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SIMRAN 113 Part 4The seekers usual complaint is that the mind does not calm down while doing simran or reading bani.What ever company we keep - good or bad - its influence or colour affects the mind. This colour within us continues to become ever more permanent and without our knowledge it continues to descend into our subconscious. Within the subconscious, like a computer, the reflection of the self-acquired colour manifests itself slowly through ourbodymindthoughtsdeedsWithout our knowledge, thereby making the mind even more scattered (unsettled).It is beyond our means to remove the steam from our sub-conscious mind but we can certainly detach ourselves from the external bad company. By mixing with the company of the holy, slowly, the colour or hue of our sub-conscious mind, can changeWhen man forgets God, or abandons Him (refuses to acknowledge or listen to Him) the shadow of doubt ridden worldliness or materialism creeps over him and whatever we think, recall or do it is affected by the tint of materialism (worldliness). In this way according to the eternal Truth 'As I do so shall I reap' we experience pain - comfort, happiness - grief, heaven-hell etc.Without God consciousness or Simran our mind is weakened by numerous worries, It becomes restless (agitated) and it revolves around the ego. Trapped in the doubt ridden worldliness the deed prone mind experiences pain.11 Whom do men call maya (or mammon)? What work does mammon do?In pain and comfort mammon has entrapped man and caused him to go about his business in ego. 67 In this way, the biggest sin of worldliness it that its shinny and attractive colour has so mesmerized the mind that it makes us forget the reality ‘God’ and we become entrapped in the circle of pain and pleasure and life & death. It is most difficult to free oneself from this situation.2 O Lord of the world and Master of the universe, this worldliness has made me forget your feet.Even a bit of love for you does not well up in your slave. What can the poor slave do. 8573 Such is the maya by which the Lord is forgotten, worldly love wells andone is attached to the love of another. 921Our mind is like water. What ever company it keeps, it blends with it – like cold, hot, sweet, bitter, black, white etc. This means that whatever company our mind keeps the company influences its thoughts, emotions, desires and deeds and we according have to face the good and the bad that results.4 As is the company one associates with, so is the fruit it eats. 1369In this way no matter at what stage or level our mind dwells, its effect on our mind or subconscious becomes even more pronounced (ingrained). Therefore it is vital to be able to discriminate between the good and the bad company.The good or quality company is that in which noble-pure, virtuous and divine thoughts emerge and our minds’ attention gets motivated to link itself – with the reality ‘God’ – such thoughts will certainly help (strengthen) His remembrance or Simran.Keeping the company of spiritual elevated souls (Sadh Sangat) and doing Simran, as our mind becomes purer, our discriminating power will develop and we will make an effort to save ourselves from low thoughts and deeds. It is for this reason that in Gurbani, keeping the Sadh Sangat or Sar Sangat (True Company) is mandatory (a must).21 Join the society of saints and contemplate on the Lord of wealth; Thus from a sinner you shall be holy. 6312 Joining the society of saints, contemplate over the name alone. 123 If he joins the society of the saints, then he comes to embrace love for truth. 756Exactly opposite to this is the negative company of 'maya' worldliness. We are so entrapped and besmirched in this negative company that we do not at all feel need for God, His divine qualities and the company of truly spiritual souls.4 Maya has spread out its net and in it has placed the bait.The avaricious bird is snared and cannot escape, O my Mother.Man knows (or remembers) not Him who created him and continues coming and going over and over again 505 The man is entangled in mammon and he has forgotten the Lord’s Name. 1427These two conditions - Spiritual company and worldly negative company and exact opposites and oppose each other.The former encourages one toward divine virtues and is helpful towards remembering The Creator and doing Simran.Exactly opposite, the latter, entraps one in worldliness (maya) causing him toforget God.6 Through the company of some salvation is attained.Through the company of others ‘hell’ is obtained. Kabit Bhai GurdasFor this reason, it is valid for the seeker to save himself that is remain detached from the negative influence of Worldliness. The garden must have a fence, otherwise just as fast the deeds of the negative company of worldliness and its desires will prevent the garden from flourishing or it may destroy it completely.7 Some materialists who have forgotten the Lord’s Name are thieves. My soul draw not near them. 1708 As far as it is in your power O dear one, do not associate with the maya worshipper.For meeting him God is forgotten. O dear one, he arises and departs with black face. 6413To escape from the negative influence of worldly company one needs to know the know-how of ‘detached living’.A deeper and more serious discussion on this subject is needed.1. Individual Negative Company It is generally believed/ accepted that we acquire the traits of the company that we keep.In the company of two companions (people) invariably, the one with the dominant