the other hand, as the sincere seeker enjoys and contains his spiritual experiences, his mind becomes more humble and filled with gratefulness that he becomes heir to more blessings from Satguruji.

This is not the zestless mechanical simran of the yogis. Instead it is life of simran that has arisen from love and devotion. This comes from the court of the True Guru as

A spiritual gift
Grace of the Guru

A deed from His Vision
Love and devotion
God's play

God's cup of elixir
Gift of Love

The Miracle of Naam

The Relish Of Naam

The Colour of Naam
The Pedestal of Life

At times through simran in the Sadh sangat, the seeker feels the tug of the spiritual love-cord. Within his soul love wells up, he remembers and longs for His Lord and is attracted to Him. He starts to enjoy the warmth, peace and love in the arms of his spiritual Mother.

10.1 Love, affection and yearning for the Lord has sprung up in me. 290

Then Love wells up for the Gurmantar and the seeker starts to relish it. Slowly and surely it settles down deeply in his mind, body and consciousness and every pore of his body. The mind itself becomes a reflection of the Gurmantar.

In this higher than high and purer than pure spiritual level that is in sahej samadhi, there is so much joy and ecstasy that the seeker is unable to give up this Ambrosia of God.

10.2 O Lord Your servant is intoxicated by the elixir of your Name.
He who obtains the treasure of the Nectar of Love does not forsake it to go elsewhere. 532

10.3 I am in love with my Beloved, the Lord
The Lord has attracted me with such a string, by breaking it, it breaks not by releasing it, it goes not. 827

10.4 The Lord does not leave my mind
The Love is so strong that it has burnt all other sinful attachments.

Without alcohol, an alcoholic is in a pitiable state during the "hangover". Similarly, when a seeker's attention diverts from the Ambrosia of God, he feels like dying.

10.5 I cannot live without the Lord even for a moment.
Just as an opium addict dies without opium,
in the same way I die without my Lord. 668

In this nectar generating spiritual level, the wonder struck seeker experiences within his

A thrilling melody
The Word is in unison with his consciousness
The ecstasy of Naam
The Unstruck Sound

and enjoying all these he goes into Sahej Samadhi.

Such blessed souls are described in Gurbani as follows:

11.1 My soul is attached to the True Name.
With people I have but artificial dealings.1
My ties are but external but I am happy with all.
I remain detached like the lotus in water.1.Rahao.

My speak with all
but my heart is with the Lord. 2 .

Though I appear to be terrible
but my mind is the dust of everyone's feet.3

The servant Nanak has found the perfect Guru
who has shown me the One Lord within and without.384 - 385

This spiritual life is
A meditative life
A life of love

A life of thrilling vibration
A life of flavour

A love imbued life
A life of peace

A life of melody
A life of euphoria on Naam

A life of hearing the unstruck melody
A life of sahej samadhi
The ultimate miracle of Naam

Such a wondrous life can be felt and experienced within the soul through the grace of the Guru.

This remarkable spiritual level is a play of the "Word in unison with the consciousness" which only a rare soul


This word conscious spiritual play is beyond the


of our limited minds and totally different from them.

12.1 Divine knowledge cannot be sought by mere words to explain it is as hard as iron. 465

12.2 Doubt is not dispelled by speech.
The whole world has gone weary of speech. 655

This higher than high and purer than pure level cannot be obtained through our physical, mental or intellectual practices.

12.3 One has no power to understand or contemplate Divine knowledge. 7

12.4 The Bounteous Lord has all the bounties in His Hand
He gives to whosoever He wishes. 604

12.5 This is the Lord's Cup of Love
He gives to him whomsoever He wills. 947



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