mind is bound to influence and colour the other with the weaker mind. The mind and the mental vibrations are bound to affect one another. Because the people with hue of materialism are in a majority, it is necessary for a seeker while living in this world to minimize his involvement with people in other words remain detached.2 Kabir associate not with the infidel. Flee away from him.If you touch a black vessel, then some blackness must attach to you. 1371In this way, to a large extent we can remain detached from negative personal company. But the truth is, that knowingly in this world we are increasing our worldly chores and involvement within the sphere of society. In this way we are wasting away our precious life through our entanglement with this world’s redundant chores.It is essential for the seeker then to limit his mind’s worldly involvement with his relatives, friends, kins, and the sphere is his acquaintance. (He must) loosen these strings of worldly attachment, with relatives and friends and learn the method of remaining detached from them otherwise the mind will become their target and will continue to remain restless.3 All these kinsmen are like bonds for the soul, O brother. The world is going astray in doubt. 602‘Kabir no one is mine, and I am no one’ is the lesson we must learn to remain detached from this world or else ‘we will face the unpleasant condition of being ‘grossly entangled in false deeds and attachment, every perishes’.2. Negative company of Books.There is a saying if you wish to know a person’s character, there is no need to ask anyone. Just look at the books at his bedside. His inclinations and the nature of his mind will be apparent (clear) from those books.4If a book is read the second time, this is definite proof that his character is influenced by the ideas and emotions expressed in the book – no matter what he superficially pretends to be.In this way the character and morality of races, countries and world can be evaluated. Whatever literature a race or country reads, or whatever literature is in vogue (demand, circulation, fashion) – character and overall morality of that country and race is indeed similar to that.In this period of kaljug, enormous amount literature is printed with a materialistic hue that appeals to the baser emotions. By reading this, man is automatically swept away into the stream of baser emotions of materialism. They forget the ‘divine’ and do not realize the need for simran.1 Throughout the three worlds, the one mammon holds its sway.The fool reads much and holds fast to duality 424The ‘company’ of these writings can be experienced even at home and its influence too remains for a long time. For this reason, the seekers should stay clear of books, which pander to the baser emotions/tendencies. He must remain detached.2 False is all other study, false all other speech and false the love with wealth.Nanak, without God’s Name nothing is permanent. Through extensive worldly reading, the mortal is ruined. 843 The fools read for the sake of secular gain and realise not Primal Lord. So they waste away their life in vain. 1133On the other hand one must contemplate books with a divine hue dealing with God’s virtues, God’s narration and gurbani.4 Recite God’s glories and reflect on God’s glories.Daily listen O man, to the discourse of the Lord Master’s Name. 9551 Read of God, write of God, repeat God’s Name, sing God’s praise and your God shall ferry you across the terrible world ocean. 6693. Negative Company of the sensesIn the Gurbani it is written :-2 I cannot leave the desire to commit the mortal sins.Though I make many efforts to hold back my mind, yet it clings to them again again. 855-56The behavior of water is to be influenced by its ‘company’ and flow downwards. In the same way the behavior of the mind too is influenced by negative company and drifts toward lower (baser) tendencies. In Kaljug, the vigorous waves of passion and vices are in continuous motion. For this reason our weak mind cannot avoid or remain detached from these waves of baser passion. There is only one way to avoid or remain detached from them.3 Attach me to the robe of the saints’ society, that I may cross the formidable stream. 7024. The negative company of the dead. In every person’s life death of close relatives like mother, father, sister, wife, children, friend’s etc. continues to take place. Among these deaths, there are some deaths that cause enormous amount of grief to the mind. By regularly thinking about these painful deaths, man continues to experience enormous grief because of his attachment to them.Remembrances of thoughts of such worldly attachments with the dead are found tucked in some corner of our sub-conscious mind. Because of our emotional attachments with the dead we continue to refresh our minds with their thoughts and through the negative company of such remembrances we experience misery and pain.By remembering the dead we keep harping on their shortcomings as well. In this way we not only keep the negative company of the dead but also pollute our minds by ‘acquiring’ their vices.For this reason, it is important that we forget the dead. Only then can we remain detached from the negative company of the dead.4 You weep for the dead, but who hears your weeping? The dead one has fallen to the crocodile in the terrible ocean. 90665. The negative company of mental thoughtsThe negative company of thoughts is not only more harmful than the negative company of human(lungs) and books but also exerts a deep influence. For this reason it is important to address this topic in great detail.We can some how avoid the negative company o people and books – an ascetic sadhu or illiterate people are examples of this. but it is very difficult to save oneself from the company of negative thoughts.The mind is subtle and like mercury it is unstable. It cannot remain still even for a moment. In spite of the absence of any physical commitments this mind according to its tendencies remain involved and engrossed in one thought or another. In this way without any rhyme or reason, through our baser tendencies, we always remain enwrapped in the world.There are two types of thoughts.1. Superfluous thoughts which come and go.2. Deep thoughts – which we recollect and ponder upon over and over again and deposit them in the lower layer (of our mind) thereby causing case files of those thoughts to be created in our minds.For example if someone has done us some ill or has taunted us, we tend to carve the anger eve more deeply on to our minds by remembering the taunt or –hostile incident repeatedly. The result is that, when we remember person who has taunted us or who has been hostile to us, the sharp/deep anger that arises has a lasting and painful effect on us and our mind burns in the fire of jealousy, duality, disgust, anger and allergy. In this way, every time we browse into that ‘file’, the colour of our minds becomes more intense and deep. With time, this anger settles into our subconscious. Although the person who caused the anger is far away from us, even then emergence of a chance recollection of that hostility or thought has a profound ill effect on our mind. In this situation we pollute our minds by simmering and burning in hate, anger, jealousy, duality and experience pain.7The painful thing is that such type of hostility and ‘files’ exist in our hearts, not in one or twos but in large numbers. When our mind is free from other engagements, immediately the steam of hostility – anger, complaints emerge from within in search of our attention. The point here is that this happens inspite of being far away with no physical contact. This result is entirely the effect of ‘mental company’.Negative mental company is abundantly painful, dangerous, difficult and has a more profound effect than negative physical company. But we, are completely absorbed in the negative company of mental thoughts. For this reason religious tendencies with virtuous qualities never ever sprout in us or are superficial to say the least. Consequently, God or His Simran does not appear important and the mind can never immerse into or concentrate in Simran.There is only one cure to save oneself from this deplorable plight – whenever anger, grievance, taunts, complaints etc. surface in the mind, at that moment we need to say ‘let it be’, ‘never mind’ and attempt to forget these thoughts and not repeatedly remember them. This is because, the more times a mind dwells upon a certain thought, the greater is the intensity with which it gets etched in our hearts. Then it becomes difficult to erase, to save or to remain detached from that thought. We are strictly urged to save oneself from the effect of baser thoughts or to remain detached in the following way:- Do not keep ill feeling for others in your mind.- Do good toward your adversary and do not allow to wear you out.- prevent yourself from listening ill of others.- share the virtuous and discard the vices.- mercy , tolerance love O man.- slander (Does not benefit anyone).- see and disregard.- after listening, ‘disregard’.8We are totally unconcerned and ignorant about our actual degeneration and there appears to be no need to pay any attention to this. Knowingly we become careless or pretend ignorance and blindly we drift in the stream of our habits on our inherited tendencies. The strange thing is that whilst we, out of our ignorance are “all enslaved in false deeds and attachments and are ‘suffering and dying,’ and drifting away, we are ever ready and eager to lay the blame of criticism or others. By sharpening the horns of our ego and intelligence, we keep clashing with others, and more take credit and honour for doing so. Being absorbed in such form of mental degeneration is exactly the opposite of a life of ‘detachment’.In our mental worldly life, there is another bad defect and that is we are wasting our precious time in unfruitful debates on work, politics and social affairs, the women remain absorbed in things connected with food-drinks, clothes and slander (talking bad about others). By this way no one has any awareness on the subject of ‘detached living’. For this reason we are moving away from the divine religious virtues or Naam Simran.If any one has been to a commodity transaction centre in a town, they will know that that place is crowded with an enormous number of traders who make their bids loudly thereby creating plenty of noise and din.Exactly in the same way, in the ‘commodity transaction centre’ of our minds, many kinds of personal, mental or the worldly religious traders have day and night created an uproar. For this reason our mind cannot calm even for a second. This strange, superficial, mental and useless ‘world’ that resides in our mind has been our own doing. In this self created, mental, unnecessary and harmful world our mind remains involved all the time.How do you save yourself from these? No one seems to worry about it, no one feels the need (to save oneself)Gurbani has the following advice for us on this subject.1.1 O Sheikh, you are wandering in four directions and are flown by four winds. Bring this mind of yours into the Lord’s One Mansion.Abandon your crooked ways and realise the Guru’s instruction. 64691 Everyone seems to be care ridden.He alone obtains peace who contemplates on the One Lord. 932We read through the advice in Gurbani but do so only superficially, we listen to it, but we do not ponder over the inner message. And neither is there a desire in the mind to practice these (teachings).Our illustrious Gurus have instructed our ego ridden mind and warned us in very forceful words ‘O Big and ( rich) man (forever being) flattered by ‘those around’, instead of being absorbed in numerous daily deeds and chores and participating with negative company, accept the teaching ‘COME TO THE ONE HOUSE’ meaning, disregard the urge to be affected by many faceted remembrance (of the world around) and focus the mind on the ‘REMEMBRANCE OF THE ONE’. Only then the practice of simran will be successful.In winter, we make use of warm clothes and quilts to protect ourselves from the cold. Sometimes, while going to sleep we have noticed that if a part of the quilt does not cover our body fully, that part of the body begins to feel the cold. For this reason, in winter we purchase warm and expensive clothes. But if we ponder over this more deeply, we will realise the truth that the warm clothes do not generate their own heat or warmth – infact, the warmth is within our own body. This body warmth is present within our body, but when the cold air from the outside comes into contact (with the body) this warmth disappears or is neutralised and we begin to feel the cold.Between this external cold air and the internal physical warmth if there is any block or protection, then the external cold remains outside and the internal physical warmth remains inside. In the same way there is a need to have an insulation between the external cold and the internal warmth, so that the two do not merge into each other.Exactly in the same way in the internal recesses of our soul, there is a fountain of divine love – bliss – joy but we are moving away from these divine attributes. Because of the external nature of our mind’s attention, we are unaware of the comforts of divine attributes – warmth spiritual ecstasy – bliss – joy. This is the reason why our mind, living in the external materialistic world has become so restless and polluted that it cannot even remember how to remain calm or collected (one pointed).10Over numerous births, this mind has been turning the materialistic spinning wheel in the opposite direction. For this reason, it is very difficult to revert from his external restless nature or thoughts back to his internal, collected state and without focusing within, the mind will never tune into Simran. In conclusion, the link between shabad (word) and surat (consciousness) cannot take place.Within us, the ‘Divine Light’ is pure. It is all fulfilling in every conceivable attribute. When the curtain of ego surrounds this light, the effect of baser external materialistic thoughts automatically affect or pollute us. This cushion of ego is called the mind. The illuminations from the ‘light’ is pure, but the bulb’s clouded/dirty glass – that is like the mind – though which the light penetrates outwards – causes the light to go progressively dimer and appear cloudy. As the bulb of our mind becomes more polluted with evil thoughts and baser tendencies, the darkness of doubt - fallacies of the mind continues to increase.As opposed to this, just as we go within our being and direct our attention towards our Soul centre, through the ‘remembrance of the ONE, that is, dwell in the remembrance of the Divine light or indulge in Simran, then our- darkness of ignorance will progressively lessen.- doubt and fallacies will take leave.- minds pollution will reduce.- baser/lower tendencies will lessen.- Spiritual virtues will come to abide.- Will become vessels to receive the blessing of the Divine World.- the flow of Guru’s grace will begin.- the mind’s awareness will blend with the mind.- admission into the Divine World will take place.In reality the mind like the ‘green plumle’ needs something delicious to whet its appetite, so that it can enjoy the bliss and become fully intoxicated. As long as it does not acquire something lofty, good and delicious divine ‘lick’ (to whet its appetites) until then it almost certain that it will remain absorbed and entangled in lower tendencies, attraction of the senses and negative company.111 By abandoning these worldly savours (tastes), that spiritual bliss isattained. By quaffing the Nectar, this worldly relish remains not pleasing. 342Therefore, to encourage the mind, that is greatly attracted towards the baser/ lower levels of enjoyment, to move towards pure love, bliss, joy – that is to goad (slowly push) it towards Naam Simran. There is a need to graft the mind with divine virtues. This will ensure that our life can become positive, lofty, beautiful, comfortable and emancipated.This divine graft can only take place in the company of bless gurmukhs and (spiritually) elevated souls who themselves are absorbed in Naam Simran all the time and experience the blissful contact with ones soul. We can only escape from worldly degradation in the company of spiritually elevated souls and our mind then can settle (calm down) in Naam Simran.1.2 Without the society of the holy sadh sangat, Lord’s love does not well up and without love, Your service cannot be performed. 694


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